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New Manila escort girl

Online escort app have a special offer for readers of this blog – half price premium membership. Buy any membership then email mentioning Nomad Philippines, and they’ll double it, e.g. buy 30 days for $24.99 and they’ll make it 60 days.

The longest membership option for hardcore expat mongers is $99.99 – that would be boosted to two years.

Latest Smooci Updates

Smooci have come a long way since they first launched. If you’re unfamiliar with the Uber of working girls, check out my review here of ordering a Bangkok call girl to my place in 2017.

Fast forward to 2019 and now Smooci is available in Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong & Berlin, with plans to add Pattaya, London, Amsterdam & Barcelona this year.

Singapore escort girl

Message Escorts as a Premium Member

Premium members can now live chat with girls before committing to a booking, to see if they’ll agree to a lower rate, special requests, etc.

That’s now been added for premium members. Be warned that in most cases chat messages will go to the escort agency too, but the reply will come from the individual escort girl.

Other Premium Features

  • Book for 1 hour, 1 shot, which is cheaper. Standard members have to book 2+ hours. That ‘short time’ saving pays for the cost of premium membership by itself
  • Search all offline escorts not just currently online ones, to find hotter escorts that standard members won’t see. Set notifications for when they come online
  • Book up to 24 hours in advance, not the standard 4 hours – helps to make sure the escort you want won’t be booked when you’re in town
  • Get access to reviews of escort girls that previous clients submitted. Find out what her personality was like in the bedroom, if she still looks like her photos, etc.

One hour, one pop with Karla is 4500 pesos

Click ‘Premium clients’ on to learn more.

Age Verification

Smooci have also now added an age verification system which allows the escort girls to verify their age, checked against their government ID. All girls are 18+.

Twitter Updates

They also have a nice Twitter feed which keeps you up to date with all the newly added girls and some comments from clients

26 Responses

  1. -Cam says:

    Looking forward to them adding Pattaya. Most people pay more on bar fines than they would on this membership. Hopefully Smooci can help put someone downward pressure on those prices.

    As for the new cities, I’m interested to see how will work in European cities with stronger incall cultures. I also think it would be interesting to see if this works in small cities like Chiang Mai. The downside is that there are less girls. However, the upside is that Smooci could quickily take over the entire market.

    Thanks for the discount J!

    • jspill says:

      I noticed Singapore, Hong Kong and Berlin have ‘incall’ options now. Probably the EU cities will too. BKK and Manila don’t yet

      Yeah and barfines keep going up and up, places that were 700 baht before are now charging 1000, some gogo bars with ‘coyotes’ charge even more. Some Angeles bars added 500 peso onto the barfine recently too

    • Jeff says:

      Pattaya? Are you joking? If you can’t easily score a much hotter girl at much lower price that is just pathetic.

      • Steed says:

        Hotter and cheaper than what? They haven’t launched in Pattaya so you’re second guessing the standard and pricing.. Haters gonna hate..

        I’m not a big user of Pattaya but I do like what they are doing. When I entertain clients in Bangkok they sometimes want escort agency recommendation, and in recent years I started recommending Smooci, which has gone down really well.

        What they have done is create a more verified and competetive market. The verified ratings and comments gives peace of mind, and I haven’t had any complaints yet.

  2. John says:

    Does agency like manilacourtesans provide the condoms or do you have to bring your own?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Are girls from manilacourtesans tested? are they safe from STDs

  4. Jay says:

    I had protected sex with a girl from Naughty Philippines. I couldn’t cum properly. I actually ejaculated when the condom was on. What are the chances of me contracting an STD? I ALREADY TOOK A VDRL, GONNORHEA, CHLAMYDIA AND Hiv test and they all came back negative and this was encounter was on May 13. Should I be worried?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Are naughty Philippines girls safe from STDs? Do they get tested like manilacourtesans?

  6. s7dusk says:

    Is it true about white worship in the phillipines? How easy is it to get laid in the phillipines if you are a white guy?

    • jspill says:

      It’s probably the easiest country along with thailand & indonesia but it’s not about being white, I’ve seen Indian and Black mates do well too, it’s mainly because the girls are easygoing and horny if a guy is just nice to them and can make them laugh, and they may have had bad experiences with Filipino guys

      • s7dusk says:

        Are the women hot though? People have told me different things, some say the women are hot, others say they are grossly exaggerated in terms of looks? Do you have any pics of 8’s and or what the average phillipino looks like?

        • jspill says:

          Check my instagram I just got done posting 100 selfies I took with chicks, about half filipina mostly bargirls, they are 8s to me if I bothered barfining them. Lots of uglies in PI but enough attractive ones, and the bodies are always good compared to the West, I posted some butt shots too. Just faces are sometimes a bit ropey. But it depends if you like Asians or not, some guys get yellow fever some don’t. I find the bargirls are more attractive on average, that’s why I spent a lot of times in the bars, it takes a lot longer to find a hot filipina for free nowadays with the rise of instagram etc. there’s a lot of competition for those, that’s why you hear guys saying there aren’t any hot girls, those guys prefer online dating over bars, personally I can’t be bothered dating so just pay for it. Vietnam / Thailand have more hot non-bargirls

          • s7dusk says:

            After looking at your instagram, I think ive decided to go to thailand or korea instead. LOL

            There were two girls, that were soft of hot, and they looked more Chinese than native phillipino. How difficult is it to game chinese phillipinos or east asian girls in the phillipines? How easy is it to find work in the phillipines as a foreigner, and do you ever feel discriminated against?

            • jspill says:

              If you look like this it’s easy

              If you’re an older guy, not in shape, not dressed well etc. it’s hard unless it’s an older Chinese Filipina, they get called Chinita / Chinoy, there are quite a few of them too, they go to the fancy clubs like Revel, Palace, Valkyrie, the Cove.


              Almost no expats find work in the Philippines, they have some kind of their own income from investments, property, online freelancing. Because with a Filipino company wages are low and they only hire foreigners if there’s a good reason for it, like a foreigner to be the manager of a call centre or something, or if it’s an existing western company you could get hired by in the West, that happens to have offices in the Philippines.

              Never felt discriminated against, they’re the friendliest most welcoming people in the world, totally cool with foreigners. Much more so than East Asian countries like Korea where they can be a bit standoffish and not that into foreigners

              You might like Vietnam they sound more like your type and English teaching pays ok there, easy to find teaching work, about twice the pay of Thailand

              • s7dusk says:

                Those chinese people attending those nightclubs ,how much do you think they earn in a year in usd/Aud?
                Could a guy from Australia outcompete them salary wise.
                Could a white guy from australian outcompete filipino and chinese filipino men when it comes to dating chinese filipino women. Also have you ever been to vietnam and korea? If so how was the dating game there

                • jspill says:

                  You’d definitely be wealthier than them, $30k usd / year would be a high salary for a Filipino

                  There’s a section about vietnam on this blog


                  Haven’t been to Korea

                  • s7Dusk says:

                    I’ve read somewhere that there arent that many 8’s in the filipines. Is that true, people have told me phillipinos arent very attractive and they are grossly overexaggerated in terms of looks. I like the oriental look more as oppposed to the islander look. Also do phillipino men ever defend their women, if I hit on attractive phillipino women will I ever be challenged?

                • Gary says:

                  Forget about competing with money in Vietnam lol.
                  There’s tonnes of rich Vietnamese guys driving Lamborghini’s and ferrari’s that spoil the women, buying them stuff, taking them on first class plane ticket trips, etc. Then you got all those other rich foreigners coming to Vietnam too from China, Singapore, Korea, Japan throwing money around as well. If you want to compete with money, that’s what your looking at competing against.

            • JustAGuy says:

              That’s a good instinct. Girls who are even slightly hot (7+) usually end up being sponsered or hookers which pretty much leaves the average and uglies for guys who don’t pay in PH.

              Thailand is full of 7+s so it doesn’t matter about the hookers.

      • AussieBum says:

        How long does 5000 AUD last in Makati or GBF City? Spending frugally..

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