What do Filipina Girls think about Foreign Guys?

Recently we got the first comments from a Pinay, saying she found the site funny and agreed with some of our thoughts on girls. She was also happy to answer questions on what filipinas really think about foreigners.

I can’t imagine a western chick being so nice on a Philippines sex blog – just goes to show how open minded and positive Pinays are.


I’ll link to this post when I get comments from feminists and white knights calling me a perv, sex pest etc. – see, even some Pinay readers like me!

Interview with a Pinay


– What do you think about foreign guys / what comes to mind when you see them out and about?

Nothing just a normal reaction like ive seen another human. I worry some of them thinks filipinos are dumb. Or maybe because filipinos are sometimes bad on comprehending things.

When i was working as a call center agent some of them are racist will definitely step down on you. 🙂 I even had a caller before first line on a call he requested for a native american to speak with. Idk where such hate coming from. But i never encountered a rude guy in person maybe because ph isnt their territory lol.

– What would you say are the pros of dating a foreign guy? Bad points? Same question for Pinoys?

Something new, might introduce their culture. Some are rude.

For Pinoy guys, pros they are in the Philippines cons probably a cheater. Will took you for granted

boracay-nightlife-bars– What do you think about foreigners moving to the Phils?

They can do whatever they want as long as they dont harm filipinos

– What do you / other Filipinas think about black guys? One of my readers asked that.

Yeah theres nothing wrong with black people seems cool to hang out with.

– Same question for Indian / Arab guys?

Body smells. I like a man who showers everyday.

– If a foreign guy was to come up to you in public and chat you up, how would you react?

I will react just like i talk to any other guys. Probably i need to speak english haha

– What do you think of the stereotype that all girls in South East Asia are only interested in money?

It hurts that some are generalizing girls in south east asia

– How about the stereotype that all Filipinas only want money, or just want to leave the Philippines to get a green card and live in the USA?

Wtf! Ill slap them with my money or run them over with full speed car. Jeez spare me with that green card i love living in the philippines

are-filipinas-easy– What do Filipinas find attractive in a man?

im a sucker on beard haha. Looks not too important

Even fat / short guys? How about for personality?

Fat guys are hot. Short guys are fine it doesnt matter. Sweet guys with good sense of humor will do.

– Have you ever dated a western guy? If so how did it go?

No. Just casual encounter and a threesome that didnt went through.

– I’ve written before that a lot of Filipinas ask to borrow money. Am I just meeting the wrong type of girl?

Yes youre meeting wrong type of girl!

– Why do pinays feel it’s better to say they’ll hang out then when the time comes ignore your text instead of just saying no in the first place, do they not realize that we are big boys and can handle being told no? Do flake on pinoys also?

Because some pinays are not very straight forward people even men. So instead of saying NO they will stall on you. They do it to filipino men too lol. Part of culture even tho you cant say no. You have to sugar coat it

– Do you use online dating sites? Thoughts on those?

I did coz ive read about Pinalove at nomad ph. Some girls are disgusting and guys too.

If I type ‘are Filipinas…’ into Google, the first suggestion is ‘easy‘. A lot of guys obviously move to the Philippines for sex. How do you feel about that?

are-pinays-trustworthyHeartbreaking that some guys view filipinas are for fuck dolls.

– So, are Filipinas easy? 🙂

Yeah easy because we’re fond of sweet guys

– Another common search phrase is ‘are Filipinas liars‘.

Some yeah. It depends on what kind of lies theyre saying

– Another one is… ‘do Filipinas make good wives‘.

Yep! Good wives as long as theyre not into your money.

– Do you think western guys make good husbands? Could you see yourself marrying a foreigner?

I think they make good husbands sure, foreigner or not though i dont think i will have a husband haha.

The other day in Pinalove i signed up since i really want to know why some pinay are being stereotyped by other men. A married to a filipina westerner sent me a message to have fun with him and his wife. Thats the most disgusting thing ive ever read in my whole life.


– ‘Do Filipinas cheat‘ is another common Google search. Are Pinays often unfaithful?

No. Maybe girls that are being unnoticed or not being loved

– Do you think western guys cheat often? How about Filipino guys?

Once a cheater is always a cheater no matter what the race is. I used to have a boyfriend and cheated on me with a pickup cebuana.

– What do you think about prostitution in the Philippines, in places like Angeles? Obviously it happens all over the world too.

I think they better work their ass off and find a decent job instead of being a fuck machine.

pedophiles-in-the-philippines-old-guys-younger-girls– What do you think about younger guys? Some girls told me ‘I don’t like young guys, they’re all players‘.

I dont like it too. Maybe a bit older 5-10yrs but not a double of my age.

– What do you think about older foreigners with younger women in the Philippines?

Old guys with young girls are Pedobear!

– LOL. Anything else to add? Any stories with westerners?

One time I needed a place to stay near the sea port (yeah i love sailing ‘coz air travel is too mainstream). I ended up to Boracay did some usual stuff like sunbathing, took random selfies, had a few cocktails and watched big booty guys who passes by, devil knows i want to instabite it! (Sorry Dante I used the “insta” this word still cracks me up haha)

The night is young and so am I. I’ve been drinking the whole day and I still need a booze (Call me an alcoholic witch I don’t care lol) so I’m cozying up at this shisha bar and again I took a selfie, there’s a guy with his friend (not on the picture) who photobombed me I got a bit shy and put down my phone.

To my surprise he ordered tequila shots for me and told me its all mine and drink it (super oldschool trick) he asked me “if I am alone, I said yeah, but i won’t drink it I already have a Daiquiri on my table”. Let’s fast forward because i still drunk those tequila shots (sometimes pinay loves to be a hard to get lol).


Now we’re ready to go somewhere nice, to do star gazing and lay on the sand (wow a new way to flirt with a woman is ask her to watch bright stars! Hahaha)

BUT SOME THINGS AREN’T JUST MEANT TO BE. If a woman flirts back there’s still a 0.99% that SHE DOESN’T WANT THE D. (Believe me lol)

They started to kiss me on the neck, ears everywhere their lips can touch, suddenly the photobomber guy’s friend asked me “Maybe you have a pair of big nips? ‘Coz my chinese gf has a small tits too.”

I stood up and flashed the firmest tits and small nips that they could ever see in their whole existence and walked out like a boss! haha. I disappeared and let them deal with their hard on. (Yep! A pinay can be a cold hearted too 😉 )

Thanks for the interview and reading the blog!

No worries. PS: If there is a filipina who reads this blog don’t be a cold hearted witch haha please don’t get so butthurt if some of the entries got on your nerves. This site doesn’t stereotype all filipina women. 😉

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  1. Iamforeverteen says:

    Oh my god! What have you done guys?! Hahaha I love the pedobear logo! 😂👏👍

  2. jspill says:

    Instashare… nice interview. So even when Pinays are angry they still show you their boobs.

  3. kick2dante says:

    thanks for this! when im in manila ill even treat you dinner along with that movie 🙂

  4. Skins says:

    Awww you two would make such a cute couple. 🙂

    Really though good interview. I’ll be sure to buy some Tequila shots for the ladies in Boracay. 🙂

  5. Ash says:

    “Fat guys are hot” She has to be trolling.

    • Iamforeverteen says:

      Unfortunately im not trolling. 😂 Being hot isnt all about abs and muscles.

      • kick2dante says:

        i had a girl in cambodia who said the same thing, said fat guys are fun to snuggle with lol

      • Skins says:

        I’ve had girls tell me they like fat guys, they like beards and “why do you dress like that?” (Meaning, I dress too nice.) You should be comfortable. Wear shorts and flip flops…

        Finally the TRUTH came out. One girls says if I date you I don’t want many girls looking at you. They want to turn their boyfriends into ugly trolls and keep them all to themselves! Don’t fall for this.

  6. Guy says:

    Miss, I’m not trying to offend you, but a lot of these answers seem sugar coated to save face for Filipinas and they conflict with the first hand experience of a lot of guys. Women aren’t going to give answers that portray them in a negative light.

    Yes, many women aren’t looking for money and a green card, but a lot are. If a girl isn’t from a well off family and you are courting her, there is an unspoken expectation for you as the foreigner to provide for her and her family. It’s common enough that I’ve seen this happen in Filipino families that are already naturalized US citizens. I’m not judging them for it, I’ve seen struggling families and I understand the priority many Filipinas place on finding a provider to give their families a better life. I’m just saying, it does happen, and it happens enough that there’s some truth behind a lot of the stereotypes. They may not apply to Iamforeverteen, but you can’t use the exception to prove the rule.

    To expand on what she said about flaking, it’s part of amor propio, a way you conduct yourself to avoid offending others. To minimize flaking, one thing you might try is confirming multiple times and try to formalize the meeting agreement. Or even propose something open ended and see if they go for it instead “Or would you rather do something next week?” If they aren’t giving definitive answers, chances are they’re not interested in meeting and just don’t want to offend. Offending others is considered an act of bringing shame (hiya) on yourself, and by extension, your family.

    A lot of the actions that Filipinos do that seem mysterious to us Westerners are actually pretty clear to understand if you put yourself in their shoes. Many cultural practices are done for very good reasons that aren’t immediately clear unless you make an effort to dig deeper. I’ve found it a more rewarding experience by taking on their mindset, as opposed to trying to impose Western values on my interactions with them. I’d recommend a quick read of CultureShock! Philippines if you haven’t already.

  7. Iamforeverteen says:

    No offense taken Guy 🙂 honestly I don’t have any intention to save face my fellow pinays and I answered all those questions out of the blue there’s no need to sugar coat it. 🙂 I don’t mind being on a bad light (I even shared this to my friends and they hate me right now lol).

    I agree with you on money and green card there’s a lot of women who wants it, if they aren’t from a well off family they have 2 choices: “easy money which they can find a guy to support them” or be a better person, they can work there’s a lot of things to help their own family not by just using a guy as a milking cow (or maybe Im just being a judgemental freak or my brother was one of the victim haha). I admit some part of filipino culture sucks. I also tried being on their shoes: I hanged out with friends on a slum and I’ve seen them struggling on their everyday living,’helped out a homeless, advised a friend not to sell off her body to feed her kids because “there’s another way around.”

    (I apologize if I sounded like the cleanest person on earth coz sure Im not, but that’s how I view life its just a matter of choice and what not)

    That’s cool I’ll try and look it up maybe there are things i don’t know yet. Cheers! 🙂

    • Guy says:

      Wow, you reacted way better than I was expecting..

      You make some good points about women there chasing money, but I think for some people it isn’t always as simple as grinding away at work. I’ve met some people in big families where the constant pop ups of unexpected crises made saving for a better future impossible. To get a better idea of what I’m talking about, watch the movie “Metro Manila”, and apply the desperation of the couple in the film to a larger family.

      There’s also a lot of luck involved. My ex’s father went from a poor rice farmer who didn’t own shoes and ate meat only once a year, to a man who was able to provide cars for his 4 children and start businesses for his less well off siblings. He was one of the most generous and wisest people I’ve ever met. While I have to give him credit, it was his father’s foresight, and the high price of cattle at the time that gave him the funds to pursue his study. It doesn’t always work out that way.

      But yes, hard work does pay off. My mahal’s mama came from a poor farming family in rural Ilocos. She worked constant 12+ hour days since she was a teenager, saving her money, going to college on her own income, and then getting a career. She worked her way up as is now an executive in the Makati branch of one of the world’s largest companies. So it is possible. But I think it’s complex, and the situation varies greatly from family to family.

      Anyway, you seem pretty cool. If I’m going through Bulacan next time I’ll try bringing my crew through the restobar to say hi. Ingat!

      • Iamforeverteen says:

        Couldn’t agree with you more people are unique with their own ways, thanks tho! It helped my critical thinking skills 🙂 And your mahal’s mom is such a strong woman.

        Yes sure visit whenever you want to. Ingat!

  8. kick2dante says:

    stop hittin’ on my woman guy

  9. kick2dante says:

    im a young white dude i dont need to do stunts 🙂

  10. Johnny says:

    Your friend is ridiculous. She has casual sex, wanted to have a threesome, and acts like a slut in Boracay. Then she complains that westerners only want filipinas for sex. She is disgusted by two people who wanted someone to join them for a threesome, yet she herself wanted a threesome. And her language is disgusting too. Obviously westernized. Walang hiya.

    • Have you read the last part that i changed my mind? 😂 Im not complaining, that is how I see it 😁

      PH has been westernized hundred years ago (i still have my history book)

      And disgusting language? Ughh i should have said b**bies and b*tt to make it more disgusting. Chill lol

  11. Johnny says:

    She’s just a westernized slut. I can see why she loves this blog so much.

  12. kick2dante says:

    if i give everyone a hug will you quit fighting please?

  13. Johnny says:

    You should spend your time seeking real, traditional women, instead of trash that gives the Philippines a bad name.

    • Hugh van Namen says:

      I agree with you completely,as my first encounter with a Women 40 years old and I was 72 from Australia,and came to the Philippines to meet this woman,but. It was a disaster,as I found out before she got my money,all she wanted was a better life for herself and her 20 year old son,and I don’t blame her for that and I would have given that to them both,but just because we had a sex relationship while I was here the first 2 weeks she thought that she could scam me for all I had,as she wanted.to borrow 1 million Pesos to buy a shoe shop,So I asked her what if the business isn’t successful,she replied oh well we will have lots of shoes,Wrong answer,I went home the next day,as sex isn’t worth that much, but I love the Philippines and found another women who was 53 and a widow with no kids,so I came here again to meet her,she wasn’t after my money as she had 5 units she rented out and lived in the 6 th one herself,although they don’t give her much income as I get a pension which is more in 1 week than what she gets in a month for the units,so we got married 6 weeks after we met We have a good life style together and travel where ever we want to,I’ve taken her to Australia to meet my kids and family,bought myself a car here,although we get a driver to take us where we want to go,as I wouldn’t drive here for all the tea in China,they’re all mad here compared to Australia,So all the women here are not just after money,sure,they all want a better lifestyle,who doesn’t?We have now been married for nearly 3 years and still going strong.

  14. kick2dante says:

    i was really hoping to be getting many hugs but i guess thats not happening 🙁

  15. Helen says:

    Haha i didnt know that you have the guts to share your crazy story in bora over the internet, you should tell them about the guy who fell inlove with you and became your stalker because of Cebu pizza theres a funny lesson for guys about it lol. This blog rocks!

  16. kick2dante says:

    i believe we have another lady visitor…… hey helen, how you doin?

  17. It’s actually a lesson for both, “never share pizza with a stranger” “don’t assume that she’s into you” darling. I knew it! you were lurking on my article and checked the link haha but big thanks!

  18. kick2dante says:

    i always believe they are into me until i get slapped

  19. Clit Eastwood says:

    Smooth, u need to make 1000 notes that just say, “how you doing”.

  20. Wondering what did you do why you get slapped lol

  21. Clit Eastwood says:

    Nice work, iamforeverteen, grandmaster Dante has taught u well.

  22. Hey there sexy says:

    You people are nuts. 😀

  23. Dan says:

    What do you think about younger guys? Some girls told me ‘I don’t like young guys, they’re all players‘.
    I dont like it too. Maybe a bit older 5-10yrs but not a double of my age.
    – What do you think about older foreigners with younger women in the Philippines?
    Old guys with young girls are Pedobear!

    Two contradicting statements no?

  24. Roxx says:

    This is lame, if you really want to know what a Filipina wants just ask any bar girl. Support, don’t waste your time on upper class they don’t want a foreigner. Go to Angeles City and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

  25. kick2dante says:

    can’t paint every girl with the same brush

  26. Andrew Britt says:

    I am obese, can I find a girl to have fun with in the philippines?

  27. Anonymous says:

    She is wrong with that indian and arab have body smell… whoever not shower will get foul smell.indians to my knowledge showers daily..Arabs..no.we people won’t use cosmetics as Filipinos do to hide smell…I also feel some foul smell …

  28. Anonymous says:

    Sick and depraved, see you soon

  29. Anonymous says:

    I am married to a Filipina and dated a Filipina before I met my wife ONLINE (no not a mail order bride). I went for a Filipina because of their marriage beliefs. Here in the west there are too many women that use men as stepping stones to get to a higher level, but most Filipina’s only think of their partner first and themselves secondly.
    I married well, she is beautiful, 23 years younger than me yet considers me as the hub of her life. compared with western women, I feel blessed

  30. Bob says:

    I’m fat with a beard. Sounds like I’d have a real chance if she wasn’t so young. LOL

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