Where to take a Girl on a Date in Bangkok

Dream World Theme park

This girl DM’d me because she saw my Line ID on my Thaifriendly profile.

That’s an advantage of that dating site (and it’s Philippines version Pinalove, same owner) – it lets you write anything you want in the profile, including your contact details.

Sexy outfit

AsianDating, FilipinoCupid and ThaiCupid don’t, an admin has to approve your profile and will remove anything like that. Because it requires a subscription to send messages.

Best bet is to have a profile on several sites, both free ones and paid ones.

Cable car ride

She didn’t even have a Thaifriendly account though, she was looking over the shoulder of a girlfriend who used the dating site. She said hey click that profile, then added me on Line.

It’s crucial to have an eyecatching profile picture. I was holding a cat next to my face, close up.

They like toys too as well as cats

Then I ran the pic through a white filter, the ‘natural’ effect on Photowonder app.

A free app, it makes your pics whiter. Thai girls love whiteness, whether it’s farang (caucasian) guys or light skinned Asian guys. Your pics get brighter and stand out.

Golden goose

Sometimes Thai girls will forward your profile to a friend if it’s funny or interesting too. So be that guy.

I had written some jokes in Thai, they love it when foreigners learn a bit of the language. Even just typing 555 (means hahaha) or sawatdee (hello) they freak out.

Sky coaster ride

Weirdly some Filipina girls react negatively, thinking it means you’re a ‘player’ if you know Tagalog. I still think on average it’s probably a positive though.

If a Pinay is that ridiculous I don’t want to date her anyway.

Snow town

Then my other pics were of me doing touristy things around Bangkok, to make it clear I was in Thailand and a normal, fun person.

Again I ran all pics through Photowonder natural effect.

‘Giant House’ room

Stuff like eating som tam. Give them a reason to message you, they love asking if you can handle spicy food.

Take pics from sky bars, your condo pool, at the gym, expensive restaurants, etc. Demonstrate value as PUA guys say. Showing off a bit is ok in Asia.

Heading up to the cable car

So I was able to reach a pretty hot Thai girl, who wasn’t even on the dating site, with a catchy pic, funny profile and my Line ID.

Line is the app Thai girls use, on Philippines dating sites I’d put my mobile number. Some girls put their IG or snapchat where their boyfriends won’t find out.

From Jack & the Beanstalk

She felt comfortable to message me, had stuff to ask, and then it progressed from there. Even if had only learnt a few words in Thai script and switched to English when she messaged me, I’d still have her attention.

A few phrases is exponentially better than nothing.

Dreamworld Gardens

Where to take a Girl on a Date in Bangkok

I didn’t even need to suggest a date spot. Usually I default to Moom Muum park restaurant at Terminal 21 mall fifth floor, overlooking the city. This girl was different to most girls I’d dated so far though.

Rather than docile ‘up to you ka‘ responses she took the initiative.

Leading the way

She suggested it’d be fun to go to DreamWorld theme park, and gave me instructions on where to meet her on her day off.

I’d never been but she was hot so I said sure.

Santa’s reindeers

Minivan to Dream World

We met at Victory monument at 9.30am, there are 40 baht vans from there to DreamWorld.

It’s ~30 mins out of central Bangkok. Opens 10am – 5pm so go early to do all the theme park rides.

Admission to DreamWorld is only 480 baht ($14) although some websites say it’s more. This girl paid her own way even though I’d have been happy to cover it.

Jaws movie prop

Best Bangkok Date Spot?

Going to Dream World basically involves taking tons of pics of each other and selfies together against fun backgrounds. Asian girls love it.

Giant’s chair

Not much conversation required either. But many opportunities for ‘touch escalation’ as the PUA guys call it – getting touchy feely.

Whether she gets scared in the haunted house and hugs you, or you put your arm around her in Snow Town to keep her warm, etc.

They have ice sledging as well

Then she will have tons of pics of you in her phone and find it hard to forget you.

You’ll also have tons of pics of yourself which are then perfect to use for online dating site profiles. New girls will message you first to ask where the pics were taken.

Rabbit farm

Especially if you use them on Philippines dating sites as Pinays will have no idea where it is.

Obviously it’s a bit annoying to travel there and ideally first dates would be in your bedroom. But if you need to impress a higher quality chick it may be one of the best places to take a date in Bangkok.

Mecican desert?

There are some fun theme park rides like the Tornado, roller coaster, and in Snow town you can sledge down an ice track.

I took pics by the Mr Bean statue, mini Eiffel tower, mini Stone henge, and with a bunch of birds on my shoulders in the zoo area. Solid gold for online dating sites.

The cable car is pretty romantic, and there are spots you can get a professional photo taken of you as a couple for a small fee.

And the girls love to feed the rabbits.

Best theme park in Bangkok

Dreamworld theme park is pretty safe compared to Siam City Park where a woman died on the log ride in a freak accident.

It’s mostly just family friendly and kids stuff to take pics standing in front of, only a few rollercoasters.

Igloo and Yeti

After the date since the minivans take passengers back to Victory monument, I took her to the Skytrain Jazz Club there.

It’s a roofop bar with live music overlooking Victory monument BTS station, I used to take a lot of girls on dates here when I lived in the area. Good food and international beers.

Skytrain Jazz bar

For Philippines theme parks there’s Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna, south of Manila.

A helpful reader commented that he almost shat himself at how hot some of the Filipina girls there are, lots of 8s and 9s.

Meeting the friend that showed her my profile

If anyone else has good ideas on where to take a girl on a date in Bangkok, lmk in the comments.

17 Responses

  1. Storytime says:

    Haven’t been to dream world for year’s, my only mistake is taking a date to a shopping mall, you’ll end up with empty pockets at the end of the day 55555.

  2. jack says:

    It seems too much effort just to fuck a 6.5, when there are lots of 5’s and 6’s who u will bang way easier.
    Btw, I didnt get how u found her hot… to me her face is not that nice and looking at her arms she doesnt seem skinny.
    After all, did u bang her?

    • jspill says:

      Mixing it up a bit, been writing about P4P a lot lately

      I’d say she’s a solid 7.5 at least but it’s subjective

      I wouldn’t go to this much effort all the time, just an example of where to take a girl on a date in Bangkok that’s a bit different

  3. Akog says:

    But did you seal the deal

    • BangkokBaller23 says:

      Everybody wants to just skip to the end of the movie….
      You gotta just enjoy the movie along the way and “smell the roses”.

    • jspill says:

      Lately girls keep finding the blog cos some guy sends it to them, so I left that bit out on this one

  4. BangkokBaller23 says:

    DHV’ing (Demonstrate High Value), Kino’ing (touch), being F’ing playful (selfies, being loose & silly, etc)…..MY BROTHA!?!?!?!! 😎

    • jspill says:

      Was partly hoping pick up artist terms would be good for SEO 😀 They’re not that important in SE asia and kinda common sense

      • RumandCokeMan says:

        I’d rate the girl in the pics a 7.

        What kind of cunts send the pics to the girls-White knights or feminist commies? No bros b4 hos old school mindset among those kind of readers, damn.

        Just curious-
        Are the better looking SEA p4p chicks usually hotter than the girl in the pics? What do the better looking p4p run for short term ($70-90)?

  5. Dace says:

    loved this post

  6. Spirit maze says:

    Not appearing as a ‘player’ is a really significant issue in Asia. For example, I met up with a girl last week who I had been chatting to for 2 months (that’s a very long time for me without meeting up). She admitted to me, on the date, that the reason it had taken her so long to meet me is because I looked like a player in my photos and she was scared.

    I’m not suggesting that we should pretend to be virgins. But, in my vast experience, I have learned that Asian women are definitely put-off by guys who they perceive are successful with women. Beta bux is a better strategy. Wolf in sheep’s clothing like.

  7. nightlifeguy says:

    nice bangkok day date idea

  8. Suki Sanyo says:

    How is Chiang Mai these days? Good for girls?

    • jspill says:

      Haven’t been in ages but yeah it’s always been pretty good for girls, shouldn’t have a problem with online dating and there’s a small strip of beer bars

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