The 7 Types of Filipina Girls You’ll Meet

Another guest post from US expat RealGuy, since his last post he got married to his Filipina girlfriend, and released an ebook. This is a free chapter from it.

1 – GROs / Freelancers

There are many types of working girls – freelancers (street girls, disco girls, etc.), escort girls, massage girls, and GROs – guest relations officers, any girl employed in a club or bar to keep male customers company (bargirl, gogo girl, karaoke girl, etc.)

While it’s possible that many prostitutes are doing it out of necessity, many of them want the fast-paced lifestyle without putting in a lot of work. Many of them have the point of view that money is everything, and this will affect how they view relationships.

These women view relationships as a business, and do not see their boyfriends as someone they love, but rather someone they can extract money from. Their time will cost you. As such, many of these women will never really love you, and many of them have considerable emotional baggage after years of their lifestyle.

I have never heard a good story about guys who tried to wife up women from the bar. On the contrary, many of the worst stories regarding relationship in Southeast Asia revolve around guys trying to reform former bargirls.

  • Recommendation: Avoid for dating. Only for fun

2- Semi Pros / Social Climbers

While not outright prostitutes, many of these women also view relationships as a business, or a means to an end. Semi hookers sometimes ask for money after sex depending on whether they like the guy or not, or if they want extra money or gifts. Not dissimilar to a golddigger in the West.

For short term flings, they could ask an overinflated amount for taxi money, while for longer term flings, they can ask a whole lot more.

Many of them will make up stories to get money out of a guy. These stories can range from anything to their dog being sick, having to pay for a funeral, and the tried and true relative in the hospital.

Many guys end up getting involved with these women, only to find out later that a lot of what they’ve been told is just outright lies to extract money from them. A lot of the older guys who are out of shape will chase younger girls from poor families, only to end up in a situation like this, then later complain about them.

These girls aren’t always bad people and are often doing whatever they can to help support their extended families. They see dating as a job, especially when it involves men they’re not attracted to. But when there’s a clear mismatch in attraction, the relationship might be transactional in nature.

Aside from semi pros, there is also the social climber. These are the women who will use other people, especially men, to move up in social status. Often these women have no loyalty to the men they’re using, and will dump them when they find someone who can offer them more.

They also tend to have very unhealthy views about their personality identity, where they come from, and are desperately trying to prove they’re different from where they came from.

Imo, any relationship revolving around a transaction is ultimately unhealthy and when times become rough, it’ll be very difficult to maintain them. There are plenty of good girls out there who would make great partners, and there’s no need to resort to options that in the long run will usually end up in ruin.

  • Recommendation: Avoid for relationships

3 – Online Jugglers

Like the social climber, the online juggler is a girl who’s always looking for someone better. They’re the girls who, even after talking to someone for a long time, and even after getting in to relationships, never seem to want to delete their Filipino Cupid and Pinalove profiles or cut it off with the other guys in their life.

Many of them will make excuses about why they need to do this, but believe them at your peril. In Filipino culture, it’s expected that once someone is in a relationship, they should stop entertaining other suitors. Many women will break off communication with exes and other guys even before it’s established that they’re in a relationship to pressure the guy into exclusivity.

From a girl’s perspective, it must be difficult. Their fertility has a clock, and their time to lock down a partner is shorter than men’s. With every guy they’re gambling their time without knowing whether the guy will settle down and commit to them, and every failed attempt to bond with someone is more wasted time. I can see why many women would like to keep other guys in the background as “backup guys”.

Despite this, I wouldn’t take any Filipina seriously who isn’t willing to risk focusing exclusively on you. It shows insecurity, disloyalty, and an inability to devote themselves to a partner. Going down that path with a woman who does this will only lead to greater paranoia, jealousy, and drama.

  • Recommendation: Avoid

4 – Spinsters

There are a lot of women out there who seem to get into short lived but ultimately doomed relationships all the time. When asked what happened, they tend to be cryptic or exclusively blame the man for all the problems. There are a lot of these women online, but you’ll also meet them in person. On dating sites, you’ll see many women who have been on the site for years, and apparently have been unable to find a suitable partner in all that time.

This usually says one of two things. Either she has bad judgment in the partners she selected, or she’s damaged goods and her boyfriends eventually found out what they were dealing with, or both. Truth is, there are many beautiful and captivating women out there who put on a lovely façade at first, but as time goes on, they reveal more and more cracks.

Some of the most beautiful and intelligent women I’ve met seemed like the perfect woman at first blush, only to later reveal major psychological issues and baggage from the past.

Many of these women are very impulsive and erratic, or carry a psychological disorder that makes it difficult for them to keep a boyfriend tolerant and interested for long. If you end up in a relationship with a woman like this, listen to your gut. Because many of these women can be beautiful, smart, and emotionally addictive, it’s tempting to rationalize their behavior, but in the end it falls apart.

Now, just because a woman has had a hard time finding a boyfriend doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider her for a relationship. We all make mistakes, and sometimes women must experience a few relationships before they know what kind of guys to avoid, and which to look for. Some women are very picky, and some have faced break ups because they weren’t willing to put out before marriage.

Many women will adjust what they’re looking for over time and how picky they are, and some of them would make great girlfriends. Either way, when getting in to a relationship with someone who has a checkered history of success in relationships, be careful, and keep your eyes open. Time is often the best judge of character and consistency. Listen to your gut and try to avoid rationalizing concerning behavior.

  • Recommendation: Date with extreme caution

5 – Hardworking Girls

In almost every Filipino family, especially the poor ones, there’s usually at least one person who is busting their ass to help everyone out. I call these girls hardworking girls because they’re usually doing whatever they can to secure a good career and support their families. It’s not uncommon for Filipino men to be lazy when it comes to supporting the family, and often women end up taking up the slack. Some women grow up being the main breadwinner in a family.

Usually these women are extremely selfless, responsible, and caring. They can make devoted, supportive partners in a relationship. Often their selflessness is exploited by their families, and it’s rare for them to hear words of appreciation. If you can help boost their self-esteem and bring them out of their family servitude, they can make great girlfriends who are forever grateful.

In poor families, it may difficult to break these women away from family exploitation. In the Philippines, once someone has a family of their own, their obligations to the older generation diminish. Families who are used to free money flowing in may resent you taking away their meal ticket. Even though there may be some family issues involved with dating these women, I think they can make great partners.

  • Recommendation: Date

6 – Upper Class Girls

On the other end of the financial spectrum is upper-class girls. One of the most common gripes from foreigners who date Filipinas is the expectation from their family that the foreigner give money to the family, while the family just wastes the money on pointless things. Dating upper class or “hiso” (high society) girls helps ensure you’ll typically be dealing with little or no family issues when it comes to money.

Often the families are doing quite well on their own, and if you’re someone who comes off as a well-educated professional type, it may be possible to gain acceptance in an upper class family. This will allow you to enjoy a comfortable life in the Philippines, and remove some of the pressure for finding work if you want to stay for an extended time.

Women from these families are typically more educated, intelligent, and responsible than the average Filipina. Some of the main issues guys lament about dating Filipinas aren’t an issue with them. But they may not be perfect. Many of them have grown up in a house with at least one live-in maid. Because of that, many of them have never learned or bothered to do many routine household tasks for themselves.

If you end up with a woman from this background, don’t be surprised if she turns her nose up at cooking or cleaning, or if she’s helpless doing routine tasks you grew up knowing how to do. If you’re the type who prefers to be the breadwinner, figuring out who will cook and who to do what around the house may be a point of contention. Though, there are some exceptions to the rule and you might find one who matches well with your relationship expectations.

My experience with ‘upper class’ (which can be really broad in the Philippines) women makes me think they’re not necessarily such a prize. Many of them can be entitled, indulgent, and have bad values.

  • Recommendation: Date cautiously

7 – Middle Class Girls

Between girls from poor and upper-class families are the middle class girls. They typically come from families with two hardworking, responsible parents, or where one has a good job overseas. Usually the families tend to be more conservative, so the women from these families have good values.

For many guys, Filipinas from this background may be the best option. Pinays in these families are usually hardworking, responsible, and feminine. While the family may ask for money in an emergency, or to help support someone’s education or business, often they don’t waste it like a lower-class family might. Either way, the family is typically supportive rather than a hindrance.

Guys who come from middle class western backgrounds will probably appreciate a woman who is both responsible and caring. Often these women gravitate towards jobs like teaching, nursing, or government office jobs. Because of their work ethic, it may be harder for them to find time for dating, but if you can bring them out on dates, it might lead to a rewarding relationship.

  • Recommendation: Date

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29 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    Thx for the post realguy and congrats on getting married!

  2. DownUnder says:

    Have dated a Filipina long term, guess she fits the middle class category. Met her down under though so might have put a bit of a different slant.

    Signed up to FC about a week ago and was making a few contacts for my return to the Phillipines as a single man so came across a bit of a cross section.

    Talking to another girl who is perhaps middle class on the cusp of hiso and she has actually grown on me. To the point where I feel like she’s definitely dating material and not just someone to have casual fun with/exploit as a tour guide.

    • JustAGuy says:

      You have absolutely NO IDEA until you meet them in person.

      It’s really easy to paint a pretty picture to someone who you’ve never met and who hasn’t seen you in your native environment.

      Assume nothing.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t think elite woman are included in this fixed marriage still exsist in Philippines and Filipina elites don’t deg foreign in date site there family have standard elite marry elite

  3. Reader says:

    It’s all a bad deal when you can just go to China or Taiwan and string along girls that are educated and ultimately don’t need your money at all as they all have decent jobs.

    Unlike in South East Asia there is little stigma regarding getting with a white guy as there are very few of us in China and most have well paying jobs.

    Just don’t get married and it’s all good.

  4. JF says:

    @Reader This is a post about being in a relationship, not about where the best place is to lie to women to get sex

    Different men have different priorities, and these change depending on which stage of life the man is in. You want to string along chicks, some guys want more than that, including up to marriage.

    And banging 22+ year olds (educated+working) isnt anything special. Women peak 17-21, you’re not even getting prime pussy, B grade at best

  5. Edwin says:

    Strong post, well put and inline with my experiences.

  6. kk says:

    based on ur ig and the number of women u sleep with, it is extremely likely you have at least some form of std. definitely go do some tests and seek treatment. some stds have no symptoms.

  7. Didier T. says:

    Seems right to me. I have dated I guess 8 filipinas. They were all crazy beautiful and stick-thin and about 5’1 on average. But only one of them actually touched my heart. There were different reasons why the others were “almosts”. Three of them got tattoos of my name — a really really skinny one (5’3, 77 lbs., hot af) did that on the first date! … it was actually an 8AM coffee date that ended up lasting a week. Crazycrazycrazy stuff

    • Yoyo says:

      Is it easy to hook up ?

      • jspill says:

        Probably the easiest country in the world alongside Thailand

        • Nigel Thornberry says:

          Indo is easy as well.

          Btw, ur site was down for a few days. I was so scared.

          • jspill says:

            yeah just as easy as the philippines if not more so

            i got tons of dating app matches from tinder girls in Indo. even sometimes when i wasnt in Indo, they were searching for guys in other countries

            yeah hostgator problems, they suck as a website host

            • GuidoSexMachine says:

              @Jspill – Yea I noticed this site was down for a few days and almost thought you pulled the plug on it and shut it down like SingleMansParadise did. It scared the crap out of me cos you have the best site… Thankfully your sight is back up again. Otherwise I’d probably have to lurk on MongerPlanet and A Farang Abroad Lol 😆😆

            • jspill says:

              hehe cheers. back up again now. i won’t pull the plug

              • GuidoSexMachine says:

                Good. Glad you’re site is here to stay. U have the best site for us mongers. Especially if you like Filipina poon. I can’t wait to get back to Angeles City to drain my balls 😀

  8. Bison_rhoyd says:

    Where and How do people game filipino chicks? At the nightclub, using street-game, at the mall?

  9. Robin Lamott says:

    I dont know maybe its just me but I have observed in the last few years that Filipinas in general are not into foreigners anymore. I mean I dont even get a glance and Im pretty good looking guy. So much is changing in Filipino society. The average female in the street unless she is ugly ignores me totally without any eye contact. I could walk down the street naked and theu would still act like Im not there. I wouldnt raise an eyebrow . Could be just me. Maybe they are bored with Western foreigners and need Koreans now. No more eye contact, its taboo in the Filipines.

    • Hiro Nohara says:

      Low IQ monkey Flips have money now and are getting a lot richer now so the hot girls can just pimp out themselves to rich oligarchs and faggot transgender TV stars. It’s still easy in the Philippines.

      You really wanna complain? Come to Vietnam. 1 trillion times worse.

    • Kuripot says:

      Yup, It’s true, Filipinas aren’t into white foreigners anymore. I don’t actually mind it because now the girls who actually like you will eye you, not the foreigner-chasers.

  10. Rich says:

    You obviously have not been there lately, and talked to the girls. For them it is easy triple 3 — 3000. three minutes, and three inches. and the Koreans, don’t want them to spend the night.

  11. James says:

    I’ve lived here for over 4 years now and I still get looks. Hot chicks smile, giggle, say “hi”, and so on all the time. They do it whether I jog by them, walk by them, walk onto a jeep, walk into Waltermart, go to the mall, or whatever. And I’m definitely not Korean. I’m just a white Hispanic dude in his 30s.

  12. My province girl is the working one in her family but we have been able to help 2 brothers go through boot camp and become guards, one has a trike and does that. Mom and dad have no work. She now helps me in my online biz and we send the family about $300 a month graciously.
    Been with her in person for 5 years. Maybe two small spats – great joy. I treat her with respect and have never been happier in my 68 years. She’s 33.

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