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Good House serviced apartment, District 1

Follow up to the guest friendly hotels in HCM post. Even though there’s no law against having Vietnamese girls stay overnight it’s still best to plan ahead.

A short stay apartment is better than a hotel if you’re picking up normal girls / using online dating. The girl won’t feel shy about being hotel staff seeing her and gossiping that she’s a hooker.

Even with guest friendly hotels in Vietnam you often have to stop and show hotel reception the girls’ ID which is a bit of a boner kill even if only takes a few secs.

Wechat freelancer happier in an apartment (not mine 🙁 )

Good House Review

The Airbnb apartment I stayed in is down a quiet alleyway and there are no guards at the door. You just open it with a keycard and then the room is on the ground floor in front of you.

The building reception is on the 2nd floor up some stairs so you don’t walk past any staff inside either.

Even if it you moved in longterm and stayed on a higher floor, the second floor reception is usually unmanned at night. Either no one there or the guy is asleep, plus it faces away from the stairs. I got the impression they wouldn’t stop me even if they did see me with a girl, but didn’t have to test it out.

It’s called Good House and the location / price are great. Only downside is it’s not exactly a luxury apartment, just average living conditions with no gym or pool. There are 8 floors.

Good House sign on the door

Daily / Weekly Rental

Good House is $30/night. This was the listing I used, there are a couple in the same building. Gives 10% discount if you book a week. Has wifi, free laundry (maid comes every 3 days) and parking.

They can also help with visa extensions and motorbike rental, they rent bikes for $6/day or $50/month.

Sign up via this site if you’re new to Airbnb for $35 off your first booking. The best short stay apartments on there can get booked up weeks in advance so plan ahead.

Monthly Rental


For monthly rentals apartments in Saigon it’s cheaper to go via the estate agency on the sign above, has some short term rentals in the $400 – $600 range.

That seems a bit expensive you can most likely get it cheaper if you turn up in person at Good House (if anyone’s at reception) and negotiate a bit. Or ask an Airbnb owner for a discount, or try Vietnam Craigslist.

Good House is one month deposit one month up front.

2nd floor reception

Best Area to Live in Saigon

It’s not a luxury apartment but the location doesn’t get much better, it’s in D1 right next to Le Thi Rieng where that Banh Mi streetfood spot is, and the Starbucks at New World – Dante’s favorite pickup spot.

You can walk to the reunification palace on a date, two parks, Bui Vien, the massages at Vien Dong and Dai Nam, all under 1km. Tons of restaurants and cafes.

Viet girls taking selfies in Starbucks

Boss Palace spa is 2km to the West, Benny’s blowjob bar 4km to the North and Pasteur 1km to the East, a street of beer bars. Fox Saigon bar on that road has some cute bargirls.

The exact location is just after Steak Deli in an alleyway off Ngau Sau Phu Dong roundabout. Part of Cach Mang Thang a long road in a straight line from the airport.

Located dead centre of D1


  • Google Maps link (after that steak deli)
  • 6/9 Cách Mạng Tháng 8, Ho Chi Minh City

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  1. That freelancer is absolutely FIRE….and I don’t even like mongering.

    • Seriously guys, you gotta give me details about the WeChat girl. How much was she? More pics wouldn’t hurt either.

    • jspill jspill says:

      Said $50 for an hour which is what most ask, can get down to $40

      But I think I mentioned in other comments she didn’t turn up, a different girl did. She was very mercenary in chat, maybe a male pimp using fake pics to get customers. And then the girl that they bait and switched me with was awful as well

      I think most of saigon wechat mongering is this bait and switch. Some more pics, see they all look like superstar models lol

      A girl turns up who is not as hot and doesn’t want her pics online. But still bangable

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