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2020 Update – Reader Xander has been living in Cambodia for three years and recently found where to buy magic mushrooms in Phnom Penh. Here’s the info he sent:

Behind Calmette hospital to the South is 93st street, go the end of that road (black circle on map) and you should find some people who live near the graffiti in the pics. Ask them and they will sell it or take you to the one main guy who sells it. 

Make sure when you’re walking to the back road if anyone approaches you don’t answer because they’ll just be meth or heroin dealers, just keep going until you get right to the end and ask the people by the graffiti for magic mushrooms. Or look for a white tuktuk and ask the driver. 

It’s sold inside chocolate balls, and is $10 for a gram. I bought 3g for a strong hit and was really excited to find it wasn’t a scam. I couldn’t find shrooms anywhere when I first arrived but things seem to be getting better.

Thanks for the info Xander!

Original 2017 post – 

I was never much of a druggie (since I don’t consider weed a drug) but have done mushrooms a few times.

I wanted to try them again but had a much harder time finding that particular drug in Phnom Penh than I imagined. I was offered damn near everything except for mushrooms.

In Sihanoukville at the happy pizza and happy shake shops you see all over the place the ‘happy’ part can be made with weed or mushrooms.

I have always assumed that was the same here in Phnom Penh but that isn’t the case at all. I think the majority of the ‘coke’ and ‘heroin’ that you get here is either fake or has been stepped on 100 times.

From my experiences you can add mushrooms to the list.

The One ‘Hook Up’ I Had

I asked on a Cambodia expat forum that I used to post on a lot where to find mushroom shakes in Phnom Penh. I got two replies, one was about a place from 2010, another sounded like a legit hook up.

I go to the legit hook up who is a bar owner, he isn’t there the first time I stop by but is the second. He is alone in the bar so it is a good approach spot (of a different kind) and I explain someone told me maybe he could help me out.

I don’t know if he was just paranoid that a stranger was asking about this or what but he pleaded complete ignorance. Even worse, he couldn’t even give me a lead.

So I left and had that place from 2010 to try, plus a couple of mushroom pizza places, but first I wanted to try somewhere else.

Weed in Phnom Penh

Finding marijuana is extremely easy. Any tuktuk driver calls it that and can get it for you easily. You don’t need to worry about them setting you up (unless maybe you are buying pounds of it.)

But if you want to just go to a bar where you can buy some pre rolled joints for $1.50 a piece head to Red Fox on Street 136. That is the same street as the main girly bar area, but there aren’t girls working here.

You can smell the weed as you walk up to the place and there are always people in there puffing on joints every day. I saw it, definitely shwag, but the price is right.

There is also a tuk tuk driver that works out front every day who can get ‘the good stuff’ according to some guys in the bar, but I can’t confirm. So I asked them about magic mushrooms and the barmaid told me to go down the hall and take a left.

Hmmm, that is odd, but maybe the owner had an office back there and he didn’t like the mushroom stuff being done out in the open. Or….. she thought I asked for the washroom and pointed me towards it.

I asked every person in the place if they had any idea where to get mushrooms and the best idea I was given was to go to Snooky. That is a long ride that I am not taking.

I gave the happy pizza places a shot and they only had weed. Then I asked a guy who works at a restaurant that I have been eating at daily and he told me of a place where I could go.

The ‘Hampsterdam’ of Phnom Penh

Apparently there is a place called ‘Lakeside’ that is sketchy as ish where you can get all kinds of drugs. Was warned it is a really nasty place and not to pull out my phone or carry any cash there.

It was already kind of late so I decided I would go the next day. Then I walked back past 136 to see if any cute girls were out and on my way I past this drug dealer who always sits on the riverside and has offered me weed 10 nights in a row.

I ask about mushrooms and he said he couldn’t get, or if he could they would be crap. Gotta respect his honesty. Then I see another guy who was trying to sell me weed the night before, younger kid who cracked jokes and seemed like a cool guy.

He says ya he can get me mushrooms, $20 for 1 mushroom and it might take 5 of them to trip. Fwiw the few times anyone Cambodian talked about them they always would say ‘1 mushroom’ or ‘2 mushrooms’ not by grams or 1/8th’s. It was always clear they didn’t know what they were talking about.

Then this kid said 50 for a gram which is like 5 or 6x the price in the US. Eventually he comes down to 20 for 1.5 grams and tells me to wait.

10 minutes later he comes back (I actually followed him to make sure there is no sketchy ish going on, and obv didn’t front him the 20) and tells me to follow him.

He leads me to some dark alley and I am watching my back the whole time, then checking out the alley before I go in but its clear. He gives me a bag with 5 white mushroom heads that are big, round, wet, and extremely fresh with no stems.

Within 1 second of looking at them I know these are like shitake or morelle or something like that and walk out of the alley. I also notice he just tosses them on the ground, nice try kid.

He tries to beg for 1 more chance to find real ones and I say no thanks. No way in hell am I eating any mushroom this kid could bring me.

Giving Up on Finding Mushrooms in Phnom Penh

At this point I gave up. I asked 20+ people and nobody had a clue. Going to the Hampsterdam area of town and trusting some random meth head to get legit mushrooms doesn’t seem wise.

If you want drugs in Phnom Penh you can easily find crap weed, and good weed might be around somewhere. Don’t expect High Times level stuff of course.

There is a lot of ‘ice’ around, highly doubt Jessie has moved over here to make any blue stuff though. The heroin and coke are likely to be fake or 1% pure, and mushrooms are non existent.

Have fun!

Avoid Coke in Cambodia

On a serious note be careful buying cocaine in Cambodia. Like the mushroom guy who tried to scam me, a lot of drug dealers will scam you and sell you white heroin instead, or ‘China White’.

In this part of Asia (Golden triangle) white heroin is easier to find for the dealer than Coke, and cheaper, and looks like coke since it’s not brown like heroin in the West.

So he sells you that at a tidy profit, you snort a cocaine sized does which is lethal by heroin standards. Tourists die all the time in Cambodia like that, here’s an example. Then police often rule it a ‘heart attack’ to not affect tourism.

Don’t do ice or meth (also called ‘shabu’ Cambodia) either, it sucks.

13 Responses

  1. RumandCokeMan says:

    Good street smart content here for travelers Dante. Thanks.

  2. RumandCokeMan says:

    Also, what a shithole of a country from everything Ive ever heard about it-ugly chicks, crappy smoke, nasty as fcuk, scammers everywhere, thug cops, xenophobic locals- does the place have any redeeming qualities to it at all?

    • jspill says:

      Easy visas, ~$300 for a year, but would you want to be there a year is the question, easy visas in Philippines too

      It has live poker games, so there’s that. But so does Philippines

      I wouldn’t say the locals are xenophobic, they’re pretty friendly. You might eventually find a hot chick. Very brown skin if you’re into that

      Some like the third world vibe and easy weed (can still get in Thailand though, and Laos / Vietnam are about as easy as Cambodia for both weed and visas)

    • Supergreen says:

      I wouldn’t evaluate a country over drugs and people sticking to tourist areas. As far as I know, you could have described the USA.

  3. Nick says:

    Why does ice suck?

    Also, do you think you could order off the darknet markets to cambo (or any sea countries?)

    • jspill says:

      I tried it a couple times and it wasn’t worth it for me. Basically I just felt super awake like having coffee injected my brain, and with friends we ended up just playing card games all night, Gin Rummy. Because it seemed super interesting for some reason. Then I couldn’t sleep for 36-48 hours, when I finally slept I’d wake up after an hour and feel awful for days. So the comedown wasn’t worth the high at all. But it’s not like a euphoric pleasant high like E or weed. Just being wide awake and wired.

      Plus unlike weed or E, meth is quite damaging to your body in the short term. You’ll see a lot of girls have their lives destroyed by it. Sadly marijuana isn’t seen as cool here, I’ve had girls tell me weed is for old people and farmers, and they never even try it. It’s also a fair bit more addictive, lots of expats go off the rails because of ice, especially in Cambodia. Whereas a bit of weed, E, alcohol, is totally manageable for most people and should be enough for a lifetime.

      The laws on it are much harsher. A small bribe for E or weed becomes a huge one for ice. They take it a lot more seriously. Plus annoying side effects like being tweaky, dilated pupils, grinding teeth, dry mouth.

      Girls like it for weight loss, but they end up looking worn out as it eats away muscle too and facial fat. Good for sex, but so is weed and E. Overall I just don’t see the point of it. Maybe if you can keep it under control and be super productive while working on it… caffeine is enough for me.

      And while I haven’t done it in back home, as I understand it the quality in SE Asia is poor as well. Don’t know anything about the darknet sorry. Sounds like a bad idea.

  4. Wtseyes says:

    What about the darknet markets? Yeah, you can buy stuff from those sites without getting caught. If you know how to, that is.

  5. Dim says:

    First, never try to buy drugs from males unless you want to get scammed (marijuana is the exception). Get to know a girl who likes drugs. Of course the coke will suck. There are two kinds of ice: pure world class and shit. The traditional scam is they get the good stuff the first time and knock your socks off, then start bringing in the shit. Every girl will do this. Same with Yaba. They have great drugs, but you will have your work cut out for you to score consistently. It’s always been hit or miss.

  6. Xander says:

    Hey there I been living in Cambodia for awhile now and My friends told me there is a place that sell magic mushroom in Cambodia but it’s in a form of chocolate behind one of the biggest hospital in Phnom Penh I’ll been trying to find them for so long and now I came across one. They selling it behind calamette hospital my friend told me to go there and then I try and I trying to ask everybody I came across and meet one guys standing at 93st and when I ask for magic mushroomed he’s hand me over some chocolate ball and ask me how much u need and the price is 10$ for a gram so I take 3gram for a strong hit and I’m really surprise that it not a scam I’m really excited because I been living in here for almost three year and I been trying to find it when I first arrive here but I can find any but now it seem better

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