Your First Date In Cebu

Finding a girl in Cebu for a blind date isn’t hard at all.


This Jolibee date tricked my buddy with photo filters, but luckily had a good personality

It’s the ‘second city’ of the Philippines so pretty populated, there’ll be some sexy Pinays online waiting for a foreigner to invite them out.

Just hop on PinaLove or Filipino Cupid and many will be up for anything, some will be fine with having the first meet be in your hotel or apartment.

Some Filipinas will want to be wined and dined a bit though – but the nice thing about taking a girl on a date in the Philippines is that you can take them to some of the nicest places in the city and it won’t cost that much compared to back home.

Where to take a date in Cebu

These are my pro tips on where to take a girl for that first date in Cebu.


This may sound like a joke but it’s not.  Filipina women love Jolibee (their version of Maccas).  Many would rather have a spaghetti and spicy chicken from Jolibee than a more expensive meal from a nice restaurant.

You may feel like a cheap bastard by getting this for her…. but you are really just getting her what she wants.

Mango Square

Filipina chicks love music so taking her to Mango Square for some drinks and dancing will get her into the mood quicker than anything else.

Do your best to not stare at any of the scantily dressed hookers around if you can avoid it.   There is also a bakla comedy show that she will enjoy, if you don’t fancy a nightclub. Just know as the foreigner you will be the butt of many jokes.

Plus karaoke – to the right of J Avenue. Linked this video before but this was the place:

Ayala Mall

I’m really not one for ambience and all that but even I can’t deny that Ayala is a really nice place and a great spot to set a romantic mood for the night.

Take a date to any of the outdoor restaurants on the terraces and things will go well.  The majority of the Philippines is dirty and undeveloped… Ayala is one of the few places that feels first world and she’ll be happy to be a part of that for a while.

Most of the restaurants at Ayala are only going to be around $5 a meal so the prices will stay low.  Banana Leaf, Casa Verde, and Gilligans are all good options.

After the meal you can buy her a gift to get her in a better mood, or maybe see a movie.

IT Park

Another place that feels like the first world in the middle of the third world.  Pro tip: you will know you are in a nice place if there is actually grass growing.  Both Ayala and IT Park have that thing that is such a rarity.

Many of the same restaurants that you will find in Ayala will also be at IT Park.  Casa Verde and Moon Cafe are both favorites of many Filipina girls.

Da Vinci’s Pizza is some of the better pizza I have had in Asia and is really cheap.  A 12 inch pizza will cost you around $5 and she will only eat two slices so you will have plenty for yourself

On the Date

Dating Pinays is easy.  Be kind and a gentleman and things will go well. They aren’t that picky.

Getting them to show up on time… or at all… that’s another matter.

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  1. jspill says:

    does cebu have starbucks? you buy dates gifts? such as?

  2. kick2dante says:

    don’t even get me started on starbucks

    such as 60 cent brownies 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cno tga pasig kta sagot agad

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