Philippines Documentary | Expat Marries Bargirl, Gets Murdered

Steven Alston Davis & wife Evelyn Bohol

I was searching for Philippines documentaries and came across ‘A Murder in the Family’. If you haven’t seen it it’s a true story about British expat Steven Davis who married an Angeles City bargirl, Evelyn. She later had her brother kill him thinking she’d end up with half his money.

The police didn’t want to know about it and the guy’s mother Margaret single handedly got the girl locked up in prison. It took her years and she wrote a book about her experiences with the Philippines legal system.

Margaret Davis & Evelyn

Watching this documentary shouldn’t put you off moving to the Philippines or marrying a Filipina, it’s just a very extreme example of what can go wrong if you pick the wrong girl. As you watch the documentary it’s clear the chick is a total nutcase.

A Murder in the Family Documentary

No one deserves to get shot but he made some mistakes too. Others can learn from the story if they’re interested in dating Pinays or any SE Asian girls. Here’s the documentary and what I take away from it.

The 45 min documentary

Don’t Fall in Love with the First Girl You Meet in Asia

In the documentary Steven’s parents say how he wasn’t very social as a teenager, didn’t go out much, preferring just to stay at home, and was into computers. So not very sexually experienced.

That’s ok (who wants to bang fat UK chicks) but once he got to Asia he should have started playing the field.

A lot of guys when they move to Asia get a girlfriend very fast, and a pretty low quality one. If they’re lucky it ends then they look back years later and think WTF was I doing with her. Your standards rise over time.

That’s what happened to me, I had a Thai girlfriend within 72 hours of moving to Bangkok. She was working in the mall and sold me the first clothes I bought there.

She’s not even that hot imo

She was 31 with a kid and a moustache (that weird fur some Asian girls have on their top lip) I was 23 and had only had five sexual partners in my life at that point. I was happy to be banging anything and capturing my first Asian flag.

I gently broke up with her after 2 months because I went out partying with some more experienced expats, met a bunch of other girls, and realised I could do better. My mate AFarangAbroad did a good post about that saying don’t get a girlfriend in the first 6-12 months.

Steven Moves to Asia

He moved to Hong Kong at 21 years old to work, in 1991, to work for a computer company. His business partners also commented how innocent and sheltered he was.

With a decent salary he should have been out living it up sticking his penis in every girl he could find, both on dating sites and in bars, as academic research. Much later on he started doing that, but way too late after he already married a nutcase and fathered kids.

Partying weeks before his death

At first he was a bit of a introvert. One of his hobbies was flying light aircraft. If he’d stayed in Hong Kong he’d still be alive as it’s a very safe western style country but unfortunately he joined a flying club in Angeles City (lots of former US air force bases in the Philippines).

According to the documentary on his first trip to Angeles he went into a bar, met Evelyn, took her home and paid the bar 500 pounds so she’d ‘never have to return’.

He moved her into his Hong Kong condo and introduced her to his parents right away over the phone. He was upfront that she was a prostitute and told his parents ‘if I can just rescue one girl from the bar life, that’s what I’ve done… I’ve rescued her from that life’.

On sexpat forums this is known derisively as a ‘Captain Save a Ho’. A guy that sees himself as a savior to a working girl.

Marrying a Bargirl?

Many say ‘you can take the girl out of the bar, but you can’t take the bar out of the girl’. It’s a bit of a cliché – it is possible to have a relationship with a hooker, some manage it… it’s just way harder and there are many pitfalls to watch out for.

He shouldn’t have seen himself as her savior, and her as an innocent angel that needed rescuing. If he’d hung out in Angeles a bit longer he’d have realised bargirls are there of their own volition. They could get by with other jobs but want the higher salary of the red light industry, and many enjoy the lifestyle.

Should’ve spent more time at these parties

They are rarely ‘trafficked’ like the Western media portrays. Even this documentary starts going on about bars with girls ‘as young as 12’. I’ve never seen that, but maybe it was different in the 90s.

He should have took it slowly and sponsored her for a while without committing, to see how it goes and how nuts she is. But he married her pretty quickly. He was 27.

It doesn’t say how much time he’d spent in Asia between 21 and 27 (Hong Kong doesn’t count), or how long he knew Evelyn tying the knot, but the documentary implies he married Evelyn pretty fast.

Marry a Girl with Life Experience & Education

Apparently Evelyn was only 17 when he married her. She’d never been to school and ‘struggled to read the marriage vows at the wedding ceremony’.

His business partners say in the documentary how that was questionable judgement. They should have done more to convince him to take it slow, date her for a few years, perhaps send her to university or a trade school (e.g. many hairdressers are ex bargirls).

But he just had her stay at home, basically a sex slave. His parents said Steven ‘felt very safe with Evelyn because he was the provider, he held the purse strings, he felt that she wouldn’t dump him because without him she’d have nothing’.

If you set up a weird psychological dynamic where the girl is dependent on you, they can end up hating you for it. This is what happens later in the documentary.

In court

Listen to Friends & Family

Margaret had a good read on Evelyn from the start, she was weirded out by her body language around her son, the bitchiness and lack of affection Evelyn displayed.

She told Steven she doesn’t think Evelyn is a good fit for marriage, but he was like no she’s the one, I love her, she’s going to be the mother of my kids. So now he’s rushing into having children as well. He had 2 kids with her in the first 3 years.

Evelyn would lie in bed all day not taking care of the kids, they hired a live-in maid. When Margaret complained how lazy Evelyn was Steven told her ‘she doesn’t have to do anything, she’s my princess’.

It’s hard to tell how suitable a partner a girl is when you’re busting nuts inside her and getting that endorphin release from sex. To get an accurate picture you should ask others for a second opinion.

It’s hard to have a good radar for working out if a SE Asian chick is nuts or not, because we don’t grow up around them in school. Likewise girls here will have no idea if you’re a dick or not when they first meet you.

Rocking her new jewellery

Don’t Spoil Girls

Steven got a big house in the most expensive part of AC, and as if that wasn’t enough gave Evelyn a monthly allowance of 1000 pounds (60k pesos), a ton of money even today let alone in 2000.

You can sponsor a Filipina bargirl for more like 20k pesos. Most would be overjoyed with that plus a house. Some guys give girls way too much.

I remember reading in Private Dancer how the more you give them the more they resent you. That’s a work of fiction about a Thai girl murdering her farang husband. When reading it I thought it was a bit sensationalized and over the top… but this Philippines documentary shows how it can actually happen IRL.

Evelyn’s aunt says she started looking down on her poor family and basically became a rich bitch with Steven’s cash. This can happen with ex bargirls who suddenly come into money. They forget their poor past and turn arrogant and spoiled.

Margaret getting suspicious

Look at the Girl’s Family

Evelyn’s family would come to visit at the house, and things would go missing. Pillows, lightbulbs, the rice maker, the water filter, ‘anything they could carry away’. Evelyn would say it’s fine ‘we can buy more’.

The parents were helping themselves to stuff even though Steven was sending them cash, enough to buy them a new fishing boat and house. The only brick house in their village back in the provinces.

How a girl’s family acts – greedy, manipulative – can be an indicator of how your Pinay will end up being like.

When you marry a girl in SE Asia you also marry their family in a sense and are expected to take care of them financially so the family gains ‘face’, and the village sees that they’ve risen in status as a result of their daughter finding a husband.

If the parents are bone idle and sending the daughter off to find a rich foreigner so they can sit back and collect his money through her then that’s a red flag.

Low Class Girls Don’t Like Foreigners as Much as You’d Think

At least Evelyn’s sister was pretty cool, she suspected Evelyn was having an affair and confronted her about it. Margaret suspected it too. Finally Evelyn admitted she was banging some local Pinoy guy.

The most commented article on this blog is the ‘your Filipina girlfriend is cheating’ article. It’s pretty common. Even if you’ve taken a girl out of poverty.

Lower class SE Asian girls (e.g. bargirls) often prefer local guys as opposed to foreigners, even though they’ll tell you the opposite. It’s actually more middle class girls with jobs and an education that are interested in guys from other cultures.

On the phone to her lover

Apparently Evelyn kept making private phonecalls to another guy. Usually they’ll say it’s a ‘brother’ or some other relative but it ends up being the boyfriend.

The ‘Losing Face’ Culture Thing

Even though Steven gave her 60k a month she started stealing other money to give to her Pinoy boyfriend, didn’t enrol their daughter in school and pocketed the tuition fees, pawned their wedding ring, etc.

At this point I’d probably just have taken the kids and moved somewhere far away but Steven ‘still wanted the marriage to work’ even though the sex had dried up. He cut off Evelyn’s allowance and told her to get a job. So now she ‘loses face’ as everyone knows she’s not cashed up anymore.

Steven’s friend warned him to be careful because ‘some of these people are crazy’. To which Steven replied ‘they wouldn’t hurt me because I’m the golden goose’. Again thinking he is some savior.

A few weeks later he was dead. At least he got laid a lot before he died as he started going to bunch of parties with Angeles bargirls who were much hotter.

More from the Angeles parties

SE Asians tend to be either super happy or on the verge of killing you, one of the extremes. They can go berserk and turn violent if they lose face. Westerners are more in the middle.

In Western culture we sort things out openly, maybe have a bit of a shouting match and fistfight and then afterwards laugh about it and become mates. Conflict resolution is head on.

In SE Asia people bottle up their emotions, smile and act like everything’s fine, but if you push them too far they flip out and murder people. Life is cheaper. After a fight they come back with a gang and weapons.

Furious that she couldn’t live a rich princess lifestyle anymore, Evelyn told a gang of local Pinoys that Steven was ‘a millionaire’ and that if he died she’d get a big payday.

Women’s prison inmates

They shot him in his sleep. Weirdly one of them was set free for providing evidence, and appears in the documentary not seeming to give AF. The others went to prison for life and Evelyn got 40 years.

Final thoughts – the vast majority of Filipinos are friendly and kind. Just don’t rush into marrying a girl with emotional baggage and then cause her to lose face, and you’ll be fine. Date a bunch of girls before committing. Don’t throw money around. Listen to friends & family.


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  1. jspill says:

    If anyone’s seen any other good Philippines documentaries lmk

  2. southernallstars says:

    Great write-up and definitely a good occasion for newbie bros to be warned about Filipinas or Isaan girls and their bs….also lesser than murder stuff like bills suddenly being presented by your new gf….
    I guess it’s also his fault for being a retarded white knight, perhaps the modern, Western culture turned him into that but also as you stated the perception of her being a victim. Young girls usually can have shitty jobs paying them 200-450 pesos, and they are used to a life-style to survive on that salary, but earning five times and more is of course a temptation to many of them.

  3. -Cam says:

    That’s some scary shit…. One more reason not to get married haha

  4. RumandCokeMan says:

    Lol “Captain Save A Ho” was the 1st thought that automatically popped into my head before I even read the same term in your post. The true nature of women transcends all nationalities, borders, and cultures-only a total dupe buys into the Save-a-ho mindset.

    Call me a Nazi Klansman etc but am I the only one who saw this tall white guy and thought “he’s throwing his ancestor genes and centuries of European progress into the trash can by breeding with little brown Islander Charlie”.

    • thibault says:

      to be honest, if you go the racial route youhave to put yourself in the shoes of the opposite clan. this pinay is sacrificing her heritage by reproducing with some tall idiot from overseas, the kind that colonized her cpuntry and behave like they re king necause of currency difference. not different from girls that go with well hung , dominating black men because they rule the streets. the difference in term of dick size i s of the same order. if you want to fight immigrationism in your country , the besr way is to show that mixing races is destructive to BOTH cultures. people want to have grandchildren that looks like them. its like that, its in their genes. wherever you re from, you should be proud. wether you re some poor guy from the thirrd world that goes to western workd to srrve as cheap labor/fear inspiring gangster that justifies liberty restricting laws, or if you re some westerner that goes to thz third world to serve as neocolonizing expat with a good job or sexual refugee from the sex prison.

    • jspill says:

      @thibault Well my mum wants some half Asian grandchildren she keeps bugging me about it…

  5. Jobo says:

    What a heartwarming lovestory. Brought a tear to my eye.

  6. Jobo says:

    Ya, this guy made a ton of mistakes. He should have made it crystal clear to his obviously dumb as a tree stump wife that if he was dead she wouldn’t get shit. You have to spell this shit out to pinays.

    Don’t ever treat any women like a princess, give them the bare minimum. Western civilization is all fucked up because guys with no balls treat women like “princesses”. Why come to the Philippines and make the same mistake?

    • Henry says:

      because men have been conditioned this way in the West. Many Beta males come to SEA and act the same way as before, wondering why they are being exploited again and again.

  7. SouthernAdventurer says:

    Doesn’t surprise me, these girls will do whatever it takes to try to sink there claws in you and there just dumb enough to think they can get away with it. I tell all I get with I’m broke so hopefully they don’t get any dumb ideas like this. I do date them for longer then you guys though. I’m just lazy and don’t want to spend every day trolling dating sites/malls lol. I usually keep em around until I get bored of them and move on to the next one in a month or so.

    Just don’t fall in love with them, which isn’t that hard unless you’re a tool.

  8. thibault says:

    ‘Listen to friends & family.”
    errr. soorry, pal , but if we listen to those sources… we would never go in SEA in the first place! who would tell you ” fuck all youcan and dispose of them i themirning like old socks” ? your feminist ,man hater , boomer mother?

  9. guy says:

    she ain’t even hot, definitely not stabworthy

  10. thibault says:

    ok. seen it. for me there s something striking. how her family is never shown from a bad angle, li’e they re absolved from everything because they re poor.
    “boohoohoo my daughter is too young for the sex trade” then donr sell her, perhaps? she makes it sound like its her daughters choice, yeah right, at 13, without even knowing what they talk about, or even experiencing her seductive power on males. as if she was not brainwashed to it since her younger age. then they profit largely from her position as a high status courtesan. once the money dries up, they abandon her, to not say they outright commit treason giving her to the police. “oh, our daughters is a bad girl, we dont support her any more, she made bad life choices”. or, as wesaid, those choices were made for her. plus, the brother in law that escapes every charge, when you know how important his role was in the killing… if she admits her crime and tell how it hapmened, perhaps her version would contradict his ” i didnt know we were going to do anything illegal’ stance. not even talking about selling the kid. ” oh, his life will be better in the uk” and yours i the phils, with this money.
    outside of this i m always shocked they did not take more precautions. did they not wear hoods in the phils? dont they know you should not show your car license plate to everyone when you flee a murder scene? seems like not.

    • RealGuy says:

      Yep, of course her parents are never shown from a bad angle. You know how face is in Asia. Nobody is ever wrong and its always someone else’s fault.

      And youre the asshole when you call the other person out for lieing/stealing/exploiting others.

  11. Storytime says:

    I don’t think Evelyn organised the killing, her boyfriend got greedy forced the door keys of her so he could kill him for the money .

  12. harley says:

    I watched this documentary 5 years ago… the guy was a bit crazy to marry a bar girl in the first place. Not sure why he’d do that? There’s so many normal Filipinas with university degrees looking for a foreigner…

    Who Killed Harry? Is a good documentary about a wealthy Canadian guy who went to the Philippines, married a woman and built a resort in Surigao and then got murdered by his security guard who was banging his wife and even secretly was the father of his new born baby. After the murder the wife immediately went to Canada to inherit all his cash (more than $1M Canadian dollars).

    Murderers are in jail, however the wife is in Canada still roaming around freely because there is no extradition laws between Canada and Philippines… however if she returns to Phil she’ll probably get arrested immediately upon arrival.

    There’s part 1, 2 and 3.

    • thibault says:

      why did he marry a bargirl? because they re the women you meet when you are there, wether you like it or not. after all, rhey did this job precisely with this goal in mind.
      and the guy did not go to cebu uni, he did go to some ex vietnam servicemen club… in angeles. nuff said.

      • Harley says:

        Me I dont date or pick up bar girls… theres just too many normal educated girls here. Maybe when im older and less attractive I will do the whole bar girl thing… oh and the few bar girls I did fuck they never asked me for money

  13. meme says:

    its a great idea to put the notice + video!!!!!!!!!!
    we can choose read or watch!!!
    good info!!

  14. ItsNotRapeItsSupriseSex says:

    Stupid cunt deserves to be dead. What kind of a fucking idiot marries a whore. Darwin’s Law innit.

  15. Takashi says:

    this documentary makes it sound like all the bar girls in the Philippines are forced into prostitution… i am srry but they are not, most of the girls are free to do what they want, they have the choice to choose who they wanna go out with or not. if u go to these places u will see that most girls there are happy to be bar girls. I understand because of their financial situation it pushes them to be bar girls but its still a choice they have to make or they can make min wage job in manila which is today at 350 peso or make 1500-3000 a night dancing. No one is forcing anyone.

  16. Dorian Gray says:

    I love all the desperate pedophiles on this page who have to go to Asia and exploit the poor in order to get laid. The guy in that documentary (and all others like him) deserved the bullets he got. He basically bought his underage wife for $500.00 and exchanged her old cage for a new one. A dumbfuck like himself could never find a woman who was an equal, he would have to find one in a third world country that he could lord of because of money. I bet you those grandkids are going to have some serious questions for their grandparents when they are older, like, why was our dad a perverted pedophile who fucked underage kids like our mother?

    • Marco says:

      She was 17, the age of consent in 99% of the western world is 16 or lower.
      Pray tell, how is a 17 year old different than herself just a few months later when she hits the magic 18?
      Does she go through a metamorphosis and comes out a different person altogether?
      Dumb amerifat.
      Now, he could very well have been an actual ephebophile for all we know, but you shouldn’t just throw the word around willy-nilly dumbass, especially since you’re accusing random people of a serious, heinous, crime and guess what dumbfuck, ACTUAL pedophilia is rampant in the west and there’s an effort going on to normalize it if you bother to look it up.

  17. Larsan says:

    It is a myth that these girls are doing it voluntarily. They have mostly been tricked or forced by circumstances to venture into prostitution, many times they also are pressured by their families to fix support. And underage bargirls is not so rare as some tend to believe. Actually of the 800 000 filipinas who are prostitutes about 100 000 are minors. You who sit on the bars and buy sex from these girls do not see the REAL circumstances behind their so called choice. These girls are in fact victims. And that they behave totally immoral and often weird comes by the degrading “job” they have, it comes from being subject to an environment that corrupts them into the core, it comes from alcohol and drug use. There are human rights organisations and NGOs that have worked with this problem for over 40 years, they see the reality behind the facade of the “Happy Hooker” that punters and pimps alike always try to promote. This girl is a victim in the same degree as the guy who more or less bought her. All sex tourists ought to get expelled from the Phillipines, and reforms and programs ought to be started to get these girls out of prostitution, and get them alternatives in life, above all a real education. The police should also start to arest the sex buyers since it is they who create the demand for girls. If you do not believe me, go to some organisation who try to end prostitution and stop the recruiting of new victims of the sex trade. They can learn you about the things you do not learn, sitting in the bars, looking for the nex girl to abuse, girls that could be your daughters or grand daughters. So: Expell all sex buying tourists and expats. The Philippines can do without such rabble and scum.

  18. Sir Save-A Whore, no more says:

    I am going to divide this reply into four parts. The first will briefly explain my first trip to the Philippines. The sececond will briefly explain why I went back to the Philippines again three months after returning to Australia from my first trip. The third will explain how and why this documentary resonated at the first order fundamental frequency within my memory. The fourth will point out some of the many holes and discrepancies I saw in that documentary. (The first rule of tabloid jounalism: Never, ever, allow the truth to stand in the way of a good story). Please forgive spelling mistakes etc as I am a single finger typist.

    1].. In 1994 my best friend initiated a thought bubble in my brain about going to the Philippines with him. We are both Australian for what it is worth. He had been twice before. On his first trip he stayed for just under 365 days, which I believe was the maximum a person could extend a tourist visa out to before being required to depart the Philippines. Upon his return he regaled me with stories of a utopian land from where had returned. Everything there was perfection. Girls throwing themselves at him. A different girl every night. Girls whom he paid a seeming pittance to fuck all night and then simply told them to fuck off the next morning. A “girlfriend” (his words, not mine) in every bar on Mabini Street and M.H. Del Pilar Street in Ermita, Metro Manila. How these girls all treated him as if he was a king. Everything was perfection. He also made the same grossly exaggerated claims about the bar personnel who worked in the bars in Balibago, Angeles city (meaning Fields Avenue and adjacent distrct) outside what had previously been the USAF Clark Air Base. There was even a street in Balibago which had earned the nick-name “Blow Road”, because in most of the bars along that particular street one could receive a blow job as they sat drinking at the bar. He told me about the live lewd sex shows which took place on stage in most of the bars in Balibago. Again, I point out most of you will know Balibago simply as Angeles City. Upon arrival in Ermita I was somewhat surprised to find that there was not one single girls dancing bar in Ermita. From here on I shall simply refer to girls dancing bars as girl bars (less typing for a one finger typist i.e. me). We were told they had all been shut down two years ealier in 1992. So, we went to Sabang, near Puerto Galera. This appears to be where Steven (the muder victim in the documentary) took his new wife Evelyn and his parents for his honeymoon. In 1994 and 1995 there was a thriving sex industry at a small number girl bars and freelancers at Sabang. There very well may still be, but as I have not been back to the Philippines since 1995, I do not know. Sabang was in itself quite an enjoyable place, a village on the ocean front. It is located on the northern end of Mindoro, which is a seperate island and province south of Luzon, which is the island where Manila and Angeles are located. To get to Puerto Galera (on Midoro) one must take a ferry from Batangas (on Luzon). To get from Puerto Galera to Sabang, one must either walk, take a jeepney, take a tricycle or travel by banka (outrigger boat). I have used all four methods, and while the walk was pleasent, it was quite a hike and I probably would not do it again. The jeepney and tricycle were dusty on an unsealed road while the banka was the “wet” experience if the sea was at all choppy. Why Steven would choose Sabang (and it did appear to be Sabang in the documentary) for his honeymoon I will never understand. However, there are many things in that documentary I will never understand. I will state right here that this documentary has more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese and far to many discrepancies for me. After a week in Sabang we went back to Luzon and travelled to Balibago. From this point on I shall simply refer to Balibago as Angeles. Angeles was wall to wall girl bars. I never did see any of the alleged live lewd sex shows however. Upon questioning Terry Barnfield (one of the co-owners of the Swagman Hotels in Ermita, Angeles and Baguio City), he told me he had never seen one in Angeles either. I was starting to question my best friend’s reliability as far as telling the truth went. I later found out that he had been billing ALL of his food and beverage to my room number. So he was not only a liar. He was a cheating thieving piece of shit also. That ended our friendship permanently. I quickly found out his
    stories of utopia were all bullshit. I realised he was either a psychopath who was a pathological liar or a psychopath who was psychotic and delusional. When I think about that thought immediately after typing the last sentence, I realise they are one and the same thing. I returnned to Australia after one month in the Philippines extremely disappointed with the whole trip.

    2].. On my first trip, my former best friend had very, very expertly “handled” me into falling in love with a girl from a girl bar in Pasay. Some of the bars from Ermita had moved to Pasay and set up in a largish complex known as the Pasay International Food and Karaoke Complex. It was located on Roxas Boulevard next to what was then the Holiday Inn. Among those bars were the Australia Club, the Cotton Club (which was located inside the Australia Club, on a mezzanine level), Visions and the Firehouse. I believe they may have all been owned by the same person or partnership. Anyway, I was manipulated into falling in love with a girl from one of those bars. On my first trip to S.E. Asia I had fallen into the newbie trap of becoming “Sir Save-A-Whore” and bought her out of the bar for an outrageous amount in Philippine Pisos. I flew her to her home in the Visayas (no, I am not going to disclose the island, the province, nor the city or municipality). Of course the family made me feel like I really was Sir Save-A-Whore. This convinced me I had done a good thing and made me feel good about myself. After returning to Australia I talked with her weekly by phone. To to this she went to the telephone company office and received my calls there, as the family did not have a telephone, electricity or running water. For water, there was a community water pump only a short distance from the house. Naturally, like all good White Knights should, I transferred money every month for her family’s support. After three months I decided (unwisely … I say again this for those who may have missed it … UNWISELY) to marry her and asked her over the phone. Naturally she agreed. I was immediately on a plane back to the Philippines and we were married in her home town by the Mayor. By strange co-incidence the Mayor was an uncle. Now usually, the Australian Consulate will not recognise any marrige performed by a Mayor. However, this particular Mayor had authorisation to solemnise marriages by grant of a Presidential Decree, which I actually saw and read. I also found out not only was the Mayor her uncle, but his brother was the local Judge. So she had two uncles in positions of authority. I then found out another brother of the Mayor and Judge was the General Manager of that province’s Electricity Co-Operative. I thought nothing of it at the time, but looking back years later, after we had seperated, I thought ??????????????????. It is amazing how hormones will totally fuck around with your common sense. So why did her family live a hillbilly life in the hills if the rest of the family was so very average and middle class? I found out the answer to that question eventually while I was living with them. The grandmother was a chronic gambler who had lost everything playing cards. This was also the reason why this chick from this middle class family was renting her cunt in Manila. Eventually I realised she had been given to a bar recruiter to cancel the grandmother’s gambling debt. No, nobody actually admitted to it or even came out and told me about it. I figured it out after I met the recruiter, who dropped just enough hints that I should have picked up on it. Unfortunately, I only realised all those hints years later, in retrospective thought, after we had seperated. Those damn hormones! She had worked in the bar with the same name in Ermita years earlier. I later realised that the bar in Ermita was where my former best friend had met her. When I went to the Philippines with him earlier that year in 1994, he had arranged the whole scam with her, that is to say, I would marry her, bring her back to Australia, she would leave me and go to work for him as her pimp. That is exactly what happened. I arrived back in Australia on a Thursday night with my new wife and on Friday morning, the next day, he drove her to her first John. Did I say he was a lying, cheating, scheming piece of shit? I am far too polite I believe. I am getting ahead of myself here. After we were married in the Philippines, my wonderful, fun to be with, loving fiance suddenly changed her personality and character. The day after our marriage she became this hostile, angry, hateful dragon who told me to return to Australia by myself. Now I had obtained a passport for her and she now had a Permanent Resident Visa for Australia, as the single condition on that visa was that we became legally married. I could not believe what was happening. I had invested so much into her, not only financially but more importantly, emotionally. I convinced her to come to Australia with me, naively beliving I could get this already failed marriage back on track once she got away from her family.Fuck me was I fooling myself. This chick was damaged goods, and I mean she was psychologically ruined long before I met her. Did I mention she was another M3thie? (Read the article on a Cambodian prostitute nick named by the author M3thie if you can find it. I read this article titled “M3thie” either on this blog or on another, perhaps affiliated blog. M3thie’s story is an interesting and humorous read). No, I know i did not mention it earlier, but alas, she was indeed a hard core methamphetaminie addict. In the Philippines it is called Shabu. In Cambodia, apparently it is called Shaba. In Australia it is referred to as Ice. My fire breathing dragon wife whose personality would snap change very literally from one second to the next, well I found out she was a chronic Ice smoker.

    3].. The reason this documentary resonated in perfect harmony with my experince is that for all intents and purposes, the murderous Evelyn is my ex-wife. If I had given my ex any small opportunity, she would have murdered me for sure. She was crazy enough to believe the Australian authorities would not investigate my hypothetical muder just as the Philippine authorities place murdered foreigner investigations at the bottom of their priority list. Contrary to popular belief, for the most part, Philippine people despise foreigners. This presumably comes from firstly being colonised and bastardised by the Spanish and then subsequently receiving the same from their new colonial masters the USA, after the USA purchased the Philippines from Spain. You do not believe me when I say the Philippine local City Police (e.g. Makati Police as in the documentary), the Philippine National Police and The Philippine National Burea of Investigations (the NBI, Philippines version of the FBI) show little to nil interest in investigating crimes committed against foreigners? Allow me to give you two examples:
    I) I had my pocket picked by an undercover cop in the lobby of the Manila Western District Police station on U.N. Avenue, as I was talking to the desk Seargent, and as he watched it go down. That should give any foreigner cause to question their personal safety in the Philippines.
    II) The second example is far more concerning. I was sitting having a drink and a chat with another Aussie in the Swagman Hotel Bar in Angeles. It became apparent during our converstion that the person to whom I was chatting was an Australian cop. Now I knew that a senior Australian Federal police officer who had been attached to the Australian Consulte in Makati had recently retired due to ill health and returned to Australia. So I asked this man straight out “Are you John XXXXXXXX’s replacement? His reply was “Yes, I am”. So the ice was broken and he did not need to bullshit me any longer. Our conversation continued as I allowed him to “surreptitiously” investigate me. I knew I was being investigated due to having submitted my ex-wife’s visa application. John XXXXXXXX had previously started that investigation, by inviting me to meet him for dinner at a small cafe on Mabini Street in Ermita. John XXXXXXXX, the AFP officer rented a room above the cafe. Shortly after I arrived, John XXXXXXXX asked me to delay ordering our meals as he was waiting for a friend. It was not long before a Philippino walked in wearing a blue jacket upon which were three letters in yellow on the front and back. Those three yellow letters upon the blue jacket were “NBI”. At least they didn’t bother to bullshit me and they came straight to the point and informed me I was being informally interviewed over a meal in a cafe. I was cool with that. Apparently Colonel XXXXXXXX of the NBI had no concerns, or if he did, he hid it well. But back to the new AFP officer who was informally interviewing me in Angeles. Here is what should concern everybody who goes to the Philippines and is reading this. Please read this carefully and truly allow this to sink in and be absorbed by your grey matter between your ears.

    >This Australian Federal Police officer informed me that (this was 1995) on average, one foreigner was mudered every day, just in Angeles. One foreigner was being mudered every day of the week in Angeles, and there never seemed to be any meaningful investigation into any of those muders. Unless the local cops had irrefutable eye witnesses (meaning at least two) they had no interest in investigating the murder of another sex tourist. All I am saying here is always be mindful what you say. Always be mindful of who you say it to. Philippine people get very pissed off if a foreigner insults them or harms them in some way. NEVER cause a Philippine person to lose face, or you will probably lose yours. This common sense rule would actually be applicable in any S.E. Asian country I would think. I am so glad I managed to offload my cheating ex-wife before she found some way to muder me. So on to number 4, the discrepancies in the documentary.

    4].. Please do not take any of this as any form of defence for the mudering scheming cheating lying conniving turd named Evelyn.
    a). Early in the documentary we are told prior to leaving at the age of thirteen, the murdering Evelyn lived on an island in the province Samar. We are told this island had no electricity, running water or sanitation. Later, we are told the mudered husband’s family kept in touch with the muderer Evelyn’s family by text messages. Question: How did Evelyn’s family recharge the mobile phone if they had no electricity?
    b). We are told in the documentary by Evelyn’s aunt that when Evelyn was a small girl and she was asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, Evelyn replied “I want to be a bar girl so I can marry an American”. On an island without electricity, it would also follow there was no TV in the house. Without knowing about the “bar girl life” via television, just how did Evelyn choose bar girl as her preferred career choice? Smells like shit to me. (Here, I must assume the on screen translation is accurate, and one hopes it would be in a documentary. If the translation on screen is not accurate, that would make this particular video piece a mockumentary rather than a documentary).
    c). In the documentary it is stated that the penalty for muder is either life in prison or execution by hanging. As far as I know, the Philippines has not used hanging as official court mandated execution for a very very long time. During Spanish colonial rule the Philippines used firing squad, but did hang several political prisoners to make examples of them. The electric chair was introduced and used during USA colonisation. After they got rid of the Seppos (Septic Tanks i.e. Yanks, Americans), they used a gas chamber. Later they used lethal injection. Currently, summary execution by bullet on the street seems to be the preferred method of execution. Hanging? Not for over one hundred years. Get your facts straight documentary maker.
    d). I have concerns regarding Steven’s sanity. (Steven being the murdered husband). Evelyn was an Angeles prostitute before he married her. What the fuck was he thinking when he went back to Angeles to live with her. I mean to say, I was stupid when I married the creature that I did, but Steven’s action in that regard make me question his sanity. Yes, I am aware that is where the Ultra-Light aircraft club was located, but taking her back to her former stomping ground was not asking for trouble, it was him shouting “Trouble come and find me”. That is bordering on insane. It certainly is most strange at the very least and shows absolute lack of good judgement. No doubt in my mind it was her idea.
    e). He paid for his daughter to enrol at a nursery school and did not bother to check the enrolment actually took place? I paid for my sister in law to attend university for two years. After I did not see any university grades after her first year, I stupidly accepted the bullshit reason as to why her grades were not available. After I was not allowed to see my sister in law’s second year grades, I told my wife to go to hell and fuck off. After Steven found out the hard way that his daughter had never been enrolled, he really should have seen that red flag. Perhaps Steven was red/green color blind?
    f) We are told in the documentary that Evelyn’s home on the island was two days travel from Angeles. That is two days travel from Makati where the muder occurred. We are told that Evelyn’s lover, the security guard went to Evelyn’s home to enlist the assistance of Evelyn’s brotrher in law. This means the lover and his accomplice drove for two days to Samar, took a boat to the island, took a boat back to the mainland with the brother in law, drove two days to Makati with the brother in law and the other accomplice, they committed the muder in Makati, then they drove two days back to Samar, took the brother in law home on a boat, took a boat back to the mainland and then the lover and accomplice drove for another two days back to Angeles. That is eight days. Far out, they must have gone through a shit load of Shabu to stay awake that long. Question: Why did the other two need the brother in law? Please, do not say “To identify Steven”. You think the security guard lover had never seen Steven? If you do, you are just as naive as Steven was. The brother in
    law was there as part of the complete muder scenario and probably planned the scheme himself. For the brother in law to have all charges dropped against him simply means he had obtained enough money from Evelyn to pay off the cops. That is why in the documentary his body language screams “I do not give a shit”, just the same as Evelyn’s body language screams “I do not give a shit about the death of the foreigner”. The only body language from Evelyn is “I am going to jail for a very long time”. Simples!

    Earlier, I mentioned Terry Barnfield from the Swagman Hotels. He once told me something, which I have remembered word for word. The quote is on the next line.
    (Quote) “All Philippinas are lying, scheming, conniving little cunts. There are no exceptions.” (End Quote)
    Just look at Evelyn in the Makati Police holding room while Steve’s mother is attempting to talk to her. Initially, the muderous bitch would not even look at Steven’s mother. Then she would not take off her trendy Ray Bans. Leaving her eyes covered she could avoid eye contact. She would not stand up. Those crocodile tears. Philippinas are SOOOOOOOOO good at crocodile tears.

    Go to the Philippines and pump and dump. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT even contemplate marrying one of those psychos. I do not know any Australian who has had a successful Philippina marriage.

    I hope the preceding made some form of logical sense.

    • NormalNomad says:

      Damn lol….

      Guy marries a bar girl, concludes that all women of X nationality are lying thieving whores…..hahaha.

      American women are terrible and even they aren’t ALL bitches.

      But yes, if you’re dating a woman literally half your age and you think she’s not interested in your money….you’re a fucking idiot. It doesn’t matter WHAT country you’re in.

      • Sir Save-A-Whore, no more says:

        NormalNomad, perhaps you missed the sentence that explains the quote [“All Philippinas are lying, scheming, conniving little cunts. There are no exceptions.”] was uttered by someone else, a person who had been living in the Philippines for many years and operated a chain of hotels and resorts there. Not that I am having a shot at you here, but was I not self deprecating enough to satisfy your apparent need to put down another person? Did I not point out enough times that I was naive, stupid, foolish. etc etc? However, ultimately you are correct. I am simply pointing out that I had already stated it. It really may have been unnecessary to repeat what I had already said. No further comment on this particular subject shall be entered into.

        • Mikey Johnson says:

          Yeah NN is cool but he has that blaring character flaw.

        • NormalNomad says:

          Ahh, well my apologies, I didn’t catch that, you’ll have to forgive me for missing that tiny detail amidst your novel of a comment.

          Also, it’s worth noting that your “All women of X country are XYZ” isn’t new… have been preaching that for ages….most all of them also married a literal whore. lol. You can take a whore from ANY country and she’ll be a whore….no matter what. “You can’t turn a whore into a housewife.”. You can’t even turn a slut into a housewife…..

          You go to a town known for it’s prostitutes and then act like the entire country is prostitutes, lol. I’ve fucked more virgins here than In a year than my entire life previously, and I’m not proud of it, I’m just pointing it out. There are many straight up prostitutes in the Phils, and many Pro-Lites, but just as many girls looking for love. Pinays are some of the most naive women I’ve ever come across. They’re also some of the slyest and manipulative women I’ve ever met. There’s a mixed bag here, for sure. But anyone who dates a whore is going to have a bad time, no matter her nationality or race, that was my only point.

  19. Sir Save-A-Whore, no more says:

    I just re discovered the humorous article about M3thie, if anyone is interested. (well, i thought she was humorous).
    By the way, to me that lovely in the picture above the “You can find cute Cambodian prostitutes similar to this if you search long enough” is just scrumdiddleumptious. I certainly hope she is not M3thie.

    • jspill says:

      Agreed super cute. Not methie

      Thanks for the long comment above was an interesting read. It’s a shame the girls that are the best in bed are often the most dangerous to our health, financially, emotionally and physically.

  20. Strevie G says:

    First thing sympathy to Steve and his family. He didn’t deserve that. I’ve never been to the Philippines but I know Africa very well, and reading this thread, watching the doc it’s a very very familiar tale. I first went to Africa about a decade ago, was swept off my feet, had a ball and got in every tight spot imaginable thereafter over many visits. I’ve been in Stevens shoes, and sometimes been as bad ass as some contributors on here. The experiences you guys are describing are mirrored in Africa in every way…maybe not quite the bar girls as they seem to be in SE Asia but definitely girls working the bars rather than working in them. But the demands, family issues, behaviours, pitfalls are all there. In fact, I have noticed in recent trips the girls becoming much more demanding and dare I say desperate. I receive sob stories not just from people I have slept with or been in some sort of relationship with, (plus impossible claims of pregnancy) but also from females whom I have scarcely met, waitresses, hotel staff, someone in a bank, immigration officials at the airport. Is life getting tougher? I’m afraid I’m tougher these days. I was the star struck Beta English guy…not as sheltered as poor Steve…but nonetheless the attention and adulation was initially intoxicating. I gave money set up homes, sent money from here. What I did start to realise though was a massive cultural difference where what I took as kindness on my part was actually viewed as stupidity and weakness. I became a mark, a soft touch, a wimp basically. I was getting contempt not thanks. And when I did cut the money, the contempt became open hostility. Which bothers me not a jot. Guys have to watch out for that. It took a while for the penny to drop with me that in England I’m invisible to the girls of the standard who found me irresistible in Africa. Once it did, my outlook changed. I guess the Philippines is the same. So much on here resonates. You can take a girl out of the bar, but not the bar out of the girl. You know, I think that’s mostly true. The girls I met weren’t trafficked, they enjoyed a free night out getting drunk even if there was no sex. And one time I got tangled with a bar girl, thought she was serious, and was sending money to her when she said she was starving as she had given up the bar for me. Well, one time without telling her I took a trip to the city where she lived. The day before I’d sent money to stop her dying of starvation. The night I arrived I was going a solo tour of some of the bars in the lively zone. I didn’t have to wait long, after just 30 minutes in the second bar I visited, in marched my darling looking very well fed, very sexy in tight clothes, makeup and expensive human hair. Pretty much as I suspected. She nearly collapsed I just finished my beer. My advice to anyone involved with these girls is certainly don’t marry in haste. Keep the cash tight, and don’t tolerate any tricks. This girl was history to me and in Stevens case the horrible trick that btch pulled with the school, plus her robbing parents would have had me boot her out. Sadly some guys need saving from themselves. Not always easy.

    • Brown Panther says:

      Some of you western men have little sense and are too naive. You travel thousands of miles just to hang out with prostitutes and even marry them! Who does that? That’s something local guys Never do- end up marrying a prostitute cos it’s almost a taboo to do so, the guy’s family could disown him and she will never ever be accepted into the family.

      That’s why you foreign guys are so attractive to them; you got money, probably good jobs and spend on them. It’s like hitting a jackpot, it’s nothing to do with love. If any of them tell you they love you, they are lying through their teeth- you’re nothing but a meal ticket. That’s all.

      They see you as an escape from the terrible lives they are living and even make fun of you behind your backs, calling you fools and idiots. Lol; which some of you are anyway. Becos you end up marrying girls no local guy would touch, that should tell you some thing.
      You guys just want fun and cheap sex which you think only prostitutes can give you, yet complain when things go wrong. There are tons of well educated and decent girls from good backgrounds you can have relationships and even marry, but you prefer call girls who are mostly hustlers out for money. So don’t cry when things go bad, you people brought it on your own heads….
      Another thing, stop seeing Africa and Asia as places for your cheap sex destination and depravity. Keep that mess on your own countries

      • NormalNomad says:

        You’re not wrong about any of it….

        I’ve dated several educated, intelligent, sweet, wonderful Filipina women. They’re easier to find in the PH than in the West, that’s for sure.

        Guys just get so used to getting treated like shit they sort of become addicted to it….its sad but that’s some psychological shit they gotta fix themselves.

        Some guys do basically the same thing with non-pros, find a slum girl and pay all her bills, see her once every 6 months, meanwhile, she has a local “boyfriend” who takes care of her other needs when the foreigner isn’t around. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks I guess.

  21. Strevie G says:

    I should say a few things re my 1st post before I get pelters…I never asked my starving honey to stop working bars in fact I told her to keep doing it. She said she’d done it out of ‘love’ 🙂 a tip….be up front with these girls. Tell them straight you know they want you only for money, but you understand but it’s how they make a living. Also tell them straight you’re giving them f all. I’ve found that, plus just being nice, gets rid of all the bs and even if you don’t f each other you can still have fun and be friends. And that might just lead to something underneath it all I’ve found even the toughest Ho can be ok. Just don’t be gullible, generous, weak or disrespectful. Do be careful!

    • NormalNomad says:

      Don’t understand the benefit of having a “relationship” with a hooker.

      If she’s a hooker, as Charlie Sheen says: “I don’t pay them for the sex, I pay them to leave afterwards.”

      If she’s not a hooker, you’re not paying her.

      Am I missing something?

      What’s the point of paying for sex with a girl and having a relationship at the same time? To paraphrase Dante: “A girl can have either my time or my money, but not both.”

      • Neo says:

        Mind blown at that Dante paraphrase. Seriously, great mindset to have with Southeast Asian women (or women in general).

  22. B.R. says:

    I would’ve taken care of her & her co-horts outside of the law. I wouldn’t lose a second of sleep!

  23. Anonymous says:

    The police had two in custody for the murder, they couldn’t charge them, because it was witnessed that they were three murderers who carried out the murder. Please someone explain why didn’t one of the two already held, revile who the third murder was so he could be released from being charged for murder, after all the witnesses said only one person had pulled the trigger. Perhaps he was looking forward to serving 25 years in jail, his problem was he couldn’t reveal who the third person was because he didn’t know who he was, simply because the two people being held had nothing to do with the murder. They were framed!!!
    Evelyn too had nothing to with her husband, she was only trying to obtain what was rightfully hers from her husbands death, framed too!!!

  24. Dahlia Meusel says:

    Well not every Filipinas are whores, liers, thieves, lunatic, lazy and greedy. Do not put all Filipinas in one drawer. In fact, I know some hardworking Filipinas abroad like for example here in Germany. I’ve been married with a German guy for almost 35 years now. Actually, I am even 3 years older as my husband. We have 3 children and everybody are all stable now. I have been working all my life. My husband lost his job 3x and I was the only one who earns money for the entire family. And I am proud about this. Anyway, what I’m trying to point out is, this can happen to all races. Remember: Do not judge a book by its cover.

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