Where to Meet Backpacker Girls in Manila? Z Hostel

Z Hostel Makati

Western girls and Asian tourist girls tend to avoid Manila. if you read any Facebook group backpackers will be like ‘Manila is a dump fly out asap‘. I assume they can’t handle the traffic, hookers, red light scene, etc.

There’s not much to do for girls in Manila. It’s a bit of a man’s playground so most tourists and expats you’ll see are guys. White girls usually want to head to the beach to get a tan.

Z Hostel sky bar

Let’s say you’re not that into Asian girls… where then to meet western girls in Manila?  Or maybe you want to hookup with tourist Asian girls that are backpacking. Some Pinays backpack too.

Z Hostel on Don Pedro street, Makati, has a rooftop bar where you can go drink even if you aren’t staying there. Pretty small but has quite a few backpacker girls, western, Asian and Filipina.

Z Hostel rooftop bar

It’s actually only seconds away from P. Burgos, so if you strike out you can always hit the gogo bars.

Most of these girls don’t venture that far. The furthest they walk is basically the 7/11 at the start of Don Pedro or Pura Vida reggae bar on the other side before they leave Manila.


Maybe they get a cab to Greenbelt mall during the day. But it’s funny they’re so close to all the hookers and naughty stuff they usually avoid Manila because of.

Tourist girls tend to just be passing through Manila, staying in a cheap dorm room to meet other travellers before flying out to Boracay, Palawan, or some other island destination.


Room start at 750 pesos ($15) a night for an 8 person mixed dorm. If you’re travelling alone you could even stay there and meet western girls / asian backpackers that way.

Although you won’t be alone long in Manila if you just hop on dating sites.


There’s a 200 pesos breakfast buffet and if you stay there you get a 20% discount on Manila MMA / Muay Thai / Boxing / Jiu Jitsu lessons.

Private rooms are $50 so that’s not really worth it when Gramercy is only $30-40 on Airbnb.

Classes at Team Insider boxing gym

There’s no cover for the rooftop bar, just a minimum 300 pesos bill, you get a bracelet for 300 and use that to buy drinks / food. Bar snacks like chicken nuggets and sausages.

I see quite a few Pinays at Z Hostel being very receptive to foreigners so it can be a nice predrinks spot before heading to Burgos. Two very different scenes.

White girls & Pinays

Sharpen your day game skills here then work on pay game just over the road. Pura Vida reggae bar next door is good too, quite a few cute girls go there.

There must be other places to meet western girls in Manila but so far everywhere I go I see hardly any, just a few in malls. Another thing you can try is the Facebook group Philippines Backpacker / Traveller.

13 Responses

  1. Reader says:

    Looks like someone’s gonna have a threesome with the colored hair girls.

    Idk why any halfway decent looking western girl would come to the pines tbh. It’s still an all in your face 3rd world shithole and even though they have some of the best beaches in the world, it’s a pain in the ass to get to them, so there is no reason to pick the pines over Thailand. I’d say it’ll mostly be couple with the guy having a plan (I have never met a girl who was decent at planning anything).

    • jspill says:

      Lol true. No Khao san road type area in Manila either afaik? And hardly any direct flights to beach spots, usually have to go via Manila

      Some might come if they’ve read the news about all the deaths in Thailand lately, around Koh Tao

  2. Jasper Laguitao says:

    I don’t see any foreign girls there
    Planning to pick up some there

    Is there any chance ?

  3. Jasper Laguitao says:

    Also did you know
    Z hostel used to be palacio ni don Pedro before
    Where it’s a massage parlor with sex
    I’ve been checked in to some rooms before there hahahaha

  4. Jasper Laguitao says:

    No more massage sex parlor there in makati
    I usually go to quezon avenue for massage parlor

    But There’s a sex den with young girls in front of A.venue
    It’s beside the cellphone shop

    Last time I went there . I got a white skinned Filipina who looks like Jessy Mendiola with Braces . Tight pussy

    Total damage was 2k php

  5. Jasper Laguitao says:

    Yup that’s it
    Just wait till you get inside
    It’s more rough hahaha

    Just remember , it’s for pussy and sex hahaha

    • jspill says:


      Btw would you be interested in doing a post? I’d pay for your time, you have lots of good manila info. Tried emailing you but it didn’t work. Get in touch on Facebook if you like

      • Jasper Laguitao says:

        Sure bro . I’ll message you in Facebook .
        Even as a local I circle metro Manila to get different kinds of whores . May it be high class or low class . Adds to the thrill of our short lives

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