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Open 24 hours

LA Cafe in Ermita is a huge restaurant / bar where you can find some of the cheapest prostitutes in Manila. Cost of sex is around  ~1500 pesos ($30) depending on the girl and how into you she is.

LA Cafe Girls

The LA Cafe girls are freelancers, there’s no need to pay LA Cafe a barfine, no mamasans, no lady drink commissions, and no fixed price of sex.

The working girls there are their own boss, can choose their customers and keep all of the money.

Above average for LA Cafe

It’s a fun laid back nightlife spot, has western food, pool tables, live music. No cover charge for the downstairs area, and a 100 pesos fee to go up to the second level where the live band plays.

Both levels have a lot of floor space, at peak times there are over a hundred cheap prostitutes on offer.

LA Cafe feels more like a night out back home, compared to the Makati red light district. Except the night finishes with a Filipina girl to takeaway instead of a kebab.

Heading downstairs from top level

Cheapest Sex in Manila

P. Burgos bars charge 2900 barfine to take a girl for 3000 short time. Often they try to insist you buy 2 lady drinks at 300 each before barfining her too. So 6500 pesos total ($130) plus your overpriced drinks.

‘Massage girls’ hanging out on the streets around Burgos try for 3000 tip for sex, easily negotiated down to 2k -2.5k, on top of the 500 for their ‘agent’ / shop or to cover the hour of the ‘massage’. Some only do handjobs / blowjobs / nuru massage, for 500 /1000 / 1.5k ish.

High class Filipina escorts on Smooci which recently launched in Manila, go for 4000+.

LA Cafe freelancers

Young disco freelancers at ZZYZX usually try for 3000. Sex at Airforce One KTV is 1500 for the girl but 1200 for the room, so 2700.

So LA Cafe is cheaper than all of those, similar short time prices to Angeles City, or picking up a street freelancer around Burgos who isn’t working massage.

The best girls at LA Cafe might want 2000, the worst / oldest 1000. There are some really ropey looking ones that would probably take a few hundred pesos but it may not be safe to go with them.

Downstairs restaurant

Ugliest Girls in Manila?

Don’t expect bikini bar or ZZYZX quality, there are a lot of fatties and 30+ year old chicks. I’m trying to be nice but the pics I took for this post should give you an idea.

Since there can be 100 – 200 girls there though it’s possible to find something half decent. I saw some hot waitresses, you could try getting one of their numbers and setting something up.

LA Cafe is like Climax nightclub or Soi 7 Beergarden in Bangkok. Low quality but worth a look. Like the bottom 20% of girls in Thermae.

LA Cafe waitresses

LA Cafe Unsafe?

Some girls look like meth addicts, because LA Cafe is open all night some of the most hardcore street girls in Manila will wander in.

When I took a taxi (before I started using Uber) to LA Cafe the driver said he didn’t understand ‘why foreigners like it there so much, those girls have diseases’.

On the one hand he was offering to take me for ‘lady’ at the ‘Casas’ (brothel houses) before I even mentioned LA Cafe. A lot of taxis try to take you to a Casa or KTV because they get a commission if you end up taking a girl.

Outside LA Cafe

He won’t get a commission from LA Cafe so it makes sense he wants to scare me off going there. And expats like LA Cafe because it’s fun and not a ripoff.

On the other hand, some of the LA Cafe girls really do look like they’ve been in the game too long.

The classic argument against freelancers is that the reason they work freelance is because they have STDs – places like Gogo bars or anywhere they’d have a boss, allegedly do STD checks and kick out girls who fail.

Of course, the ones who tell you this are bar owners, mamasans, and bargirls who don’t want competition from freelancers. ‘Oh those disco girls are not safe’ etc.

Cuter girls upstairs

In all likelihood bargirls that fail STD tests simply switch bars, or the tests never happen, and freelancers work freelance because they want to keep 100% of their money and not have a boss.

Freelancers will tell you they do it because ‘mamasans steal money’, or because it’s hard to compete with other girls in a Gogo. Up to you who you want to believe.

Philippines bars also pay very low salaries, and have rules like deducting wages if a girl is late or absent.

Waitresses so much hotter

Some of the girls at LA Cafe will be moonlighting as freelancers, after finishing bar / massage work.

How it Works

It’s like a bar or pub in the West, you just approach a girl yourself and talk to them.

The ugliest ones will come up to you and chat you up themselves, asking if you have a lady yet.

LA Cafe Opening Hours

LA Cafe is open 24 hours but realistically most girls start leaving when the sun comes up, 6am ish. Happy hour is 8am – 8pm.

Upstairs live band

If you’re picky and don’t care about the cost of sex in Manila there’s not much point going to LA Cafe until better places close.

So say you go out to P. Burgos and it starts closing down around 3am, or go to a nightclub that closes 4-5am and strike out, LA Cafe is a good last resort. Like an afterhours club that never closes.

Some decent girls will get there 9-10pm looking for a customer. Some will finish work late and go after midnight. Some will go in the early hours because they’re drunk and hungry and it’s the only place still open.

LA Cafe Location

If there’s no hot girls in LA Cafe when you go then ZZYZX and Exclusiv are nearby discos in Malate under 1km to the South on the Remedios Circle roundabout.

  • LA Cafe on Google Maps
  • Address – 1429 M. H. Del Pilar Street, Ermita, Manila

Amazonia bar nearby has sadly now closed down, that was another Ermita bar with freelance prostitutes.

LA Cafe Restaurant Menu

The pizza is decent but the Mexican food is pretty bad. I had the Burritos and Quesadillas.

Drinks promotions

Beef Quesadillas



Filipino food, tex mex

Mexican food menu

LA Cafe at one point changed name to Manila Bay cafe but now it’s back to LA Cafe. Also closed down at one point but now is open again.

33 Responses

  1. AnonBro says:

    Went to this place twice when I was in Manila and had great experiences both times. Highly recommend it. You can definitely find some diamonds in the rough there.

  2. Can you shore here? Not really a monger. Probably not necessary in Manila.

    Food is a bit pricy though, plus not that much into Mexican food.

    • jspill says:

      I’m sure it’s possible, there’ll always be some girls who like you / aren’t really that hardcore about the freelancing / hope for a long term bf / are just friends with hookers and going along to keep them company

  3. Jasper Laguitao says:

    I got a taste of claps when I got a girl here . She looked like a hidden gem . Didn’t know she’s was hiding something else too … like the clap

  4. against ignorance says:

    try the Bistro in United Nations avenue not far from LA cafe for easy girls from 1000 to 5000 pesos

  5. Openguy says:

    Hi All. I am surprised in so many forums on this topic no one has ever mentioned the Tudor bar or Egyptians (may not be the absolute correct name?…these are 2 bars just around the corner from the Hotel Soleil near Taft avenue. In truth I never went to the Egyptian named one, just the Tudor bar. About 15-20 girls and some very cute. There is no set price for taking one out .you negotiate with her and pay her direct after. But you do have to pay the barfine…..I cant remember the exact prices, as both times I went there was drunk, but certainly very cheap. The first time I took a girl from there and gave her 5k PHP …….for 2 days with me.

  6. Guy says:

    1500…man I got worked 😄.

    Took a girl from there for 3K, only got a bj the morning after and gave another 500 for taxi.


    • Roger Akers says:

      That’s your own stupid fault you let girls rip you off it ruins it for other visitors you should have asked her to leave if she wouldn’t do anything until the morning I have been traveling to asia since 1989 and have told a few girls not many to leave and paid them nothing

  7. aby says:

    I heard from girl there that transgender/ladyboy are not allowed to get in LA Cafe, is it true? Some of the girls do look transgender to me.

  8. manceau says:

    Careful of LAcafe waitress forget to give back the change

  9. Daniel Aggressor says:

    I’ll like to visit. I’m eager to go & explore Manila. Any suggestions, please. I’m from Odisha,India.

    • jspill says:

      LA cafe and the street girls around P Burgos to avoid Manila’s expensive barfines, also head up to Angeles City for part of your trip, just 2 hrs away and better for hookers.

  10. tripper says:

    The place stinks of smoke, the staff are not very friendly and try to charge more than the drinks menu prices. But there are a lot of women, even some grannies..

  11. Fred Furiousfux says:

    Ahhh LA Café. I can still hear the ‘twang’ in the accented voice of the 1st girl I ever picked up there, Then , about a year later on a porn site, I see her !! She’s had a whole lotta photos done for – me thinks they were done before I took her.
    As always, be VERY CAREFUL if taking 2 back to your Hotel / Condo – especially if they insist on both going with you. Always think they are more likely to steal from you than not

  12. Frank says:

    I’ve lived all over the Philippines for a few years now but avoided Manila. I was in Manila a week ago for work related stuff and checked out LA Cafe. I found the beers too expensive, service was shit, the girls ugly and aggressive, overcrowded, the place stunk of smoke and smelly Filipinos, pool game prices were robbery.. Don’t understand why they are in still in business.. I wouldn’t ever go back.

    Angeles is much better than Manila if you’re looking for bars and girls. Makati was ok but overpriced.

  13. KanoGirlHunter says:

    One afternoon around 3pm had an hour in LA café and about 30 girls all rough below average not one good looker or slim one. So its harder work but headed to Robinsons around the corner and luck would have it found a new girl farm fresh 18 year old 5 6″ and around 45kg and pretty been pimped by her older little fat sister. Took her back they wanted 3000 and for this girl worth it…naïve and was up for anything…clean and tight but a rare find. Most Robinsons girls are average to rough. Had a nice girl one night from EDSA Cowboy bar but go at 8pm and they dance in bikinis so have a close look for stretch marks on their bellies if they’ve had kids no good for sex loose if you know what I’m saying. If there’s a hot one take her quick as they go quick. Lock your wallet in your safe many a time Ive caught girls trying to steal while your in the bathroom. I was passing through but had one also from Filipinocupid nice girl but boring. Did anal to but not my thing just happened. So LA Café for me that day a blank…oh Manila Courteans are overpriced and the pictures of the one I got must have been 6 years old…shes gone now. She pissed all over the bed when she came and I mean mega pissed must have had something wrong with her bladder as I say shes not in the site anymore but 6000 for a fat girl come on. I didn’t try Pinalove dating site in Manila but had some success with it in Cebu with around 30 girls mostly average but got a STD of a looker she was a10 and 2G of Zithromax cleared it up. If you go to Cebu forget day game in the malls you will waste your time and plain close security in Ayala will put a block on your game anyway the dickheads don’t want you talking to prostitutes use the dating apps Pinalove…Filipinocupid..Datein Asia and line your girls up and sifting through them is hard work its a numbers game and learn to move on quick from time wasters scammers and cam them WhatsApp first if your able. Its big business ha ha whos gaming who.

  14. Frank says:

    LA Cafe is , again , the top place Waiters and waitresses are just abnoxious. But the selection of women is just amazing : fat or slim, tall or petite, crazy or subdued, you will have what you want there.
    No barfine a very pleasant surprise !
    Funny girls who can speak english ( how do you show with your hands, eyes and what else, that you wish the young lady licks you ass ???)

  15. steve says:

    the last time 3 years back the interior of LA Cafe was that dark Ihat I had to yous a flash light to count my money. The blue point bar is much better.

  16. Brisman33 says:

    A good option if you’re watching the pesos. The girls are freelancers which cuts out the middle man but you have no comeback in the event of a problem. Supposedly the door staff keep out the ladyboys and known trouble makers, but don’t let your guard drop.

    Some of the girls have normal jobs and are just trying to make extra money, some are obvious hardened pros, possibly with a drug habit to support.

    On average the standard isn’t that high but nor are the prices. It’s not a go go bar where you are surrounded by beauties and spoilt for choice. You can find nice ladies if you arrive at a sensible time and are willing to wait for a while, but you will be brushing off approaches from less desirable ones in the meantime, and the rough ones are quite pushy. Tip – If you want a bit of peace then pay to go upstairs and listen to the band, the more desperate ones stay downstairs where it’s free and they get first crack at anyone who walks in. Food and drink was acceptable but obviously more than it would cost you in a restaurant

    There is a short time hotel next door if you don’t want to use your own accommodation. Use GRAB for your ride once it gets dark as the area isn’t the best and the taxi drivers are a rip off at least, dangerous at worst.

    Worth trying for and drink and a meal, followed by a girl to take away. If it’s not to your taste then there is plenty of action available online but meet in a public place first and lock away any valuables or anything which can identify you (suitcase label) before you bring her back to your hotel room. Hotel SOGO chain rents rooms in 3 hour blocks and might be a better option. WeChat is full of scammers, lady boys posing as women and fake pictures.

  17. Bobo Belinsky says:

    ha ha…you guyz who talk about ugly or fat which…ok, fair enough, or ‘too old’ at past 30. When you’re about 60 years old and you are simply happy that a lady will fuck you for about P1500, a pussy in the hand is worth a helluva lot, moreso if you’re not used to it all. I guess that if you aren’t a sexmonger, even a slightly chubby 32 year old would be more than satisfying.

  18. Rik says:

    Ugly fat.girls need love

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