Best Angeles City Walking Street Gogo Bars

Happy hour

Agasya Apple Arcadia Atlantis
Bad Boy Bamboo BarNana Centauro
Champagne Club Asia Club Equus Club Ra
Club XS Color Crystal Palace Dollhouse
Dragon Bar Gecko’s Hollywood Icarus II
La Bamba Lancelot Las Vegas Leopard
Lollipop Monsoon No 7 Bar Owl’s Nest
Para Bar Q Bar Red Bar Rhapsody
Salambo Sapphire Shipwrecked Shooters
The Body Shop Tropix Valhalla Viking
Voodoo Club Eden Um… Bar Aura

List of Angeles City walking street bars

It’s hard to rank Angeles City gogo bars in terms of girls. No one bar has the hottest, Angeles bargirls tend to just work wherever they can, or wherever their girlfriends work, and they move around a lot.

Unlike Manila where a couple P Burgos bars stand out as having quality girls (Kojax & XOXO, same owner).

Walking Street

Sometimes I’ll go into one of the smaller Angeles gogo bars with about 5 girls – e.g. Icarus, No 7 bar – and find a sexy LBFM, then find nothing in a bar with about 50 girls – e.g. Club Atlantis, Dollhouse.

Each Angeles gogo has a mix of old, young, fat, thin, some that like Asian guys, some that like white guys, some panget (ugly), some maganda (beautiful) if you’re lucky.


The average quality is low in Angeles City compared to Bangkok or Pattaya but since there are 1000+ bargirls you can usually find something. It beats Thailand on price and English speaking ability.

Best bet is to quickly pop your head in each bar as you go up and down Fields Avenue as the bars are all so close together. There’s no cover charge in gogos and they don’t mind you doing a quick in out.

Club XS dancers

The walking street gogos have a bit higher quality girls on average (and higher barfines). Walking street is the Eastern half of Fields Avenue, the part vehicles can’t drive down at night.

Barfines on walking street are 2400 – 3000 pesos ($50 – $60) which unlike Thailand includes the cost of sex, it’s all paid upfront. Single lady drinks are 150 – 170 pesos ($3) and doubles 250 – 300 pesos.

Beer is a double lady drink

I’ll do a separate post about the other gogos off walking street and the Perimeter bars, which charge less.

There are lots of freelancers and ‘massage girls’ around too who’ll take 1000 ($20) short time and can be cuter than some bargirls. Keep an eye out as you browse the 30 or so gogo bars on walking street.

Walking Street from Royal Amsterdam hotel

Best Walking Street Gogos for Foreign Guys

Filipinos call all non Asians ‘foreigners’, (‘Kano’ in Tagalog), ‘black American’ etc.

You can go into any gogo bar no matter where you’re from. There’s only one place I know of that only lets Asian guys in, but that isn’t a gogo nor is it on walking street (Geisha Japanese Karaoke on MacArthur).

But I notice in some walking street gogos the girls are enthusiastic when I walk in, and in other gogos they aren’t quite as much. Those ones tend to have Korean managers and more Asian customers.

Hard to rank them in any particular order, but try these gogos first if you’re non Asian.

#1 Shipwrecked

Shipwrecked gogo

I like Shipwrecked bar as it has a pool table and a gay Filipino papasan (floor manager guy) that keeps the atmosphere lively and can help you out in choosing a girl.

Similar to Billboard, the best Bangkok gogo, which also has a gay papasan.

I barfined two girls at Shipwrecked, both were great and I find it a fun bar to chill in thanks to the billiards and good atmosphere. Even the mamasans were nicer than normal.

Pool table

In some gogos the girls look a bit bored and low energy but I haven’t seen that here yet. One girl I barfined was keen to head to HISO disco after sex to continue partying until 6am, then slept over.

On a Monday night girls might be a bit more tired / moody but all the Angeles City walking street bars can be like that early in the week.

I’ve never come across a ‘cherry girl’ in Shipwrecked – ones that don’t have sex, you can only take them out to barhop or at most a blowjob. Like a ‘coyote’ in BKK.

  • Barfine – 2400 (less hot ones) or 3000 (the better ones), two prices
  • Opening hours – 6pm – 3am
  • Location – Middle of walking street, North side. Google Maps (previously ‘The One Eyed Wench’)

#2 Monsoon

Monsoon gogo

Formerly ‘Typhoon’. Next to Shipwrecked and a similar fun atmosphere, Monsoon bargirls are mostly smiling and trying hard to get your attention on stage, wiggling their butts etc. Didn’t see any looking moody.

Haven’t met any cherry girls here, or been rejected for not being Korean yet. There’s no Korean papasan. Long happy hour 1pm – 6pm.

Although Monsoon is fairly small and no pool table, I like it for the barfine being less than 3000 unlike most other walking street gogos, and it stays open longer hours (only beaten by Voodoo which is 24 hours).

Edit: The barfine used to be 2500 and has now increased to 2750, a waitress also said in 2018 it’ll be 3000. Shame.

Bargirl ID Card showing DOB

I also barfined one of my favorite girls in Angeles here. Like one of the Shipwrecked she slept over and it became long time for the same price, usually most gogo girls will leave after one shot.

  • Barfine – 2750
  • Opening hours – 1pm – 3am
  • Location – Right of shipwrecked, middle of walking street

#3 Lollipop

Lollipop gogo

Again some of the most enthusiastic girls, dirty dancing, flirting, talking dirty, lap dances, etc. No shy ones, cherry girls, or ones that only go with Asians that I know of.

A lollipop girl was cool with me taking pics of her, in other gogos that gets a bad reaction even for a drink.

The clothing they wear at Lollipop is some of the most revealing. No Philippines gogo bars have full nudity unlike Thailand (Crazy House in Bangkok, Windmill in Pattaya), at best they’re in bikini style outfits.

But in some Angeles City gogos they’re in uniforms or fully clothed where you can’t really see anything, and can’t tell if they have stretch marks from a baby which is quite common in the Philippines.

Every now and again you’ll find a hooker with a hot body, no baby, 18 – 22 age range, so hot they could easily get a boyfriend or husband to take care of them but they just enjoy the job and lifestyle.

Love it when that happens, totally flies in the face of the western narrative that third world prostitutes are slaves, forced into it, hate it, etc.

Anyway in Lollipop and Shipwrecked the clothing is quite sexy and shows a lot of their body, and if there’s anywhere girls might cheekily flash their body or let you cop a feel it’s those gogos.

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 2pm – 3am
  • Location – West end of walking street opposite Fields Hotel. Google Maps

#4 Icarus II

Icarus II gogo

Update – this bar has changed name to ‘Cosplay’.

The girls in Icarus II are quite young and pretty at first I thought they might be less receptive to a foreigner, it’s towards the East end by the Korean style gogos (Club Ra, Color, Para, Leopard) and Korean restaurants.

But those two girls were great and I’ve barfined twice from here. They are the rare girls that like both white guys and Asians, and are ‘Asian style’. You get some of those in Angeles too but not many.

I.e. skinny, no boobs or butt, cute face, 18-20 age range, will be barfined by a Korean guy if you don’t get in there early but will be happy to go with you too.

Icarus II is quite small with only about 6 – 8 girls but the barfine is cheaper, it’s open earlier in the morning if and they’re surprisingly cute.

But girls move around a lot so if you’re reading this in the future (it’s July 2017 now) I wouldn’t be surprised if those girls aren’t there anymore. I’m hesitant to recommend it that highly yet.

Some Korean guys like to ‘sponsor’ a bargirl, take her out of the bar and make them their live-in girlfriend, stop her working, control her movements etc. It’s a bit annoying. About 2-3 months later it just ends in disaster, they break up and the girl is back in the bar again.

Icarus 2 is so named because there’s another Icarus in Angeles City, on Teodoro Street.

  • Barfine – 2500
  • Opening hours – 12 noon – 8pm
  • Location – Opposite Royal Amsterdam hotel

#5 Shooters

Shooters gogo

Once again in Shooters they’re all quite DTF, flirty and into foreigners, it doesn’t have many girls (10 or so) so I rank it lower but they’re all having fun and the barfine is cheaper like Monsoon. Worth a look.

They do have some cherry girls but I managed to barfine a new 18 year old one for sex after going twice, one lady drink each time. The mamasan told her I looked like a nice guy so why not go to get some experience.

Some cherry girls never go out for sex, some do rarely but then keep that title, some are cherry girls only for white guys, some say they have ‘have menstruation’ as an excuse if they’re scared to go with you.

Some bargirls even claim to be virgins yet they’re working in a bar…

  • Barfine – 2500
  • Opening hours – 3pm – 1am
  • Location – Middle of walking street same side as Atlantis

#6 Viking

Viking gogo

In Viking the girls stand in a Viking longship. It’s a bit Asian style how they don’t really dance dirty they just stand there in the boat waiting to be picked, or do a slight dance then rotate to the other side. This one has a Korean manager too.

But it’s still worth a look because it has quite a few girls, about half of which will be fine with foreigners.

I barfined another one of my favorite Angeles girls from Viking, she’d stay over long time and bang three times for the price of short time, or meet up outside work hours for 2k.

She was sponsored by a Korean guy for a few months but luckily that ended by the time of my next trip.

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 2pm – 4am
  • Location – Middle of walking street, next to Royal Amsterdam hotel

#7 Hollywood

Hollywood gogo

Edit: Hollywood sadly closed down now, replaced by a random Chicken restaurant… weird.

Hollywood is a small gogo with only about 10 girls and they’re fully clothed just standing there.

I like it though for the cheap barfine and there’s usually no one else in there. Something about the way they’re in their regular clothes can be sexy sometimes and I had a really good experience with a girl I barfined from here.

It’s also quiet, no loud music and being so small and cosy you can chat to the girls on stage without buying them a drink, they’re only like a meter away from you.

Definitely worth a look. Closes at midnight so you can try getting a girls’ number then meeting up after work, if the girl you tried that with at Icarus II flakes.

  • Barfine – 2500
  • Opening hours – 3pm – midnight
  • Location – Last gogo on the East end, McDonald’s side of walking street

#8 Voodoo

Voodoo gogo

I’ve never seen any hot girl in Voodoo and so I haven’t barfined there, but it has a great party atmosphere, and I’m writing this list more with white mongers in mind.

Ugly chicks are very enthusiastic and are up for anything. If you like fatties or older looking girls and want near-zero chance of getting rejected you’ll like Voodoo and the others above Voodoo on this list.

I’ve taken pics in Voodoo like in Lollipop in exchange for a drink and asking first. Would normally get a negative reaction elsewhere and in Thailand.

Has a long happy hour 2pm – 8pm and it then stays open all hours. So it’s the only place still open when HISO disco closes (about 5.30-6am) and the sun is coming up, many go to Voodoo to keep drinking.

Because of that and it having some of the cheapest drinks you might find some disco girls there, or be able to invite some there off the street. If you’re picky though that’s probably the only time it’s worth going.

It would be better if the barfine was 2200 that’d make more sense with the quality of the girls, then it could call itself the cheapest gogo on walking street. Currently the cheapest are 2400 – 2600 barfine (Monsoon, Rhapsody, La Bamba, some of Shipwrecked, Hollywood, Icarus, Shooters, Club XS, Para bar, Color).

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 24 hours
  • Location – Middle of walking street next to Kokomos hotel. Google maps

#9 Atlantis

Atlantis gogo

If we’re going on size and the most girls, the best gogo bar in Angeles would be Club Atlantis, with around 60 – 70 dancers and two floors of seating. It’s the biggest on walking street.

It would also be the best in terms of entertainment, they have some gymnast level pole dancers and choreographed costume shows. But some girls only dance and don’t ‘go out’ (you can’t barfine them).

Atlantis is a bit more Asian focused. You’ll see Koreans making it rain with scrunched up 20 peso notes from the 2nd floor. But I’d still put it on this list because there are so many girls. Tons of western guys still go.

The setup is like a fishbowl Asia style when no dance shows are going on, girls on the 2nd floor sit quietly and wait to be picked with laser pointers.

Many Atlantis girls will still go with foreigners but the two most pretty, young, slim ones I tried to barfine wouldn’t go out. To find out, ask the mamasan.

I like Atlantis when the shows are going on, quite cool to watch. I don’t like it if I’m on the hunt to barfine. Even though it has the most girls many look bored. Probably because they sit alone for long periods of time.

The only two ones I liked didn’t let me barfine them, one only went with Asian guys and one never went out. She was just a hot dancer.

I’ll probably find one to barfine there soon. Once girls sit and drink with you they usually get more lively.

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 9pm – 4am
  • Location – First bar on on the right, West end of walking street

#10 Dollhouse

Dollhouse gogo

Similar to Atlantis, Dollhouse has a lot of girls, 40 – 50, the second largest Angeles gogo. Two doors down from Atlantis. Officially it has 70 dancers and Atlantis 100 but not all are there on one night.

I haven’t barfined a girl here yet either, and some girls look bored. In bigger gogos they have a lot of competition, won’t all know each other and gel as a team.

It’s more like a meat market than a bunch of girlfriends partying like in Shipwrecked, Lollipop, etc.

But again there are so many to choose from and once they sit with you they warm up. Some decent dance shows to sit and watch too, like Atlantis. Many guys would consider these two the best Angeles gogo bars.

I’d put them in the top 10 Angeles gogos whether you’re Asian or not, for the cabaret shows and number of girls. Plenty to choose from no matter where you’re from, I just haven’t seen many I like yet.

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 7pm – 4am
  • Location – Atlantis side of walking street, two doors down Google Maps

#11 Centauro

Centauro gogo

Formerly ‘Carousel’. Had a German manager 2 years ago then changed owner and name, also a German guy, who shares the work with a Filipino – American papasan.

The girls rotate on a moving carousel, only Angeles City gogo bar I’ve seen with one of those, and most seem pretty happy and upbeat. About 20 – 30 girls.

Open til 6 but the girls go home at 4. Some go to HISO, one girl said to meet me there then came to my hotel, so I avoided the barfine. I did spend a lot on drinks and ping pong balls though.

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 6pm – 6am
  • Location – second walking street gogo on West end after Club Atlantis

#12 No 7 Bar

No 7 gogo

At the East end of walking street there’s are some clothes market stalls and kebab stands. Behind that there’s No. 7 bar in the corner.

Girls are fully clothed and only 5 – 10 of them but I did find one cutie, ok experience. If there were slightly more girls and a 2500 barfine it’d be better.

Some look a bit bored but about half are enthusiastic, worth a look while buying a kebab or there’s some Thai food and sushi stalls too. You’ll see ‘Um Bar’ too but there’s no barfine there, it’s just for karaoke.

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 6pm – 3am, earlier if no customers
  • Location – Viking side of walking street, far East end

Korean restaurants

Best Walking Street Gogos for Asian Guys

On average you’ll get a better reception in these being Asian and a worse one being white, if you picked a girl at random. Still worth taking a look though wherever you’re from.

I like ‘Asian style’ girls as well so I go to these gogos too. One time a girl asked to check how big my dick was in the CR (toilet), before agreeing to let me barfine her.

Asian guys will also be well received at Atlantis, Dollhouse, Icarus II, Viking, No 7, really all the gogos. It’s rarer to find a Filipina bargirl who goes with foreigners but not Asians, than it is to find the opposite.

They might not like Asians but they consider them easier customers so rarely turn them down. I asked some bargirls about that here and here.

#13 Apple

Apple gogo

Apple bar has a Korean manager who has managed to bring in some hot girls. I’ve barfined two girls here who didn’t mind both Asian and white guys so I’ll rank this #1.

Overall less dirty dancing though, less looks, less flirting etc. just standing there looking pretty.

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 1pm – 2am
  • Location – Middle of walking street, North side

#14 Club XS

Club XS gogo

Club XS has a Korean manager for the day shift, he was keen to tell me ‘we’re not just a Korean bar’, which is true, many of the girls will go with foreigners, sadly those ones aren’t that hot.

One of the ‘models’ with a higher barfine wouldn’t even sit with me for a drink, she stayed on stage when the mamasan tried to call her. The mama explained she must only likes Korean / Japanese guys.

I managed to talk to her and she agreed to go with me for only oral, no sex. I was happy to pay 3.6k for that, she was so hot. Then she changed her mind in my hotel saying only handjob, and clothes would stay on.

Luckily the bar reimbursed me. I still like Club XS for the dance shows and the billiards upstairs.

  • Barfine – 3000 or 3600 for ‘models’
  • Opening hours – 3pm – 3am
  • Location – Middle of walking street same side as Royal Amsterdam hotel

#15 Club Asia

Club Asia gogo

I would love to be Asian for a day just to bang some of the girls here. There are about 3 – 4 cute ones that have all refused me saying they ‘dont go out with white guy’.

One in particular that is really stunning. Some girls here look underage it’s a bit weird, but they have ID cards around their neck.

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 7pm – 4am
  • Location – Near High Society disco, same side

#16 Dragon Bar

Dragon gogo

Up a set of stairs on the right of Club Asia, Dragon bar has dance / model shows, similar to Club XS.

Mostly asian customers, one or two pretty hot dancers.

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 6pm – 3am
  • Location – East end of walking street, HISO side

#17 Club Ra

Club Ra gogo

Go up to the top floor above the Korean family KTV to find Club Ra. Has some dance shows and hot police uniforms.

A cute blonde bargirl here said she had ‘menstruation’ so couldn’t go with me, then 30 mins later I saw her changed into her clothes walking out with a Korean. I went back when her period would’ve been over, then she said ‘only barhop’ 🙂

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 6pm – 3am
  • Location – Middle of walking street next to HISO disco, upstairs to top floor

#18 Arcadia

Arcadia gogo

Has a lot of girls and many will go with foreigners. I’ve barfined one girl here and it was pretty decent. My friend had a bad experience though, starfish, awkward, in a lot of pain, etc.

She was a ‘Korean style’ girl. And looked unhappy in the bar as many do at Arcadia. They don’t really dance or do anything just walk in a circle.

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 8pm – 5am
  • Location – Middle of walking street, same side as HISO disco

#19 Club Equus

Club Equus gogo

Connected to Arcadia, you can walk from one to the other via an inside door and see the girls on either side. Have to pay for any drinks you have before moving though.

Similar to Arcadia, quite a few girls but just standing there walking in a circle. Slightly more lively and DTF than the Arcadia girls.

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 8pm – 5am
  • Location – Middle of walking street next to Arcadia

#20 Leopard

Leopard gogo

Got a pretty bad reception walking in here they all looked pretty unhappy to see me, some young cuties though. Oh to be Korean for a day!

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 12 noon – 8pm
  • Location – Towards McDonald’s end of walking street, South side

#21 Color

Color gogo

Similar to Leopard, pretty standoffish. Under 10 girls. Has a Korean manager who bowed and said hi.

It has a cheap barfine but require you to buy a lady drink first on top of that.

  • Barfine – 2300
  • Location – Towards the McDonald’s East end of walking street on the opposite side

#22 Para Bar

Para gogo

Next to Color, same layout and under 10 girls as well.

Same barfine as Para bar, same disinterested looking girls.

  • Barfine – 2300
  • Location – Towards the McDonald’s East end of walking street on the opposite side

Other Walking Street Gogo Bars

I don’t see many hot girls in these bars but you might as well pop your head in if you have time.

Let me know if you find any hotties in these, you never know the best girls can turn up in unusual places.

#23 Red Bar

Red gogo

Only 4 – 5 girls on stage, once barfined an ok girl off walking street who said she worked at Red bar but it was under renovations at the time.

Edit: Now Red bar has got better, barfined a great one here in November 2017 and a friend also had a great experience.

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 5pm – 2am
  • First bar on the West end of walking street opposite Atlantis

#24 Bad Boy

Bad Boy gogo

Open really short hours and seemed a bit miserable, think this one has a Korean manager too.

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 6pm – midnight
  • Location – middle of walking street next to Apple bar

#25 Bamboo

Bamboo gogo

Very enthusiastic girls that like foreigners and maybe the coolest design but I haven’t seen any good lookers at Bamboo. Like Voodoo with less girls and open shorter hours.

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 6pm – 3am
  • Location – middle of walking street near Arcadia, same side

#26 BarNana

BarNana gogo

Haven’t seen any maganda ones at BarNana.

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 5pm – 2am
  • Location – middle of walking street near Viking

#27 Champagne

Champagne gogo

Champagne needs to hire some sexy bargirls.

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 6pm – 4am
  • Location – middle of walking street next to BarNana

#28 La Bamba

La Bamba gogo

A small gogo, haven’t seen anything decent yet at La Bamba.

  • Barfine – 2400
  • Location – West end of walking street after Dollhouse, same side

#29 Lancelot

Lancelot gogo

Formerly ‘King’s Landing’. Never seem to see any hot girls here at Lancelot.

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 6pm – 3am
  • Location – Middle of walking street near Shipwrecked

#30 Owl’s Nest

Owl’s nest gogo

Owl’s Nest has a pool table like Shipwrecked but very few girls (only 2 or 3 on stage sometimes) and all on the older / fatter side.

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 6pm – 3am
  • Location – West end of walking street before Shipwrecked

#31 Q Bar

Q bar gogo

Haven’t seen any foxy ladies or angels at Q Bar.

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Location – West end of walking street opposite Dollhouse

#32 Rhapsody

Rhapsody gogo

Only 4-5 girls, nothing ever caught my eye at Rhapsody.

  • Barfine – 2400
  • Opening hours – 6pm – 2.30am
  • Location – corner of walking street and A Santos

#33 Salambo

Salambo club gogo

Quite a few girls, worth a look, haven’t seen anything I wanted to barfine yet.

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 5pm – 4am
  • Location – towards West end of walking street same side as Shipwrecked

#34 Valhalla

Valhalla gogo

One of the smallest walking street gogos, Valhalla only has 3 – 4 dancers.

  • Barfine – 2800
  • Opening hours – 4pm – 2am
  • Location – West end of walking street same side as Dollhouse

#35 Gecko’s

Gecko’s gogo

Gecko’s is also quite small.

  • Opening hours – 2pm – 2am
  • Location – West end of walking street Atlantis side, next to La Bamba

#36 – Sapphire

Sapphire gogo

Tucked away behind some clothes stall and a laundry place down an alley, Sapphire is as small as you’d expect, not many girls and no hot ones that I’ve seen yet.

  • Opening hours – 3pm – 1am
  • Location – End of the alleyway near Royal Amsterdam hotel on the right

#37 – Las Vegas

Las Vegas gogo

By the West entrance to walking street, on ladyboy corner where Phillie’s restaurant is, if you take the road heading right there’s a few more gogos. Not technically walking street but that route links back to it by where Kokomos Hotel is. Haven’t seen any sexy Filipinas at Las Vegas.

  • Barfine – 3000
  • Opening hours – 7pm – 3am
  • Location – Raymond Street

#38 – The Body Shop

The Body Shop gogo

On the turning if you hang a left after Las Vegas to link back to walking street. Haven’t seen any hot bodies worth paying for here.

  • Location – Real Street

#39 – Agasya

Agasya gogo

Next to The Body Shop, I thought Agasya was closed down at first, it looked dead.

Whenever I looked in there was only one girl dancing on a large stage, Manila KTV style, and 2-3 others sitting around looking moody.

  • Opening hours – 7pm – 3am
  • Location – Real Street

#40 – Tropix

Tropix gogo

After Agasya. I didn’t see any hot bargirls at Tropix.

  • Opening hours – 5pm – 2am
  • Location – Real Street

#41 – Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace gogo

After Tropix. Has a lot of girls on two levels, like a mini Atlantis, but I didn’t see any I liked. I took a quick video (bottom of this page).

  • Opening hours – 6.30pm – 4am
  • Location – Almost opposite Tequila Reef restaurant

#42 – Club Eden

Club Eden KTV

In between two gogos and a Filipino guy outside said yes they have a barfine here, so I went in, then was told oh there’s no barfine. Not sure what the deal is.

May have been because I’m not Asian, or they didn’t want to admit it, or it may just be a family karaoke / restaurant type place. 2-3 girls milling around.

  • Barfine – n/a
  • Location – Between The Body Shop & Crystal Palace

#43 – Um Bar

Um… Bar & Karaoke

Not a gogo, no pole dancers or barfine. But a few decent looking hostesses that drink with you, and it’s still Angeles City walking street so the girls might be open to P4P. Being Asian would help at Um bar.

  • Barfine – n/a
  • Opening hours – 7pm – 3am
  • Location – East side of walking street by the kebabs and No 7 Bar

In total I count 41 Angeles City walking street gogos, a few karaokes (some on the road North of walking street too, Mitchell Avenue), Bretto’s sports bar, HISO disco, then a bunch of coffee shops and restaurants.

A couple small bars ‘Perfect Life cocktail bar’ and ‘Black Pearl cocktail bar’ with 1 – 2 old girls and a 1.8k barfine, on A Santos past Swiss Chalet hotel, opposite Rob’s Gastropub and Wild Aces Poker club.

Then more gogo bars on the rest of Fields Avenue West of walking street – Angelwitch, Soya (2200 barfine), After Dark, Camelot etc. – and the Perimeter West of ABC Hotel.

Edit: There’s also Aura Bar on walking street, tucked away down a small alleyway where the entrance to Aura hotel is, on the left. I missed that one until recently. Now Hollywood has closed, and counting Aura, still 41 gogo bars.

Clark sign in the park North of walking street

Best Times of Day

All Angeles City walking street gogos are open every day of the week but opening times vary, some open at noon, others 6pm. Some close at 7pm – midnight, others 3 – 5am.

Girls work different shifts. Hotter ones work at night starting from about 6 – 9pm. Happy hours are often around 6pm – 8pm too so that’s a good time to go.

Leave it too late and they might have been barfined already. Korean guys often go out early and barfine fast. After midnight it can be better to just head to HISO disco on walking street rather than do the gogo bars.

Early in the day you could get a girl from the bars that open earliest – Icarus II, Leopard, Color, Para. Then in the afternoon Monsoon, Shooters, Viking start opening.

Then the bigger gogos like Atlantis, Dollhouse, Centauro open in the evening. The latest closing ones are those along with Voodoo (open 24/7).

Friday and Saturday nights are the most lively, early in the week girls can be a bit tired and hungover, or might take leave to go to their hometown – nearby Subic, Olangapo, Dagupan, etc.

If they are working weekdays though, less customers in the bar / disco can work out well for you.

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Kandi Realty rainy promo

Best Time of Year

During low season some girls might take time off but during peak season (Xmas time) boyfriends and sponsors might come over and take girls out of the bars.

During rainy season there are guys selling umbrellas everywhere and the rain doesn’t really affect things.

Overall I don’t think it really matters what time of year you go. Angeles hotels and condos lower their rates a bit in low season but the cost of living in Angeles is cheap already.

You can find better value for money than hotels by looking on Airbnb for a short stay apartment. Philippines hotels are usually overpriced for what you get compared to elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

You can set up dates with sexy Pinays ahead of time by using online dating sites like FilipinoCupid, Pinalove and AsianDating, filter for ‘Pampanga’ which is where Angeles City is. Then save money on barfines.

Tell me your Angeles City stories in the comments below or let me know if you spot any errors on this page. Bar names and barfine prices can change frequently.

Check @nomadphils Instagram for lots more pics and video of Angeles walking street bars, girls, and food.

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Making it rain at Crystal Palace

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  1. Maxpower says:

    Damn…could have used this article two days ago. LOL. I will be back though. Until next time Angeles.

  2. kick2dante kick2dante says:

    some words i had typed up that wasnt quite enough for a post

    Experience with Bargirls in Angeles City

    I lived in Angeles for close to two years and didnt pay barfines but had run ins with girls from the bars. Sometimes I ended up banging em, other times not.

    Ponytails Bar

    This is one of the few girly bars in Angeles City I actually spent any time at. Why? Because it was open in the day and when I was having a freelancing bj specialist over sometimes I would go to Ponytail’s first, buy a 50 peso water and stare at ass from the front row.

    The first girl I met from here I actually met through Facebook. After we knew each other for a month and hadn’t met she randomly asks if she can come over 1 night.

    She had a pretty face and a nice body but no tits. We are in bed and my hands go between her legs and there was some sort of a bump. I have no clue what it was but I had just gotten over molluscum so wasn’t risking it.

    She didn’t give bj’s so we had a very awkward ummm ok bye moment. I saw her a year and a half later at a pool party, she was the only girl at the party to do a solo booty shake on stage and Ponytail’s won the booty shaking contest because of her, sigh.

    The other girl I banged from there wasn’t much of a story. Met her at SM on her 2nd day in town (no really!) and she came over once. Tiny little thing with solid B’s, fun times.

    Club Asia Timewaster

    Had a buddy in town and we went to this bar, there were quite a few Filipina girls with big tits inside and my buddy had a girl with him. She got the biggest tits of them alls number for me, but she would never come over.

    She said things like ‘I think you have a big dick because you are white, I don’t like big dicks’ and ‘all foreigners like that blowjob, I never give that.’ I never even had asked about a blowjob and she just randomly said that.

    I ran into her on the street one day and she couldn’t speak much English. I continued to make attempts cuz of the titties but it never played out.

    Really hot Dollhouse girl

    I met this girl on Facebook when I first moved to town. I actually saw her sisters pic on the High Society Facebook page and worked my way around to her.

    The older sister was a smokeshow, but I think I liked the younger (19) year old a bit more and she was the one that replied. I am pretty sure she was a student and not working at the bar at that time.

    We sent some texts back and forth but nothing ever came of it, I invited her to movies but she never said yes. I left Angeles but then came back and bumped into her at SM a year after we had texted.

    I didn’t even know it was her, I just saw a really hot girl buying groceries in a tight t-shirt that showed a perfect stomach, a rarity in Phils. So I gave her my number and she texted me.

    A couple days into us texting I had an epiphany and realized it was the same girl. Sadly once again nothing ever came of it. I was in Angeles for another 3 or 4 months after this and saw her a few times.

    The first was out in front of SkyTrax in a long romantic kissy face hug with a 60 year old Korean dude. After vomiting I walked by and checked out her ass.

    Then I saw her in Hiso one night, again with a Korean but at least this time he was younger. This was one of the few girls I met in Angeles that I would pay 2k or more.

    Club Atlantis Girl

    Finally back to a success story! Well, kind of. So I met this girl on the road to the left of Walking Street, I think she was dropping off laundry or getting a dress hemmed or something.

    I walked by and did a double take and was like umm ya thats a hotter girl than I usually see so I gave her my number. She texted me and after some lengthy negotiations we settled on 1500 for a 2 bang hour short time.

    She comes over and was pretty damn hot, once again an in shape stomach which is so hard to find. We bang one time and right as I say get off I’m about to….. she runs straight to the bathroom and throws up blood.

    I give her 1k for the 1 pop and that was the end of it. I also banged a girl from Crystal Palace a couple of times but the 2nd time she came over her pussy smelled like arse so I didn’t have her over again. I am sure there are others that I am forgetting.

  3. DJ Tommy says:

    JSPILL how much do you think you’ve spent on pay for play in total (all places you’ve been to)? Bonus Question: Do you regret some of it/wish you’d spent less?

    • jspill jspill says:

      Maybe 20-25k usd, no regrets that’s not much over about 6 years. All in SE Asia and it’s usually great here, it’s not drastically different from non P4P in this part of the world

      Must be over 200 by now and pretty sure under 500, and some were repeated. SE Asia prices in the $10-$150 range.

      Many health benefits of sex, language / culture exchange, some lifelong friendships, and through blogging / networking I made a lot of that back already

      • DJ Tommy says:

        Thanks for replying. Good stuff, I always enjoy your posts.

        I can see how going to a new country and banging a few hot girls adds to my life experiences. What I can’t see (yet?) is how doing let’s say 50 girls at the same place would be interesting? Kinda like more of the same thing, no? I know no two girls are the same, but you know what I mean …

        What does sex generally look like? How long & do you use performance enhancing substances?

      • jspill jspill says:

        Learning languages in each spot unlocks new parts of your brain and is very fulfilling. Then you see the country in a new way and get amazing GFE, and can get more mileage out of it. I learnt Thai to a pretty high level while having fun mongering, can read and write with conversational fluency. Less boring that way, developing a skill at the same time.

        Then you can do way more than 50 girls in each place but how are we defining ‘place’. You can travel to the home towns of the girls you meet, or go solo and meet more girls in those random locations, you don’t need to limit yourself to the main red light districts. Go all over the country.

        I’m still relatively new to the Philippines, about 4 months total so far over all trips. Dante was there for years I originally just built the site for him then started adding extra info myself. So I still have a whole new language to learn and more random places to explore. You should be able to get a good few years out of each country, and at least 100 girls, I’d say, learn the lingo, become an expert then move on.

        It’s fun being good at things. Exploring new cities and working out how to excel in them is like a video game. No ties, if I get bored then Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Burma… then go back somewhere you’ve been and it’s all fresh again.

        But it’s not like sex is the only thing on days off I’m just living a normal life, gym, podcasts, blogging, self improvement, learning about whatever interests me lately, but in low cost of living countries that give me more free time to pursue whatever other life experiences. More disposable income and flexible working hours never gets boring.

        It’s usually great chemistry, little or no difference to a non hooker if you’re selective, pick ones you vibe with that can freely choose their customers, and your age / hotness is the male equivalent of theirs. Arguably it’s best to do hookers when you’re younger and save serious relationships for when you’re older. The reverse of how people think it should be.

        If you’re someone they would sleep with under other circumstances does it really matter if you save time and pay? Many SE Asia hookers do go out partying after work and bang guys they like in clubs when they get horny (RooshV posters that then write datasheets about where to pick up for free 😀 ). The sex is often just like having a girlfriend, all night, bareback, oral, whatever.

        Many hookers love the sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle, earning money then splashing it around. In the West we’d call these golddiggers and we’d be looking up to the wealthy guys banging these hot sluts. Moving to SEA is just like becoming that guy, because you become effectively several times richer here. There isn’t a difference between the hookers / freelancers here who can choose their customers, and the golddiggers back home, other than price point and it being a bit more direct and in your face.

        But mostly Asia is just taboo and stereotyped, even if you marry a girl from here people joke about it being a hooker or mail order bride… many girls in the West would be hookers too if like SEA there was no welfare money. Or golddiggers. In first world Hong Kong there’s a new phenomenon ‘compensated dating’ –

        Western countries have the website ‘seeking arrangement’. Where do we draw the line between golddiggers and hookers? Really there’s no difference, the third world just gets demonized, people hear about brothels where where girls can’t choose their customers, underage girls, exploitation, etc. But that’s a small % of it usually involving local men not foreigners. I have no interest in that.

        Ed drugs – I need a bit of help to get started whether or not it’s P4P. Not sure if it’s because my dick is so huge or what but it doesn’t quite fill up with blood as much as I’d like, and I find my body overheats easily at which point I go soft. Even if I didn’t I think I’d still use low does every time as they’re great fun. As said some girls want to go all night and do the job because they love sex and it’s what they’re good at. Not all but there are so many to choose from you can find the horny ones it’s usually pretty obvious especially if you’re learning the language to a good level in each place.

        There are western hookers too who explain they love sex and that’s why they do it – the documentary ‘a very british brothel’. It’s often the same in Asia just they’re slimmer and hotter. Sure there are some who are drug addicts or have emotional issues or whatever but they’re easily avoided.

        • DJ Tommy says:

          You actually make it sound very appealing and made me reconsider.
          Before, my thought process was as follows:

          1.) See really hot 10/10 Thai girl.
          2.) Ask myself, “Really worth paying $75 for a few minutes of pleasure?”
          3.) Decide not to in most instances.

          Do these ED drugs make sex more intense or fun? For me regular sex would be like lets say 4 minute and then I’m okay now I want that orgasm and I finish off.

          No idea where to get stuff or even what to use. Where do you recommend a beginner starts which stuff?

          Pure gold. Glad your comments are public so everyone else can benefit from the info!

        • jspill jspill says:

          Not more intense but more fun in the sense you don’t lose hardness in positions where you might otherwise, I lose it a bit with the girl on top, or lifting the girl up to bang standing.

          They lower the refractory period (recovery time between bangs) which not many people know. So you can bang more times in a night.

          They make you last a bit longer if only because you’re slightly more numb. But there’s one in particular I like that makes you last a lot longer, Grakcu. A ‘herbal’ one but the Thais probably put something in it. It’s made in Thailand.

          350 baht for 6 pills at Sukhumvit Soi 13 pharmacy, which I cut into two. Low doses are fine for a younger guy.

          Or buy a box of 50 kamagra jellies for 1000 baht, I take half and stick the other half in the fridge for next time. They’re all over lower sukhumvit street stall between Soi 4 and 15 and every pharmacy around Nana or Asoke, no prescription required. I’ll do a post about this soon.

  4. Cuck says:

    I usually have better luck with girls who works at smaller bars. I heard most girls start at the small bars because they have a friend or a cousin working there then move to bigger bars when they find out they can make more money there.

  5. nightlifeguy says:

    thats a huge list, interesting to see that some of the smaller bars have the best atmosphere

  6. RumandCokeMan says:

    JSpill & Dante,
    How many Phils or Thai p4p girls did it take for the novelty/newness/excitement of punting to wear off?

    Does it vary much by country (i.e. Some countries girls aren’t as good as others whether we’re talking p4p or ‘normal’ girls)?

    • jspill jspill says:

      Hasn’t worn off! Your paygame improves over time so it keeps getting better. Haven’t spent much time in the places I think are worse (Cambodia, Vietnam) to really find out, but I’d say those. Thailand, Philippines & Indonesia the best imo. Laos I count as extension pack to Thailand.

  7. Eric says:

    any advice in p4p scene to protect from STDs…apart from wrapping up and lubing well?

    • jspill jspill says:

      Yeah not a lot you can do really, everything can be caught if you wrap up too. Not many guys wearing latex scrotum guard + condom afaik. I know a guy with herpes from condom sex and several with gonorrhea / chlamydia / UTIs from blowjob bars… condoms bought here tend to break or come off inside the girl quite often for me as well. Bring a box of a western brand over.

      Some guys apply a betadine antiseptic wash after sex, some grow their pubic hair long, some take pre-ep (pre-exposure) antiviral meds like acyclovir / truvada that are said to lower herpes and HIV transmission rates, lots of strategies out there. I tried acyclovir and got bad acne on my back, even at micro doses, apparently that can be a side effect because the immune system reconstructs. So I stopped.

      Some pre-emptively take azithromycin (brand name Zithromax, strong antibiotic) a few times a year or after a mongering trip. I do that too.

      Everything has arguments for and against, ‘they’ say don’t take antibiotics if you don’t have symptoms because it kills white blood cells, overuse of betadine might dry out the skin and cause cracks actually increasing STD risk, iodine lotions aren’t effective, antiviral meds harm the kidneys, long pubic hair is gross, etc. etc. just have to research as much as you can and decide for yourself.

      Keeping your immune system as strong as possible helps, eat healthy, exercise, little alcohol, I find I don’t miss drinking at all since I stopped. Some STDs like like molluscum mostly affect those with a low immune system.

      • Eric says:

        this is a lot of helpful info and good insights into how to approach….like your blog posts, your answer comes off as unbiased and straight to the point

  8. Farang Kwai says:

    If you want a pic of a Thai go go whore just check the bar’s Facebook or Twitter. They ask have them and they all post pics of all the chicks (and plenty of unsuspecting customers caught in the pics).

    Good roundup on A.C. the Korean bars are harder to pull whores but most of them are used to bareback and don’t complain if you cream pie then. The gooks got them used to that kind of treatment. It’s a good bargain.

    The cherry girls are supposed to actually be virgins verified by the town health department, but it’s bullshit.

    Colors is the best. I took two whores out of there last month. Just as I was cumming i pulled out of one and unloaded in the other. One of the best experiences ive ever had and only 4600 pesos!

    Sad to see blow row is gone. Aren’t there any places left where you can fuck or at least get sucked off in the bar like star of light here in Bangkok??

    • jspill jspill says:

      Lol classic.

      Yeah I have some pics of Thai bargirls in another post. Wish more gogos put up regular pics, it’s only a handful of BKK gogos that do it and hardly any Philippines gogos? Or it’s just a few super old pics.

      Yeah a ‘Cherry girl’ from Camelot even challenged me to ‘go to health’ with her when I didn’t believe her. Barfined her only for oral. I had her lie down in prone bone telling her I’d only rub my D in between her buttcheeks. Then I ‘accidentally’ slipped in the tip because she was wet from the oral. Went in fine, was really loose.

      Good to hear Color has got better, they all seemed a bit miserable a few months ago.

      Hmm a friend got a BJ in the toilet of one of the Perimeter bars but he couldn’t remember which one.

      • Farang Kwai says:

        Bro try the Twitter. Butterflies, billboard, bunnies. Most of the nana bars have new pics of their fuck pigs posted daily. It’s fun like Pokemon to try and catch em all. I love to open the Twitter in the morning and look for whores I’ve already cream pied . A real sense of accomplishment

      • jspill jspill says:

        Yeah I follow those and they’re all on that article above ^^ And Dollhouse, Mandarin, Angelwitch, but that’s about it, I wouldn’t say it’s almost all the bars or daily updates.

        Like 6 bars out of all of Nana? Not counting the ladyboy bars. And 2 on Cowboy (?). I may be missing some.

        Occasionally the general Nana Plaza account will post some pics of girls from the bars that don’t have FB pages, like the Rainbow ones. No general one for Cowboy though.

        Playskool FB page weirdly got deleted when it changed name to Easy Lick. Think Mercury used to have one but now it’s gone as it changed into a ladyboy bar.

        And they don’t pics of every girl in the bar, maybe 50-60%, sometimes reuse pics of girls that aren’t working there anymore, or just don’t have many pics at all (Lighthouse / Spanky’s).

        No page for Baccara / Crazy House afaik, that’s a shame.

        It seems to only be the bars that are owned by / geared towards westerners that do the social media thing, and the more Asian ones don’t.

        Then Philippines bars do hardly any social media 🙁

  9. Denis says:

    I read your article and was surprised. After reading it i have an impession now that the most part of the girls in Angeles City do not want to go out from the bar with a white guy, but only with the Asians. Where this racism from ? Don’t they have yet the plates on the entrance “no blacks” ? Who are they to refuse ? The prostitutes, the lowest caste of society from the poor country does not take $ and tell me that she won’t go with me ??? I offer them to go with me for free ? This is their job…
    The second impression i got from your article is that the most part of the girls are ugly in Angeles bars, if you find a nice looking girl, you have a big chance that she will refuse you and will go with and old Korean guy… WTF ???
    The next month i go to Boracay for one month, i have already booked a villa there and i would like to take with me a couple of the nice girls for a full month. What would you recommend me ? I was intended to choose a couple of girls at the bars of Angeles and to take them for a full month. How much will it cost, i mean how much should i pay to a bar ? Or, in my case it would be better to find the freelancers for this purpose ?
    Thank you…

    • jspill jspill says:

      I wouldn’t call it racism, just personal preference / economics. Asians are easier customers – smaller average penis size, and they tend to cum faster (or so girls tell me). Some girls are scared white / black guys will have big dicks and bang them for hours.

      Then sometimes if Asian guys see a girl going with a white / black guy, they’ll gossip about that, not want to go with her, so she loses future customers. A good looking girl (by asian standards, young looking, petite, fair skinned) knows she can get tons of Asian customers and doesn’t want to risk ruining that. It’s annoying but there’s been a bit of a Korean invasion of Angeles, tons of them move there and invest.

      It’s not ‘most of the girls in Angeles’ though, you can still find good looking ones that prefer big dicks, want to be banged for hours, etc. It just comes up from time to time, and when it does it’s usually in certain bars – the ones with more Korean customers – that’s why I listed them. You can still try those bars though, there are no plates on the entrance. Just something to bear in mind. It’s like in Bangkok some of the hot ones in Baccara gogo, Soi Cowboy, only like Asian guys, but go to Billboard gogo, Soi Nana, and more of them like non Asians.

      Bear in mind it’s not their job to go with you it’s their job to dance, talk, and get lady drinks from guys in the bar. Anything that happens outside the bar is totally up to them, they only go with guys they like, not just anyone that has $. Sometimes the mamasan might pressure them to go if they never go, in some bars, but in general bargirls can choose and only go with guys they feel comfortable with.

      I’d pay as you go rather than commit to a whole month with a girl you just met. You’re setting yourself up for a bad time if you try to pay for a month in advance. Stay flexible.

      I’d just offer the cost of the barfine for every day she’s with you (so 2500 – 3000 / per day) then fly her back if you get bored. A freelancer should be happy with 1000 / day if she really likes you, 2000 / day if not.

  10. Jiminy Glick says:

    Turned down by an Angeles City girl?? I’m white and that has never happened to me. I’ve seen plenty of Indian and Arab guys get turned down but never a white guy.

    • jspill jspill says:

      It’s rare but it happens in a few places, to me it was in Club Ra, Club XS, Dragon and Atlantis, those kind of places are a bit different. The on-stage performance is a bigger part of the job, they have choreographed dances / costume shows / ‘model shows’, they often call them ‘showgirls’. They don’t go with guys as much, unless it’s what they see as an easy customer then they’ll go.

      Whereas in somewhere like Centauro, Shipwrecked, Lollipop, Monsoon, Shooters, most of the bars they’re just standing there on stage next to a pole, waiting to be picked. No real ‘show’, apart from maybe shaking their ass a bit. You’re less likely to get turned down there, apart from Club Asia I also got turned down there and it’s just a stand next to poles kind of place.

      There are also ‘cherry girls’ who turn down everyone regardless, I’m surprised you haven’t come across one yet they’re fairly common. Club Asia had several last tike I was there.

    • southernallstars says:

      in the p4p scene in PI there definitely are Korean only girls, who naturally tend to look above average, since they obviously can afford to be picky. It’s also more than in LOS.

      I think it might be a reason why AC went all the way from white retiree paradise to Koreatown within a decade, but with so many chinks there now, perhaps their VIP treatment will be coming to an end.

  11. prince says:

    After reading this comprehensive review of gogo bars on fields Avenue (good job btw – Jspill) I couldn’t help but reminisce the good old days, some 15 yrs ago when I first discovered field’s avenue. Those were some of the best days I can recall. Sadly those days are long gone after the invasion of the Korean’s. Being Asian myself, I have to say I never had any issues with any of the bars in terms of going in and never encounter any refusal per say. Infect, didn’t event thing that was possible unless it was time of the month.

    15 year ago, 3k would have got you the cream of the crop and it started from as low as 800. There was even once, as I walked down Fields Avenue I was approached with an offer as low as 35 peso n you can imagine the shock. Unfortunately as good as the offer was, I refused (n those days we did the refusing), partially because she looked under aged in all that makeup.

    After returning many times, we than noticed the influx of Koreans who spoiled the market with their $$$. Generally they will change to the smallest denomination which I believe is 1 pesos, and say you changed us$5 worth of 1 pesos, it comes to a bundle of cash which they will throw the whole lot from a balcony n the ladies will go wild, fighting with each other to collect as much of the 1 pesos as possible. Since then, the Korean’s has made a small settlement not far from fields avenue n it’s growing every year.

    Most of the big gogo bars are actually owned by Australian, Russian, Koreans n others. If you’re looking for nice looking girls than u need to penetrate the Korean owned bars since they hand pick those good looking ones and also cater for their Korean customers. Unfortunately money talks, hence u will get girls only interested in Korean and or Japanese since they pay n tip well.

    As to Indians, Arabs n white boys, not sure on the Indian front but most pino girls hate Arabs because they are very abusive n disrespectful and that’s coming from the girls I question. As to the white boys, it’s the cock I’m afraid, n I’m not referring to them being small, Just the opposite. Most pino girls as you have seen are small in size n generally so is the pussy. Not all can take a huge monsters so they will play with you n ask how big is your cock. You want to get lucky, say it’s small…. I know it hurts to say it. lol

    Have a great day.

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