Cheap Hotels in Manila I Stayed At

Despite the fact that living cheap in the Philippines is very easy, one thing you will come to find is that hotels and apartments are way overpriced compared to other Asian cities.

Cheap hotels in Manila

This is one place where you really get bad value in the Philippines but I can point you to a few cheap hotels in Manila that won’t hurt you too bad.

Cheap Hotels in Manila

Makati Apartelle

The best value hotel I have found in Manila.  It is in Makati, but it is not in the nice area of the business district.  It is also not near the night life and Burgos Street.  However it is only a short cab ride away and I have even walked from it to Burgos and Greenbelt, but I would not advise that.

It will cost you about $25 a night (1085 pesos) and you will get a nice apartment size room.  Actually there are two rooms, one has a small living area with a couch and chair, plus a small kitchen table, a kitchen sink, and a refrigerator.  You can even rent a hot plate for 100 pesos a night.  Then there is a separate room for the bedroom.

You aren’t going to find better value than this in Manila, and even though they will not do month discounts it is not a bad idea for a long term stay because you don’t have to put up a deposit or deal with getting your own utilities.

Durban Hotel

Durban Hotel is located walking distance from Burgos street and has a very nice price at under $30 a night for their smallest room.  That is definitely a great price for a Makati hotel, however the problem is when I say the smallest room I mean it is a tiny little box.  There are some bigger rooms that cost a bit more, and the location is great, but overall I do not think it is quite as good as Makati Apartelle.

Tune Hotel

Another option for a cheap hotel in Manila is Tune Hotel, also in Makati. If you book online you can get a price around $30 a night.

If you aren’t familiar with Tune they will try to charge you extra for petty things, even the use of a towel.

However if you book online you can get all that they have to offer for 1 price.  It has a better location than Makati Apartelle but costs a bit more and is a much smaller room.

Duck Inn

If you are comfortable taking on some of the rougher streets Manila has to offer then you can stay at the Duck Inn in Ermita.  It is close to Robinsons Mall, LA Cafe, and other tourist places that may interest foreigners.

It’s about $30 a night and you get a decent sized room.  There is also a bar downstairs with a pool table and some girls to chat with.

This area is pretty sketchy, you should be fine as long as you have some common sense, but if its your first time in Manila you will be much better off staying in Makati and checking out the other areas in the day and judging for yourself whether you would be comfortable in them.

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  1. jspill says:

    room in the pic looks like a bit of a dive

  2. kick2dante says:

    thats bad for a cheap hotel room?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Staying at durban now…they have some construction going on so they dropped the price $7-10 it seems…i am in a queen bed room

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