Where to take a Girl on a Date in Angeles City

Office worker Pinay

‘Angeles dating’ may seem like an oxymoron. Amongst tourists the city is known mostly for the gogo bars.

But there still plenty of normal Filipinas with jobs living and working in Angeles City, it has a population of almost half a million and Pampanga province has 2 million.

Angeles Beach Club rooftop bar

Maybe you’re looking for a longer term relationship with a Filipina girl. Maybe you’re an expat in Angeles for the lower cost of living, relaxed vibe, less traffic, etc.

Perhaps like me you do both P4P and dating.

Central Park Tower wine bar area

There’s not a lot of things to do in Angeles city outside of drinking, eating, SM mall, or golf.

Walking street and the main disco ‘High Society’ is pretty much all bargirls, so maybe not great for a romantic date.

Skybar at Angeles Beach Club

I’ve dated Thai girls that were very relaxed about the reality of prostitution and found it interesting to party in red light districts, take in the sights and sounds, laugh when you get grabbed by ladyboys.

I dated one who’d tell me to walk ahead of her on Sukhumvit just so that would happen. While she giggled and took pics of the street stalls selling dildos and porn.

Central Park Tower rooftop bar

Filipinas on average though are bit more negative about hookers and get jealous more often, so I can’t see a date on Fields Avenue going very well.

There’s also fewer interesting street stalls to look at, just a bunch of guys selling viagra, cialis and cigarettes that they carry. Some are quite aggressive teenagers.

ABC hotel DJ

You occasionally see normal girls walking down Fields, but I think it’s just because it’s a well-lit busy street, a safer route on their way back from shopping at SM mall.

There’s some coffee shops and Royal Amsterdam hotel does good food, but I wouldn’t be that excited about taking a normal girl to walking street.

Central Park Tower rooftop pool

Where to take a girl on a Date in Angeles?

There may be better options I haven’t found yet but these are my two go-to date spots which girls have enjoyed. Two of the best Angeles City skybars.

Central Park Tower lobby

Central Park Tower Skybar

Just off walking street though and accessible without going onto Fields, is Central Park Tower hotel.

VIP booths by the pool

You don’t have to be staying there you can just walk in and get in the lifts to the top floor where there’s a large skybar, restaurant and wine bar open to anyone.

It’s a normal atmosphere without a hooker vibe so it shouldn’t feel weird to the girl that your date is at a hotel. Nice view of the city from all sides.

Free tables

Central Park Tower rooftop is free to enter and sit at normal tables but if you want to use the pool or sit at VIP booths it costs extra.

On the way out I had this guy sing Bruno Mars to my date and I, for a small tip. Said his name was AJ and he was singing instead of begging or selling Viagra and cigarettes. Good for him.

Street performer

Angeles Beach Club

Another skybar, pool, restaurant and club combined. On top of ABC hotel, open to outside guests.


Guys have to spend 500 pesos minimum on drinks / food, you get a bracelet with a number to settle your bill afterwards. Girls are free entry but get a bracelet to track whatever they order.

Then the normal tables are free, bar seating, or upstairs skybar tables. It costs extra to get a fancy private booth overlooking the pool though.

Sky bar

The skybar / viewing area (take your drinks up there) is on the floor above the pool. I didn’t realise it was there at first. Usually empty.

Some Korean girls party at Angeles Beach Club, if there’s one place in AC to meet Korean girls it’s here or HISO disco. If they’re not surrounded by Korean dudes.


Angeles City Dating

You can try Tinder, Wechat or the usual dating sites like AsianDating, FilipinoCupid and Pinalove.

When Dante was living in Angeles City he’d spend the days at SM mall handing out numbers to girls. Then just give them ‘taxi money’ and meet up outside of their shifts if they said they were working girls.

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SM Mall

35 Responses

  1. kick2dante says:

    have the first date at your place. ‘hey i have pasabulong for you at my room na’

    give them a 5 cent cinnamon bun…… walk up perimeter take a left at ministop and 100 meters in on the left… the ones with white icing on top… welcome

    • BangkokBaller23 says:

      Girls just can’t get enough of the Cinnabons!!!
      “…I’m asking the b!$#h “what’s her name?” she telling me Cinnamon.
      I want to put all my glaze on you like a Cinnabon (Cinnabon).
      Started with 100 bricks (bricks, bricks, bricks)…”
      — Migos

  2. Cuck says:

    I wouldn’t date a girl in angeles it seems like too much work just to get cucked but I had girls come from Manila to see me there and they always wanted to see the bars.

    • Normal Nomad says:

      What makes you think they weren’t Angeles girls pretending to be from Manila to fool you into thinking they weren’t working girls?

      (The plot thickens!)

      Not saying this is what was going on, just being devils advocate.

  3. RumandCokeMan says:

    The street performer has a good voice. Pinoys singing very well must be a national thing. The one who replaced the lead singer in Journey is a stellar vocalist.

  4. Jobo says:

    Take them to Jollibee. That’s the only food they like. I haven’t met a smart, classy pinay yet. Even the educated ones want crappy fast food, crappy kids clothes and can’t think about anything beyond the right here and now.

    • Thibault says:

      educated means norhing. they re just brainwashed more. never saw a woman capable of thinking by herself. thats awaited for: women are naturally followers. they abide to thecdomineering ideology, they believe the narrative.

      • Normal Nomad says:

        Man some of you guys just hate women in general.

        “Never met a smart classy pinay.”

        Where are you hanging out? Where are you meeting these girls? Are *you* smart or classy? Are you an old fuck? lol.

        Even in the Phils, you have to give to get, at least a little, these days its not just “be white, show up” you have to have SOMETHING going for you (youth, social skills, “game”, something….)

        Yeah, anybody can bang 5’s for free with 0 effort but they won’t be wowing you with their conversational ability haha.

        • Jobo says:

          Hmm I don’t hate women I’ve been with a hot pinay for a over a year now. I’m young, have money, degree, can pull hot women. Pinays don’t have much to them other then shit they want to buy. Ask them about the solar system or the global economy and you get blank stares. Their president eats with his fingers and sleeps in a mosquito net…. and he is their elite. Guess what I’m saying is that it’s fun to be around humans that don’t have manners of farm animals.

          • Spirit maze says:

            Totally agree with your posts Jobo. The crap food/expensive accommodation is a deal breaker of me ultimately. Expats love to bang on about how easy the girls are, but you still have to flip many stones here if you’re chasing notches. It’s way more effort than it should be…and the the attitude of filipinas are getting more westernized by the day, thanks to thirsty betas diluting the market here. That’s only going to get worse with time.

            The only people who heap praise on the Philippines are the bottom-of-the-gene-pool types like Normal Nomad, who had literally nothing in the West. He gets laid here occasionally with 5’s and thinks he’s in heaven. For the rest of us, we all wonder if the juice is worth the squeeze.

            • Normal Nomad says:


              Says the supposed “8.5” who harps about how I don’t put up with enough bullshit to get my lays.

              YOU my friend are the reason the Pinays are getting worse attitudes. 100 old creepy fucks messaging them on Cupid isn’t even close to the ego boost they get from a “hot” white guy chasing them down and gaming them like they’re Megan Fox.

              The higher your “value” is, and the more effort you put into banging them, they higher their perceived “value” gets and thus the more work you/the next guy will have to put in.

              As I said over and over, if you’re really the attractive young guy you say you are, and you’re really putting in that kind of effort IN THE PHILS you’re doing it all wrong.

              Honestly if it requires that much effort for you to get laid here you ought to move someplace else. Brazil is similar in a lot of ways, weather, womens looks, love of gringos, etc. Thailand is also similar. Both places should be a cakewalk for a guy as good looking as you say you are who’s young and white.

              You’re not utilizing your assets nor valuing your worth nearly high enough, which is flat out amazing because you’re incredibly arrogant.

              • Spirit maze says:

                Nobody said getting laid in the Phils is hard. I’m saying that the Effort versus Rewards + the crappy food/expensive accommodation is not the paradise you paint it to be.

                As I said, bottom-of-gene-pool guys banging 5’s love it here (you). And they dilute the market even more than hot guys like me, and i’ll tell you why. Filipinas love attention and they don’t care where it comes from. They even lap up attention from creepy Indian and Pakistani omegas. I can’t even put a dent in the hordes of thirsty betas who are feeding filipina egos out here.

                I don’t put much effort into chasing women. But I’ve noticed that, even for an 8.5 guy like me, I have to put in at least some effort to get laid here. I can only imagine how much effort a 4.5 like you has to put in Normal Nomad. My brain sweats just at the thought of it, you poor thing.

                • Normal Nomad says:

                  I’m beginning to think this is a counter-intel op to keep other guys from visiting.

                  All right, I’ll play along.

                  You’re right. All the girls are ugly and it’s a lot of work to get laid. Stay away!

                • Spirit maze says:

                  You’re projecting weird fantasies. Your paranoid delusions are a direct result of spending too much time alone in your bedroom, Normal. Get outside and get some sunshine.

                  Compared to The West, it’s not a lot of work to get laid in the Philippines. But it’s definitely more work than it should be.

                  Who said filipinas are ugly?

                • Normal Nomad says:

                  I’m exaggerating your overabundance of negativity.

                  And apparently you’re the only one having a hard time getting laid here. Shit, I see old fucks ugly as hell with hot girls.

                  The reason you’re finding it hard is because you’re putting in way to much effort. You keep chasing and they will keep running away. Start deleting #’s (and make sure you let them know) and watch them beg for your attention. I’m not even good looking and it works for me, imagine the kind of results you will get.

                  Will every girl get her act together? Of course not. But you’re not going to bang every girl whether you follow your strategy or mine, so might as well accept it and take the more efficient route. Give it a shot at least, you’ve got nothing to lose, theres and unlimited supply—girls turn 18 everyday.

                • Spirit maze says:

                  Getting laid daily with different women in Manila is the norm for me – but it takes effort. You shag one filipina per month, who is a 5, and you rather humorously try to dispense advice to The Notch King (me). Your advice is kinda womany too – ‘just delete their numbers.’ That sort of emotional temper tantrum is purely for the realm of the Feminine.

                  I understand that you were a tad unsuccessful with women back in the States, so your monthly shag with a filipina bullfrog probably seems like loads of sex for you now.

                • Normal Nomad says:

                  You’re an angry little toad.

                  No guy who’s good looking and getting laid daily with a different beautiful woman has the time or willpower to get on a random blog and insult some anonymous poster.

                  I feel sorry for you, but I wish you the best. If you put the effort you use to insult others into getting laid, you’ll be a little less miserable. I won’t be responding to your future comments. It was fun at first, but now it’s just the same thing repeating like a broken record and I’m bored of it. Good luck TrollMan.

                • Spirit maze says:

                  Feeding you realtalk is always fun Normal Nomad. Man up for goodness sake you fairy.

                  I’m 6’3, so angry big handsome toad is more accurate.

            • kick2dante says:

              oh look spirit maze is still bragging…… what a surprise

              • Normal Nomad says:

                He’s an Adonis who get’s laid with 9s everyday in Manila even if it means he has to get flaked on 7 times a day and every other guy here is a an omega loser who’s ugly and only bangs 5’s once a month, we should all bow to his wisdom. In fact, I suggest you turn over the domain and site to him, obviously you and Jspill are no match for him, completely “unqualified” to use his words, to comment on Pinays at all……

  5. nightlifeguy says:

    date? doing this city wrong

  6. tony says:

    cost of living in angeles city . is it cheap and how much would you have in the bank ?.to start a new life

    • jspill says:

      Yes it is, have a read of this. I find I spend 2-3x what Dante does but that is still cheap – https://www.nomadphilippines.com/cost-of-living-in-angeles-city/

      How much savings you need depends if you’re living off them or still have an income / pension in place, if you have money coming in then all you need is a small emergency fund, and upfront costs like two months rent deposit, flight ticket, etc.

      • tony says:

        thank you so much. sick of my life in london.spent many years in thailand with my first wife learned the language and everything.want to try philippines before i pop my cloggs .10,000 u.s. dollars emergency fund enough .just want to eat ,monger,die

        • jspill says:

          That’s 166 Angeles gogo girls, should be fine 🙂 Enjoy sir

          • Jobo says:

            The philippines sucks to live here. Pollution and overcrowding. If you want to live in a decent house you’ll pay Western prices. Good food is more expensive unless you can live on the junk food Filipinos eat. If I did it over again I’d find a country with less pollution and overcrowding. Maybe Laos or vietnam?

          • RealGuy says:

            Dont know what you guys are banging on about. Sure Phils isnt the value for money that Thailand is, but its not much worse and the people speak English. My girl is a good cook and I worked out that were spending $0.70/meal. And theyre good food. We spend way too much on electricity, but we have a decent condo in a nice area and were spending less than $500/mo on a short term lease. Thats nowhere near western prices. I need to start taking your crazy pills cause I must be on another planet.

            • Normal Nomad says:

              Let’s be real.

              For the country you’re living in, the prices are too high.

              Condos are fucking shoeboxes and you’ll be lucky to get a lease of 450 for a studio in a decent area. That’s not cheap for the 3rd world.

              The food DOES suck. The restaurants are mostly grease pits, and yes, there are SOME good restaurants, and of course you have your American chains, McDonalds, Burger King, KFC etc. But if you have any care about your health at all, your options are limited and expensive.

              Regarding cooking for yourself, yes, it can be done, and yes, it can be done cheaply. But the meat for example is just sitting in ice out in the open which is incredibly unsanitary.

              No one is saying the conditions are unlivable, but let’s not pretend there’s any reason to visit other than the women.

  7. RealGuy says:

    Been years now, but I thought the Korean restos along friendship hwy and the Japanese resto were good date spots.

  8. m. says:

    to be an asian chick, kolonized 300 years by spanish… before the u.s. americans did command them… to me the main male complex of pinoys is their destroyed selfconfidence next to be blamed to have short dicks…

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