Filipina Escort Scam on Sydney Backpage


My Ozzie buddy in Sydney was browsing Backpage for hookers and noticed a hot Filipina escort on there. He’s a big fan of Pinays so he got her contact details.

She used Line as many Asian girls do, was chatty and happy to send him plenty of pics, including ones apparently showing her in Australia, and with clients.

Some bikini shots she sent

They got talking and her rates were $250 AUD for 4 hours, unlimited bangs. So far so good. For Australia prices that’s ok value for a hooker, she’s hot, uses Line, is sending underwear pics, what could go wrong?

He’s chatted to Asian prostitutes before and at this point no alarm bells were going off.

‘Proof’ of having customers for sex

He forwarded the full chat with her to me and some other mates and asked what we reckoned. There were some red flags.

To most guys reading these will be common sense signs of a scam. Some horny guys still risk it though.

Shut up and take my money!

#1 – Don’t Send Money Upfront to Hookers Online

She claimed to work for an agent and needed the cash for sex to be sent upfront before meeting. She sent screenshots of clients apparently wiring her the money.

‘Proof’ a customer sent her money before

And some more pics of herself apparently out and about being an escort.

‘Proof of bookings and clients’

Then she asked him to go to 7/11 to transfer the money by Moneygram before meeting. She gave her agent’s name as Gerard Paul Dacanay, 297 Merrylands Road, Merryland, Sydney 2160.

Starting to sound like a Nigerian

There was also some too good to be true promise of a ‘member card’ that could be used to bang her again free the next time 😀

Obvious scam is obvious

Sites like Backpage and Craigslist are full of scammers who aren’t really sexy Pinay escorts, but are dudes trying to steal your money.

Don’t send cash upfront before meeting a girl for the first time, in Australia, the Philippines, or anywhere.

At least she sent some wank material

#2 – Ask for a Video Call

None of the pics she sent are enough proof that you’re actually talking to a Filipina escort. You could easily be talking to a Nigerian guy using some random stolen images. Don’t get distracted by all the sexy pics.

More bikini shots

To really prove the person exists ask for a quick video call, or a pic of them holding a spoon, or today’s newspaper, or a handwritten message, or all of the above, until you’re sure the girl actually exists.

My mate asked for her to write his name out.

Lol that font

You can see the font is written on a computer with the fuzziness around the letters when you zoom in, and part of the ‘i’ got cropped out.

I told him to send this:

At that point he got blocked 🙂

Anyway follow those two rules and it’s pretty hard to get scammed.

Her Skout profile

The scammer was using the name ‘Jhoana’, claming to be a 24 year old Pinay in Parramatta, Sydney.

Dating Sites are a Safer Bet

For $250 AUD he might as well just put that towards flights to Angeles City, or if he’s stuck in Oz for a while take a dating site girl out to dinner. Filipino Cupid has 1000+ profiles of Pinays living in Australia. So does Pinalove. Just filter by country.

Only go with Backpage / Craigslist if the girls don’t ask for money up front and let you video call.

His next target

Update – Backpage has now been shut down, as have Craigslist personals. If you’re in Asia I recommend trying a new upcoming escort platform serving Bangkok, Manila and Singapore.

14 Responses

  1. kick2dante says:

    Lol free member card so next time is free… sure

  2. jspill says:

    Some of these Sydney backpage escorts ads are pretty funny. There’s one Viet chick offering ‘rubberless service’, made me think of you

  3. harley says:

    You have to be a real idiot to fall for this

  4. harley says:

    anyway another interesting topic would be how easy it is for Asian prostitutes to get a 3 month tourist visa to Australia. I always thought it was difficult before, but now recently discovered it is very easy. Just need a good agent that will fake some paper work and 200$, that’s all. Then they get a 3 months tourist visa, and can stay up to 3 months if they don’t get interviewed at the airport and immediately sent back. They could make easily 25,000$ fucking 100 guys. I know a Thai chick who did it every once in a while, and recently discovered some of the smarter Indo chicks are doing it as well.

    • jspill says:

      Yeah my mate goes to brothels in rural Australia, pays $100 for 35+ year old Issan chicks. There are probably some younger hotter ones in the bigger cities charging $200-$300

      • harley says:

        Yep 250$ for 1 hour… a Thai chick I know has some funny stories about the weird freaks she used to meet there. She said one guy put on 3 condoms over each other and fucked her for a few mins then suddenly started licking her pussy. Lol….

  5. Chris says:

    Photos are of pinay model Danica Torres…

  6. Anonymous says:

    This person ‘Jho Ana’ on Facebook is still scamming people in 2022. They are communicating with someone that they are being held against their will, made to prostitute themselves etc. Please be aware.

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