Your Filipina Girlfriend is Cheating

If you’re reading this you’re probably wondering if your Filipina girlfriend is cheating on you. Is she the sweet angel you thought she was?


Now, I really think that Filipina women would make great wives overall.  They are very loving and caring women that would be great to live with and do their best to make you happy.  Filipinas are also great with kids.

However I am not sure that I could ever trust one to be faithful.

Your Filipina Girlfriend is Cheating – Pro Tips

I know it’s not good to generalize, but I’ve met so many Filipina girls who were cheating on their boyfriends over the years before writing for Nomad Philippines.

Another expat in the Philippines listed 8 foolproof ways to find out if your Filipina girlfriend is cheating on Happier Abroad forum.

Overseas boyfriends mean nothing

Filipina women often have foreigner boyfriends.  They dream of this as kids and are so happy when they get them.  But then once they get them the day the guy leaves they have no problems with hooking up with other guys.

Don’t get me wrong I doubt their overseas boyfriends are going 6 months or a year without trying to have sex either, but if these girls have finally found their “golden ticket” it is pretty amazing how they will cheat on it so quickly.

I have been in Asia for less than 3 years and there have to be at least 10 times that a girl has received a call from her overseas boyfriend while we are in bed.

It’s usually quite fun as they totally freak out and tell you to be quiet, and then you start teasing them while they are trying to focus on their chat.

I am really amazed at how open Pinays are about the fact that they have boyfriends while they are in the middle of a hook up.

If you’re old, your Filipina girlfriend is cheating on you

Sorry to break it to you older expats but while your hot 20 year old Filipina chick that you are so lucky to have may seem very faithful to you, in reality she isn’t.

20 year old Filipina girls want to be with guys close to their age, not with old men.

They are happy to call you their ‘boyfriend’ and live with you and be good girls when you are around, but when you go to work, or on a trip, or out with your friends they are getting attention from younger guys and they love it.

They’ll be sharing pics of the time you took them to dinner at Makati Shangri La on their FilipinoCupid profiles to get attention from younger guys.

It’s really not a big deal, she is giving you all the things you want from her still.  You are still getting to be with a girl 30 or 40 years younger than you and should be very happy about that.

And odds are if you get the chance to hook up with another 20 year old you will take it, so don’t punish her for doing the same.

They Cheat on Pinoys too

Last year I met a very sexy Filipina girl on AsianDating and sent her my number.  We texted for a few weeks, she had a job and was always busy.  Eventually I just invited her to stay the night at my home after work because she had no other free time.

She said ok and shows up at my place at 11pm.  I had already told her that this was in the middle of my bed time (since I wake up in the middle of the night) and that we would have to go straight to bed when she arrived and she said that’s fine.

We have some fun and then are getting ready to sleep and she pulls up her phone and it has a picture of her and a Pinoy.  Apparently she is engaged and lives with him.

She told him that she had to work really early the next morning so wanted to stay at her co-workers home that lived right next to her work.  She is saying this just as easily as talking about the weather and doesn’t see anything wrong with it at all.

Many girls here have never tried a foreigner and just want to try it out.  Even if they already are committed to a guy they don’t see a problem with it and are happy to have fun.

A lot of times they feel bad afterwards, but before and during it’s no big deal.

This is what makes it hard to consider marrying a Pinay.  Again it is not right to lump them all together and there are definitely many that can remain faithful, but I still would bet that there is more cheating in the Philippines (and Asia in general) than in the western world.

If you bring a Filipina woman back to the western world with you will she remain faithful? Or will she be like a kid in a candy store with so many western men around? Is she amongst the ‘most recently online‘ on page 1 of Pinalove?

Think your Filipina girlfriend is cheating? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. jspill says:

    What do you do to find out if a filipina girlfriend is cheating?

  2. kick2dante says:

    just assume that she is would be the best policy

  3. I88888I says:

    have met thai and filipina girls that would never cheat when their bf is ‘around’ e.g. in the country but instantly cheat when he isn’t.

    out of sight out of mind

    • Riyanah says:

      Hmm my husband ex wife is filipino. And after she get PR in norway, she dumped him. I also get info from my husband’s friend that is why I believe that this woman has a black heart. But I believe there is some of filipino woman are still have good heart.

  4. Johan Kessler says:

    The truth is, 99% of that cohort of Filipinas who are accessible to/interested in foreigners are cheating or will cheat, because they are seeking the “best deal” and to them, the foreigner is merely an ATM & possibly a ticket out of the country.
    They almost invariably have ‘secret’ Filipino boyfriends (‘secret’ only to the clueless Kano, but her whole family, hell–Barangay–knows about it!) Usually he is a lazy, shiftless deadbeat without two pesos to rub together, but he is her true love, because he is of her kind. It is simply a natural consequence of evolutionary biology hardwired into the reptilian hindbrain to be most-attracted to one’s own genotype. Meanwhile the unwitting foreigner is financing their secret trysts in restaurants and hotels that they could never otherwise afford. Commonly, the Filipino boyfriend (or husband!) knows about the foreigner(s) and tacitly approves, because it means he doesn’t have to work.
    By ‘that cohort’ I mean the lower socioeconomic classes.
    Truth is, Filipinas of any stripe don’t really like foreigners–they vastly prefer their own kind. The lower-class ones go with us only out of necessity, which is why they also have the Pinoys–losers though they may be–on the side, for true romance. The middle- and upper-class ones don’t need our money and despise us because to them we are all ‘mongers’. So great is the social stigma that they are ashamed to even be seen talking to us lest they be branded a ‘prostitute’. That is why one gets the ‘b*tch shields’ and cold-shoulders treatment from them. So we have two factors working against us–the stigmatization, and the fact that most aren’t interested in us to begin with, stereotypes or not.
    Unfortunately, though they tend to be much more moral–honest, loyal, devoted and trustworthy–than their impoverished sisters, thus having a much larger percentage of marriageable women, the upper socioeconomic classes are largely inaccessible to foreigners. Only under-30s, fit, good-looking guys with real money who seem like they have their s#1t together have a chance, and even then it takes time, effort and money to penetrate their social circles.
    The rest (the vast majority) must simply realize and accept that they are getting the dregs. Therefore, what does one really expect–if one is honest with oneself–will be found when plying the ghetto with an age-gap of 15, 20, 30 or more years? Not to say it never happens, but out of the countless foreigners I know, only two–myself being one–have found the proverbial Tootsie Roll in the pile of turds, and it took a very long time boots-on-the-ground going through untold dozens of said ‘turds’ to do it!

    • Brianmark says:

      I have to agree with everything you said about Pinays. I’ve been with them probably 15 minutes after their boyfriends have just left town. It is not just to upgrade their lives, they love the drama and excitement it brings them. So where did you find your Tootsie Roll and how long did it take? Do you live in the Philippines with her or have you brought her back to your country?

      • yolanada tamondong says:

        Anywhere of country are lots of cheaters. I hate to hear about Filipino like this Filipino like that… If you really want to looking find a good Filipina girlfriend make sure you are not cheaters too!!!

    • j says:

      i live in phil 20 years and i would say this post is one of d most realistic and best analysis.

    • Rusty S. says:

      I love your flip bf description. I am a victim of that. Let me explain. This Filipina added me on facebook (and you should never accept an invite on fbook of ppl you don’t know!) and I accepted because of 1 mutual friend, who is a bad apple. Anyway, sooner or later she begun to ask me for small money $40 at the most. I sent it. She would unreasonably use the words “I love you”. Until I said alright it’s enough I’m going to look into this girl more. And, yes, she has a dirty flip bf who doesn’t have a dime to himself but seems to be a perfect fit for her. I could be the Western sugar-daddy, he is the same race. Shows how money isn’t everything. Asian woman in general go after their own and they have a high cheating rate in general. I snooped some more and saw pics of him around her. When I confronted her, what does she say? That’s my ex. Bullshit! If that’s your ex how come he’s always around you?? Nonetheless, she is also playing other man, it’s like a collection agency. She would lie through her teeth just abt anything to please u for that little bit of dough. Pathetic & cheap. Very shallow and sketchy indeed. Now back to that bf, the dude looked like wreck, all tatted up and alcoholic. So true, he’s the boss man that doesn’t have to work while his girl cons men online for money. How are you that special to her if you haven’t met in person? It’s all just words! “I love u” can be as meaningless as possible if it has no sincerity. Also, mind you, I only managed to have intimate relationships with Filipinas that are homegrown here in the West. In the Philippines, I have noticed they’re MUCH different. A lot less happier, darker, and faker. I got involved with 1 overseas because I used to have 1 here and I wanted to try a new Filipina. Let me tell you, it is NOT the same ball game. There is A LOT MORE BAGGAGE & please send me money with a hand out involved. Anyway, to conclude, long story short, even if she’s beautiful and you are good looking, she will take her sleazy Filipino bf or ex-bf over you. You’re not there, remember that. And you getting her to the Americas, is a far-fetched goal. Authorities are stricter now and it involves a lot money, time and patience. Are you willing to go through all that for a woman that is most likely playing you?? Forget it, it’s just not worth the effort. It’s time to man-up & move on.

    • Anonymous says:

      Best reply I’ve read on here or any of the other terrible forums such as SMP!

    • Maria says:

      Johan, this is by far the most accurate depiction of Filipinas dating foreigners I’ve ever read, and I am Filipina myself – I can confirm everything you said.

      I’m in my early 20s, college educated, from a middle class Filipino family (both parents and all siblings educated and professionals). I can say I’m an attractive Filipina woman, I have no problems getting attention from Filipino men. However by some circumstance I have met an amazing Australian man who is now my boyfriend. We first met online and saw each other in Cebu. He’s in his early 20s too close to my age, rather good looking, has just finished his masters and has a stable job. Truly our relationship is going well, and in 4 weeks he is coming over again to meet my family.

      Honestly my family did not take it very well when they first learned about me dating a foreign. They pretty much judged me for choosing to date a foreigner because they had a negative perception of foreign men coming to meet Filipina women (as sex tourists, of course). They thought I was a dating an old fat white man who is probably divorced and with no life back home has decided to settle in the Philippines. It took some time convincing our relationship is legitimate, and even to this day I feel stigmatized or judged when we go out together (must only be my own insecurity for fear of being thought of as that stereotype of “a poor Filipina (bar) girl who gets with foreign men for money”.

      I’m just sharing my personal experience so people may learn other perspective of dating Filipina women (I’ve read so many articles negatively written about us such as this one). I only pray foreign men begin to think of us differently. The reason why you get scammed and cheated on is because you’re likely dating poor, uneducated girls who need foreign men to reach a better life – and if you’re old and poor, that’s likely the case. They say it’s so easy for foreigners to fuck just about any Filipina girl in the Philippines, and I reckon that’s true. But dating a serious one who is both attractive, smart and faithful? That’s entirely different story. Good luck.

  5. kick2dante says:

    ya i certainly do not think down on them for doing so, it’s not like most foreigners in PI are faithful…….

    i dont disagree that filipinas like their own kind, i think they have been screwed over by pinoys many times by the time we get our hands on them and they are looking for any better option, a few pinoys have cheated on them so now they have written them off, no foreigner has cheated on them yet so maybe the foreigner is different

    i have met many girls here who won’t even consider having a pinoy as a boyfriend, i try to explain to them that their best chance of finding a good loyal man is finding a pinoy with a good job that doesnt drink……… most don’t listen, they have it in their heads that pinoy = bad and nothing will change that

    lots of generalizing in the above, but its true of many girls

  6. kick2dante says:

    lol tootsie roll

  7. jerry says:

    many people assume incorrectly that the Filipina will cheat with another guy when but half the time its with another female. Homosexuality is running rampant among younger generation.

  8. Anon says:

    It’s pretty easy to know with 100% certainty if your filipina GF is faithful or not when you’re gone…

    “Gift” her a cheap android phone. Don’t go too cheap–you actually want her to use it. Something like a Moto G (usually costs $200-$250) should do fine. Then install a keylogger and spyware app on it.

    If your filipina is cheating, she’s likely to text the dude(s) and the app will send you all texts. You can even record her phone calls and have them emailed to you.

    Some of you people are going to be against this and call it “unethical” but that’s fine, I don’t care. $250 to prevent future heart-break (not to mention the financial issues if you marry her and *then* discover her infidelities) is a decent deal.

    In the age of the smartphone, it’s so easy to know if your GF is loyal or not. I find it hilarious when dudes are blind-sided these days. Especially in third world countries like the Philippines where wire-tapping laws are non-existent (I’d never do this in the States).

    Trust, but verify, as they say 😉

    • andrew says:

      is there any way to do that after she already has the phone. hahaha. probably not but its worth a shot

    • Experienced says:

      Seconding this. I dated a Laotian girl for 5 years, lived with her, and treated her like an angel. One day she came home at 3am smelling like condoms and would come home once or twice a week smelling like sweat. Out of nowhere, she starts fighting all the time and even tried to kill herself. I knew something was up.

      So I bought her an iPhone as a “gift,” and had it loaded up with spyware. I checked it after two months and, sure enough, she was driving herself over to some crackhouse once or twice a week when I was away. Then, I ran a background check on the guy I suspected–the address matched.

      What I found in the chat logs was sickening. Every time I would leave for work, sleep on the couch, or even go to the bathroom, she would send this guy the most disgusting texts. They were completely pathological, sending literally hundreds of texts a day and going out of their way to hide the communications by using codes to indicate when I was around and veiling the times they planned to meet up in messages that appeared to be about school.

      She did this for 1.5 years, and I never had even an indication this was going on despite her using nothing more than iMessage and us often sharing her phone. The most sickening part is that, according to a 170-page compilation of his love letters to her I found on her iPad, she’s the one who asked him to be her boyfriend, with the only condition being that they keep their relationship a secret.

      Learn from my mistake and “trust, but verify,” as Anon stated. Remember that “all is fair in love and war.” When you waste the best years of your life on faithless trash, nobody will compensate you for your losses. Modern warfare is 85% intelligence, 10% economic, and only 5% military. Use the full spectrum of resources available in the modern world for dating, and you can separate the chaff from the wheat much more efficiently than by just accepting what she lets you see.

    • Anonymous says:

      👍spot on

  9. kick2dante says:

    i’m not against it for ethical reasons, im against it for 250 different reasons 🙂

  10. Bender says:

    My girl is different.

  11. Guy says:

    She looks more Thai than Pinay

  12. Miguel Padua says:

    Where do you find these women?

    I’m a pure-blooded Filipino, moved to New Zealand at the age of 7, Australia at the age of 22, and am now back in the Philippines running a real estate development company that my family owns, at the age of 27. That was 3 years ago. I speak Tagalog so fluently that women here think I was raised here in Manila, so I get to “observe” Filipino culture through “a western perspective”, so to speak. Filipinos tend to act differently around foreigners, but around me, they’re fully natural since I look like them and they couldn’t tell that I wasn’t raised here.

    I’ve been in a number of relationships since I moved here to the Philippines. I’ve been with middle-class women, women from prominent families, and even country-side (probinsyana) girls.

    Not one of them:

    1. Are fond of foreigners, much less fond of them exclusively
    2. Would like to “try” foreigners at least once
    2. View foreigners as ATM machines or a ticket to get out of the Philippines
    3. Unfaithful (yes, I am deeply connected in various places because of my family. I can easily have a quick check around her social circles and her work place).

    And no, I do not actively stalk them, I am just validating my observation that they are generally faithful. Yes there are bad apples, but nothing more than say Australia, New Zealand, or the States. I’ve dated women of all races, except my own, until I moved back here. The ratios of unfaithful to faithful-types are the same across the racial board.

    And women that are generally fond of foreigners, not all, but A GREAT MANY OF THEM are not really the faithful types. We kind of shun them…not because we think they should be dating Filipinos, that’s just straight-up bigotry and backward-thinking. They’re generally weird, strangely introverted or overly obnoxious, unattractive to us (yes we know your tastes are different), and more often than not, opportunistic.

    Basically what I’m saying is……..maybe you foreigners should look for a more….”normal” Filipino girl. Unfortunately I couldn’t choose a better word so as to sound less of a bigot. You know, the type that’s educated, has a good job, speaks English fluently, is well-traveled, and comes from a high middle-class to upper-class family. Your view of Filipinas will change dramatically. These Filipinas are generally sophisticated, can hold stimulating, engaging, and intellectual conversations, have rock solid values and principles, and absolutely does not need a man to get what she wants and needs in life. They literally blend in with your other foreigner friends, and you don’t need to be babysitting her through social gatherings like a little puppy dog. And of course, her mother instilled the values that a Filipino woman should uphold. She may not be “subservient”, but she definitely knows how to look after a man and treat him like the head of the home that he is.

    Check those women out, get to know them, then write another article. The new article may have a different tone to this one

    • kick2dante says:

      Hey thanks for the lengthy reply

      I find these girls all over, and honestly many of the girls i am with are the educated english speaking ones…… call center workers are the easiest filipinas for a foreigner to get

      I think that some filipinas will tell foreigners they hate pinoys (i hear this ALL the time) and at the same time tell pinoys they hate foreigners

      Honestly i have no idea if filipinas cheat more then other girls, i just know that I have been with quite a few that had a boyfriend, some of the boyfriends are pinoys, some are old white dudes in another country

      There very well might be the same % of american women as women cheating in the philippines and I am just able to get with more women here so I notice it more, or maybe Filipinas are more open to admit they have a boyfriend, that said I was recently in Thailand and 1 of the 2 non hookers i banged had a boyfriend so Thai’s cheat too 🙂

      This article was written in a bit of a ‘fox news’ style tone with a harsh headline, i dont actually think every filipina cheats and I have nothing against the ones that do

      • Miguel Padua says:

        Call center girls have always been known to be easy. That’s why they have a high rate of HIV positive individuals in their industry, according to the news anyway. Don’t really know how they did the statistics on that, but nonetheless, call center girls are not the best representatives of “decent” or “educated” Filipino girls, so to speak. Besides, it’s way too easy to get a call center job, anybody with a dubious degree can get in, and they just need to develop this fake american accent and get with western culture through watching fake DVDs of american TV shows or get on YouTube to pick up some american slang and sass from some vlogger.

        That’s not the type of girl that I’m talking about though when I meant “decent”, or even “normal” by my standards anyway, not anyone else’s. I mean those who are bank executives at the age of 30, those who run their own upscale restaurants, those who run their family’s businesses, doctors from St. Lukes BGC, dentists running a private practice, auditors at SGV or the big four, lawyers at the big firms. Ones that are ALSO literally ABS-CBN level in terms of looks if you know what I mean.

        They’re who I’m talking about. I never thought you had a harsh or condescending tone. It’s just what you observe and you write about it. It’s all good. In fact the easy women you describe are plentiful indeed, but I never have to deal with them because there are much more decent Filipinas that I spend my time getting to know instead. Call center girls, working girls, bar girls…..they’re all pretty liberal (short of me calling them hoes, really).

        I’m rather inclined to say that the “decent” girls I described are not as easy as the Filipinas that foreigners claim to get so many of with relative ease. Neither are most of them unfaithful. But that’s just my observation.

        • Gay, people with multiple partners, some liberated women/men are the reason why BPO industry has a high rate of HIV positive not just because they’re hoes.

          Its not too easy to get that call center job, people need to be able to handle stress (talk with rude customers, some who couldnt understand their bills, take payments and help them fix their phones, pc or whatever it is)or work with a bleeding nose due to sleepless nights. Some bpo workers are degree holder registered nurse, accountant, teachers or from a middle class family they chose that path because it pays off well. For not so rich or low class workers, yes you could say they just have to watch youtube and learn american/british english accent but does this mean theyre less educated? because as far as i know at early stage of filipino students its mandatory to study english language, or spanish once youre in college.

          You could say im soooo butthurt about this. coz I was a callcenter rep. (who owns a restaurant/bar and soon to be a ship captain 3-6 yrs. from now) former workmates arent easy and they’re degree holders too. 🙂

          Yeah there might be a bad blood from callcenter industry but it seems like theyre ALL categorized as less educated and not so decent people. Hope you’re having a good time here in PH✌✌✌

        • bbbbbbbbbbbbbb says:

          Awwww, poor Migel doesn’t like anyone thinking that most of his women are no good

    • Raymond says:

      Greetings Miguel,
      Do you know a Violeta Padua?


    • Dace says:

      rly good posts

      call center girls are trash i completely agree

    • Anonymous says:

      You said it all!! Braba, Kuya!

  13. kick2dante says:

    I have had others say the same argument as you about call center workers not being a good example……. so what percentage of the population am i allowed to use to judge here? .5% of all filipinas?

    you are right that you dont necessarily have to have a great degree to get a job as a call center worker, but 99% of filipinas would love that job, if you narrow the ‘decent girls’ down to ‘anyone that has a better job then a call center worker’ then we are talking about some very very tiny percentage of the population

    i have had a few hook ups with ‘hiso’ type girls, here is an example of one:

    and another girl who had rich parents who now lived in australia with her husband but was back on a visit

    the first girl also had a boyfriend

    i have no idea how many of those type of ‘better then a call center worker’ types i have attempted with, but i also dont really think its fair to not consider call center workers in that considering its one of the best actually attainable jobs most girls could get

    • Miguel Padua says:

      Mmm, bit of a stretch to say 99% of Filipina girls want to be in call centers. I’ve never heard the phrase “I really dream to be in a call center”….i’m sure you know that the turn-over at call centers is quite high simply because the working conditions are not healthy, despite the higher salary given to people without esteemed degrees.

      It’s as much a stretch as saying .5% of the population of Filipinas are the only ones we can judge on infidelity. Are you telling me that 99.5% of the population of female Filipinas are predisposed to infidelity with their partners or husbands? That’s more than over-generalization don’t you think.

      Let’s keep it in simple terms here. You know a lot of Filipina hoes. I do to. But the ratio of hoe-to-decent women that you seem to be encountering appears to be largely disproportionate. I know a lot more women that I’m willing to introduce to my mother than not.

      And the 99.5% that you may or may not have intentionally predetermined to be sexually available, liberal, and unfaithful….seems to be a 30% for me. Looks like we’ve been living in different parts of Manila, or if we do live in the same area, then you seem to be a magnet for easy women. A pussy magnet if you will. Good on ya buddy, you float your boat the way you want to float it.

  14. kick2dante says:

    you just completely twisted my words lol

    i didnt say 99.5% are available and sluts, i said that 99.5% (clearly its even more then that, 1 of every 200 women in the phils doesnt earn more then a call center worker) aren’t holding these high paying jobs that for some reason are the only ones that we are allowed to judge pinays on, because we must judge ‘educated, well off pinays in senior positions’

    i find it much harder to get a poor girl who speaks no english into bed then one that works hard and speaks good english, if i am in cebu and try with a girl working on colon making 200 pesos a day my chances of getting her over are slim to none

    however the hard working educated women has the determination to take what she wants, if she is horny and wants some dick she takes it, if she happens to like white guys and i gave her my number last week and she feels like im kind and she gets horny then…….

    • Davidson says:

      both Dante and Miguel have interesting points. I agree that a call center job does NOT put a girl in the middle or upper classes. Some of those call center girls like to act as though they are more dignified but they are not. At the same time I realize that a filipina who works (be it any economic class) is on the average (in my book anyways) a bit better than the vast many who are not working and living off others. The girl who works at the very least knows what it feels like to have her parents and siblings leeching off of her. This is not to say the girl who works a job is going to be faithful or moral. But in my opinion she’s at least a step up from the majority who don’t work in that rotten country of the Philippines. I disagree somewhat with both posters in that I don’t think morality or faithfulness is connected to economic class. Rich and well-to-do people cheat also, can be just as immoral, and might even be more sophisticated in their corrupt ways. Most of the filipinos in the country are poor, and in their desperation do very blatantly stupid things. Its easy to criticize them because of their obvious in-your-face childishness and stupidity of shooting themselves in the foot all of the time. On the question of morality and faithfulness it depends on individual integrity, either one has it or does. And I don’t think it has to do with economic class. People in the United States and the western world can be grossly immoral, even sickening. If a guy looks for fast easy and loose women then he puts himself in area where those women would hang out at. Over time he comes to believe that most or all women are like that because that’s his world and that’s what he sees and surrounds himself with almost all the time. A guy who wants to find a nice woman to marry and have a family isn’t going to look for one at the downtown sleaze bar. And he probably isn’t going to feel as if he has to nail her on the first meet. Then again real relationships are different than going for fast hook ups. I don’t have anything against hook ups , I’ve had many myself. The problem becomes when I try to make one of those become a relationship later on. It hasn’t worked out well. There isn’t any trust in each other. The attempt at building a lasting relationship eventually crumbles. The question is , is that supposedly ‘nice girl’ who acts conservative and won’t let you immediately get in her pants , is she really all that she presents herself to be? I have personally seen one girl act completely different with two different guys. With the one guy , me , she acted all good girl and wouldn’t even meet without bodyguards (her friends) with her. Whereas with another guy , a very old guy , she agreed to come straight to his place without even meeting first in person , fuck him , and got her ‘tip’ from him. So all I’m saying with that is even the ones who portray themselves as being all good girl and hard to get doesn’t really mean anything until it is really proven over a longer period of time.

  15. Yeah soon. Need to pass 3 licensure exams 😭

  16. Moshe Zuxmir says:

    Clearly, Dante is working with a biased sample due to selection: He really only knows the girls who go with foreigners (not necessarily exclusively). Equally clearly, Miguel is working with a biased sample that simply does not represent the majority in the country. Me, I have no knowledge whatsoever who is right and who is right: I suspect both of you are right, for your respective samples. (So when I said “who is right and who is right” I did not mean to say “who is right and who is wrong.”)

    • kick2dante says:

      ya man for sure, i put in lots of work trying to locate girls that want to hook up with me and aren’t interested in a serious relationship…… most girls have no interest, luckily some do

      plus you can’t ever put a girl in a classification of ‘will hop on every white dick’ or ‘will never go with a foreigner’ girls are to moody and flash one a smile at the right time and she may do something she hasnt done before

    • LPT says:

      Agree. They’re talking about two completely different types of girls. But they are also clearly two different types of guys.

      I feel that this largely also depends on the KIND OF MAN you are. Dante is clearly looking for hook-ups and is not interested in having a serious relationship while Miguel wants to enjoy the company of intelligent and conversant girls. Hence they draw in women who fit their standards accordingly.

      It’s so hypocritical to mess around with easy girls then bitch about how they used you afterwards. Dante clearly hangs around the red-light district a lot. No proper, educated, well-traveled, principled Filipina would take a guy like that seriously.

  17. bohol says:

    I think most of the guys reading this blog aren’t looking for a ‘middle class girl from a prominent family’ they’re just looking for fun on filipino cupid and/or bargirls, if you find this article through Google though and it’s the first one you read, it might come off a bit over generalising

  18. gg says:

    I wonder what result you might get if you do this in western i bet it will be 100% cheaters sex is just for fun for them they can even do it on public and strangers

  19. kick2dante says:

    im sure i couldnt get 100% cheaters but steph curry probably could :p

  20. Guy says:

    For the vast majority of people in the Philippines, reputation is their main priority. If they know they can have some fun on the side discretely, they often will. Just because they’re not doing it with you doesn’t mean she’s not doing it with somebody else. I’ve had too many personal experiences and heard too many stories about Filipinas getting side action. I’ve dated poor women from the province up to upper middle class chinitas or FilAms and still the biggest predictor seems to be opportunity. It happens.

  21. thomas sund says:

    i am from europa and move to cebu with my filippino girlfrend and after two weeks she alredy bean with two guys but she say its ok you have to accept that she want more guys

  22. thomas sund says:

    i agree gg you have right

  23. kick2dante says:

    how are things going to play out with her and you thomas?

  24. thomas sund says:

    good i can accept it and even before we have sex like 3 times in week and we try new things

  25. thomas sund says:

    the first time i didnt belive that we hawe sex many times in the week she asked me a littel every night wath i want of heres she want to heres my sexual dream about her i said will se here when she have sex with to guys she like it so fast as possibiley its was fantastic to se try it you love it

  26. thomas sund says:

    i need a man how can take care off my wife when i am not home

  27. Mr. Gerald L. Young says:

    Better the devil you know than the one you don’t. If you’re an older man, leave the really young ones out of your quest for a true girlfriend or wife. Stick with the ladies that have been around or need a true spouse in their lives because their marriages have failed. Better that you keep it light and be able to move on if life goes sour.

  28. KD13 says:

    So I’m not sure what to do.. I’ve been talking to this girl in the Philippines for about 4 months now and it’s getting close for her to actually come here to N. America. It’s been a plan and she’s going to school at the moment. She has two kids but that’s ok. I accept it as she was young.
    Everything has been great so far and we get along real well. But the weird part is that I decided to get someone to add her on Skype and say he was in town one day. She replied and agreed to hook up. Then she acts completely normal to me and I already know what happened. She has been using an internet cafe the past few days when her phone was cut off. So she claims that someone had been typing and talking in her account because she didn’t sign out. This could actually be true to be honest, it does happen occasionally. But I just don’t know what to think or do now that in the back of my mind she could cheat anyways already..Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    • jspill says:

      She agreed to ‘hook up’ in the sense of just meeting the guy, or agreed to sex?
      And you’ve never met her?
      In her mind it’s probably not even cheating, if she’s never met you, she’s just keeping her options open and finding someone to take care of her kids is more important to her than morals about cheating.

    • shawn says:

      Ditch that chick immediatley

    • Jon says:

      Dude you are naive. She’s cheating dude. You are just damage controlling the news in your mind.

    • Birdpuller says:

      Do not make any arrangements until you have actually met the girl in the Philippines and boned her and sounded her out fully it sounds like your getting scammed and will get burned. Move on there are thousands more hot girls waiting life is a short dance and complications well its like pissing into the wind.

    • Normal Nomad says:


      I know this comment is old but in case some other naive fool is reading:

      There’s NO REASON to date a single mother. EVER. ESPECIALLY IN THE PHILIPPINES!

      Second: If there is doubt, there is no doubt.
      In other words, if you suspect something, act as though it were fact. Move on. Your gut is right 99.9% of the time.

      Third: Do not get attached emotionally and ESPECIALLY financially to ANY woman you’ve never met. No matter what country she is from.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dont be a dumbass

  29. KD13 says:

    Good Point, yea I’ve never met her. But we have basically committed to each other and have plans coming up for her to come here and try it out. I just thought what ever happened to being open and honest. If her story of someone using her account at the cafe is true then I feel bad for accusing her of cheating. I just wouldn’t want her to keep her options open when we’re actually together.

    • jspill says:

      Some girls will never cheat if the man is physically around in their life, i.e. same country, same town. But if he’s not around then they instantly are fine with cheating, maybe even as soon as his plane takes off and he’s gone. They compartmentalize things in that way.

      In fairness to her you can’t expect a girl in a developing country to be honest in an internet relationship with someone she hasn’t met yet, when she has kids to support. I’d consider it an open relationship until she arrives. It’s possible she’ll be an honest partner when she gets to the US. By the sounds of it you have your mind up anyway.

      If it was me I’d use this incident as an excuse to take my time in getting her any permanent visa status in my country, until I was 100% sure about her. Make her work extra hard for it.

    • shawn says:

      Once again, my friend, there are too many other fish in the sea to waste on a tramp.
      She’s not in it for love so either play her game for a while and just keep hitting it if its good. Butt be ready to drop that tramp like a thousand pounds at any given minute.
      If your just looking for love, I suggest trying the more religious Filipinas or the ones working abroad in other forgien countries.
      NEVER give them money. If she ask, ditch her on the spot. Your a shark in a sea full of tuna! Don’t settle and don’t be used.

  30. KD13 says:

    Thanks so much for your opinion. It really helped me understand from a woman’s perspective what she might be dealing with. We’ve talked since that and everything should go smooth. But I will take my time and be smart about it.

  31. kick2dante says:

    ya that is a tough one, youve never met yet, so for right now it is all just words on a screen, but it is also not the best start….. good luck and let us know how it goes

  32. Alexander Paulsen says:

    I can tell you for sure that the author of this article has no earthly idea what he’s talking about.

    Filipinas are no more or less likely to cheat than any other women and maybe even less likely to cheat than your typical American Girl.

    The problem is the sample set this fellow is using I think it’s easy for anyone to imagine that if you met your prospective wife or girlfriend in a bar and it cost you fifty bucks to date her the first time I’d say the odds that she will one day be unfaithful are better than even but by no means 100%.

    If you met your Filipina wife or girlfriend a traditional way say he would job or through a blind date or some other means she’s most likely not ever going to cheat on you as Filipino women are very home oriented and will almost never do anything to jeopardize that.

    Most are very devout Catholics and have a very provincial view of the world including sex life.
    If you were to go to the Philippines and you met a nice young lady in a barber shop a beauty salon or a restaurant there is absolutely no reason to expect that she’s any more prone to cheating on you than any woman that you would meet anywhere in the world.

    And if she does cheat on you it’s probably your own damn fault.

    Just for reference, I made my first trip the Philippines in 1975 and own extensive property and business interests there, I am there a lot, speak the language and know the country better than most Filipinos

    • Robin says:

      Rubbish, 90% of Filipina will cheat on you if they know they can get away with it or if there is money involved. Bar girl or normal girl the odds are the same, but to think normal girls dont cheat is just crazy. When it comes to a foreigner anything goes, so beware and use extreme caution. These girls are full of excuses and excellent liars.

      • jspill says:

        Yeah I think the main criteria is if they know they’ll get away with it / money, morality doesn’t factor in. I’ve known normal girls to cheat when they’re in a different province to their BF, but once they go back they’re unreachable, tell me not to contact them, won’t meet up if I go to their province etc. but ask for money for a flight to where I am when they have a fight with the BF 😀

        Side note – open your site on mobile, it looks a bit messed up

      • kick2dante says:

        the cheating doesnt surprise me, guys cheat too

        what surprises me is how such a high % of the population has no problem effectively stealing from people by asking to borrow knowing they are never going to pay back

        • Anonymous says:

          just say no, I am not a bank. Thats what i do. if they dont like that, that is ok.
          filipinos are not confrontational nor used to hearing no. a man who puts his foot down is hard for them to handle. But they take it…

    • johnboyd21 says:

      Catholics? Well most of Pinays talk about God really often, but many of them didn’t even read a Bible and they believe in Ghosts and all that bs.
      I know also honest filipinos and filipinas, but saying “more or less likely to cheat than any other (western) women” is a lie. Morale in Philippines and in Europe is very different.
      Btw this is a typical filipino question when we talk this with my filip. friends “Did you talk all Filipinos? We are 100 million. How can you day that?”. Bullshit – I know many of my friends (male/female – no sex) lie constantly. Even they admit that, but they don’t mind.
      Btw. Philippines in 1975 and Philippines now is very different. I don’t know many people 50+ there, but they look different.

      • SouthernAdventurer says:

        My experience is the vast majority of Christians don’t read the bible. They get all there dogma through the filter known as a preacher/priest (and its not a recent phenomenon thats the way its always been). This is coming from a guy that went to church 3 times a week for 18 years (parents forced me to).

        I was reading a newspaper here and an opinion piece had some idiot spouting off nonsense about how the death penalty was the one and only “Christian” way of dealing with harsh crime (which has now extended to drug use and dealing apparently). I’m like hello Prince of Peace anyone. You know the turn the other cheek guy otherwise known as Jesus.

        But since I have been here Filpinas have rarely even mentioned god. I mean it might come up if its near Sunday but for the most part it just doesn’t come up. Its a good thing because I’m deeply agnostic.

        • kick2dante says:

          ya they will ask your religion from time to time but outside of that it never is talked about

        • johnboyd21 says:

          My reaction was to “Most are very devout Catholics” which is not true. Even if it comes up only 3 times a week – it is often for me 🙂 If I claim to be Catholic, I should read the damn book at least once a life.
          Btw any catholic that visits church once a week for 3 years – will hear almost all the bible so there is not so much space for the priest to filter things (ok ok ok i know).

  33. kick2dante says:

    i wasnt talking about bar girls at all (obv)

  34. Reasons2BCheerful says:

    Quite a good thread – should be mandatory reading for young(ish) Pinays!

    I am inclined to agree with AP – if you are mixing with young ladies who are primarily looking for a good time, or making a profit from their bodies, then you are almost certainly going to find that they have rejected the more traditional Filipino family standards – so do not expect fidelity, especially in your absence. – that would be very one-sided. YOU are looking for (basically) uncommitted sex, and if that’s what you get do not blame the Filipina when she gives it to you.

    But if you are relating to a (majority) non-party girl (oh, yeah, she will have friends and family round for Karaoke at every opportunity!) then you are most likely looking at a girl who wants respect, a stable family, kids and someone to take to Church on Sunday. And she will be in touch many times a day to make sure that you ate properly, did not forget to take your meds., are feeling OK etc., etc. Also, she will still have a beautiful and forgiving nature that will make many “Western” girls look like selfish dragons. You may find that there a quite afew relatives with “hard luck stories” – but YOU try farming in a typhoon area where it is still legal for usurers to operate and take half, or more, of your crop every harvest AND control the price at which you can sell (to them). (We have paid off two debts now and are actually making a small profit from the repayments – and the impact on the families lives is huge.). But get real – make sure that you BOTH understand that 20,30,40 years age difference has consequences that cannot be ignored. And also understand that you are not just marrying a pretty face – the family comes as part of the deal. Which is not to say that such relationships cannot work – I know many that do – but I also know quite a few “swinging dicks” who are (quite rightly, IMHO) regularly cuckolded, especially in their absence.

    Loyalty is a two-way street.

  35. eileithyia says:

    im a filipina and my american bf sent me this link.first of all,i am a nurse working here in saudi arabia and im earning ****us dollars a month.may not be a lot for foreigners but it is more than enough for a ‘normal’ filipina girl working im here to tell you all that not all filipinas are cheating on their bf’s.he maybe 14 years older than me but i genuinely love him and care for him.i dont see him as an atm and a golden ticket to get to usa.i could do that if i want to.i could buy anything i want.i dont need him to provide my needs.i love advice is,you should find somebody who is educated,like a nurse or teacher,working abroad.single,no kids.stop looking at free dating sites or bars.there are a lot of decent filipinas out there.find them.dont give up.

    • Me says:

      Wow, who is the lucky guy you call your boyfriend?
      If he’s smart he’ll keep a hold of you ; )

    • kick2dante says:

      thanks for the reply, how is life in saudi?

    • thibault says:

      you re a slave.but thats absolutely not illegal in saudi arabia anyway.
      you see, nobody wants women that are educated. its a fact, education makes women less happy.

      you only love your boyfriend because you re in such a bad situation now. if you could have another one better, you would. cant blame you.

      go to hong kong on sunday, day off for maids. you ll see all kinds of flipino and indonesian maids going wild,
      its heir free day after all, they re free to fuck anything that moves., boyfriend or not. (guys, good tip btw.)

      you re only not doing this because you choose the wrong country to be a slave in. sorry for you.
      the indian government is issuing warning to its citizen to not go there, DU30 would be wise to do it too.

      • jack says:

        A nurse is not a slave in saudi. Far different than a domestic worker. The domestic workers are treated worse than animals and often used for sex bybir against their will.
        Easy for you to tell her she’s a slut but without the opportunity to act on it while the only reason your going to places like hk is because you can’t get with the women in your own country. They don’t want you cuz your a fucking dweeb. So you go to where the women are desperate enough to give you the time of day.

        • thibault says:

          look seriously what you have written.
          does it seriously contradicts the fact that women will always want to have the best that they can?( in practice, absolutely not the same one they had before)
          this is just a confirmation. we go where its best for us in terms of women. they go for what is best for them in terms of partners. all of this is , well, rational.
          this is not about filipina. this is not about any kind of social position.
          its about life. something narrow minded people wont ever understand. like, say, white knights.
          i just try to explain her, in her best interest , that she must change boyfriend as soon as she can. i try to convince her that she is not better than others. its counter productive to think like that.
          once you ll understand that you re not better than others, that you too are driven by very down to ground reproductive instincts, you ll stop lying to yourself. you will abandon this societal programming, and just do what we were meant to do; spread our semen the world over.
          then, once all your futile attempts to grasp to the old model have failed, you will book a one way trip to angeles, spend all your retirement fund on women and alcohol, and then commit suicide once you re broke. like any sane individual should do. like i ll do soon enough.

  36. Jon says:

    This is absolutely true. I’ve bed alot of women who had overseas bfs. Its really funny. Even conversations with other ladies and their friends reveal this.

  37. Cesar says:

    Yeah. im brazilian, is sad but i the history is the almost the same always…My pinay gf is from church, poor girl, live with mom and grandmother in a poor house, she is 20 years old, i have 29… My plans is take her to Brazil, the ticket is not so expensive… Problem is, she always ask money, few, i never sent, i dont like that stuff, not for i dont have, but i dont feel good in that position…I always check (wihtou she know) pics that she like and coment in fb, never have things wrong, is a good girl, but with so many bad things about pinays in internet, i have some fear…what u guys things about? (forgive my bad english)

    • kick2dante says:

      sorry mate, i cant tell what one is thinking when she is sitting right next to me let alone read about her from someone else, good luck

      • jspill says:

        Could try giving her tiny amounts, like a few hundreds pesos every now and then. They don’t need much money to live. Just cover her immediate expenses. But make it clear she has to work for herself too.

        Arguably if you give nothing she might have more chance of cheating on you. I wouldn’t want to give a lot because I’d feel like a dumb foreign sponsor and often the more you give, the less they respect you.

        But even a local Filipino guy would give a girlfriend small amounts if they’re really from a poor family and there’s no evidence of cheating yet.

        You’ve met her right? It’s not just an internet relationship?

        • Cesar says:

          Hey Jspill, i liked your answear, really clear… And no, i never met her, just internet contact….and i did what u said, i gave her some money, few, and every month i will do it, will not disturb me, and in the end even if she is a scammer i will be happy for have helped his mother… She is a cute girl, sweet, religious, the only problem is it, i have fear not for lose that money, i have fear about buy one expensive ticket and lose it, because plane ticket dont have devolution of money if u cancel… Thank u!

          • jspill says:

            Yeah ok I think it’s a bad idea to buy her a ticket to Brazil without ever meeting her. I’d use that money yourself to fly there, bang her, and have a nice holiday. You can’t trust Pinays to get on a plane and fly across the world if you’ve never met them. You can’t even trust them to turn up to a restaurant on time when you live in the same town and have been dating for weeks.

            • Cesar says:

              Yeah, for it im waiting, giving time, and checking if she just want money. Is bad because i dont have money for go and take her with me, i cant spend a lot of money like that..But see, i have talked with her mom, is her wish that her daughter come and more, mom and daughter said that want come, the mom even said if is possible i find one husband to her, then…. But i never will buy one ticket b4 be 100% sure, so first all she need take passport and visa, all that will be one test….. I need be more serious about her, help more and then have my result… But im taking courage for maybe like for 1 year or more in Philipines, who knows, could be good to see that girl and i love that country for what i have seem…. u are helping so much

              • thibault says:

                if you dont have money to spend on dating women, i can garantee you that you dont have money to feed a wife.
                fuck those brazilian girls and stop all dangerous dreams.
                you cant afford to travel to the phils, but you can afford for her to travel to you? boy stop that and travel to some remote area in the amazonia or other poor region and bring back some hottie.
                i mean, you know american natives are linked to asian , racially speaking, right? never figured those “indians” have same facial features as far easteners?

            • Cesar says:

              One detail important, im not so much more old than her, she have 20 and me 28, and im not ugly, so was not that thing about one guy that i want “pay” for one girl for dont have possibilits of go out with girls in his country… Im one brazilian tired of brazilian bitches that felt in love for one sweet, cute, simple pinay girl (who loves money haha)….

              • jspill says:

                I agree with choosing a Pinay, but I’d be careful about getting serious with the first one you meet. Thats one of the biggest mistakes guys make. Better to save up and use your money on yourself, to travel here have an awesome holiday and meet a dozen different girls.

                Most guys look back at their first Asian GF a few years later and think WTF was I doing. Your standards rise over time.

                And chances are your girl is speaking to 2-3 guys and getting sent money by each. Maybe not but probably well over 50% of the time.

                • Cesar says:

                  I know that, u right, maybe she are doing it with 3 westerns and have one pinoy bf, who knows?… Im thinking about go, who knows… About that girl, i will give some time, and b4 i will say that i buyed one ticket for check her reaction, i think if her is bad she will ask one high amount for take all that she can of me… If she is good, will take the visa, passport and follow my steps, and then if i have 100% of sure i buy one ticket….But i will, if that girl is one scamer, the world really dont have salvation because all about her show the opposity..

                  • jspill says:

                    I’ve known girls that seemed like angels in messages, and in real life too, but then one day they change completely, and it’s usually something to do with money. Financial issues change people, as they say it’s the root of all evil.

                    You could try flying there to meet her, then fly back, save up money again and then buy her a flight later if you liked her. Most guys in your position would do that. It gives you a chance to meet other girls there, as a backup option. You’re taking a huge risk by flying her out first, just to save under ~$1000, and losing the chance at a great holiday / bang tons of girls before committing to a serious relationship.

                    And for the visa, most countries will require proof that you’ve met her in person, want to see pics of you together, etc., before they’ll allow her to come to your country to get married. At least that’s how it works in the USA, not sure about Brazil.

        • Cesar says:

          I understood… I dated one western girl that came to Brazil for meet me b4, all was cool. For visa is possible make solicitation of tourist visa and is easy, if i really like her is easy keep her here… Yeah but u are open my eyes, i need say thank to u, u right money change all for one person that dont have. I will take some time, help her and her mom, like that i will even if dont work i feel good… And maybe i can stay in Philipines for some time, not one hloliday but one yeah. But, i never went out of south america, i have some fear about go so far, in one country that i know that is amazing but i saw that have ppl doing all for money… I need study more the country, improve my english and learn a bit of tagalog… And u, live in Philipines? U are pinay\pinoy?

          • jspill says:

            I’m from the UK, lived in SE Asia 7 years, mostly Thailand and Philippines. Click my name, I have some blog posts on this site.

            For learning Tagalog check Piratebay there’s a Tagalog language pack and Pimsleur Tagalog audiotapes. Some good free iphone apps too like Learn Tagalog Fast.

            • Cesar says:

              Im checking, good posts, so much information. Thank u so much!

            • Cesar says:

              How much is possible buy with 1,500.00 pesos? Is so much few for one help to her?

              • jspill says:

                $30? Well the poorest people live on $2-$3/day so that could last her say 2 weeks before she asks you for money again. Minimum wage is $8-$10/day there, so it’s like 3-4 days of work.

                • Cesar says:

                  Yeah, $30 dollars… I just will send $30 or $60 dollars per month, because i want help and not pay each every bill haha… But is good help 🙂

                • Normal Nomad says:

                  Minimum wage is only 7 USD a day man.

                  50 pesos to the dollar 370 is minimum wage.

                  And don’t forget taxes. I don’t know what those are but they’re high.

              • jspill says:

                6-7 more guys and she can live a good life in the provinces never needing to work 🙂 I hope at least you’re getting some phone sex / naked video calls out of it. And to prove it’s really her.
                Ask her Philippines mobile number if you haven’t already, and save it with +63 in place of the first zero, and see if any Line / Whatsapp / Viber / Wechat accounts automatically pop up with pics on (install those apps). I did that once with a girl who asked me for money on FilipinoCupid – it turned out she was a different person using fake pics on the site. Also search Facebook for the number, sometimes a second secret Facebook account will pop up, with her Pinoy boyfriend in the pics… had that happen before too.
                I’d ask for a pic of her ID too, saying I needed it for visa reasons, and search Facebook / Google for her full name

                • Cesar says:

                  Haha could be so much sad, but see, i dont care, i have easy girls here for taste, the fact is, i like that girl how she is, or how she pretend be haha…I saw her in webcam, for sure was her, i saw her mom and everybody in house,,,,I will do that thing about phone, lets see… And have one thing strange, she really use one name diff of what is really is, she said that is because she dont know her dad and puting surname of her dad, family of dad could find her, a bit strange really,,, i will check more details

        • Normal Nomad says:

          Fuck that.

          The Philippines is tough life, but I’ve met girls working for minimum wage (currently 370 pesos a day, I think) and these girls are sending money BACK TO THEIR FAMILIES living in a province AND taking care of their own expenses.

          There’s 0 excuse to need money from a foreigner. You’re just turning “normal” girls into p4p lite.

          • jspill says:

            And you can meet plenty of girls that get small sums of money from their BFs. Common in the culture, so why not for a foreigner. Just don’t give over the top amounts based on you being foreign.

            Virtually every Filipina and SE Asian girl will expect their BF to provide some level of financial support for her family once the relationship gets serious, money you give her flows to them more than her. Once in a relationship girls tend to work less hours so can’t provide as much on their own.

            The notion it turns a girl into a lite version of a prostitute as soon as there’s any money over 0 received from a BF is over the top. Maybe it stems from the black and white view of p4p you’ve mentioned in other posts. But this isn’t pay for play. All over the world men provide money and resources to different extents and everything is situational.

            Sure some girls get by as you describe (although you aren’t privy to their bank balances, inflows and outflows, and whether they have other guys), and Filipino families often have many children in order to aim for that. But the existence of that in some cases doesn’t mean it’s prostitution lite in other cases when there’s a trickle of outside money.

            One family might have fewer children able to work. A certain geographical area may have less well paying jobs. There aren’t any real social welfare programs or government benefits in the Phils. Senior citizens pension is 500 pesos/month.

            I mentioned a few hundreds pesos every now and then for a serious GF and making sure she works a job too… I’m not talking about being a ‘sponsor’ and handing over huge sums to a golddigger sat at home on Skype to five guys, in which case I’d agree, obviously don’t do that.

            SE Asian girls expecting some financial support is great for us, that’s fundamentally why it’s so easy to get laid here, the fact that there are still old school gender roles where the guy is looked up to for money and the girl goes out of her way to take care of his sexual and domestic needs, wants to work less and be a mother eventually instead of a feminist, so is very ambitious to get a guy at a young age instead of being independent and chasing a career / high pay, and so on. Combine that with our western spending power and we’re golden.

            At first young guys who are relatively new to SE Asia approach things like the West, where there is no reason to ever give a penny to a GF directly, it’s all hidden things like buying the lion’s share of houses and cars, shared bank accounts, diamond rings etc. and only happens in the late stage. A more in your face cash transaction so early on in Asia is very jarring to them and hits the ego. But it’s essentially the same thing, just in a poorer country.

            Your posts here recently have been very dismissive (‘fuck that’, ‘clueless’, ‘fool’) etc. which is fine but always keep an open mind because your opinion might change over time.

            • Normal Nomad says:

              My comments above (fuck that clueless fool) were related to a guy who was sending money to a woman he had NEVER MET.

              Much wiser to simply buy a ticket, meet a BUNCH of women, and then choose one.

              Also, of COURSE there’s a financial aspect to it. But when she’s taking care of your home and children (because you’re married) and you’re handling the bills, that’s a different situation than giving her an allowance for being your girlfriend. I mean, what’s the difference between 1000 pesos (or whatever amount) a month for her cuddling with you and sucking your dick and seeing a prostitute? The price? That’s the only difference I see.

              To give you some perspective, I caught Chlamydia while I was here and ended up passing it along to the girls I was fucking. There were 5 girls in total I was raw-dogging when I found out I had it. I got a prescription for myself at the doc, told him how many girls I had slept with recently, and got enough pills for all the girls. 3 of the girls just accepted the pills and took them as I instructed. Two were worried and wanted to see a doc themselves. Understandable. I said, ok, don’t worry, go to the doc and here’s 500 pesos for the taxi and the doc fee (I gave them a disease and these girls make 800 or less pesos a day, I’m not going to make them pay for it). Know the reaction I got from the girls? They REFUSED to let me pay for the doc when I GAVE THEM THE STD. They insisted on paying for it themselves.

              I’ve had multiple girls refuse to let me get them an Uber home, or pay for a taxi—they said they will take the jeepney.

              I have never mentioned my views on p4p to them, and I’ve never discussed the “locker room talk” I write here. They do these things of their own volition. Most of them are Call Center workers (800-1000 pesos a day) but a couple work in a mall and one is in a restaurant (370-500 pesos a day)

              These girls are not making shit, and yet refuse to allow me to pay for DAMAGE I CAUSE.

              Now, in full disclosure, I always pay for meals when we go out, as I am the man and as you said, that’s traditional gender roles. But other than paying for dates (which usually involve Jolibee or street food) I don’t give these girls a dime. I used to get girls taxis home when I lived in a shittier part of the city, but now I don’t even do that, as the Jeepneys run 24/7.

              Maybe I’m just so “Alpha” they know better than to ask (LOL! That’s a joke). Or maybe I’m just a young guy so they get their cash from old fucks. Or maybe they realize I’m not a sucker.

              Or maybe, just maybe—–not every girl is after the money. Some of them have some pride and dignity. If they didn’t, they’d all be doing prostitution/cam shows/etc. Much easier than working a job making shit money with shit customers.

              For the record, I’m not saying women as you describe don’t exist—I’ve met plenty! I just next them and refuse to play along with their stupid games/schemes.

  38. thibault says:

    arent there some hot gold diggers in brazil? once upon a time men got there to fuck some serious ass. are they too westernized or what? i heard mixed feedback on that

    • Cesar says:

      Hello! See, what happens with brazilian girls is like, we are latino, hot blood, same time we are 3º world, have some many problem with our education, and in Brazil have one strong mix of races and cultures.. Like, u go to market buy something and then u find one japanese, one french, one arabe, etc.. All them are brasilians but mixed…. All that factors make our girls be opened, same time smart, the more part is looking for your car, house and money in pocket, but it is not what make girls chose u, just important aspects… Brazilians loves sterns guys, because they like to taste diff things, one stern can give the image of have money and all… Have cool girls here, but they have opened mind, if the girl wish broke up with u she will not think twice, she will do easy.

  39. Rajendra Kumar Gupta says:

    I am totally agree that filipina always cheat the foreigners. They are never tired by asking money by foreigners. and have their boyfriend in her country. I am totally sucked by Eden Grace Bello from Masbate. She was using so many different facebook id and cheating so many foreigners, i dont know about this. But she cheated me around $1000 in the name of love. They are very shameless and characterless ladies, just next to sluts. Her second facebook id with the name of Cheiz Toledo is so much disgusting and ruthless that a normal man can never be appetite easily.
    Surprisingly, she is going to be a teacher of that country. What will she teach to her pupil, a lesson of sexology, i think so.

    • Normal Nomad says:

      Nothing wrong with her doing it. You’re just an idiot.

      As my old boss once said, “It’s called Stupid Tax.”.

      If you’re dumb enough to give her money, why shouldn’t she take it? You’re just hiring a VERY expensive escort. And then you’re mad that you didn’t get what was advertised? Such is the nature of p4p. Get over it and get some game, hit the gym, and find a girl that likes you not your wallet.

  40. SouthernAdventurer says:

    I got my degree in Business so I come up with ways to monetize talents and ideas all the time and think this presents an opportunity for guys like us. We offer our services to guys on these dating sites (out of the country saps sending money to women they haven’t met), for a small fee we will “pressure test” their Filipina’s loyalty. We then do our thing and see if they will put out with some stranger that shows them a good time.

    It would be far cheaper for the foreigner to break it off then to continue giving money to an unfaithful woman and we do it for free anyway so free money.

  41. Ja says:

    What’s considered cheating? A good catholic girl might fiercely defend her virginity but that leaves a lot of other acts fair game. Perhaps they don’t consider oral, anal and titty fucking as cheating.

    With a straight face they’ll claim to be faithful, while you might consider any time a cock pressed to her bare flesh, a different story.

    • jspill says:

      I recently tried masaji spa in cebu where an escort girl comes to your hotel to give you nuru massage + happy ending. After sliding up and down me naked for an hour I asked about extras and she said she doesn’t do full sex because she has a Pinoy boyfriend. But a blowjob was fine ^^

  42. Nils Nordic says:

    I surpringly found this forum. I am European whose first trip to Philippines was already 12 years ago. Since 20 visit`s now, i will agree few opinion`s of the members comments.

    Dating sites Date in Asia,.FilippinaCupid, are full of Filippinas just searching for “reserves”, many got a local bf or married,..never ever trust profile statistics.

    I am nice gentleman,,.or close to it,.wearing up nicely,.behaving good. But those Filippinas who really got a work and life worth of living in major cities i have been visiting before , damm care about foreigners.

    During my last visit in Cebu i met a very attractive lady in Cebu,..we get along very well and age difference very smooth 12 years. But, also she got the calls in the deepest night and it disturbed my mind and sleep.
    Did i steal someone`s gf in this forum? .lol Anyways.-she refuced answer the calls;) What apeared she changed the mobile number after my complains.

    Last year and Cebu city, i met a very attractive lady who keep telling i was the first foreigner she ever deal with. After two weeks i sat front of my home laptop and found her FB with a photos in the hotel room bed shared with a French guy:)

    Protect yourself, desperation will bring the worst out of Filippinas. They might try their luck and very fond of idea become pregnant to you.

    Drugs problem is awful in the country,.so be aware . NEVER EVER SEND ANY MONEY ANY REASONS!

    Once i was in simple Videoke bar Cagayan de oro city, local nurse appeared measure the blood pressure, i looked into her eyes, wow,..and since 9 years regretted, never asked her contact details. Eyes,.the key to the soul.

    Better travel,.internet is just full of junk, in province you might find a diamond:)

    If you gonna make dating profille forexample to DIA,..during the vacation in the Philippines,.you gonna be amaze how easy it is girls to start hook up. Fast cash,.adventure, exciting big city Filippinas a lot:)

    My opinion,..internet,.smartphones, how addicted girls are to those in the country, has negative impact. Dignity and honestly will fade away in the jungle of many applications full of foreing contacts.

    But i simple love the country,..and i will be back:)

  43. Nils Nordic says:

    I will continue my story with a Filippina i met last September and spent 4 weeks vacation together.

    I got attracted in her, no doubts. She got so many qualitityes i truly like in a woman. We had a very nice vacation together without arguments and new Skype or FB messenger night time calls, She said so many times to me, “i really wanna change my life and i am soon age of 40, i am so serious” What she said i am the first foreigner ever dated in person in her life.

    We both removed our DIA profiles in Cebu during the time together and i asked her it was only dating profile of hers,..answer was YES!

    I travelled back to home, work was waiting. We continued sharing messages in Whatsapp.

    I started to make name and photo searches in Google, and well,.surprizingly few photos lead to other dating accounts and name to 2 other FB profiles.

    More time ran more searches i made, i just become more suspicious.

    Just a week ago i asked her Skype and the answer was i had it before but never used it since 4 months and forgotten password. Complaining do not now how to process new password. I crap this information and telling certainly i will help you refresh your password and asked her e-mail related to Skype and it`s password. It was YM. She gave it to me,.and the list below is her activities in web during past 2 years,

    *9 dating accounts ,.3 of them actively used
    *7 Skype accounts total amount 250 foreign contacts
    *3 YM accounts
    * Viber
    *3 facebook profiles 2 active

    When she noticed herself awful mistake made given password to YM,.she started remove messages all folders but it was too late:)

    Many intimate photos sent, photos with her ex foreing bf age of near 80,..God. This YM gave me a possibility log in to her Tagged and what really hurt me the most. Time i was flying away Cebu and already given promice travel see her again next January she was in website sending messages to males “hello my dear,.i am back online and still searching for my lover”

    This is a wake up call to foreigners searching for a Filippina lover.

    She was already near age 40, no kids,no work, no husband. They are really damm stupid. Wasting all the time hanging on internet and searching bigger fishes to the net. Internet addiction will make them single forever. They will loose a change of changes.

    This was not the first time, same has happened to me with Filippina. Should i finally learn my lessons well?:)

    • jspill says:

      Oh man, thanks for sharing. Yeah they don’t cover their tracks very well, I’ve had girls say they’re single then give me their Facebook / Viber and the profile pic is with another guy… or give me their number and forget Line accounts get automatically added.

    • kick2dante says:

      and if a 40 year old can do all that just think what a 20 year old can do

  44. Nils Nordic says:

    I will continue this story with a glass of nice Australian wine besides my laptop:)

    I assume somebody might think i am a very bad person but when we get hurt, we gonna crap the opportunity given.

    I saved the photos of hers , some very private. I knew her address, also family members FB accounts. I had a change fast contact any of them. She didn`t figure out and actually understand how could i find all her foot steps in the intrenet so easily.

    Those photos appeard become my power.

    I forced her burn all the nice stuffs i bought her during our vacation, and i can tell all were branded. And value more than average income`s of Filippina half an year. She did it,,..confirmed. It should hurt so much!

    She kept silence what happened to her family, i know so well father is the boss in the Philippine culture so i succeeded my mission,.she had to tell her internet adventure`s also to her father HE GOT MAD!

    Sister`s and brothers,..nobody understand her side.

    She is not a bad person, what i truly think she has already lost her hope. Gaining age, no progress and destination nowhere. Knowing so well women age above 40 are no longer concidered a potentional mother`s in a western world.

    Readers`s here might give me an advice kick out this kind of woman in my life, but , she has now learned her lessons well. I am actually some curious, is she really capable change her life? I will update you later:)

    European men are so damm naive,..we are always forgiving until we are already facing the road block:)

    • thibault says:

      this is beyond comprehension.
      first yes you were awfully mean. you realize using a computer to harm the reputation of someone, hacking ones account, blackmailing someone, nline harassment or shit. it can land you in a federal prison for 10 years. avoid the phils one, they re quite full these days.

      you know she s the loser in the long run. age ills them faster than it does for us. at 40 a women has zero sexual value, she s out.

      what should you do? ffs, why going with her in the first place? of course you should dump her, but thats not enough. you seem to do everything to land ourself in this shit. fact is, you like drama.
      what you did is, you ant to control her, you destroyed her life so she can be dependant of you.
      it aint a good way to follow. you should free yourself from the negative influence of women in your life, not delve even more into it. you realize this will end badly. thatgs the kind of relationships that ends with one of the two killed by the other. you see that all the time, generally they deserve it by pushing for drama. filipino have no real limit to resorting to violence.

      as for specific things you said:
      ” Internet addiction will make them single forever.” god, working will do that to. in the west its considered good for a woman if she stays single and concentrate on work. we all know its stupid, but i cant see it worse when actually being a golddigger.

      “is she really capable change her life?”
      you know the answer. nobody ever changes.

      “women age above 40 are no longer concidered a potentional mother`s in a western world.”
      hahaha its the exact opposite. its only in the degenerate western world that people are so weak to think women this age are a good mate. in a traditional world ,you re out of the market at 25. it s utterly idiot to date a woman older anyway. the west is dying of thinking you can make babies later.

      • Nils Nordic says:

        I strongly disagee,..

        Everybody can change, i have seen drug addicticts,.alcoholics, climinals, everybody can change if there is a true will.

        In a western world (read non traditional)woman age below 25 is still searching her life,.first education, home, partner and maybe age above 30 family planning:) Philippines is a best example of disaster hundreds of thousands single Mom`s destination nowhere.

        In Europe we are keen to partner who can provide life herself, working hard to it, no need to live in internet fantasies, waiting for the prince coming with a Airbus and bringing more hope to the life:)

        • Nils Nordic says:

          You are ridiculous thinking hacking Gf.s Ym account is the worst clime happening internet nowadays. I do not know how updated you are the applications available within small effort and charge. We can easily find out every step`s our love ones make in web,.and i mean any:)

          My highest recomondation to foreing man visiting see her Filippina gf is,.give a smartphone as a present,..installed spy, you can see the reality immediately, and phone can be set useless online anytime:)

  45. Cats says:

    Now what if the shoe is on the other foot- the man I am currently in a relationship with is cheating on his girlfriend in the Philippines, yet he still insists on beginning the paperwork soon to try to bring her here. Is there any way I can prove to the embassy that he is unfaithful to her- to at least put a detriment on, if not prevent, her case from prevailing?

    • jspill says:

      Hi I’m confused, what are the nationalities of the three parties?

      If I read that right, you’re a Pinay in the West, dating a Western guy, and he’s trying to bring another Pinay over to the West, and you’re trying to stop him? Why not just dump him?

  46. Dale says:

    I have a filipina girlfriend lately she has been putting her pic on fb and getting lots of male friends and comments she has around 200 male friends don’t think she is cheating but not sure

    • Akog says:

      Normal for pinay to do that i date one here in states for 2 years live together. She posted stuff on fb all the time and not pictures of us. Never a single picture of me. I’m sure her fb friends didn’t know she had a bf. But i trust and give no fucks

  47. Been.there.done.that says:

    Lol @ all the Western bitterness at pinays and generalizing.

    How many Western women and men cheat on their partners in your own countries?

    There are some amazing pinays out there who will dedicate their lives to you and there’s plenty that will cheat and use you as an ATM.

    Take some time to understand the filipino culture and the world they are living in. Forget about femenism and all that Western BS. Understand tampo and malambing. Don’t be a weak ass bitch and get schooled. It’s a society that respects a strong man not a pissy little bitch always asking questions. Stand up for yourself and lay down the law, be fair and don’t show too much kindness.

    The filipino president can joke about being the first in line to rape women or call women whores and he is well loved.

    • kick2dante says:

      i disagree, it is a great place to be a pissy little bitch

      • thibault says:

        so, in fact its always better. you still can behave like a bullish alpha male as this is normal there, and if you re a little bitch, you re beter in a country where you have so much leverage it will not impact you to much.
        in fact its foreigner value thats important, anything else is decorum.

  48. Mr. A..Shayar says:

    The fact is that filipina girls are very sweet caring there is no problem with the filipina girls the problem is with the boys who use to continuesly cheat them foreigners when visited Philippines have only one thing in mind that thing is sex spend some fun times with the chicks and they do anything to get that achievement by hook by crook as foreigner knows Philippines is not a rich country so they offer huge amount of dollar bills to just spend the time and many of them succeeded cauz Philippines is a women empowered country womens n girl there like to earn money want to enjoy their lives want to be independent they want a loyal husband but sorry to say only few mens are loyal thats why these beautiful ladies also cheat because they already knows the facts…if you want a good filipina girlfriend or wife you have to be loyal with them because these beautiful ladies don’t give you many chances just few one

  49. Victim of Unmitigated Gall says:

    So check this out. The tale requires a bit of background. Sorry for the length but some may find this interesting or even amusing. I didn’t find it the least bit amusing then but I do now.

    In 1992, I was in my mid 20’s and had been out of Engineering school for a few years. I find shorter women, with long, straight black hair, super attractive. I don’t know why – I just do. I felt I was ready to get married and start raising a family. I was looking for a lady that would be willing to stay home and be a traditional housewife. Keep the house tidy, cook good meals and of course screw me and only me, silly, when I got home from work. I’m not a chauvinist or a misogynist, or at least I don’t think I am. I just wanted a more traditional type of marriage and I wanted kids. I love children and wanted several – perhaps three to five.

    I’m kind of a quiet guy – not interested in partying or screwing around. So at this point, I’m a 24-25 year old, generic blueyed, American white boy. I’ve got great job, sincerely interested settling down and being a great husband and Dad. At his point, I’m not fat, I’m not old, I’m not a lady killer – I’m just a nice guy. One would think I’d be a dream boat to the average Filipina who was looking for a foreigner.

    Had little luck finding a lady that fit my criteria locally. So I finally decided to take the plunge and look overseas. The question was where to look – Central and South America or South East Asia? Both were rich in shorter women, with that long black hair that makes me crazy. After some deliberation I decided on South East Asia – specifically the Philippines. Not figuring that I had much to lose, I decided to proceed.

    Remember that this is 1992 – no internet. No dating sites, no forums for advice, no Facebook, no texting, no webcams. Just pen, paper and pictures that you took on film and developed. I see an ad in a magazine for “The Asian Experience” so I decide to take the plunge and order the catalog. It arrives and is chuck full of pictures of really attractive ladies. No 10’s for sure but everyone was at least cute. I guessed that the dude the ran the catalog simply didn’t publish any bowzers that applied to be in it. There was a little bio of the guy and his wife on the first page. He looked to be like 65 and his stunning, Asian wife appeared to be a third of his age.

    Like I said there are no websites or forums to look for advice from, so I’m on my own. I try and think the son of a bitch through as thoroughly as I can, as I go thru the catalog. I want a lady really close to my age – so I through out the older ones and those that are younger than 22. Last thing I want is a 19 year old that hasn’t grown up yet. So that eliminates quite a few pages in the catalog. Some research at the library shows that perhaps 25% of the population of Mindanao is Muslim. I don’t want to deal with any issues along those lines. So any from Mindanao are out. I have a relative that was killed on Cebu fighting the Japanese during the war. Bad karama – those from Cebu are out. I am not Quasimodo ugly but I’m not a male model either. I tell myself, lets keep it realistic and look for a lady that is more in your league. You don’t want a bunch of Don Johnson’s hitting on her once she’s here and tempting her. So reluctantly all the 8’s and above are crossed off. The number of entries in the catalog that are not X’ed out is getting smaller. How to narrow it down further? I look at occupations – self employed can mean lots of things. Not all of them are good – out they go. I’m down to four ladies but my plan was to contact three. Hmmmmm. Look at the names. Sorry M’Lady but I can not see myself marrying someone named Juicy. Out you go.

    So I have three cute ladies that I plan to contact – a nurse, a pharmacist and if I recall correctly a teacher. How can you really tell from a blurb in a catalog with a single black and white pix but they all looked like really nice ladies. The pharmacist in particular had the kindest, warmest, most beautiful smile I have ever seen [I’ve never seen a better one to this very day BTW]. I write introduction letters – the best I know how to do and air mail them off and wait.

    In time I receive responses from all three. One states that she had recently met a guy over there and that she was not interested. She wished me luck and I appreciated her taking the time to write me back. I received a short letter from the second lady – very nice girl and she included a couple of extra photos. Very promising. Then I received the response from the pharmacist with the beautiful smile. Wow – it was a 10 page, hand written letter that described her family, her upbringing, her surroundings and her hopes and dreams for the future. It was apparent that she was smart, witty and the enclosed photos did nothing to detract from her attractiveness. It was clear that she here was the lady worth corresponding with further. I write the second lady and tell her that she seems very nice and wish her well. I am all about the pharmacist.

    Over a number of months we exchanged many, many letters. Things would be so much easier now with the internet and Skype. There was one advantage from ‘back in the day’. Guys – if you have never received a long, love letter from a girl, written on perfumed stationery and sealed with the lipstick of a kiss, then you really haven’t lived. It is a really moving. After a time she was writing me about every other day. It is hard to be sure about someones intent, whom you have never met just by letters and a couple of phone calls. We would talk on the phone some but this was back when any sort of long distance call was hella expensive so mostly we just wrote to one another. She never asked me for money and I had to believe that if she was playing games she wouldn’t write to me so much. She even sent me a scarf that she knitted for me and then eventually some audio tapes to go along with her tletters.. She did ask for a T-Shirt from a famous University that I happened to live close to, which I sent along with a few small gifts here and there but never did I send any money.

    So this whole process has wildly exceeded any expectations I had. I am seriously into this girl and I honestly believe that she is in to me. Time to take things to the next level. I move some vacation around so I can spend a good hunk of December and January in the Philippines so that I can meet her and spend Christmas and New Years with her. I buy my plane tickets and just in case I buy an engagement ring. I certainly didn’t blow the old rule of 3 months of salary on it but it’s a nice little ring.

    It’s now about three weeks before I am to leave and I couldn’t be happier. I receive a letter from her and *boom* – it’s Dear John time. Pretty much just said that she was no longer interested from me, she was sorry but that I would never hear from her again and that she wished me well. She wouldn’t talk on the phone and would not returned my letters. I never knew why she dumped me. Was it another man? Was it her family that objected? Was she just j erking my chain all this time? That was the worst. I never knew why, at least not for a couple of decades. I was too crushed to be angry with her – I was more angry at myself for allowing myself to get hurt.

    To be continued…………..

    • jspill says:

      Thanks for sharing! In for part 2. Hope you just flew over there anyway, plenty of 150cm spinners with long black hair…

      At a guess a jealous guy insisted she broke it off with you. The modern version of that is when a girl blocks you on Facebook/Line and you later find her, a new Facebook profile gets recommended to you in the ‘people you might know’ section, or her new Line gets auto added because you have her phone no.

      You get back in touch, she says sorry na my boyfriend made me delete everyone, but he’s out of the picture now, then you meet up and bang again

      • Victim of Unmitigated Gall says:

        You’re quite welcome. Glad someone got a kick out my saga here.

        “Hope you just flew over there anyway, plenty of 150cm spinners with long black hair…”

        Alas I didn’t . I was too crushed. With a little more life experience I certainly would have. I would have headed for one of those gorgeous beaches and had a great time in the sun.

        Pretty much took a beating on the plane tickets and then there was the ring….. Ah yes, the ring. Is there anything more pathetic than a mope trying to sell an engagement ring? I’ll tell you a funny story about that – it is not a bad way to get some dates!

        I put an Ad in the back of one the local beat magazines – you know the kind that you pick up for free around town in front of coffee shops and the like. I think the ad went something like this “I have a nice engagement ring but no longer have a girl to give it to” I must have four of five chicks respond asking me out! Not quite as good as walking in the park with a puppy but it unintentionally worked well.

    • thibault says:

      “I am not Quasimodo ugly but I’m not a male model either. I tell myself, lets keep it realistic and look for a lady that is more in your league. You don’t want a bunch of Don Johnson’s hitting on her once she’s here and tempting her. So reluctantly all the 8’s and above are crossed off.”
      best realism ever. you couldnt know by then but bringing them back to the states is ultimate risk. most only want a trophy wife. they will become westernised anyway, beautiful or ugly, and then its back to step 1.
      today it would be a bad move to screen them out, though. as any women in the able to reproduce range has very high sexual market value and leverage, they have options anyway.
      just take the best you can and use her while it last, they ll dump you as soon as they have the green card anyway( or worse, once you have children with them and you re too involved to write it off.

      • Victim of Unmitigated Gall says:

        “best realism ever”

        Ha! Like I said, I felt I thought the sucker through as thoroughly as I could have.
        It just didn’t matter – I think your advice is sound for those still in the hunt!

  50. Victim of Unmitigated Gall says:

    So now for the rest of the story and we leave 1992 and return to 2017.

    About a week ago, I hop on my LinkedIn account. Now I happen to have a very unique first and last name combination, so I am not hard to find on the internet. I don’t use Facebook, Twitter or any other social media sites but LinkedIn is useful career wise. So I notice I have an invite pending, I check it out. I don’t recognize the name but I look at the profile pix and Holy Mother of God Batman it is from the pharmacist!

    So I accept the invite out of curiosity. Shortly afterwards I get a message from her. She has had some health challenges and has been recently divorced but living in the US. With her sons out of the house, she has had some time to reflect on the past and she has been thinking alot about me recently.

    What. The. Fuck. Is. Up. With. That?

    Now that I have her married name a little internet sleuthing is in order. It is soon obviousthat there indeed was another guy. About 10 years older and from the photos online he is bigger, taller and better looking than me, from a little town in some state in the center part of the country where they grow crops. She simply picked him over me. At least I now know that I did nothing wrong. From what I can tell the dude has had some pretty mundane gigs so I guess an Engineers salary was the only card I was holding and it wasn’t enough.

    All well and good. The best man won and all that rot. She sure put tons of effort and some expense into it. Had me completely hoodwinked. The Victim of Unmitigated Gall part is that why the hell would you think you could fall back on your Plan B 25 years later? Jeez Louise that takes some cheek, doesn’t it? I certainly hope she puts her health issues behind her and finds a guy but it isn’t going to be me!

    From her recent photos online she doesn’t appear to have held up all that well. She looks like a frumpy, sack of Idaho spuds bodywise. I am guess that is not unusual at all for Filipinas. However, she still has that same beautiful, warm smile.

    I hadn’t really thought about this situation much but her LinkedIn message brought it all back. I wondered what the modern overseas bride scene was these days and I stumbled across this site and have gotten a kick out if it. As I said, I’m a straight laced guy and never in a million years would I have hopped from girl to girl like some do here. I just wanted a single special one but the hosts of this sites experiences are sure fun to read about.

    Thanks again!

  51. abcdeffff says:

    Great read ! Philippines might be only place in the world where you might have close to or similar value as a man when looking for a woman now as 25 years ago . In fact you might have gained a few points for security , ect . This especially applies if your willing to be with a 6 or 7 that is dark skinned (the white looking ones are generally in high demand and choosey) . You gotta see it to believe it . Im in your age bracket and strongly suggest you visit first before shopping for one online or whatever . It can be very treacherous online especially if you dont know the culture . Buy a roundtrip ticket and go stay a month . You wont be sorry

    • Victim of Unmitigated Gall says:

      Thanks for the encouragement and advice but I’ve been out of the game for along time now as described below.

      Knowing what I know now, if all things were equal between a lighter skinned and dark skinned girl when looking for a long term partner, I think I would pick the dark skinned girl. I’ve been married to a lighter skinned Asian women for forever. The Sun is her arch nemesis – it was cute at first but after awhile it gets a bit trying.

      Doesn’t want to sit out by the pool, can’t walk on the beach, etc. She likes to fish but we have to go early in the morning to avoid the damn Sun. My ideal fishing experience is falling asleep in the Sun out on the boat. 🙂

  52. Victim of Unmitigated Gall says:


    I really have no more information to add on Filipina girlfriends as my experience with them
    ended at the end of saga above. However, I thought that perhaps some might be interested in
    how things ultimately ended up for me, so I included this brief addendum to the tale.

    After the Dear John, I regrouped it was obvious that the long distance, letter writing method
    was not going to work. I decided that ‘boots on the ground’ were in order. I reluctantly
    gave up on South East Asia and targeted Brazil. My employer had some one year assignments
    available in Sao Paulo and I started angling toward that.

    Then one night at a friends party I happened to meet an awesome young lady. She was from an
    industrialized Asian nation and we hit it off wonderfully. One thing lead to another and
    wouldn’t you know we will be have been married 24 years late this year. Now I had to
    make some adjustments to my thinking. I wanted four kids and she wanted none, so we ended up
    compromising on one. I wanted more of a traditional housewife and she was a scientist with
    a promising career so that didn’t happen either. However we’ve been remarkably happy, so all ended
    up in a happy place for me.

    Oh. And yes. She had that long, straight black hair……

  53. CJS says:

    Who’s the girl in the picture at the top on all four with pink panties on, Filipina porn står? What’s her name I would like to look her up. Thx 🙂

    • jspill says:

      Don’t know her name, don’t think she’s in porn (sadly). Tried a Google image search and couldn’t find out who she is.

      • CJS says:

        That sucks, maybe the original op knows. Is this kind of women easy to find in the Philippines? I like petite women and I heard Filipinas are generally more “curvy”. Also, are they super jealous? I was recently in Patong, Thailand and even the freaking bar girls, gogo girls were jealous of each other, it was ridicules. BTW, I didn’t get an email letting me know I got a response even though I checked in the boxes.

      • kick2dante says:

        don’t know either sorry just some random model

        they’re less slim in general than thailand but plenty of slim girls in phils

        wrote about that more here –

        and in the comments here –

        yes the same crazy jealousy thing as thailand

        hmm email may have gone to spam

        • CJS says:

          Fucking jealously was a problem at times, and these women are really not one to talk. They leave you to go dance, might even end up sitting on some dude for some lady drinks and come back calling you a butterfly for not wanted to sit with your thumb up your ass. And yes sometimes I want 2 girls at a time when I’m at the bar… It just got worse the more you continue going back to the same bars. Another thing I noticed which was quite a dissapointment was how old the girls were. A lot of the women working at the bars looked older than me (and I’m in my lower 30’s) pretty much zero 18-19 year olds, I didn’t know it was 20 to drink in Thailand, wtf, and not so many lower 20’s in general. I’m looking for younger women, not same age and definitely not older/older looking. Lots of wrinkles. I’ll definitely check out those links.

          • CJS says:

            I don’t want to sound like I’m exaggerating, but to find women that looked like the one in this picture in gogo bars, beer bars in Patong was not at all as easy as you want it to be. You can find women in the clubs that look like they are their their 20’s but I noticed that often the better ones where taken (usually by a fellow thai). Keeping in mind I was looking for young, cute, petite women, I was there for 2 months and ended up doing a lot of walking if you see what I mean.

          • jspill says:

            Bangkok and Pattaya are way better than Patong. Went once for 2 days, that was enough, never again.

            Best gogos are Billboard/Butterflies/Rainbow 4 in Nana, Baccara/Crazy House in Cowboy, Kojax/XOXO in Manila, Baccara/Beach Club/Sensations/Imagine/Sapphire/Windmill in Pattaya, and with Angeles I’d hit HISO disco.

      • jspill says:

        I like petite women too, they’re still easy to find in PI

  54. CJS says:

    Where do you think it’s better for 3somes and less issues with jealously? If not PI can you recommend another Asian country? I want to be with a girl and be able to grab another one right there without all the bullshit. I understand that jealousy will be everywhere but where is it better? I was able to do it in Thailand but jealously out there is something not to underestimate. There are women out there who literally will cut your dick off with scissors (from what I understood these are women in serious in a relationship). They’ll even “joke” about it in Thai music videos. After I read about that Filipina hookers in the clubs want you to have some “game” (like wtf? How do you know if they are a hooker if you have to wait until afterwards to find out you have to pay. Can you at least negotiate before you actually get in the taxi?) I’m thinking it’s better in Thailand anyways, or?

    • CJS says:

      And I’m talking about having a woman already when I walk into the club/bar who is down for 3 somes and trying to find another woman. I can imagine it might be harder to walk in by myself trying get to find 2 bi women who are down for 3some, it’s usually like that with non hookers anyways.

      • kick2dante says:

        good luck finding threesomes, at least legit ones, i would guess some go go girls in bangkok would be better but i doubt they will interact

        • jspill says:

          yeah usually they’ll just wait and bang you one at a time, it’s overrated. good luck finding the girl you describe

          you can find two hands massage at Akane on soi 33, that might be better just lie back and get massage / HJ / BJ from two girls

          there is a club called Eden on soi 7/1 which is supposed to specialise in 3somes but they’re 30+ year old looking fuglies so i never tried it. not the kind of girls you want

  55. CJS says: I found the girl in the pic 🙂

  56. Bahram says:

    i don’t trust filippines girl because i got married with php girl and supported her as well monthly but she left me without any evidence because of just back to her bf , so is fine to begining the life she showed me who really she is , i did my best to peace finally she refusde because just had enjoy sex with ex bf

    • NormalNomad says:

      If you’re a 3 back home, 7’s here aren’t going to be interested in you. They’ll be interested in your $$$.

      That said, you can have your wife jailed for adultery. So there’s that.

  57. Openguy says:

    Good article. I met this girl on Filipino cupid, her profile said she already had a BF so was just looking for friends? She is hot so I messaged her anyway…haha.I asked her if she had any friends as hot as her. She replied and said yes … cut it short I played a stalling game and soon after there was no mention of a ”friend” for me. We started chatting and I told her upfront I was not looking for a long term commitment, and anyway we are just chatting as friends coz she has a Canadian BF, but we got on great, even to the point where she would masturbate on cam for me lol!. Well the next time I was in Manila she flew in to meet me (she is from the provinces and owns her own beauty salon) and yes….we got it on and yes she was awesome in bed! This is a little secret she keeps to herself. Her BF only comes to see her 2 times a year, and although she has her own business he still sends her a Monthly allowance. I have been with many many Filipina over the last 5 years and wondering now if they had evr done the same to me as this girl is doing to her BF lol…….probably Yes hahaha! .

  58. Abigail says:

    This article is interesting becoz i have an issue now with pinoy bar girl. My bf was cheating with a bar girl he met in Cebu and then when he meet me he want to break up. He said this girl was different with other girls. And after he returned back home to Australia for 2 weeks he decided to fly back there to see this girl. I found out that this girl has 2 bf while she cheat with my bf.
    So here’s the question guys. He said this girl is different and have great personality but do you think she would not cheat from my ex bf again? B coz her last 2 bf was a middle age men and my bf is young and bit good looking 😬
    can a bar girl b faithfull and loyal?

    • kick2dante says:

      chances are pretty low

    • Mark says:

      Being a bit good looking is short term. If his wallet is not as fat as the middle age man, your bf will soon be back and broke knocking at door again. Will you take him back, haha.

      “Can a bar girl b faithful and loyal?” interesting question. You can’t really generalised because they all come in different shapes and sizes, and motives. But in this context about this bargirl, I can confidently say a big NO 🙂

      • NormalNomad says:

        “You can’t turn a whore into a housewife.”

        This saying was originally talking about loose [slutty] women. When talking about a LITERAL PROSTITUTE, it applies double. Anyone who thinks they can rescue a prostitute and reform her into a faithful companion is a complete idiot and deserves to loose every penny he wastes in the effort.

  59. Abigail says:

    You mean chances of being loyal? Gosh the females over there just such a nightmares for every girlfriends 😞

  60. Rene says:

    Whores are whores. We just have to avoid them. Young college aged girls are usually whores regardless of nationality. The bargirls I’ve been with were faithful but I didn’t fit the usual profile of their customer base so they couldn’t game me. Plus I’d call them out on their crap and that’s how I’d get them unexpectedly. Warning to white guys. BE CAREFUL. Philipinas are some EVIL Witches and have no problem using you and throwing you away regardless of how young or old you are.

  61. Thien says:

    I met my Filipina girlfriend, now fiance after I met her in person. She show me to her whole family, and she was her nice to me and treats me well. She is educated, love her job and told me that she does not need live in the u.s. anyway when i left I feel she become distant… maybe she necame distant because we fight a few time after i left the country..i call her a whore because i felt jealous but when i am close to her i was not jealous..Anyone ever be through this where the foreigner leaves the country then you feel something is not right…

    • NormalNomad says:


      As soon as you leave the country you’re no longer together, sorry to inform you.

      I’ve banged so many girls with overseas “boyfriends” it’s not even funny.

      • Thien says:

        U live in the Philippine nomad?

        • NormalNomad says:

          Been over a year now.

          Heard it all, straight from the whore——I mean, horses—–mouth.

          The trick to finding a loyal girl here is twofold:

          1. MAKE SURE SHE HAS A JOB. Any job. She can be a Joliebee cashier. Doesn’t matter. Obviously a better job has a higher chance of success, but having a job is #1.

          2. Find a virgin. This is actually arguably easier than #1, as there are SO MANY compared to the west.

          #1 is all about making sure she’s not a prostitute, (they don’t usually have jobs, lol] #2 is just statistical facts.

          • NormalNomad says:

            Oh and #3……


            Every Pinay that has a “big problem” sees you as an ATM machine.

            My current GF works in a Call center. She makes about 30 USD a day roughly. And you know what? She’s never asked me for money. In fact, *I* have borrowed money from HER in the past (long story but I lost my wallet in a cab and while I was waiting for my debit card to arrive from the states she lent me 5k pesos. I paid her back a week later]

            Point being: Find a girl who doesn’t want your money.

            • Thien says:

              Monad, she has a job at school, and a virgin I believe because she told me. I have visited her 2 time and spent two month each time I visited her. Now I will be planning to stay with her more than 1 year. She lives with her parent so when j visit her i stay n her family house. I will be marrying her soon this year.

  62. myouth says:

    “and a virgin I believe because she told me.” LOL

    • Thien says:

      Hey we made love but no bleeding first time so she told me she was a virgin..woman dont need to bleed after having sex if they were a virgin..

      • NormalNomad says:

        Technically that’s true, because the hymen (the pouch that holds the bodily fluid that secretes when penetration occurs for the first time] CAN be broken via strenuous activity, such as horseback riding. However, this is very uncommon among women who are not highly athletic (and I don’t know a single Pinay I could describe as “athletic”]

        Ultimately it’s up to you to decide whether she’s trustworthy or not, but it seems that something inside of you is already telling you not to trust her, and my experience has been that your gut is very rarely wrong.

      • Eric says:

        It is a 50-50 chance for blood-no blood with virgin. Listen to your gut feeling.

        • NormalNomad says:

          How many virgins have the author[s] fucked?

          It’s pure BS propaganda. The percentage of women who lose their hymen to “horseback riding” or some other nonsense prior to intercourse is surely in the single digits.

          No hymen no diamond.

          Popped cherry, don’t marry.

  63. Lincoln says:

    I enjoyed the discussion thoroughly and found it very helpful re: leaving all the illusions behind hahaha. I am an unmarried European man living in South America. Guess I got tired of all the latina fun and just wanted to try something new (hooking up with a lovely Filipina via Badoo, don’t laugh) I’ve been to SE Asia several times, never to the Philippines though. Guess I’ll go there next time just to spend a few NSA weeks, no way I am getting me a permanent arrangement there even if I get to bang a true oriental goddess. Thanks guys for sharing the most realistic picture of a whore nation ever

    • NormalNomad says:

      Allow me to clarify my previous comments, as I think I may have given off the wrong impression. I would not classify the PH as a “whore nation”. Indeed, it is one of the most conservative modern countries. Indeed, many attractive women in this country who are in their 20s are virgins. In fact, there are some attractive women (even in the city] who are NBSB [No Boyfriend Since Birth].

      I would never have believed such stories if I hadn’t experienced it for myself. I have inadvertently devirginized several women, most of the time I was unaware until after the fact.

      The truth is women here find white skin very attractive, but attraction alone does not make them spread their legs.

      Yes, it IS easy to get laid here as a white man. But the majority of the sex men are getting is from a minority of the women. Part of the reason some pinays play so many games is because they don’t know how to date. They want the dick but they’re afraid. Afraid of what? The size? The guy might be dangerous? English ability? All of it or maybe something else entirely, depending on the girl.

      Filipinas are wonderful in many ways, but they have their drawbacks as well. All in all they’re much less whorish than your average Western [American] woman, that much I can say with absolute confidence.

      Men come here, head to the girly bars or areas well known for prostitutes, then complain that Filipinas are all whores. Well, if you go to a place filled with whores, of course you’re going to leave with a whore.

      As with anything in life, you must have diligence, don’t just wife up the first girl who gives you eyes, at the same time realize that just because a bunch of idiots don’t know the first thing about women and marry a bar girl and then are fleeced, it doesn’t mean the entire country is full of scamming bitches.0

      What I will say is this: There is NO DIVORCE in the PH. Also, the laws are VERY Family oriented. For instance, it is legal to MURDER your spouse IF [and only if] you CATCH THEM IN THE ACT of infidelity. Would I want to test this law? Hell no. But it’s on the books here. Women [but not men] can also be jailed for cheating on their spouse. All in all, the countries laws and culture are MUCH more healthy and condusiive to raising a family than any Western civilization. Of course, no law or culture can turn a whore into a housewife.

      And remember—-if you’re a 3 back home, an 8 here isn’t going to be interested in you. You can pull a 5 and she can love you for who you are……you can do better even without them being interested in your money….but you’re not going to be 60 years old, fat and bald and date a 21 year old girl who’s sexy and attractive without her being interested in your wallet. That’s just common fucking sense.

      • Lincoln says:

        NormalNomad, thanks for your observations, obviously my “whore nation” remark had to do with the countries known for sex tourism, not the 100% local population. Here in South America the brothels are legal everywhere, the age of consent is 14 almost everywhere, and it’s quite normal to see a very young girl coming out her school’s door carrying a child of her own. I personally think the Colombian or the Dominican women are more stunning than the Asians, however, it’s virtually the same thing here about working as a whore to maintain their “first love”, whoever the hell he is. For a sake of experiment, I wrote to 3 Filipinas yesterday, with the following result: #1 asked for money to be able to send pictures from her cell, #2 (very pretty) said she was an escort but needed me to maintain her till we meet, and #3 happened to speak very good English and work at a bank south of Manila, never came up with the subject of money at all, and said she was looking to build a strong family with a man of her local christian faith. It sure can be all lies but the girl’s name was the same on her FB page, no photos with local boys, no comments from the local boys, lots of family pictures. My point is, it’s definitely possible to find a good family-oriented and maybe even loyal girl over there, and it will be most likely an exception to the general “whore nation” rule. Otherwise you wouldn’t have fucked so many of them, would you?

        • Normal Nomad says:

          To be completely frank, I’ve fucked my share of “good girls” as well as whores. It’s really not so black and white. Honestly, it’s not that difficult to meet attractive women who have never dated/fucked a foreign guy before, but I do my best to avoid those women because I prefer not to be the first one to “ruin” a girl.

  64. No-mad says:

    Idiots are looking for other idiots and then they are bitching what they found… Guys, you are such a losers … you are looking for easy girls only, to get the sex mainly, and then you complains they had no problem to go with somebody else? Really? What are you awaiting from girl you met in the bar and it was nothing for her to go with you after few words and drinks? Loyalty? LOL… You are expressing your “love” only through the money and then you complains they want money only? Really? Think about yourself, then judge the others. And next time try to look for good girls only, really loyal, hard working ones, and your experience will be different. My experience already is ABSOLUTELY diferrent from yours.

  65. John Marshall says:

    Many mature Filipina women stay away from men the same age or younger due to knowing many young men are players. Many Western men & Filipino men are the same just players. What a good women wants is a long term relationship. Mature western men are often the men they look for. They can be very beautiful women. They maybe a widow with children. Few lovers have popped her Cherry before meeting you. Which is unlike most western women. When they begin a relationship with a tall western man. They have tiny tight pussies. They see your 7 inch penis & they are excited but request you be gentle with them. If you think you can get a women like this for short term sex that is very unlikely. What they want is a man to love long term. Have babies with you. One man women. They want the same from you love trust & honesty. No other women. In the Philippines you will have many opportunities to fuck other women. But you do that you have destroyed the relationship & they will think all men Western men are the same. Which in many cases with young men is correct. When young a man play with women but nothing wrong with that but many young women do the same. Go with women that just want to fuck & do not want to be in a relationship. Do not damage the reputation of western men at the moment they are thinking you are better than Filipino men.

    • NormalNomad says:

      The key is just to be honest about what you want and what you’re willing to give.

      Contrary to popular belief, being a “player” is NOT an automatic deal-breaker for most women—–IF you’re HONEST about it.

      Pinays hate LIES more than they hate being cheated on. Yes it’s weird, but I know from experience.

      Will SOME women say “no thanks” if you tell them the truth? Absolutely. Will you have a hard time finding women who accept your nature? Nope.

  66. Bobo Belinkski says:

    Really, if you’re open and honest that you’re a whoremonger and you’re just having fun, who cares if they cheat? Seems like there are two types of foreigners who come on sex tours–those looking for fucking and those looking for fucking and maybe romance. All is available, obviously, but I would seriously consider just moving to the Philippines before settling down with a wife or a regular girlfriend. Get the lay of the land, so to speak.

  67. Mike says:

    My pinay fiancee cheated on me twice with two different pinoy and was in relationships with both of them while telling me the whole time that she hates cheaters and that she is not like that. She even posted Pics of them together on her fb.

    • Mikey Johnson says:

      That’s how they are. That whole culture is untrustworthy/disloyal. They only feign their love for you so they can disarm and rob you blind.

    • pluff says:

      Mike, thats called romance scam, she was never your girlfriend. These are the things they say, as she already said to you:
      – I hate cheaters
      – I dont like filipino, they are not serious (they are playboy)
      – i want serious man older than me
      – I want to help my parents (not only scammers say this but its never true no matter who says it)
      Not all scammers ask money right away or directly, she probably had 3-4 more foreigners going at any given time. I been with filipina girls while they chat their foreigner victims, the style is very standardised, like someone wrote a very tiny handbook on the subject. And all of them have afilipino BF/husband, lets stop being morons and face the truth: Filipinos are not stupid enough to let pretty girls stay single, and most filipina prefer filipino guys. Just forget the lies you been hearing that filipina dream of marrying a foreigner, be a little more down to earth and you can avoid scammers.

  68. benjamin says:

    Lived in asia for 20 years now. Dated girls from pretty much all the countries in the region. I find some Filipina girls pretty hot but I have to say ever single Filipina I ever messed around with had some sort of issue and in the end asked for money.

    I know my experience is a small sample size of “1” but I am a fairly street smart, fit, good looking professional with a good income. I don’t think it was me that caused all these relationships to devolve into this “hey my mom needs surgery” or “hey my village just flooded” type of direction.

    The same doesn’t hold true with girlfriends from Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and even China. just sharing

    • pluff says:

      No not all do that, you had some bad luck i say, probably been dating mostly single moms i guess. But of course i experienced it too, one who was very serious with me and never asked a peso from me was influenced by her co-workers to ask something from me (they were shocked that i had never given her money, she even paid her own fare when visiting me), not really her fault but anyway i ended it right away instead of buying the 1500 peso bag she asked for. Well, not only because of the money, she had a perfect body but the face was a 6 on my scale (meaning i had to drink 6 beers to make her pretty) so it was easy letting go.
      I dont date single moms anymore, that makes it harder to find candidates but then the worst moneyfaces are already screened out.

      • NormalNomad says:


        Pinays ask for shit because idiots buy them shit.

        Interview a girl who’s a 7 or above, especially one who uses Tinder. youd be AMAZED what these girls are offered pretty ones (7s) get free vacations gifts, phones, etc if they want it. Guys haven’t gotten the memo that sex in Asia is free if you’re white. Stop being so damn thirsty.

  69. Anonymous says:

    my gf never cheated on me

  70. Mikel says:

    last year I met an online dating site girl Monica Lopez from the Philippines and we met. she pretended to be in love, later sent pictures to my relatives and friends and demanded payment. she had filmed me in bed in intimate conditions. she is a fraudster looking for a sponsor. I wrote an application to the police for several months without success. be careful with Filipinos

  71. john says:

    Good day , I am married to a Filipina, and yes they cheat all the time, my wife cheated on me from the very first ,

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