Filipino Cupid Review & Trip Report

sexy-pinayThere are so many dating sites in the Philippines it’s kinda hard to know which to use. If you want to find the hottest Pinays you need to pick the right ones.

Lots of guys just use DIA (Date in Asia) and while it is a good option for volume the percentage of sexy Filipinas is quite low.

There’s only one pic per profile and you get banned if like me you copy paste the same intro message too many times 🙂

And since its a popular site you get a lot of the ‘Tinder Time Wasters’ crowd who just use it to kill time.

Filipino Cupid Review

Filipino Cupid is popular, but it’s not THAT popular. If a girl is just wanting some boys to tease and lead on with no real intent of ever meeting she is far more likely to be doing so on DIA than FC.

Girls that go to Filipino Cupid are going with a purpose. Maybe that purpose is to find a husband… I’m usually hoping for the Filipinas that are DTF.

How To Have Sex With Girls Off Filipino Cupid

Chatting on any dating site takes too long. A girl may not log on for a few days or even a few weeks. Trying to start your conversation there will often end in missed opportunities.

Even if she is responding quick they can lose interest real fast. Maybe they go out of town, maybe they have a friend in town, or maybe they find another dick. Either way you want to move quick while not coming off like you just want them for sex.


The best way to maximize your time is to come up with a short easy ‘Hey I am here in town if you wanna meet up please leave your Facebook or Skype so we can get in touch.’


Ask to video chat before the first meet just to make sure they aren’t using old or overly filtered pictures on their profile. I hate that damn camera filter!

Once you have checked them out and think they are hot enough then I usually try to move the conversation in a naughty direction, but in a joking way with a a lot of smileys and lols to test the water.

The horny ones make it obvious and sometimes lead the conversation/ send pics.

If it’s going well go ahead and invite them on whatever kind of date you want to do. I am lazy and just invite them straight to my place.


This doesn’t get all that many to say yes, but when there are thousands of girls on Filipino Cupid and hundreds new signing up every week its not that hard to find some takers. However if you offer them a night of dinner and dancing you will get a lot more girls taking you up on your invitation.

The nicest thing about going on dates here is that you don’t have to try and ‘game’ girls. Just be nice, smile, and get them comfortable with you and you are very likely to get what you want.

For the most part you never want to bring up sex too directly. Most pinays are far to shy to talk about it, and if you make them think that’s all you want the majority will not want to go with you. Just tease them a bit and let it happen naturally.

Sometimes the girl will be the one to bring it up, and in that case its OK to play along.


Trip Report

I was in Cebu but was heading to Manila in a couple weeks and hopped on Filipino Cupid to try and set some things up. Luckily for me one of the hottest girls I messaged sent me her Skype the next day.

As you see she sent me pics in her underwear right off the bat. Gotta love the horny ones that are using the site for the same reason you are! Thank God for the internet.

Since she didn’t have a toy to satisfy her all I needed to happen was her not to find another guy in the next 2 weeks and then that rough job of fulfilling her after her 3 month sex drought would be mine.

When I first got to Manila she didn’t reply to my texts and I got a bit worried that my dick was no longer needed by her.


The next day she did reply and hopped right in a taxi. After 3 months she didn’t want to waste any time. When she got into my room I didn’t even bother throwing on the movie. 2 minutes of small talk and a kiss on the neck was all it took.

She had a bit of an oral fixation and was blowing me within 5 minutes of meeting. We moved to the bed and we were banging in doggie before she even took her dress off.

Every time we switched positions she wanted to blow me for awhile in between which was nice. After we finished we watched an episode of Seinfeld and then did it again.

Afterwords I tried to call her a taxi but it was rush hour in Manila so none were available. I walked her nice ass to the jeep and we both went back on with our lives.

It’s an Easy Game on Filipino Cupid

If you want to waste time on the free sites then from time to time you will get things like the above. But it will take a whole lot more effort to sift through all the time wasters, fake profiles, and scammers.

Filipino Cupid (formerly Filipina Heart) allows you to maximize your time and get what you want as easy as possible. The price is right (~$13 / month) and since time is money it’ll pay for itself.

Only guys with a paid membership can message the girls so unlike DIA you’ve got the girls all to yourself.


5 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    Just made an account, some are pretty cute
    Says ~3900 girls online

  2. kick2dante says:

    thats a lot of girls

  3. SouthernAdventurer says:

    Have any of you had a problem uploading Pics to FC? It’s really getting annoying, I keep uploading and they say they need to be approved (WTF) then they don’t or they say hidden. I’ve tried numerous different times and different photos. Do they have to be some special format or size (there JPG)?

  4. Flip says:

    Have seen your posts many other sites – personally I have been to several Asian countries over the past years – seems to me from what I’ve experienced, even though I’m now getting rather old, young and very beautiful women, are VERY easy to meet in person, without sending them extra money.
    These your women, once they meet me in person, realise that I’m for real – once that’s taken care of, most of them are super happy to move in with me (rental houses not hotel room) after moving in, they are VERY happy to screw as often as possible every day and night !!!!
    The only ones who do NOT fall into this way of doing things are the Vietnamese !!!! They are also the most sweet and beautiful young ladies any man could ever wish to find !!!
    Right now, I’m engaged to an unbelievable sweet, highly intelligent, well educated, kind hearted, BEAUTIFUL young Buddhist lady.
    FYI – I’ve been travelling around Asian countries screwing young and very beautiful women in each country ! The Thai and Philippine young women love screwing- I also enjoy giving them bellies full of cum every time !!!

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