When Asian Girls Say ‘No’ to Sex

I know that all girls like to show a little resistance before they give it up but Asians really take this to another level. They will do anything to trick themselves into thinking they aren’t sluts.


Take a dating site like PinaLove.  Like 90% of the girls there say they are looking for a ‘serious relationship‘, ‘aren’t there for fun‘, want a ‘god fearing man‘ etc.

Some even go on long rants about how they aren’t there for sex and if you are a ‘playboy’ not to message them because they are looking for their future husband only.

When I was a dating site noob I didn’t even message girls if they said things like that in their profile.  Now I don’t even look at profiles.

90% of girls say they don’t want to ‘play’ but 90% of girls put out on the first date.  Go figure.

‘We Aren’t Going To Have Sex’

If a girl says that to you on a dating site or through text before you hang out then you are going to have sex.   If the thought of sex has even crossed her mind before you meet then you are fucking no doubt.

That is my favorite thing for a girl to say to me before I meet her actually.  It is a 100% return rate.  I have never had a girl message or text me that and then not put out.

when-asian-girls-play-hard-to-getI truly believe you have no reason to ever bring up sex with a girl here before you hang out with her.  It can only hurt your chances and can’t help them.

I also believe that the girls that want to ‘sext’ with you before you meet them are more likely to dick you around and waste your time then any other girl.

That’s been my experience, although there are exceptions.

But if a girl tells you that she won’t have sex with you….. she will.  Go figure.

‘No! Stop! Don’t!’

This is where it gets tricky.  Probably 75% of the girls that you end up fucking will stop your first attempt for a kiss.  They don’t want to think of themselves as sluts and sluts say no.

Some will stop a second attempt, but usually its less aggressively.  Some will even stop a third or a fourth.  In the end they almost all put out.

So how do you know when to stop?  The last 9 girls you have had over all stopped your first few advances but ended up riding you eventually.  Is this girl the same?  Or is she in the 10% that really means no?

I just sort of follow a simple rule:  I will go in for kiss after kiss after kiss but won’t ever progress past attempting that until the girl kisses me back.  I’ll always go in nice and slow so that she has plenty of time to get out of the way.

I also take it really slow whenever progressing the activities.  This is for a few reasons.  A) So I know she really wants to do it and B) she will get more turned on that way, girls love foreplay.

The more the anticipation builds the more turned on she’ll be and the better time you’re likely to have. And less likely that she’ll cry rape when she had 20 mins to stop you yet didn’t.

A lot of girls may push your hands away when you go for the boobs or between the legs.  Just wait a bit, kiss them on the neck some more, and try again in a few minutes.

Also find the girls ‘hot spots’ and work hard on that.  The neck is a common one but there are others.  There was one girl who stopped me over and over.

Then I ran my hands through her hair and gently pulled on it and it was game over.  There was another who would stop my hands from going between her legs if I was kissing her or kissing her neck. But if I was sucking on her boobs she was up for anything.

Know When To Stop

South Park parody PC culture in Season 19

Some girls actually mean no and that is really tough to judge.  Luckily if you progress slowly you shouldn’t be doing anything that crosses any lines.

However there was one girl who I still feel bad about even though I really didn’t do anything wrong.  I met her on FilipinoCupid and she lived very close to me.

I invited her over to my place and she said OK.  She was 19, had rich parents, and was very cute.  She spoke good English and we got along quite well.

She had never met a guy from a dating site before so I was kinda surprised that she came directly to my place.

The apartment off AirBnB I was staying in only had aircon in the bedroom and it was the summer so I asked if she wanted to watch the movie in there and she said sure.

We went in and cuddled next to each other and watched a movie.  20 minutes in I go in for a kiss and she doesn’t move a muscle.  About 5 seconds into the kiss she starts pushing me off.

I stop and she is breathing SUPER hard.  Like out of control breathing.  Apparently she suffers from panic attacks and was having one then.  I contemplated going in for a second kiss but realized this was not the time (hehe) and we moved back to the couch.

It took her like 5-10 minutes to fully calm back down.  She was quite messed up over the whole thing even though it was just a simple kiss.

She said she never even thought I was going to try that and it shocked her.  That she was a virgin and had never been with a boy before.

I gave her a nice lecture about how she needed to be more careful and not show up at strange mens homes and hop right into their beds if a kiss was going to do that to her.

Sometimes I don’t know what these girls are thinking.  She is a virgin and is showing up at my place an hour after I message her online.

Then she says yes we can go into my bedroom.  Then she cuddles against me.  Then she is shocked that I try to kiss her lol.

Candy on Trike Patrol

Sure You Aren’t a Slut Sweety

One of my top hook ups of my life had a funny ‘no’ to it and I always like to talk about that night so here I go again!

I met this CJ Miles looking girl at the mall and we were back at her hotel in an hour.  She had a European husband but came back to the Phils alone for a vacation.

Her sister worked nights and she had nothing to do and when I gave her my number she insta-texted me and we chatted for 20 minutes and off we went.

When we get into the room she changes from nice ‘hi-so’ clothes to a half t-shirt and tiny tiny shorts that had her ass hanging out.  I told her I had been walking all day and wanted to shower and after that I joined her in her bed.

She was being hard core flirty the whole time, and started tracing her finger up from the top of her tiny shorts to her belly button as we chatted.

I went in for a kiss and she moved her head to the side a bit.  I paused and went back in 3 seconds later and we banged all night.

In between rounds 1 and 2 she asked if I noticed how she hesitated and moved away.  Since she did that she wasn’t a slut at all :).

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  1. jspill says:

    That FilipinoCupid chick we went to dinner with that time told me ‘I never do this. I have a rule not to sleep with a guy on the first date’ (this was the morning after banging). Also had Thai girls say the same thing. I guess it’s a saving face thing in Asian culture?

  2. kick2dante says:

    when i saw her at the mall i tried to get her to blow me in the bathroom and she declined so she may have been telling the truth

  3. Brockstar says:

    I’ve never taken home a non-working Thai chick who wasn’t on her period and it typically ends one of two ways; she gives me head, gets turned on and we end up fucking OR she gives me head and is adamant about being on the rag, but spends the night and gives me a few more blowies. I guess it could be worse, actually I know it can I’m American! 😀

    • ItsNotRapeItsSupriseSex says:

      LOL @ the chap who keeps getting head from katoeys. “on the rag” is the excuse they use so you don’t put your hand down their pants and find out about the enlarged clitoris hanging between their legs.

  4. kick2dante says:

    sounds great to me, i prefer bjs 🙂

  5. Phineas Gage says:

    Maybe Im a few degrees before top dead center! I Love your blog, would like to make a profile, but ah jus cunt find where to make a profile. I would love to add my 2 copper pieces bout the kabayan way

  6. Phineas Gage says:

    Sorry if wrong place to post. Ok, Ive only been to Philippines 2x for 3 weeks each. Both times I met my GF there. My GF and I met and work in Kuwait, (Yes, I brought sand to the beach.) The # 2 place for the most OFWs.working abroad. I have all my experience with filipinas , from my 9 years working in Kuwait.EVERY darned thing that you have posted is 100% correct. Holy Fu$k a moly. We all jest about these things that these same traits that you have written about. Just you made a site. We wrote books on tiese exact words you are skoolin us about! Cheers to you Brah. But….In the end, I love filipinas, kabayans, and those who do, understand that throughout all the headaches….well yall get it

  7. Phineas Gage says:

    How do I get email notifications?

  8. Mikey Johnson says:

    What I’m confused about is when they come to your place around 8 or 9 or midnight and you get them upstairs and they immediately want to leave. Assuming everything else is in order, why do they do that?

    In these cases, they gimme some shit like “Oh, I just [sat through an hr of traffic] and came to see you, then we can meet again next time.” OR vehemently suggest we leave my room and go somewhere else at which point, I just let them leave lmao. Nothing in my bag o tricks makes them stay lol. Assuming , everything else is in order what could it be?

    Doesn’t happen that often but enough times to make me wonder. Any advice?

    • NormalNomad says:

      IDK man. Check your photos, make sure your online shit is up to date and you look the same as your pics online. That’s most likely the culprit.

    • jspill says:

      I like Gramercy as it reduces the chances of that, you have a reason to invite them up – say it’s the tallest condo building, and you want to show them the view, then every room has a large balcony to go out onto, they will want to stay and take selfies. You can also do a very quick coffee date before going up as there is a mall downstairs connected to Gramercy 2nd floor. So you don’t even have to go outside to go to the date, just get in the lift. If it’s after 10pm and the mall closes, there’s a coffee shop on the ground floor North mall entrance too, that stays open later. You can meet there, then mention the view, and if they insist on leaving just go back to the mall, or to the 36th floor infinity pool where there are deckchairs to sit on and they can take more selfies. Open til midnight. Basically several ‘date’ options all in the complex.

      Other than staying at Gramercy, make sure your room smells and looks good, and you do too.

      It happened with a horizon cabaret bar dancer who agreed to meet after work. No barfine there. Took her to Ziggurat for 3am food. Then to Time nightclub for a bit of dance til 5am. Invited her up to Gramercy airbnb to ‘see the view and watch the sunrise’. Straight to balcony, took some selfies, said I’m gonna shower. When I come out said ‘can I go home now’. I kept saying just stay, it’s 5.30am already, etc., eventually she caved in and I also broke through her condom requests. Banged, and again in the morning, didn’t ask for money.

      TL:DR stay at gramercy, mini ‘date’ on the complex <1 min from your door, clean room, balcony selfies, quick shower, don’t take no for an answer.

      With some girls I say just sleep over I won’t ‘do anything’. But then after cuddling in bed for a while the bang happens, or first thing in the morning.

      I think once they see that you didn’t try to bang them right away, at least for a few hours, then they think to themselves oh shit he’s actually a nice guy I better let him bang me so he doesn’t lose interest.

      • Mikey Johnson says:

        Thanks for that. I don’t live at the Gramercy, but I stay at a similar complex where there is quite a few options for date spots. My issue is I’ve been getting them up to my room too quickly without the intermediate coffee date lol. Simply bc it’s worked for me a lot. I’ll slow it down a bit.

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