ZZYZX Club | Picking up Prostitutes from Manila Discos

ZZYZX is a disco in Manila popular with Korean guys and Filipina prostitutes. Mostly 18 – 30 year olds fist pumping to EDM and Hip Hop. Similar deal to High Society in Angeles City, and J Ave in Cebu.


Sexy pinays at ZZYZX club

ZZYZX Hooker Costs

The cuter working girls at ZZYZX disco go home with guys for around 3000 pesos ($60) net. For older chicks or near closing time, you can try for 2000. They may stay short time (1-2 hours, one time sex) or longer if they like you, depends on the girl.

There’s no barfine as it’s a nightclub (the hookers there are freelancers, working for themselves). So it’s a cheaper option than bikini bars on P. Burgos, where it’s 2900 pesos barfine + 3000 short time on top.

Cover Charge / Drinks

ZZYZX club is free admission, and drink prices are reasonable (100 pesos or so). Same price if you buy a girl a drink (unlike the 300 peso lady drinks in Gogo bars).

Like HISO and J Ave you can pay extra for a VIP table (3000 or so) if you want to look cool but it’s not really necessary to pick up girls at ZZYZX.


Laser lights & bottle service

Opening Hours

ZZYZX is a good option late at night since it closes at 6am. Doors open at 10pm but it’ll be empty until about midnight or later so don’t bother going that early. It’s more of an afterhours club, like Climax in Bangkok.


Malate is a central district in Manila, West of Makati and North of Pasay. Then ZZYZX is located right on ‘Remedios Circle‘, a roundabout in the middle of Malate with tons of bars. Taxis will know it. There’s another club in Malate named Exclusiv, a bunch of KTV bars and LA Cafe, a more laid-back hooker pickup bar.

Dress Code

ZZYZX isn’t a super fancy club like Valkyrie, there’s no dress code, but I’d make an effort anyway and the girls will respond to you better. You can wear shorts / flip flops / vest etc., but I wouldn’t.

ZZYZX Meaning

The Malate club’s name is another example of how the Philippines closely follows US culture. ZZYZX is a road you hit driving from Vegas to LA, and an abandoned town in the western Mojave desert. Nicknamed ‘the last place on Earth’, given its name so it would be last in the dictionary.


The last place you go on a night out before home?

My First ZZYZX Prostitute

So you don’t have to be Korean (I’m not) to pick up some pretty cute hookers there but expect a little bit of bitchiness from the hotter ones.

I can understand why Dante hates hooker discos in the Philippines because some of the working girls act as if they’re not hookers, and want you to ‘game’ them before they’ll agree to have sex with you (for money).

Pinays are a bit more likely to get offended than Thais, if you just walk up to them and ask if they’re working. Even if they are.

Is She Working?

So the girl I liked the look of wasn’t acting like a freelancer at all. In discos like this there is always some percentage of normal girls just out partying.

One could break down the girls at a hooker disco something like this:

  1. Normal, ‘good girls’ with jobs who like going to afterhours discos. Not many of these, but occasionally it’s a friend’s birthday or something so they’re out partying later than usual after other places have closed.
  2. Lost tourists, whether non-Pinays (Korean / white chicks) or girls from a different part of the country. I once met a cute nurse at Insanity club in Bangkok who looked shy and out of place. She explained she had no idea where to go, asked a taxi and he’d taken her there (Bangkok cabbies get paid a commission for each person they take to certain afterhours clubs, usually the ones full of hookers).
  3. Girls who are bargirls / special massage girls / KTV girls / some other type of semi-hooker during the day, but aren’t necessarily after money at the disco that night. They’re mostly just out to have a good time with their other semi-hooker friends, in their downtime. They might even bang a guy they’re attracted to for free. I once knew a soapy girl in Bangkok who’d bang old Asian businessmen three times a day, then go to Route 66 club and bang young white guys for free, because she had plenty of money and was genuinely horny.
  4. Hookers who at the moment have a ‘boyfriend’ / sponsor who gives them money every month. They enjoy drinking and partying and are out spending their sponsor’s money on expensive bottles as a sign of status. They’ll roll their eyes when you try to hit on them and act like princesses, and you’ll wish you were in a Gogo bar instead where you just point to a girl and take her home.
  5. Girls who are friends with the disco freelancers. They haven’t been home with a customer yet but are slowly being introduced to the idea of getting paid for sex, by their friends. They’ll be shyer than their more experienced friends, not really approach or look at guys, stay in their group, and only go home with a guy they really like and feel safe with.
  6. Young shy disco freelancers who aren’t very good at it, they’ll just shyly stand by their table nursing one drink with their bestie, maybe look at over at a guy they like then look away. They’ll make more eye contact as the night goes on, wondering why guys aren’t approaching. They might only go to discos near payday when they’re running short on money.
  7. Hardened disco freelancers in there every night, who lock eyes with you, pretend to bump into you by accident, come over to clink glasses with you, touch your back as they pass you on the way to the ladies room, wear very revealing clothing, etc. These ones are easy to spot and arrange paid sex with.
  8. A bit older, confident MILF type non-hooker who has a bit of money, disposable income to go out partying, and is into foreigners (because Asian guys don’t like chicks over about 28). She knows foreigners go out to afterhours discos, so she goes too. She may have worked in a bar at some point in the past but now is looking for more of a long term boyfriend situation.

That night in ZZYZX a type 8 bought over two beers over to our table, announcing they were for me and my friend. He’d noticed her looking over earlier.

I said salamat and while she got talking to my friend, I kept looking over at the girl I liked.

She wasn’t approaching guys, mostly she just danced alone on the raised platform by the dancefloor then went back to her table and sat down. But two of the other girls in her group kept dirty dancing with different Korean guys. Her friends looked like freelancers, so I liked my chances. Maybe a type 5 or 6.


Korean guys on the dancefloor

You Like My Friend? Ok How Much?!?

I told my mate I’d be right back, left him with the MILF and went over to their table. Part of me was nervous, the other part of me saying don’t be ridiculous it’s the Philippines and it’s a hooker club. Still, it’s possible to get rejected by a hooker in a disco.

One of her friends saw me coming and smiled and giggled before I could get to the girl (who didn’t make eye contact). Coming up to me she drunkenly shouted ‘I like your friend!’, I replied oh great I like your friend too.

‘Which one?’ she asked and I pointed her out. She spoke some Tagalog to the friend who got all embarrassed.

I invited them over to our table which was now empty and my mate made small talk with the loud girl while I asked the one I liked for her number. At this point I still had no idea if she was working or not, because she got shy and walked off after putting her name and number in my phone. No indication at all that she was there to find a customer that night.


ZZYZX girls gossiping

That was about 5:40am and 20 mins later the lights went on, the whole time she’d been sat down over at her table with her friends not really looking over. I’d expected her to at least text – I had sent a message to confirm I had the right number. Even shy girls can text you back.

So I went over to their table again, some old Korean guy sitting nearby grinned and asked ‘which one do you like the most?’ :D. I pointed to my girl.

Loud girl saw me again and shouted ‘You like my friend? OK HOW MUCH?!?‘ I looked at my girl for some kind of reaction but she just looked at the floor. I look back at loud girl, and mouthed ‘3000’. Again they spoke some Tagalog to each other, then nod at me like I’ve passed some test.

Another girl came up to me to playfully punch me and shout ‘You pay her!’, ‘You take care her ok?’ and words to that effect.

I later found out my girl had been only been to ZZYZX a few times before and was 19 years old. So fairly new to the game. Sometimes shy disco freelancers won’t ask guys for money the morning after, so this was her friends making sure she got paid. Fine by me.


ZZYZX bouncers

Taxi Home

As I walked out the sun was already up and taxis waiting outside. One of the bouncer guys walked me the 1 metre to a cab, opened the door for me and the girl, told the driver my destination then asked for a tip 🙂

The traffic was already pretty bad getting back to Makati, next time I’ll try to leave a bit earlier. And my girl passed out on my shoulder, then again on the couch when we got back.

We took a shower, banged, then she left after another cat nap, probably to go to work somewhere. Sure enough she didn’t ask for money but I put the 3000 by her handbag and she shyly took it.

She was a bit nervous at first, but very cute. The good thing about type 5 / 6 disco freelancers is they often have this ‘girl next door’ look, and no weird marks / pregnancy scars / tattoos on their bodies like some Gogo girls. Often they’re a university student in the daytime, or work in a coffee shop / hair salon or something, and only go out to find guys for sex in discos from time to time.


Sunette Tower on P. Burgos

If I’d met her on Filipino Cupid or Pinalove I’d have no idea she was a working girl. This type of girl probably does have a profile on a bunch of dating sites, freerolling the chance to meet a rich handsome boyfriend.

Overall I have mixed feelings about hooker discos, it can be annoying not knowing where you stand with a girl, whether she’s expecting money or not, and if she’s going to get offended or not if you ask too bluntly (even if she is working). On the other hand you can meet some really cute girls who’ve seen less dicks, and save money on expensive Manila barfines.

Since ZZYZX club in Malate is open til 6am it can be a good option if you didn’t meet any Pinays online or in the bars that day. Dress up a bit and be tactful. Sometimes it’s better to get their number and send texts back and forth rather than directly bringing up sex in conversation, or try talking to their friends.

ZZYZX Club Location

22 Responses

  1. kick2dante says:

    oh good more prostitutes that are a little bit bitchy, prefer korean guys, and you can find them in a disco

    sounds like just my spot

  2. jspill says:

    Well me and bluegrass aren’t Korean and we do ok there. Some of these Koreans dress pretty bad, see the shorts and flip flops in the pic above.

  3. thibault says:

    “Sometimes shy disco freelancers won’t ask guys for money the morning after”
    i think we all subconsciously know how this would have ended with dante

      • kick2dante says:

        if i were in a place like that id be confirming if they want money or not from the 2nd thing i said to them

        • SouthernAdventurer says:

          Whats the first thing you ask? Are you a ladyboy?

          • kick2dante says:

            well first i would say hello, then i would ask if they want money

            i only ask if they are ladyboy if i meet them online cuz i can tell in person…. or of course if in person they look they possibly might be

            • SouthernAdventurer says:

              Don’t be so sure. I’m freaked out right now because after getting head (and damn good head at that) and even showering with her I figure out one I’ve been seeing is a post-op. She informs me while doing the deed that she can’t feel anything down there. I’m like WTF thats a first. I’m afraid to ask at this point.

              • jspill says:

                You get a pass cos you just arrived, its harder to tell at first

                Post op is very rare though, it’s expensive

              • SouthernAdventurer says:

                I’m not the only one. I’ve become friends with this cool filpina and I showed her pics of her and she swore up and down she was a girl. Who knows? It sucks because she gave the best head I’ve ever had.

  4. SouthernAdventurer says:

    I’ve never seen so many Koreans as I have since I got here. And damn there was one of the only 9’s I’ve seen since I got here at Calyx while I was there. She was married to this guy that must be loaded because he’s ugly as shit. If I stayed there longer who knows because we always made eye contact in passing. I’ve never been one to knowingly pick up women who are married but she was fine as hell.

  5. kick2dante says:

    post op in phils? huh

    when i first arrived i was in a constant state of ‘is it or isnt it’ but after months you figure it out

    i have handed my number to a handful of ladyboys in the mall over the years, each time i thought there was a decent chance they were….. but if they werent their fake curvy bodies woulda been ridic

    they say yes ladyboy i say sorry bye

  6. harley says:

    Can’t see myself paying 2000 or 3000 to a Pinay, even if she’s super hot. The most i’d ever dare to pay is 1000 that’s all…. and if just “transportation” comes out of her mouth then that goes down to 300 only.

    Maybe when i’ll get older and uglier I will start paying girls, but for now i’m just damaging my phone’s touchscreen spamming all the dating sites trying to set up free dates on a daily basis.

  7. harley says:

    Yeah sure… But 1500 at most then let’s say bottle of vodka 3000 divided by 3 if with friends that’s 2500 + 500 pesos for food. That could be a good party indeed. The drunker they are the more fun.

  8. profits101 says:

    you were linked here… I think ur getting to be the go-to on the low-down…


    hmm, make that two links.. ur getting popular as the authority I think…

  9. Cuckold says:

    Okay I just came back from the club and here are my thoughts:

    It’s a good reasonably priced club the tables start at 1500 peso and the sml is 100 peso. The music is edm and the Dj is excellent. The place is very crowded and you will feel out of place if you don’t get a table. Not many working girls except on weekends and they are mostly only interested in Koreans. The smoking ban is heavily enforced but they have a smoking room in the second floor. There are some working girls outside that you should avoid I saw two girls turned around for being underage and they just stood outside looking for customers.

    Final thoughts it’s a good cheap club to get a table and get drunk. Bring your own unless it’s weekend and go crazy

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