What do White Girls think of Men that Move to Asia?

‘Actually 30’

My friend was talking to a white girl in Bangkok on Tinder.

In her profile she is already making demands, no sexpats, backpackers or one night stands. I don’t mind her for not wanting ONS, fair enough she’s looking for a boyfriend. Obviously there are some rude guys on dating apps who ask for sex immediately.

‘No sexpats, no backpackers’

But ruling out both sexpats and backpackers? In general backpackers are not into prostitutes, they are kinda the opposite of sexpats, hang out in different places and do different things.

A backpacker isn’t necessarily only in town for a short time either, they often travel around then come back, and she is ‘well travelled’ herself. They could fall in love with her and decide to live in BKK.

No… what she is basically saying is I want a professional salaried expat who isn’t here for hookers, and isn’t living on a budget.

Also short hair not like in her profile

Perhaps someone posted here by a big multinational company (it’s hard for foreigners to turn up and work in Thailand, they need to do something a Thai cannot, or start their own business and employ four Thai locals).

So she is ‘adventurous’, ‘spontaneous’ and ‘likes good conversations’ yet has ruled out talking to 90% of foreigners. Essentially she’s asking for a rich white knight.  One that will settle down with a 30 year old (how difficult is it to get your age correct in the app?).

‘Sexpats Like Dirty Shit Skinned Dump Monkeys’

My friend asked where she was, and she replied Khao San road… he pointed out that’s an area for backpackers. She then immediately went on a jaded rant about sexpats in Bangkok. Also makes a racist slur about Thai girls.

Ok so you look down on sexpats – ‘all the male losers of the world’ – but you also talk about the local women like that? Why so salty?

My friend pointed out that there are lots of Russian and eastern European prostitutes in Bangkok too, you can find them in Mixx afterhours club.


I recorded a chat with the Russian freelancer that hangs out by Soi 7/1 Subway for the Youtube channel. Also some Russian gogos in Pattaya. Prostitution isn’t exclusively an Asian girl thing.

Later the next day he tried inviting her to his condo for a coffee. She declines and he says that’s ok.

‘Come to Your Condo? Lol??’

She then breaks down saying after hundreds of messages on both dating apps and dating sites no one offered to meet up for dinner (I wonder if she’d split the bill or have the guy pay).

And laughs at his offer to come to his condo. Cosy at home with her 12 cats.

What does she expect when she writes a profile like that and acts this way in chat? This is the classic result of being a man-hating feminazi, her biological clock starts ticking at 30 and now she can’t find a man to start a relationship.

I’m sure not all western women are this toxic but wow. Is it any wonder why foreigners are moving to places like Thailand and the Philippines in their droves?

Girls in Southeast Asia actually like men, give everyone a chance and are keen to lock down a husband before their mid 20s.

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  1. BangkokBaller23 says:

    I don’t judge her. When we can’t get what we desire in life, at some point we all get butt hurt….right?

    Unfortunately, she makes the classic mistake though of blaming EVERYONE else for her not being happy. IMHO each of us are ultimately responsible for our own happiness.
    “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”— Jalaluddin Rumi

    Besides, she’s probably a Russian freelancer late in the game now trying to snag a White Knight… 🤔😁

    • jspill says:

      Yeah you’d think she’d move to Chiang Mai she might do ok there, lots of young digital nomad expats not into hookers. Unless she needs to be in Bangkok because she’s a….

  2. Henry says:

    in Western Europe though a girl like her will still get 150 messages per day. Luckily in Asia thats obv not the case.

  3. Leo says:

    Some time ago, when I read something like this, I would be very angry. Making money changes everything. This entitled bitch is irrelevant for the free man. Be free guys.

  4. Reader says:

    Russians are super mercenary and openly hostile towards randoms.

    I have chatted up about a dozen Russians in Asia over the years.

    I dress neat and look like I have money. I don’t look like an aggressive mafia type Igor though.

    They all ignored me or gave me one word replies while chatting to each other in Russian.

    I could pass as slavic so it’s not because they’re scared of a dark dude or something.

    I think communism ruined communal trust for generations and building any kind of trust is a ton of work, while western girls don’t worry too much.

    RooshV who has been living in Russia and the Ukraine came to the same conclusion that they require a lot of work and one night stands are uncommon.

    I’d also question what she does in BKK. Most Russians are still broke as fuck due to the non existent economy and unless they’re criminals or freelance programmers they just don’t have the money to stay randomly in other countries and hiring them for service sector jobs like hotel management is pretty lol as there is no such thing as customer service in slavic countries.

  5. Jobo says:

    This girl is way past her prime for Asia. In my experience 18-23 is good age to date. 23-25 is getting up there and anything over 26 is too old.

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…….I think I’d rather have a cute petite Asian spinner than a jaded white whore.

    • Henry says:

      are Russians even considered white? they are cold-hearted Russians, which is actually even worse. But at least they re not as fat.
      I agree – Asians all the way!

      • You’re actually right. I think they are slavic or something. I’m actually even willing to give EE women/people or slavs a pass. I had a kick-ass Bulgarian supervisor who always hooked it up. Super smart friendly and sexy. I’ll never get an Anglo female boss like that. The only difference is they treat women well.

        My experiences with Russians in the US are actually pretty normal. Neutral and not confrontational unless you piss them off. Some of the nightmare stories I have with local American women just don’t even apply to Russian women.

        • Henry says:

          i hv had some bad experiences with Russian girls. cold and money-hungry.
          i m from Germany and havent been to EE much, as i prefer SE Asia. Maybe should drop by in neighboring Poland and visit Roosh or Kyle Trouble, who has a good podcast (even though he interviewed the 199flags guy who is a joke)

      • Matthew C. Perry says:

        I would agree that Russians are in a category of their own. As mentioned in other posts in this tread, they can’t be blamed due to their Communistic past (and present). However calling her a typical “white bitch” is a misnomer in my opinion. She is Russian, not a “white bitch”. A “white bitch” is a very real and separate class than this example.

        That said I really appreciate the conversations you start on your blog so please keep them coming!

  7. forteune says:

    “What do White Girls think of Men that Move to Asia?”

    Don’t know. And don’t care. Freedom from stupidity like this tramp with her entitled attitude is why I’m moving to Asia.

  8. Jack says:

    She seems like a typical scumbag white bitch just looking for a free meal.

  9. kick2dante says:

    she seems like a true sweetheart

  10. thibault says:

    you realize she s a victim of feminism? why do you think women like her behave like that? because they re trained to do so. in the media, 2424 they brainwash them to this intent. why? why do powerful people teach things to poor ones? to exploit their work and money. women work rather than be housewives. work. they re happy to work. seems strange if you think of it. i m not happy to work. they think they are, that it frees them. guess what. thats what the preacher told the serves. what the communists told to theworking class. be a cog in the machine. and women happily oblige. they do what they re told. they sacrifice their youth,indeed their only worth, their fertile years, and once they hit the wall the realization comes that their life was wasted. no one is more bitter than a female without spawn. their bitterness spills at every level of society and they draw younger females in their wake, inciting them to do the same mistake instead of warning them. i honestly think a female without chuldren at 40 should be eutanasied, they re too dangerous for stability of society. but men, be thankful. we dont have the wall. we win in the long term. we can be providers, players, mongers. they re all powerful in their youth, but they re meaningless once they hit the wall. we can do what is the only sensible thing, but the most powerful and depressing for them: ignore them. women crave attention more than anything. they ll have none. cats ignore them, they just manipulate them to have food. cats are uber players. just get what they want from inferior beings and then ignore them. women like them, crave for more. see a pattern?

  11. Steve says:

    Why didn’t he say, “i was hoping you might invite me to dinner instead for a change”.

    I feel sorry for her. She’s in the wrong country. She should move to Kenya, Gambia or Morocco, to name a few. These local guys there love nothing more than to shower jaded white chicks (fat or old) with compliments and show them a good time, provided that there are financial rewards or gifts at the end. Of course, the females call it ‘romance tourist’, how cute. LOL!

  12. Steve says:

    @thibault IMAO! I’m pretty sure i see a pattern that most women choose to work so they can be independent and avoid/rely on men like you.

  13. Guy says:

    I can understand her frustration. She’s gone from an environment where men would line up to eat her shit off of a plate to one where nobody pays her any attention at all, or at the very least has zero time / desire to deal with her nonsense.

    Reality can be a cruel bitch.

    The really funny part…now she knows how a man feels in every Western world country.

  14. tripper says:

    Haha who cares what white girls think! They only want rich tattooed bearded rugby players where i come from.

  15. Choud says:

    She should date Indian men. We are obsessed with white girls.

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