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Good House serviced apartment, District 1

Follow up to the guest friendly hotels in HCM post. Even though there’s no law against having Vietnamese girls stay overnight it’s still best to plan ahead.

A short stay apartment is better than a hotel if you’re picking up normal girls / using online dating. The girl won’t feel shy about being hotel staff seeing her and gossiping that she’s a hooker.

Even with guest friendly hotels in Vietnam you often have to stop and show hotel reception the girls’ ID which is a bit of a boner kill even if only takes a few secs.

Wechat freelancer happier in an apartment (not mine 🙁 )

Good House Review

The Airbnb apartment I stayed in is down a quiet alleyway and there are no guards at the door. You just open it with a keycard and then the room is on the ground floor in front of you.

The building reception is on the 2nd floor up some stairs so you don’t walk past any staff inside either.

Even if it you moved in longterm and stayed on a higher floor, the second floor reception is usually unmanned at night. Either no one there or the guy is asleep, plus it faces away from the stairs. I got the impression they wouldn’t stop me even if they did see me with a girl, but didn’t have to test it out.

It’s called Good House and the location / price are great. Only downside is it’s not exactly a luxury apartment, just average living conditions with no gym or pool. There are 8 floors.

Good House sign on the door

Daily / Weekly Rental

Good House is $30/night. This was the listing I used, there are a couple in the same building. Gives 10% discount if you book a week. Has wifi, free laundry (maid comes every 3 days) and parking.

They can also help with visa extensions and motorbike rental, they rent bikes for $6/day or $50/month.

Sign up via this site if you’re new to Airbnb for $35 off your first booking. The best short stay apartments on there can get booked up weeks in advance so plan ahead.

Monthly Rental


For monthly rentals apartments in Saigon it’s cheaper to go via the estate agency on the sign above, has some short term rentals in the $400 – $600 range.

That seems a bit expensive you can most likely get it cheaper if you turn up in person at Good House (if anyone’s at reception) and negotiate a bit. Or ask an Airbnb owner for a discount, or try Vietnam Craigslist.

Good House is one month deposit one month up front.

2nd floor reception

Best Area to Live in Saigon

It’s not a luxury apartment but the location doesn’t get much better, it’s in D1 right next to Le Thi Rieng where that Banh Mi streetfood spot is, and the Starbucks at New World – Dante’s favorite pickup spot.

You can walk to the reunification palace on a date, two parks, Bui Vien, the massages at Vien Dong and Dai Nam, all under 1km. Tons of restaurants and cafes.

Viet girls taking selfies in Starbucks

Boss Palace spa is 2km to the West, Benny’s blowjob bar 4km to the North and Pasteur 1km to the East, a street of beer bars. Fox Saigon bar on that road has some cute bargirls.

The exact location is just after Steak Deli in an alleyway off Ngau Sau Phu Dong roundabout. Part of Cach Mang Thang a long road in a straight line from the airport.

Located dead centre of D1


  • Google Maps link (after that steak deli)
  • 6/9 Cách Mạng Tháng 8, Ho Chi Minh City

18 Responses

  1. That freelancer is absolutely FIRE….and I don’t even like mongering.

    • Seriously guys, you gotta give me details about the WeChat girl. How much was she? More pics wouldn’t hurt either.

    • jspill says:

      Said $50 for an hour which is what most ask, can get down to $40

      But I think I mentioned in other comments she didn’t turn up, a different girl did. She was very mercenary in chat, maybe a male pimp using fake pics to get customers. And then the girl that they bait and switched me with was awful as well

      I think most of saigon wechat mongering is this bait and switch. Some more pics, see they all look like superstar models lol

      A girl turns up who is not as hot and doesn’t want her pics online. But still bangable

  2. -Cam says:

    How do you rank the quality of life in Vietnam? I hear that a lot of digital nomad go there instead of Thailand now, especially because of the visa? Any thoughts?

  3. Mikey Johnson says:

    Thank u sirrrrr.

    I’m looking for alternatives to Cebu where locals don’t hate my guts and the girls dont act like they were born in a barn or methane factory.

    • jspill says:

      What have you been experiencing with the local guys? You mentioned disrespect / gathering around you while eating, what other stuff? I usually find them quite friendly. Haven’t spent much time in Cebu though.

      • Mikey Johnson says:

        Just to clarify, Saigon is awesome and locals are very friendly and respectful.

        Cebu is a shithole and I’ve been here for about 2 months now. I get very hostile looks and stares from about 15 percent of local guys I would say. Maybe a little more. The really do hate westerners here. You should have stayed longer dude. It’s mostly passive aggressive bullshit but I can easily see a situation where a fight could escalate. I have also experienced a lot of backstabbing from locals I thought were my friends. They are generally an untrustworthy bunch.

        Cebuanos in general are thin-skinned pussy cowards, but something is definitely biting at them, otherwise we wouldn’t here about violence toward foreigners. I suspect bc I do not tip building staff. I’m not bring THAT many girls back but they do see new faces…and that’s something they just need to get the fuck over.

        God help you if you treat the locals like an equal here. It will bite you like you won’t believe. I hope this place gets hit by a typhoon. It would humble these morons.

        • -Cam says:

          Lol can you really blame them? They live prospects are pretty bleak as is, but they are reminded by how shit is when they see all these “rich” foreigners come in lounge around all day and bang their women.

          It’s similar to how many feel about rich Arabs/Russian who have hardly worked a day in their life coming to London or wherever and destroying the culture while buying up all the houses and hookers.

          Honestly, I’m surprised that sexpat hunting isn’t the national sport of SEA haha

        • Marco says:

          >go in foreign country
          >treat it like his own personal harem
          >local guys get pissed because you’re effectively stealing their women
          >wish death upon them

          Really dude?

          • Mikey Johnson says:

            LOL, I see local guys with plenty of hot girls (incl white girls) in Cebu and they still mean mug and act like dicks. Why?

            Because of the hatred in their heart and the chip on their shoulder.

            • NormalNomad says:

              What are you doing to rub these guys the wrong way?

              I’ve been here since January and I’ve never seen/experienced any of the issues you mention….where are you going and what are you doing? And where are these locals with hot white girls you speak of? Lol never seen a Pinoy with a white girl either. Maybe you’re talking about the girls who bleach their skin? Then again maybe we frequent different areas. But all I notice is good looking white dudes with ugly white girls, lol.

              Anyways I believe every man has his own spot on the globe that’s right for him. Maybe the Philippines just isn’t for you. Personally for me the girls are way hotter in Thailand with only marginally more effort required to get laid, but the English speaking population is dismal, so there’s that.

              Also, I NEVER tip the building staff and the girls walk right up to my room with no issues or looks from anyone. But I also have the courtesy/common sense not to rub it in anyone’s faces, I try to avoid being seen in public with several different women (i.e. I don’t go to SM/Ayala with girl A on Monday, and girl B on Wednesday, and girl C on Saturday. If you do that, OBVIOUSLY people are going to see you as a scumbag and assume you’re cheating on several different women, even if you’re open with them. Kind of common sense).

          • jspill says:

            What ethnicity are you Mikey? Maybe you don’t wanna say.

            I did hear of anti-Korean sentiment in Cebu, i.e. girls telling me they didn’t like them.

            I feel the locals don’t mind westerners because we often end up banging older, uglier, darker skinned, single mothers, bargirls, ex bargirls, etc.

            Asian guys on the other hand go for really young, pretty girls. And Koreans often come over to set up businesses, competing with locals. There was that Korean businessman killed in Angeles.


            White guys tend to just live off savings, work online, or be short term tourists, no competition just net economic benefit for local guys.

            At Calyx Centre condo in IT Park they don’t ID girls or say anything / stare when you walk in. I’d stay there if I lived in Cebu.

            • NormalNomad says:

              Koreans get plenty of tail too. Lots of girls fantasize about them due to the K-pop and K-dramas that are popular here.

              I have heard Koreans have a bad rep of being more abusive/degrading in relationships and act superior to Filipinos. And of course there’s the illegal business thing. How DO they do business here anyways? It’s illegal for a foreigner to run biz isn’t it?

              All in all being western is the best for the easiness factor, but there are plenty of girls who prefer Korean guys.

              I think perhaps it’s the difference of expectation and reality. If you read RVF, they act like girls are lining up waiting to give white guys blow jobs and threesomes as soon as you get off the plane. He came here expecting women to worship his cock because others said that was the case. He get’s here, finds out that you have to put in SOME effort, and is pissed that the reality is so much different than what was advertised by others.

              I too felt some anger that others had spoken like the Phils was heaven on earth, but the reality is guys exaggerate. At RVF, it’s a giant Dick Measuring Contest. Only the most ridiculous and over exaggerated claims can win.

              The reality is women here are sweet, kind, and easy to get along with. They’re less attractive than many women in neighboring countries, and they do play some games. SOME effort is required to get laid. Anyone who comes here thinking women are going to beat down your door because you’re white is in for a rude awakening.

              • Mikey Johnson says:

                Yeah its easy to get laid here after dealing with immaturity and off putting personalities and flakey cunts, single moms, beggars. I dont mind putting in effort dude but when the talent aint stackin up….

                I did eventually meet these sweet girls everyone was talking about but not much sophistication. Can’t have ut all i guess.

                I have been all over Cebu City including the provinces lol. The guys in the city are either 1 step away from spitting in my face or they are in my personal space trying to ‘greet me’. Or if they are upper class they still try and probe u for info.

                Most glorious white expats here look like incels on steroids. They are with cute girls but they are usually bar girls or have massive baggage.

                I came here expect civilized locals lol. Venture out once in a while. I’ve met 5 locals with Euro/American girls. Not sure how the fuck that happened.

                Race factor is true bc I understand Bisaya, but they looove the Korean guys here. I’m very young and brought back a few girls early on so they are probably making me pay for it by snubbing me.

                Bigger issues are QoL. Can hardly find a decent meal thats not bathed in grease unless u pay up. Rent is abt same as back home. Cebu is just okayish…and I’m personally gonna put this hype to rest.

                • NormalNomad says:

                  You can rent a big house (NOT Condo) for cheap, like 200 USD a month for a 3 bedroom 2 bath…..not hard to find at all if you look.

                  Food same, just go to any mall and there will be a ton of restaurants that serve all sorts of meals for 3 USD or so.

                  What race/background are you? Black? Arab?

                  Honestly it sounds like either that’s your issues are either due to your race or your attitude. Maybe your race is attracting more pros? IDK man to be honest. I haven’t had the issues you’ve had. I mean everybody has to deal with the pros and the games, but it’s not as big of a deal as you’re making it out to be. Anymore I rarely have to deal with girls who are after $$$ because I make it very obvious upfront that’s not what I’m about. But then again, if you’re of a certain ethnicity that for whatever reason girls have a stereotype about it could lead to a higher percentage of issues you describe, either because they’re afraid of you (racism) or because they assume you’re more interested in paying for it than white guys for example. These stereotypes might be completely unfounded, I’m just spitballing ideas as to why you’re having such a bad time.

                  I guess if it sucks really bad here you can go to Thailand, cheaper places there and girls are hotter TBH. Plenty of spots in Asia, but you’re going to be dealing with a lack of English speakers so that’s a whole other level of bullshit to deal with on a daily basis.

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