Why Are Filipinos so Lazy?

Every culture has lazy people, but there sure do seem to be a lot more lazy Filipinos.  I think the easiest way to notice this is to see how much they hate to walk anywhere.


I once got on a jeepney that was close to empty.  After I got on a 30ish year old woman got on and we waited 10+ minutes for it to fill up.

Now the jeep started to go and before we had even traveled 200 yards she asked the driver to stop and walked into a building on the side of the road.

This would have been a 3 minute walk for her.  Even though jeeps are super cheap it also would have saved her money.  She appeared to have full functioning legs.  So why wait almost 15 minutes to avoid a 3 minute walk?

That was an extreme example, but you will see things similar all the time.  Maybe the jeep stops in front of one building and someone gets out.

The driver starts back up and someone else asks him to stop 15 seconds later after we had moved on 50 feet.  Instead of just getting out and walking 50 feet they must be dropped off directly in front of their destination.

Granted I like to walk so this sounds even lazier to me than most people, but it must suck to be a jeepney driver and have to start and stop for lazy people all the time.

Sometimes I will tell a girl I walked somewhere that was 10 minutes away and she will look at me like I must be crazy.  Why would the foreigner who can afford a taxi choose to walk?

If you’re with a girl just go ahead and get a taxi because she won’t be up for a short walk.

Other Lazy Ways

Ask a girl if she wants to hang out and if she has already done ANYTHING that day she will be to tired.  Say she walked to the store that is 5 minutes away an hour ago and you ask her now.

What are you doing?  ‘Lying in my bed I so tired.’  What did you do?  ‘Walk to store get milk.’    And the rest of the day they lay in bed listening to music and playing around on Facebook.

You invite them to hang out and they say they can’t because it’s ‘so far’ even though its a 10 minute taxi ride (that you will pay for) away.

Some Filipina girls to use the excuse that they have been ‘so busy’ despite you knowing that they don’t have a job, aren’t looking for a job, and have no responsibilities.

Add to it that you have texted with them most days and they have told you they are doing nothing when you ask….. so either they lied then or they lied now.

But I’m not a detective and don’t really care, I just find it kinda funny how lazy they can be about some things.  If you go into Rustan’s (the nice upscale supermarket) they have chairs at the check out counter.

They are right next to it, so you can only site while you are the one getting checked out.  I have seen people buying one item take a seat and sit there as long as they could.  I am sure there feet were so sore from the 2 minute walk while they found that one item they got.

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    • frank says:

      You talked about laziness on girls but you generalized Filinos as lazy. You should change the title to “Why Are Filipinas So Lazy?” Idiot!!!

      • Bob says:

        Generally, Fikipinos are lazy .
        But that is not mean 100% Of them
        And most of filipinos are cannot conversation because they do not study.

  1. kick2dante says:

    idiot is a harsh word

  2. me says:

    Maybe they just don’t want to hang out with you.

  3. Ed lee says:

    My Filipino friends rarely do business with other Filipinos. They tell me that Filipino workers are lazy and unreliable.

  4. John says:

    I live in Australia, I was born in Australia, I have a few Filipino friends who live in Australia permanent and yes they are lazy and also very untidy and disorganised.

    In the work place here in Australia they have to work harder or they would be out of work, however in the home on a domestic level many are are lazy and untidy.

    They mean well and they are in general nice people however many are cunning and that would be because the Philipines has many corrupt people in government, so being cunning is a way that they survive.

    They tend to have a problem when it comes to assimilating to the Australian culture and most only socialise with fellow Filipinos here in Australia even when they have married an Australian.

    The Filipino women wear the pants in the marriage, the man / husband is the lacky, the woman / wife is the boss.

    The marriage will work if you agree with them all the time and let them be the boss.

    They marry mostly men from the west for a better quality and standard of life.

    Anyway yes most are lazy.

    • NormalNomad says:

      How is that any different than marrying an Australian woman?

      It’s not this nationality or that nationality. Women are like water—they are very malleable. Put ANY woman in a shit culture and she will become shit. Period..

    • Anonymous says:

      well said. hard to look around oz these days and spot a white guy. oh dont go to r.s.l there taking that over to. makes my blood boil. best way, take them to the bush live there miles from there monkey mates, then they will cling to you for survival.haha if that fails remind them of the pinoys that were fed to the sharks by disgruntled husbands. remember that, was in the news. i find that works a treat. haha

  5. kick2dante says:

    i agree with you the ones that make it overseas are not at all lazy at work, many are very hard working

  6. Magbayon Pasalubong says:

    NO offence, but in Canada i have worked in companies that are FLOODED with Filipinos! They are very, very LAZY, and they are also slower than molasses – the MABAGAL strategy is what they use. They work (maybe) half a shift and get paid for the full 8 hours – in the meantime, they are hiding in their cars, napping or who knows what other hiding spots all the while their “other” titu-lito friends are covering for them lol. I know this all sounds funny, but it’s the TRUTH! I have NO idea why companies hire such lazy people??? VERY mysterious! Check out the website enclosed….

  7. kick2dante says:

    interesting, cuz at my last job in the states the behaviors you just described were what i was doing and they were the ones pulling my weight

  8. abcdeffff says:

    that was long long ago and can you imagine it now?

    • kick2dante says:

      lol no, no i can’t, but they were born in the philippines and moved over, i think they know how lucky they are and want to work hard to keep it that way

      sure there are going to be lazy filipinos in the states also, but there are lazy white people to, just look at me :p

  9. Willie Walters says:

    Where i work there are around 12 Filipinos and they do absolutely nothing so what can i say? They get paid just like the rest of us white trash fools in the USA that do all the work while they smurf-around relaxing, playing the “smoke a cigarette game” and doing nada lol.

  10. toby says:

    yes that is true indeed also filipinos dont like critism, also you have to sugar coat when you tell us we are bad in our job as and the lists go on & on

  11. Curious Travel says:

    The laziness of Filipinos can be seen on other islands all around the world. It’s mostly Island Laziness. For thousands of years, islanders lived simple lives in nature just fishing and what not. After some kind of recent invasion/domination from a Western country, the islanders are essentially forced into a capitalistic way of life that goes against their generational programming. And then… laziness!

    • JT says:

      A race who has enslaved and enriched themselves through the backs of others for centuries is calling people from a third world country lazy is laughable. It baffles my mind that you’re already taking advantage of this poor country’s state and still defame their race. Everyone chooses whatever is convenient for them in their own preference because that is what they are comfortable with. It does not have to make sense to others but themselves. They did not try to offend you in anyway so why try to dictate their actions into your thinking?

      • jspill says:

        Didn’t the West end slavery and enrich the world by inventing pretty much everything? Plus we pay reparations in Makati and Angeles 🙂

        • Curious Travel says:

          Slavery has evolved into modern day slavery, debt slavery, etc. As long as humans continue to trade time for money and pay taxes to sustain the permanent war economy, everything is working as planned. Now get back to work, productive (non-lazy) members of modern society!

      • Marco says:

        White folks are the race that enslaved the least actually, and as you say it’s convenient for them to be lazy by your own admission, but somehow it’s “defaming” if we say it.
        How many levels of doublethink are you on m8

        • Curious Travel says:

          Humans are slaves to Reptilians, Anunnaki, The Emperor, Satan, etc. Everybody knows that m8.

        • NormalNomad says:

          I don’t think that’s accurate.

          They’re enslaved just as much as anyone else, the only difference is the master they serve if you want to get downright philosophical about it.

          Most people could make do and live a decent life on half the work hours they put in, but they choose to work so much because they’re slaves to status and the newest gadget.

      • trooth says:

        just bein a hater you is. hatin on da white man that provides everything for you. loser

  12. Sir Save-A-Whore says:

    Jeepney experience … so very true!

  13. bob says:

    Dude, Filipinos WALK everywhere. You are crazy. And when have jeeps ever been cheap? I have been here 15 years and never seen a cheap jeep!

  14. David says:

    100% agreed more. Filipino are fucking lazy most lazy monkeys in the world. I Filipina only good for fucking I mean pucking.

    • peter says:

      Filipina only want to get out of their own country for a better life, once they are over there they will control the house bring all there friends. but they are very good in bed.

  15. Anonymous says:

    My filipina wife has to send money back home to support her parents and sisters because no one works. All healthy and able to.

  16. BobCatKillah says:

    My God Filipinas are some of the most hideous creatures on the planet. After Visiting the philippiines for 4 days. I can confidently attest that women here are ugly, most overrated in looks on the entire planet. I would say that the men who come here are losers or incels in their own respective countries. Why the hell does every male on internet forums say that philippino women are the best , when they are clearly NOT!!! Easy YES, good looking NO WAY in HELL!!!

    • Supremacist says:

      Dont be so angry with yourself. And try to overcome your fears, get much more experience and tjen you will maybe be able to compare. Filipinas are neither best nor worst. Neither most beautiful nor hideous/ugly. Far from it. What are you doing in SEA, anyway? And on this forum? You should be with Extinction rebellion or Greta Turnberg or petitioning for transgender toilets

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