Trying to Find Hot Girls in Phnom Penh | 2017 Nightlife Review

As I mentioned in the last post this really is my first time going out in the Phnom Penh nightlife. My previous stay I was sleeping a weird digital nomad type schedule going to bed at 8pm. This time I went out every night trying to find the hottest girls in Phnom Penh.

Considering the last time I was here I went out and found what I consider an 8.5 in under an hour I thought there would be hella hot girls around. Even when I went to Walkabout I thought the selection was pretty good, but Walkabout is no longer with us.

I thought most of the action was around Pontoon/Golden Sorya Mall and Street 172 but that really isn’t the case. There is basically nothing in that area and the biggest area of bars is on Street 136.

Somehow my first night out I walked past it when walking along the river. It is a block in and I didn’t notice all the neon, instead I ended up finding street 104 which has 10ish bars, where as 136 maybe has 25ish.

There are also some bars on Street 110 to go along with the freelancers at Golden Sorya Mall, Pontoon, and many freelancers at the casino. Actually, lets get to the casino now.

Nagaworld Has The Hottest Girls in Phnom Penh

I am not just talking about hookers I am talking about all of the girls. The waitresses, the roulette dealers, the slot girls, the managers. They clearly are targeting the hottest girls in the city and getting many of them.

Nagaworld girls

Granted this is standard all around the world, Vegas has some of the best eye candy you will ever see. But it feels even more pronounced here because you don’t see too many hot girls anywhere else in this city.

Of course Khmer girls are very conservative so good luck banging one of the girls working there, but with lots of hookers around inside the casino you have options. There seemed to be two main places for hookers, the first is on the main floor at a bar that is in between the slot area and the table games.

You will see some girls by the bar, and then there is a little lounge area down two or three steps and they hang out in there also. The other place is ‘Darling Darling’ which is a night club that has some girls working inside trying to get ladies drinks.

My first time there I kept noticing all these hot girls coming in the entrance right next to it and then taking a right. I followed one with a nice ass and was glad to find there was no cover charge.

I walked through and one girl called out ‘young man’ and when I walked past on the way out I slipped her my number. She later texted me saying hi (I assume it was her, I handed my number to a handful of girls at Naga and she was by far the most likely to text) and I got one more reply before she ghosted me.

She wasn’t that hot, actually the 1st time I didn’t see anything hot in there really. The 2nd time I saw a smoking hot girl, potential 9 but had a loose dress on so was kinda hard to tell how good her body was.

She may have had fake tits which would drop her some, overall I’d give her an 8.5 that could swing to 9 or 7.5 depending on the body. Anyways, she was hot enough that I went and asked for her number instead of handing her mine.

We chatted, I asked her what kind of bar this was and when talking she mentioned something about working there. She gave me her number and we texted a bit that night and I invited her over the next day letting her know I wasn’t an idiot and knew I had to pay and she said she would come.

I slipped my number to 1 more girl in Darling Darling who was standing by the door and went home.

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A Fun Night in Phnom Penh

The next day I texted her a few times and she didn’t reply. Then around 7pm I tried again asking if she was busy and she said no. I said cool want to come over and she replies with $200 for an hour.

That’s like double the average monthly salary for a Cambodian girl. She is hot so I am willing to go up to $50 or $60 and reply with lol I was thinking more like $30 for 20 minutes.

She counters with $150 for an hour, I saw just come my room real quick leave right after $50 and she says no thanks and that was the end of it. $200 is the most I have been quoted in Asia, as I sit in the poorest country I have been in Asia.

So that is why the hot girls flock to the casinos I guess. I head out and roam around the bar areas and really don’t see anything I want to pay $40+ to take. Some 7’s around but the girls here are so bad in bed on average and all I want is a blowjob from hookers so…. I give up.

I hadn’t been to Pontoon for awhile so I head there one last time at 1am and again am let down by what I find. The most attractive girl is around 30 years old in some short shorts and a tight shirt with nice tits.

She is about a 7 and I go tell her I am staying right next to Pontoon and ask her to come with me and she says how much. I say how much you want and she says 50. I say all I want is a really quick bj you will only be in the room for 20 minutes and she says OK 40.

I say 20, she sticks to 40 and I walk out glad that I am leaving this city soon. On my way home a motorbike driver asks if I want a ride and I say no, as I walk by he turns on the bike and follows me.

I know in Snooky you can find brothels with Vietnamese girls that are pretty hot (or I should say in 2012 the one time I went they had some hot girls, hi shack girl!) so decide to ask if he knows where to get Vietnamese lady massage (gotta speak their language.)

I asked two other drivers this during my stay and neither knew, but this guy says yes. Where does he take me? To this area on the river right next to Wat Phnom that I had already walked past that night.

There are generally 10 or so freelancers sitting on the benches by the road. He drops me off at the Post Office nearby and says he will come back in 3 minutes and goes and picks up the first girl he sees, then says he can take us to a short time hotel.

She isn’t hot, she kinda looks like a ladyboy, and I have to say no. I try to explain I mean a brothel, basically a handful of Vietnamese girls sitting in front of some building waiting for dudes. They are common in Snooky and I have heard they are common here also.

He says OK he knows…. and then drives me past the girls by the river asking which one I want. I’m like no dude, explain again and he says OK and there is one just past these girls on the left with 3 ugly ladies in front of a laundromat.

Not many hot girls

Getting Shot Over $2

I’m like take me home I’ll give you the $3 for the ride, he says no one more try, I’m like take me home. He drives back by the river and stops at every damn girl making me be an asshole and reject them all.

Then he says to pay him $3 to drop me off there…… I’m like take me home and I give you the $3. This had been a 15 minute trip that was under 2 miles, and he wanted $5. If you have never been to Cambo you can rent a motorbike driver all day for $5.

The dude is really pissing me off and he stops in front of the post office demanding $5, I get off the bike sit on a bench and say I’ll give him $3 to take me home. He pulls out his phone to take a picture saying he will call police, I block my face with both hands and he takes a picture of the back of my hands.

Then he says we go police and I just sit there not saying anything. Then he says his friend is a boxer he will call him. Then he says he has a gun and pretends to aggressively grab something out of his jacket. I bought none of his act.

Eventually I get back on the bike when he says ok $3 and he stops at a mini mart because I only have a $5 bill. They won’t give me change and I say take me to my hotel they will give me change and he won’t go…. until he finally realizes he has no other options.

Generally its not smart to get into an ego contest over $2, but this dude had really pissed me off by making me reject all those hookers on the riverside so I stood my ground.

Summing Up The Phnom Penh Nightlife

If you read sexpat messageboards they say that the prices have gone up and the girls attitudes have gotten worse. Granted, every expat forum says that and I haven’t really noticed the attitude thing in other places, but here it seemed to be the case.

A few years ago I could walk up to 98% of girls, say ‘want come my room’ and we would start walking before price was even mentioned. I’d give em 15 for one time or 20 for two and was told I was overpaying.

I went with one freelancer here and she wouldn’t go for under 20 for 1 time no matter what. She hangs out at Golden Sorya Mall, claims to have lived in Bangkok as a go go dancer for a few years. No idea if that is true or not but she is pretty hot.

The girls at Pontoon expect too much, there were some cute bargirls around but you can pretty much assume they are going to give a bad performance. The Darling Darling girl’s 200 quote was laughable.

The prices of hotels, apartments, visas and all of the normal life stuff are still extremely cheap. However you get what you pay for and the quality is lacking.

When it comes to the girls the prices have gone up a lot and the value just isn’t there. One thing that really surprised me was the lack of Vietnamese girls around.

In Snooky there were many of them, some at the brothels and others freelancing on the beach or in the bars. I can only remember seeing a couple Vietnamese girls in Phnom Penh my entire stay.

This is probably going to be my last attempt at finding hot girls in Phnom Penh. Maybe one day I will come back but I can’t really think of a reason why.

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  1. jspill says:

    Haha Cambodia sounds like the nut low when it comes to women. And getting shot over $2… no thanks jeff

    • KanoGirlHunter says:

      The women in Cambodia are lousy lazy fucks give it a miss and probably to find something decent you have to work hard to find a peasant and marry her.
      Go to the Philippines hit the dating sites a week before going not months in advance as the girls will be taken beware Filipinas are on their game as much as you. Filipinas bang always first date and there are so many available if they whine on just next them immediately and move on. Take your own Durex Avanti as mostly small sizes available in the Philippines you can bang two girls a day no problem. Find your own girls or you will be set up and could be framed with an underage or robbed or shot. Dating sites Pinalove, Filipinocupid and Cherryblossoms should give you 30 or so phone numbers collected in 10 days. A lot of the girls fuck for free others ask for some money. If you also visit the vice clubs go at 7.30pm or the best girls will be gone.
      The bottom line is Thailand is washed out and 3 monthly visa reporting, Cambodia sucks, Philippines is amazing but some areas are a no go with travel advisories but if you really like the girl fly her into Manila. Vietnam also sounds like hard work. The beauty about the Philippines you can arrive go on a dating site and hit online girls and have her in your bed within 2 hours. 200 bucks what was she gold plated.

      • Thailand sounds good but I don’t feel like dealing with that new bs. I think they are trying to still push that 60k elite visa.

        • jspill says:

          There’s a 15k, five year option, the 60k one would be 20 years, but yeah it’s a lot. I’d rather just do an Ed visa you can stay that way for while, costs about $1k per year.

          • -Cam says:

            1k a year for Thai classes in Bangkok or for the ChiangMai visa?

          • jspill says:

            Bangkok, you pay Pro Language Asok school 20k baht, that’s the under the table no lessons rate. Then the Ed visa sticker itself costs 2k, which you go get in Laos. Then once you’re back you’re good for a year, but you need to pay for extensions every 3 months within BKK, at immigration, costs 1.9k each time.

            20k + 2k + 1.9k + 1.9k + 1.9k = 27.7k baht = $830, plus taxis to immigration and your initial trip to Laos. I did that once and some friends are on the same visa now with no lessons. If you want to attend the Thai lessons, replace the 20k with 30k, total cost $1130.

            The hand to hand combat school in Chiang Mai that gives you a 1 year Ed visa is 33k baht

            Learning Thai there should be slightly cheaper than BKK too. Don’t know of any under the table places there though.

  2. Once upon a time, I almost moved to PP. Wasn’t sure what I was smoking at that time.

  3. Ill bill says:

    200 bucks quoted = she’s not that into you. That’s all.

  4. thibault says:

    its me or the list of interesting destinations is shrinking…
    hopefully burma is the next big thing, unless it goes directly from too conservative to too westernized without passing by the fun phase

  5. southernallstars says:

    great write-up, I appreciate how you guys generally observe very accurately and objectively. That being said, the situation in SEA seems to change basically on an annual base, a good example is Maliaboro in Jakarta suddenly raising their rates sharply.

    I was in PP Jan 2016, so not so long ago. Walkabout bar was no good then, hardly any girls there anymore and I am not surprised it closed by now.

    Pontoons however was quite nice, I found a good looking girl for 50, though she tried 100 at first. Very nice GFE with her, sweet all the way. There were other good-looking girls around as well, though altogether it’s a fairly small scene compared to Angeles e.g.. Guessing from your report, perhaps some of the lookers may have already moved from Pontoons to the casino.

    The bars in 104 and 136 looked to me like tourist traps, sure you can eventually get laid by a young girl but they have this system where it makes no sense to be in the bar unless you buy a girl a drink and then chances are she later reveals she’s a lady’s drink only girl….they then show you the ugly 30+ women who can be bf….that happened to me quite often there and since the going rate was 50 USD plus 10 USD bf, the value is no good.

    Cambodia seems to be a place where they try to make you jump through their loops by pushing the prices constantly and not going for the quick dollar, you hear similar about hookers in VN. Maybe it’s a mix of the general small size of the country and a cultural conservatism that keeps the supply of p4p fairly low and hence giving the girls bargaining power.

    The best place for p4p I was in 2016 was Angeles, I am quite sure the supply of freelancers increased compared to a few years earlier and the rates were still at 1000 peso,ST and the hottest girls will not go above 2000….it’s wise to avoid high and peak season in general though….

  6. southernallstars says:

    oh yeah and I hate the trike drivers there, the transportation in that city is no good so you’re dependent on them but it’s so obvious that there are waaaaay too many of them there, instead of fewer guys constantly riding the tourists and taking a low fare per ride they do very few rides per day but make sure to at least charge you 2-3bucks and live on the few rides they get…Locals hardly take the trikes at all…

  7. yellowfever says:

    Cambodia has got to the be the nut low for girls in SEA. Girls have super dark skin + ultra prude. Seeing pictures on forums of the hookers they are all ugly as hell and on top of that not even cheap.

    • AnonBro says:

      A lot of guys (myself included) love the dark skin Asian girls. I guess it just comes down to individual tastes. As far as being prudes, well, some are and some aren’t. The wildest girl I’ve ever been in bed with was from Phnom Penh.

  8. Akog says:

    More reasons why i don’t p4p. I just enjoy the hunt

    When i read this just reminds me of west girls.

  9. RumandCokeMan says:

    You speak of “digital nomad hours”- how many hours/week do you have to work to make a living as a digital nomad?

  10. AnonBro says:

    When I was in PP a couple of years ago, the hottest women were always at Lemon Lounge on 136. I don’t know how the owner of this place found them but man…they were really a cut above all the rest. They typically wanted $40 for the whole night.

  11. Pplover says:

    The P4P scene in Phnom Penh is much more unpredictable and less professional than in Thailand in my experience. The girls are picky. If they are not into you they will quote a ridiculous price for short time to put you off. However I find the small dark skinned Khmer girls very attractive and it is worth persevering in my experience. The hottest, most flawless bodied girl I have ever slept with was a 35 year old Khmer woman. I couldn’t believe she was 35! Also the most enthusiastic girl in bed was also a Khmer girl. Both were $40 long time and stayed with me until the next evening. Fantastic girls. On the other hand I have had very frustrating experiences there too with girls.

  12. Dim says:

    Cambodia isn’t the place to find abundant hot girls. Quality is generally low, attitudes poor and prices rising. But prices are rising everywhere in Asia. Go to Thailand or Philippines if you really want many ladies. If you’re a crackhead like me and just want to get strung out of some meth and yama with a crackwhore then Cambodia is your place.

  13. Larry says:

    So glad I read this article and watch the video. A few days ago I read Naughty Nomad blog and was ready to pack my bags and go to PP. I went back to that blog and it was 2010, whew. Thanks for this update. I will stick with Thailand and the Philippines.

  14. Tom says:

    Really glad, I read this article. Got a girlfriend back in Thailand. Was close to go to Pontoon to tick ‘did Cambodia girl’ off my list. Guess I will spend the 50+++ bucks for something else…

  15. Tom says:

    LOL. Travelling all the way to KL for a Khmer girl!

    Well, being in P.P. right now: bar girls not interested at all, while passing them outside the bars; no ‘Hello, hansum man.’ as in Thailand, the bars look pretty much deserted, and no luck with dating sites. Go figure! Only approached by one woman in her mid 30s on the river promenade: ‘Please sit down.’ – but she really wasn’t my type.

    I’m not a guy, girls go to knock his door down, but with a bit effort, I could get some young European/U.S./Australian chicks easier than a Cambodian girl -WTF!

    I spent only a third in Cambodia of what I wanted to spend! Guess, I’ll have to take my dollars back to Thailand to spend them there…

  16. MMax says:

    Filipinas play a lot of games so be warned. I’ve been here in Pinas almost 2 years now. Manila and all the major cities have been ruined for sex. The girls expect too much and most of them just lay there, lights off and wont even spread their god damned legs.

    • NormalNomad says:

      It’s ruined because there are too many thirsty cucks who will put put up with all the BS.

      One thing about Asia as a white man: Pussy isn’t worth shit here. Yes some guys still insist on paying a premium for it. And I don’t mean money.

  17. JC Collins says:

    $200? That’s highway robbery. That girl is out of her mind.

  18. Duran2x says:

    Are the white girls and backpackers worth going after in Phnom Penh?

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