Filipina Dating Site Tips

Filipina dating sites are pretty fun.  Asian girls don’t feel the same stigma about them as western chicks do. To girls here their Pinalove profiles are just another Facebook to upload their pics to. Gotta share their selfies with the world somehow.

Filipina dating site tips

Whether you’re looking for your future wife, a long term GF, short term GF, or just a friend there is no better way to get in contact with Filipina women.  I’ve been using online dating here over the past few years and will share some tips I use.

Some of these tips I was told by other people and they work very well.  Others I have learned myself through experience.  They will help make sure that your time on the sites is used more efficiently.  I have read how some other guys do things on different blogs and message boards and just shake my head.

Send out LOTS of MessagesFilipina dating site ladyboys

The most important thing to remember when starting out on a Filipina dating site is that it’s all a numbers game.

The more messages you send out the more replies you will get.  The more replies you get the more chance to get some sort of a connection. The fastest way to do this is to copy and paste your opening message so that you don’t spend a lot of time.

Not all dating sites will allow you to do this (DateInAsia even banned me lol) but you can work around it by putting something like ‘hey how are you?’ in front of your copied message.

What some guys fail to realize is that many of the girls on these sites are not all that serious with meeting anyone.  They are just using it to kill time and as a form of entertainment.  Your time is best spent having short and sweet conversations with them trying to meet up ASAP. Filipino guys get frustrated with some of these chicks too.

There are certain girls that might not be willing to give you their number right away, and it’s up to you how much time you want to commit to them.  I may play their games for awhile, but I am not looking to develop some online relationship for months.

Just send her a simple opening message that compliments her and ask if she wants to chat.  If she replies ask some more simple questions, remember Filipina women rarely want to have deep conversations anyways.  Since I don’t want to have one either that makes this a very easy and convenient strategy to use.

The more you talk the more chance you have of saying something that might turn her off.  This is not as big of a deal in Phils because the chicks are a little kinder than their western counterparts.  Still, the more things you say the more chance she finds a reason not to like you.

Never Send Money

Common sense but a few girls on each Filipina dating site ask for money so it’s worth mentioning.  Some girls make a game of leading foreigners on and then telling them about their ‘big problem’ in hopes that some sucker will send them ‘help.’

Some Pinays can be very good at this so you need to really make sure that you know any girl before you ever send money to them.

Sometimes they really do have a “big problem” but more often then not they are just trying to get an easy pay day.  If a girl is asking for money you may want to report her.

Filipina dating site #problems


Ask for their Facebook or Skype

Even on the sites that have lots of pictures you can get fooled into meeting a girl who is not as attractive as you thought.  Even worse you can meet a ladyboy, or get catfished by someone who is just trying to waste your time.  If you get a Filipina girl’s Facebook you can learn a little something about her and see many pictures.  The more info you have before a meet the better.

If she won’t give you her Facebook then try to get her Skype and set up a quick chat.  If she is serious in wanting to meet you she can go to an internet cafe if she doesn’t have internet at home.  If a girl refuses to give her Facebook or Skype then you really need to tread lightly and it is probably best to move on.

No Need to Lie

With so many fish in the sea there really is no reason to lie or lead any women on here.  Just be honest with the girl and tell her what you are looking for and you will find some that will be happy to accommodate.  Of course you need to say things like a gentleman and don’t say anything that may offend them.

I have found it is best to not to directly bring up sex with Filipina women.  If all you are after is just a casual hook up instead of saying that say something like ‘I am only looking for a friend not a serious relationship, is that OK with you?’  You will be surprised at how many will say yes. Or saying you’re just looking for fun. They’ll get the message. Using words like ‘sexy’ is fine too, just don’t get too explicit.

It’s also a good idea to ask them if they are looking for money before you meet them.  There are quite a few ‘working girls’ on Filipina dating sites and if that isn’t what you are looking for it is better to find out sooner rather then later.  Again just ask in a polite and respectful way.

Summing it Up

Overall Filipina dating sites are pretty fun and lead to great results no matter what you are looking for.  The key things are that you need to have many short chats, don’t focus to much time on one Filipina girl who may just be playing games, and to be honest about your intentions.  This will help you find many like minded girls that you can meet up with.

I’ve been having some good success with paid Filipina Dating Sites like FilipinoCupid and AsianDating as girls can only read messages from guys with a full membership (still cheap). Keeps their inbox from overflowing.

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  1. I88888I says:

    so dick pics on day 1 is a no no?

  2. kick2dante kick2dante says:

    butt pics > dick picks

  3. anonymous user says:

    Apart from FC, pina, and tinder, what other websites (preferably newer) can you guys recommend?

  4. anonymous user says:

    I wasn’t expecting such a fast reply Jspill, lol.

    Whoops, I meant to write what other FREE websites.

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