Where to take a Girl in Cebu (2nd / 3rd Date)

Last post was on first date ideas in Cebu, with four suggested venues.


Trying to get her off her phone at Dolce Cafe

But let’s say you want to take your new Filipina ‘gf’ out again… I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious. Maybe this girl is the rare Pinay that doesn’t put out on the first date.  This has you even more intrigued and wanting to impress her.

Maybe she’s the more innocent type. Whatever it is, it’s not as easy as it usually is to get Filipina girls in the sack. She’s a challenge, and one you want to accept. So how do you go about impressing her?

Your Second / Third Date in Cebu

Four more venue ideas, definitely a step up from Jolibee in my last post.

dolce cafe cebu mountain view

Swimming At Holiday Spa

I’m starting with the easiest option that is also the least likely to impress her.  But girls do love to swim and Holiday Spa has a nice indoor pool that you can use for a small fee.

After you take her swimming try another nice dinner at Ayala and IT Park followed by a trip to Mango Karaoke.

If all that doesn’t get her back to your hotel you may have to really push the boat out. Read on.

Papa Kits

Papa Kits is dubbed as a ‘Marina and Fishing Lagoon’ but to me it is more of a nature park.  It has a hotel and restaurant on site, but that is not why most people go there.

The 800 foot zip line is the main attraction and will be great fun for you and your date.  There are many other fun things to do on site.

Explore the ‘jungle’ obstacle course.  There is a rock wall to climb.  Even horses to ride.  On top of that there is the fishing and other water activities.

This is a great way to get out in nature and have some fun.  Most date options are pretty boring for guys (until the fun starts) but this will be fun for both you and her.

dolce coffee cafe cebuDolce Cafe

Dolce is a coffee and cakes place at the top of the ‘mountain’ or large hill in Cebu. Jeepneys head up there or take a taxi if you’re balling out to impress your chick.

I found out about this place when a dating site girl took my friend there. It overlooks the whole city, can watch the sunset and get some good selfies for your dating site profiles.

Nice tables / chairs, all the pics on this page are from Dolce. Was open quite late.

Island Hopping

Camotes Islands are probably the best spot for this and this is where many locals go when they want to go island hopping.  It is closer than Bohol, also less expensive and less touristy.

There are 4 islands here and you can hop back and forth and watch your date walk the beach in her bikini.  Wait I forgot this is a good girl that took 2 dates… she probably will wear shorts and a t-shirt but that’s ok too.

This will not be an easy date.  You will either need to be at Pier 2 in Cebu City at 9am or 5:30pm, or travel an hour plus to Danao just to get the boat to Camotes from there.

There are no ATMs on Camotes so bring enough cash with you.


If a sexy Pinay won’t put out after all that then you found yourself marriage material.  Or if all you are looking for is a casual hook up then it’s probably time to move on, maybe try a different Philippines dating site next time.

If you have any other ideas on where to take a girl in Cebu let me know in the comments.

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  1. jspill says:

    MO2 nightclub is a good non-seedy venue

  2. kick2dante says:

    ya it was fun having you guys rag on my shirts there

  3. savvas says:

    very good comments thank you

  4. kick2dante says:

    you are welcome and good luck on the date 🙂

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