Where to Meet Filipinas Out & About

If I was living in the US and was as aggressive about walking up to girls and giving them my number as I am with pinays I would possibly be in jail by now, and at the least I would be 86’d from all the malls surrounding where I lived.

Where to meet Filipinas

In reality there is nothing wrong with walking up to a girl, telling her she is cute, and giving her your number.  No harm no foul, and that is really the extent of what I do.  But I am quite certain if I did it as much there as I have done here bad things would happen.

I have handed out my number over 1,000 times this past year.  At first I wrote only the digits on a piece of paper and that got me a minuscule 5% text back return.  Then one day I decided to start writing witty and cute messages on them and the percent jumped to about 30%.

That is a much better return on my lengthy time investment because there are days where you can go to a mall and not see a girl worth approaching in an hour.  Or the only ones you see are walking hand in hand with a boyfriend, or with their mom, or in some other bad approach spots.

Where to meet Filipinas – The Mall

Notice I mentioned the mall and that is clearly the best place to make your approach.  You just need to make sure that you do it with some respect, smile, and don’t be to pushy if the girl is clearly not interested.

If the mall is the best place then the street is definitely the worst place I have tried.  For obvious reasons Filipinas are much more leery of the random guy approaching them on the street then they are inside of a mall.  If I see a hot girl on the street I might try it, but usually pass.

One thing I have learned is that for some reason the nicer the area of the city you are in the more likely you will get a text back.  I would figure the poor impoverished girls would be the ones that are more excited to meet a “rich” foreigner, but it actually works better with the more well off girls. So bear that in mind when thinking where to meet Filipinas.

Know your Comfort Zone

When I first started doing this I was far more shy about it than I am now.  It can be really awkward when you are handing a girl a piece of paper and she won’t take it, or she keeps asking “what is that?” and is clearly curious, but won’t grab it.  When you made your approach it was a nice open space in the mall with no one watching, now you are approaching a crowded area with many eyes watching you and all you wanna do is GTFO of there.

The most awkward time for me had to be at Greenbelt Mall in Manila.  I turned the corner and saw this very sexy pinay who was a solid 8 maybe even a 9 that worked in a shoe store leaving her store.  I was about 15 feet behind her and noticed that the crowd thinned out ahead so I waited for my spot and went in.

moments before being rejected by this chick

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Right as I say hi and tell her how pretty she is she is making a turn into the hall for the bathroom.  She is shocked and says thank you and I try to hand her my lil note.  She isn’t sure what to do…… and then the men’s bathroom door opens and 3 guys try to walk out except the door pushes into her.  Now two women turn in from the mall side, and I have caused some huge bottleneck and the girl is halfway reaching for the paper and getting pushed by the door.

I still remember the look on her face, and obviously I never saw her again.

Things like that happen from time to time, they are awkward and embarrassing but whatever.  I actually had the craziest attempt about a month ago.  I had been walking the mall for an hour and handed out my number twice.  I had already ordered a meal for takeout and was on my way to pick it up but found myself behind the hottest sexy pinay I had seen in a month.

But from the start there were many red flags…… A) she was pushing a baby stroller, B) she was with 3 other Filipino women.  I’m actually quite sure it was her mom and both of her sisters.

Normally this is a no brainer that I pass, but again this is the hottest pinay I have seen in a month!  So I try and find the right approach spot and just my luck they are walking to the same restaurant I need to pick my food up from.

Now the mom and one of the sisters walk in and the other one pulls out her phone so somehow I actually get my shot.  I go up and tell her she is the most beautiful girl I have seen in the Philippines, hand her the number, and scurry off.

Now I have to get my dinner.  I have already paid for it and I am not throwing away $5 over shame.  I go to a nearby store and try to bribe the girl working there to go pick up my food but she is freaked out by the crazy rambling foreigner and says no even after I offer money.

The restaurant has glass windows on the front and the girl is obviously sitting right by the door.  I stand by the corner and luckily get a servers attention that remembered me and brought my food out to me.

She never texted me, it was really an awful decision…… but she was really hot and I would try it again if faced with the same thing in the future.

If you have better ideas on where to meet Filipinas, sound off in the comments.

12 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    how about at nightclubs?

  2. kick2dante says:

    why would anyone ever go there

  3. ococcy says:


  4. Greg says:

    What’s an example of a witty and cute message?

    • jspill says:

      i’m so tempted to post dante’s super secret patented message now… really though anything that makes it seem like you didn’t pre-write it to hand out to 100s of girls would work.

  5. kick2dante says:

    sadly i can’t really share mine, i’ve already papered the malls here with 1,000+ and can’t have other guys using the same thing…… just make sure you put a smiley or two on it, think of something they may like to read, and try them out

    if something works stick with it

  6. Swiss says:

    Haha classic read.
    No holds barred approaching machine.

  7. abcdef says:

    My only question is……How much was the bribe you offered to the girl that wouldnt pick up your food for you?I know its a third world country but……hehe

  8. kick2dante says:

    lol she was with her coworker and they both looked at me like i was trying to scam them, i think i offered like 50 pesos, i wouldnt pay any more than that to avoid a little shame 🙂

  9. Dee says:

    What, You have a lot of time in the world passing your number out. Most female don’t call. Guys have to call first.

  10. Henry van der velde says:

    The site Pinalove are big scammers.They block my fraa account,and they block it.And now?i need to pay for the service.They want send me a new MSN code butt they dont do it.
    WARNING FOR PINALOVE SITE.Great Scammers.And they want have respect??What respect.I show always respect to the lady,s I never have a sexual chat.Because i show respect always.

    • jspill says:

      Hmm I’ve never had a problem personally. You haven’t paid for it yet so how is it a scam? It’s a free site. If they block your account it takes 5 mins to make a new one and then just message the same girls you messaged for free without paying. Maybe some girl reported you falsely so they blocked you, it happens.

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