Where To Get Cheap Sex In Dubai

Anyone who has ever been to Dubai knows that nothing comes cheaply here. No matter what you are trying to do you are going to have to spend a lot of money. But we have an idea on where to get cheap sex in Dubai.

You can either try to pay these girls, or you can try to date them. Of course taking a girl out on a date in Dubai won’t be that cheap either, but it beats the prices most of the prostitutes around town want to charge.

This is a city where the wealthy come to have fun and party. If you can afford it you can have all the sex in Dubai that you want to have.

There are some extremely hot prostitutes at the nightclubs and all around town. Girls don’t move here to sell their ass cheaply, if you want sex in Dubai be ready to pay top dollar.

But we know a way where you can cut those costs down dramatically. There are so many Filipinas in Dubai and they will give out cheaper sex than most of the other girls in town.

Getting Cheap Sex In Dubai From Filipinas

There are tens of thousands of Filipinas working in Dubai, that means tens of thousands of opportunities. They come here to work because they can make more money, but many of them are quite bored with their lives.

If you hop on Filipino dating sites like Filipino Cupid or PinaLove and search for Dubai you will find some easy targets.

They end up sending a lot of the money they make back home to their family, they can’t afford to go out and party in the expensive Dubai nightlife.

If you want to try and take them out on a date many will jump at the chance. They love to party and they rarely get the opportunity.

Filipinas are also notorious for being ‘semi pros‘ who aren’t full time hookers, but many will sleep with a guy for some cash from time to time. Just be polite about it and don’t make it sound like you are asking to pay them for sex.

It sounds silly but be like ‘hey want to come over and hang out, I’ll give you a gift.’ Or ‘if you come to my place I’ll pay for your taxi and give you some extra for shopping when you leave.’

Again, it sounds silly, but Filipinas like to pretend that they aren’t hookers. Now you can pay for her taxi and slip her maybe 200 AED extra when she leaves and she will likely be happy with that.

In a country where most hookers want 500 to 1000 AED if not more you just got yourself one heck of a bargain. She may become a ‘regular’ who visits you all the time, or you can hop back on Filipino Cupid and find another Filipina to visit you.

That is probably the way to go, it is easier than dating, probably costs less then a date, and is a guaranteed way to get cheap sex in Dubai. Most of the time Filipinas won’t want to negotiate ‘how much’ but if one does just have a number in mind and don’t be willing to go over it.

If she takes it great, if not there are many more to message.

Other Places To Find Sex In Dubai

Pics via Dubai Hot Babes on Facebook

You can find prostitutes in Dubai selling sex on Facebook groups (be careful of scams though) or in most of the nightclubs around town. You are probably going to have to wait in line, pay an expensive cover charge, and buy expensive drinks just to find them.

Then they are going to charge you way more than the Filipina girls will if you meet her online. If you want to give this a shot and look for more expensive sex in Dubai we have a few places to recommend.

Jules Bar located at Le Meredien is known to be a good place to find prostitutes. Marina has a bar called Byblos where there will be many hookers as well.

filipina-girls-101-thumbYou can also go to the bars at Crown Plaza, or just about any nice bar or nightclub. Girls move to Dubai to sell sex for a high price. They will want top dollar, the Filipinas aren’t really moving there for that purpose and a little extra spending money will be enough for them.

Cheap Sex In Dubai Is Possible

If you go out in the Dubai nightlife then you are very unlikely to find cheap sex. Just the cost of a cover charge, plus drinks for you and a girl will cost quite a bit.

But if you try and meet Filipinas in Dubai that aren’t necessarily hookers, just the semi pros that is your best bet.

They haven’t been spoiled by the rich oil tycoons in the area that hand out 1000 AED like its a 5 dollar bill.

They still think that 200 AED is a whole lot of money. Remember to be friendly, and when you hang out with her treat her well so she will want to come back.

Its just two people hanging out, don’t make it be like you are picking up a prostitute for cheap sex. Instead make it like you are just two friends hanging out, and you are treating her to a shopping trip later because she made you happy.

That is the best way to get cheap sex in Dubai. If you want to read more on how to deal with Filipina girls check out this Ebook. It will let you know how to deal with them so that you once you find a good semi pro you can keep her coming back often.

Or jump right onto Filipino Cupid or Pinalove now and start messaging single Filipinas in Dubai.

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