Guy Tells Girl Her Pics Are On This Blog, Girl Doesn’t Mind


How cool and chill are Asian girls?

On the 11th I posted a story about taking a girl on a date to the beach, no nude pics, nothing offensive. Just trying to help guys with date ideas.

On the 14th she messages me the link. There’s no way it’s even indexed in Google yet so it must have been from a regular reader.

She says she doesn’t mind about the pics, just didn’t realise I was banging girls from every country. I explained it’s a joint blog, not all the pics are mine and it’s mostly about helping guys find a girlfriend in Asia.

Then the conversation moved on, next day I notice she’s on a beach again. She says I wish you were here because I have no one to take pics of me, and sends me more pics.

Beach islands

Then teases that it’d be good if I was there so she would have tons more pics of herself.

I assume she still grinds dating sites actively so he recognised her on there.

I don’t know why he told her, perhaps by some fluke it wasn’t a guy but most of the readers of this site are male. Most likely explanation is he follows this content because he’s a horny guy looking to bang a ton of girls around Asia… like me.

So then he thinks ok I’ll tell her about the blog as an ‘in’ to try to get into her pants. Perhaps said something like ‘oh what a bad guy I’d never do that to you’. White knight move.

Off for a snorkel

Now the girl knows you read this type of content, so it backfires. She’s also probably weirded out and shy and will now just start messaging other guys more than you.

Also if you’re reading this blog so closely it must have some use to you, so why jeopardize it by telling girls about it.

Now maybe I just start using boring generic pics off Google images like other blogs, instead of real pics. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Just a thought, and a good example of how laid back and chill girls are here for the most part (just don’t post their nudes online). Whereas a western girl would probably sue me.

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  1. Spirit maze says:

    Jesus. Worst nightmare. This could have gone horribly wrong for you man….like, getting your balls cut off and fed to the ducks (I heard that’s what angry Thai women do to men that cross them). Real dick move from whoever ratted on you. Absolute wanker. Makes me think twice about ever making my Pinay bang blog public.

  2. That’s pretty kickass that she didn’t mind. Reminds me of David Bond a bit. Don’t white knight, kiddos.

    • Henry says:

      who is David Bond?

    • jspill says:

      I’ve seen that guy in Thermae several times, and in Billboard gogo screaming at the waiters over the bill. He might be paying hookers to pretend to be ‘dates’.

      @Henry he’s a PUA marketer type. Charges people to sub to his private video ‘vault’ where he coaches you how to pull Thai girls.

      Creates fake publicity that he is posting nudes of girls online, basically pretends to be a Thai girl and emails the news sites, they then do a sensational story on it and he hopes to get lots of traffic and paid signups. But ruins things for the reputation of western guys here because other Thai girls believe it. Google ‘David Bond Thailand’.

      He should’ve just done a normal travel / girly blog without the fake stories and may have made more money (his site doesn’t load on Thai IP so there’s a lot of expat readers cut off) and not given tens of thousands of Asian girls a bad image of foreigners (did it in other countries too, created a fake prank style video about stealing a Chinese guys’ girlfriend, with actors, got millions of youtube views).

      • Yeah, he’s drawing a shit ton of negative attention. He also seems to have a bad temper, even worse than mine lol. He was mildly successful in Cali, but tbh I can’t tell. It’s very easy to reinvent yourself.

      • BangkokBaller23 says:

        David Bond is AWESOME IMHO. 😀 I do not pay for any of his content or products; but, have watched all his free videos. He has his little “strategies”. Take them or leave them.

        As far as giving Westerners a bad name….seriously? :p

        • jspill says:

          I saw tons of social media comments from angry asian girls saying get this type of guy out of our country… asian correspondent and coconuts ran stories

          You could make the case that most girls forget quickly and still give new guys a chance but some might think twice or have a bad first impression

          • BangkokBaller23 says:

            My main point is David Bond is just playing into the “stereotypical storyline” (Bad western man takes advantage of good asian girl!) that Asian media outlets wanna use as clickbait/get views. They use him for their purposes; so, he uses them for his. Cool.

            I take issue with their whole BS racist storyline (both the media outlets and the viewers that like their own racist views fed). Example:
            – Thai girl picks up/”dates” 20 Western dudes for her own agenda (sex, fun, $, trips, potential husband, whatever) = NO STORY.
            – Thai guy picks up/”dates” 20 Thai girls for his own agenda (sex, fun, $, trips, potential wife, whatever) = NO STORY
            – Western guy does same thing = NATIONAL NEWS STORY!?!?!

            All of which makes me 😁😁😁🤣

  3. Henry says:

    yeah, only freaks read this kind of content 😀

  4. -Cam says:

    Hehe perhaps she is trying to start a modeling career. Ask which month she wants a month on the nomadphilippines nude calendar :p

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