What are Thai Girls Like – Month In Pattaya

Week 1 in Pattaya my mind was kind of blown about the sexyness of Thai girls’ stomachs and how much better the bodies were overall compared to Pinays. I was on cloud 9 and thinking how by the time I finish traveling it wouldn’t surprise me if I got an education visa and spent a year in Pattaya.


Week 2 the luster began to fall off. It was still a good week, but I was beginning to realize some things about Pattaya that I did not pick up on in week 1.

First off the freelancer scene is much smaller than I expected. Every night at Ibar / Insomnia nightclub it’s the same girls with their same friends. I was expecting a much bigger freelancer scene there.

Sure some girls from the gogos hit the discos after their shifts, but not that many, or at least not that many hot ones. There will always be some new girls in town, but overall it got a bit stale faster than I expected.

On top of that I am seeing how cut throat this city really is. I won’t go into to much detail in this post because I will be writing another about the scammy type things I have had to put up with.

But in 2 weeks I have already had to deal with as many scammy/rip off type attempts (and successes) then I can remember in my 3.5 previous years in Asia combined. My last time in Pattaya was not like this so part of it is just being a bit unlucky.

Week 2 – Much Different From Week 1

Week 1 was all about freelancers from Ibar and my first night in week 2 I had a repeat of one of my top 2 week 1 girls. She had a great body and gave a nice BJ for 600. I hope she visits me often in the future.

I was still going to Ibar and roaming Walking Street most every night but things had started to slow down on the freelancer hunt which was fine. Pattaya had plenty of options and I wanted to explore them further.

I am a big fan of a massage with a happy ending that doesn’t involve a hand and those are hard to find in the Philippines. So after taking the 2nd night of week 2 off I went to Soi Chaiyapoon where I had read about quite a few ‘massage’ places.

I chose a highly recommended one and a 30ish year old slim lady shows me to the bed. I take off all my clothes except boxers and she asks me to take them off right from the start.

She gives about 5 minutes of a soft back massage with her hands going quite high up my inner thigh before asking me to turn over.

Then she rubs my legs for another 2 minutes before starting a HJ. As mentioned I was hoping for more so I asked for a BJ and we quickly agreed on 500 baht tip (700 total) for that.

Sadly I made a mistake, during the 10 seconds of HJ I got I could tell she was the rare female that knew how to handle a dick with her hands. I bet it would have been quite nice……. her BJ skills were lacking.

But hey I finally got a BJ in a massage place for the first time in almost a year so I was happy. But I thought there had to be better options at this massage shop and was planning to come back soon.

Night 4 I once again had no luck getting a freelancer over so I decided to go check out some of the ‘naughtier’ bars and try to get a BJ in one. If I struck out it would be back to the same massage shop.

This was a long night but the cliffs were no BJ in a walking street bar and as I headed back to the same massage shop I realized I was near the bar I wrote about in with the old ladies and 1 OK girl.

I did get a BJ in the second bar from a kind of fat chick while playing with a 35 year olds decent boobs. However when they added a 300 baht back room charge to my bill that shouldn’t have been on there (I never went to the back room) it soured the night.

I ended up taking the next 2 nights off partially cuz I was annoyed at how things went on night 4, partially cuz I only texted a few choice freelancers but they were busy, and partially because I had been quite active and needed a break anyways.

Last night of the week I went back to the same soi with the good massage places but the shop I visited before had closed by 12:30 AM. It is right next to LK Metro which has a lot of bars and I walked through to check out the bargirls. 

Via farangster on Youtube

Nothing really stood out, couple 7’s but that was about it. I was going to get a drink and perv for a bit if I saw anything eye catching but I didn’t.

I chose a different massage shop and it was the same, though this time I asked to skip the massage. As much as I like turning a massage into a BJ, if its a 5 minute back massage with zero doubt of what’s coming I don’t see the point of smashing my dick into a dirty mattress.

This time younger girl and better BJ. That wraps up week 2 and I forgot to mention one other thing I may have figured out this week. Pattaya is similar to the Philippines in that its not really about quality its more about quantity.

You can get a BJ every day here and have a $500/month prostitution budget. You can try new girls all the time or find a few specialists. Even with getting ripped off a bit and buying a couple drinks in bars I spent $90ish and got 4 BJs.

What you aren’t going to be doing is banging any 9s or 10s. There are more 8s around in Thailand than PI cuz the bodies are better but they will probably be costing you quite a bit to score.

I am more looking for a place where I can be getting with 8s and 9s 10 times a month for $500. I don’t think thats happening in Pattaya so my week 1 ‘OMG PATTAYA’ love affair has dropped quite a bit.

Week 3

First week in Pattaya was great, 2nd week was a bit meh but there are always ups and downs. By the time week 3 rolled around there were a few things that had become very clear.

The first is that the freelancer scene at Ibar / Insomnia was definitely a lot smaller than I had originally thought because I was always seeing the same girls. I am pretty surprised that there aren’t hot girls from different gogo’s showing up at 3am or 4am.

I always try to hit up Walking Street and Ibar around the time the gogos are closing. Walking Street is a nice pick up spot at that time, Ibar is the same after 4am as it is before.

My last night of week 2 I met a very cute petite girl on Walking Street. She was a bit stand offish at first but gave me her number and headed over the next day to start week 3.

First Two are Eerily Similar

Cute petite girl comes over around 10pm and is looking nice. Boobs not very big but that was to be expected, but she did have at least some boobs. She also had a very above average face for a Thai girl and a great ass.

Sadly she was not very good at giving head, not terrible, but it was just a ho-hum BJ. If she had given a great BJ I may have overpaid to insure that she would come back.

Instead I just gave her what I thought was fair for the 20 minutes that she was in my room and gave her 800. She was a bit hotter than the girls I had given 600 to (not that much hotter, but a bit) so I thought 800 was fair.

Well she did not think 800 was fair and started yapping about how she usually gets 2k or 3k. I told her I would give her another 500 if she wanted to stay for a full hour and do another quick BJ but she was already mad and wanted the 500 and to go then.

I repeated my offer of staying another 30 minutes, she declined, and I set the 800 baht next to her until she got the hint that no more was coming. Needless to say I did not see her again after that.

Via King Epic on Youtube

I went out later and walked past a very rare site, an attractive black girl in Pattaya that is under 30. There are quite a few black ladies around town but most aren’t very hot. This one was, and she was on Beach Road where you almost never see hot girls.

I walked up to her and said ‘Hi what’s your name?’ She answers and I ask ‘where are you from?’ She rolls her eyes, lets out a loud exhale, and says ‘What do you want?’

How sweet she was. I told her I wasn’t looking for anything then but got her Line and she was ready to come over on night 2.

She shows up in a tiny sexy dress looking like a huge ho and I realize something I don’t want to realize: she has fake boobs. I am not at all a fan of fake boobs, but her boobs weren’t what stood out (pretty face, great ass) when I first saw her anyways, they were just big B’s even though fake.

No surprise that she is right down to business when we get into the room (not complaining about that) and I feel up her nice ass and her fake tits that aren’t terrible fakes, but still not as nice as the real thing.

She wants me to wear a condom for the BJ and I lol and she says OK and gets to work. In my past experiences (and from what I have heard others say as well) black girls usually give very good head.

Sadly she did not, and she actually gave bad head. She wouldn’t go down at all and just tried to suck on the head only. I’m not wanting her to choke on it, but I need some shaft involved.

I get her to go down just enough so that I can cum and then things go exactly the same as the night before. I’d told her I would pay her for her motorbike to my room so I give her 860 and she wants 1200.

Via Bangkok112 on Youtube

Again I am like I will give you 500 more if you want to finish out the hour……. again she is already pissed and says no. Beach Road short time is supposed to be 500-800. I give her the top of the range and pay her motorbike and still……..

Once again I am not budging, I feel I have given her fair compensation as she was back on the beach in under an hour to look for another customer.

I think with both of these girls they would have bitched if I gave them 1k instead of 800, or at the least they wouldn’t have come back. Everyone here in this city is just looking for the rich stupid tourist that overpays.

Really though even though both were hot they were not very skilled so I probably wouldn’t have even wanted to have either back for 800.

My last six month stint in Angeles I had zero problems with girls, literally none. In Pattaya it seems like its a 50% chance their will be an argument about payment.

Finishing Out the Week

At this point I was not really feeling Pattaya. I still went out and tried to get numbers but as mentioned its the same girls every day so I had already approached the ones I wanted to approach.

I took the next two days off and then went for a morning massage before I went to bed. I had seen this cute girl in Jomtien when I was walking on the beach there and she told me what massage shop she was at.

I got her Line also and tried to get her to do the massage in my room but she said she could only do in the shop. I lay down naked and put the towel over my butt and first thing she does is move the towel.

I am quite unlucky when it comes to picking massage shops that offer extras (or at least feel that way since many in Phils have no extras) so am never quite sure how things will play out.

But I am butt naked and she is uncovering me from the start……. after the back she does a butt massage that makes thing pretty clear as well.

Then she does legs and has me roll over and again doesn’t cover me with the towel. She does a ‘stomach’ massage that gets lower and lower then grabs it and asks if I want her to massage that.

I ask for a BJ…… no can. I tell her I will tip……… no can only hand. So I get a handjob…… in Pattaya. FML. And it wasn’t even a good one, it was the grab and squeeze and pull type.

I even stopped her and tried to show her how to do it on my arm saying softer, don’t squeeze. She says OK….. and she squeezes again.

The next night I went back to Soi Chaiyaparoon or however you spell it and got a 5 minute massage that quickly turned into a BJ. And that was week 3.

I have been here for 3 weeks and seen no 9’s. I have seen a few 8s but not many.

Week 4

By the time my last week in Pattaya rolled around I was pretty burnt out on the freelancer scene and had already figured out the best value with Pattaya girls was at the massage shops.

Early in the week I headed back to Jomtien Soi 6 and at the first shop after I walked in there was a 20ish year old with what appeared to be a killer body. Since my last trip to this soi had me picking a girl that would only do HJ I needed to confirm BJ was available before I chose this time.

This girl with the great body only spoke Thai so I had to have another girl translate (awkward) and was told she would do sex but no blowjob. I considered breaking my no sex in hooker cities rule but decided to pass.

FWIW she quoted 1500 for sex as her opening number, I didn’t try to get her to lower it since I wasn’t going to do it anyway, but I’m pretty sure 1k would’ve been possible. I didn’t see her on my next two trips though.

I headed down further into the street and checked out the whole selection. There was a 25ish year old in shape with a decent face waiting outside of her shop by herself. She confirmed would do BJ so off we went.

Unlike at Soi Chaiyapoon they actually give 30 minutes of a legit massage on Jomtien Soi 6 before the fun starts. She was good at teasing the right amount and gently brushing up against my balls any time her hands were near.

BJ was a 6/10 but after getting a proper tease it was a really good overall experience. I asked her if she could potentially come to my condo nearby another time so that I could get one in my own bed and pass out immediately after and she said yes so I got her Line ID.

And since nothing ever goes right for me in Thailand she never would come to my place and I never saw her outside of her massage shop again on my next 3 visits. Where did she go? Who knows.

Two days later I go for another massage and the pickings were very slim when I showed up. One average looking 20 year old gave me a hard sell and said she would do what I want so I chose her.

Think she was horny because she asked me 3 times why I didn’t like sex. Even pulled down her panties a bit and said ‘you sure you don’t want this?’ Probably should have done it because she had one of those mouths that wasn’t built for blowjobs. You can always tell when a BJ isn’t gonna be good the first time their lips transition from shaft to head. On the way back up if there’s a distinct ‘clunk’ feeling when her lips hit where the head sticks out you’re in for a bad one.

With only a few days left I was pretty much done with working girls in Pattaya and stuck to browsing ThaiCupid and Thaifriendly. I was still going out every night hoping to find an 8 but never saw one. The same girls were still always at the freelancer spots.

But then on my last night I had some great online work come up and I busted ass for 9 hours. By the end of it I had made more in one day of online work (not counting poker) then I had ever made in a single day and more importantly I was completely mentally fried.

Might as well get another massage before I go. There was a girl I hadn’t seen before in Jomtien Soi 6 who really stuck out (cuz of her big boobs) so I chose her. The boobs were fake but the massage plus BJ combo was as good as any I had in Pattaya. To bad I didn’t meet her until my last day.

Overall I was just really let down by Pattaya. Will you have fun there? Sure. Will you get good value for Asia? Not even close.

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  1. jspill says:

    Lol if this ends up ranking in Google for ‘what are thai girls like’

  2. Joe says:

    What’s your email man?

  3. frank says:

    That guy in the photo at the atm is not smart. Never let anyone see your pin. I bet they clean him out.

    Stickman Bangkok had a reader submission about a guy the had his accounts cleaned out by his thai gf. He couldn’t figure out how she did it since she never knew his pin. He caried his gf’s toddler to the atm. The kid memorized his pin and gf cleaned him out.

  4. Has says:

    With the women who bitched about you not paying enough, why did you not discuss about the price before any thing happened?

    • kick2dante says:

      with freelancers sometimes i do sometimes i dont

      i usually study up before i get to a place and know what fair market value is, if they dont like what ive paid and were expecting more then fair market value they probably should have been the one to say that ahead of time

      • Has says:

        So obviously you have been with a lot of women from Cambodia, Philippines and Thailand lol. But it never seems you get attached to any of the girls. Wrong right?

        Do you have any tips on not getting attached…for example I read that it’s best not to see a girl more then 3 times

        iv read a few articles about men of different age becoming infatuated with a women and getting their heart broken

        • thibault says:

          i ve a tip: if you really fear, no more than once. and not a full night. trust me it works. your soul leaves you a bit more every day, but strength has a cost, said faust.

          @ dante: dont you fear someday one will pull a knife on you? or call their friend the tuk tuk mafia? i had one girl doing this. i seen one call the cops, and in both cases, i can swear the guys paid. and a premium for their “friends” to boot.

          • kick2dante says:

            im pretty cold hearted i dont need to worry about getting attached, even if i really like a girl i dont ever want to settle down, i had one awesome girl in cebu who lived with me every weekend for months, pretty much perfect our personalities clicked and she was super horny, if she couldnt break me none will

            thibault i mean i guess it could happen but i doubt a girl is going to go to all that length because she feels i paid her a few dollars less……. fwiw this almost never happens in PI its generally in other places

            • Has says:

              Thanks for the advise dante and thibault…… I use to laugh when I read articles about guys young and old falling for these bar girls….but then I realise it could easily happen to me…..when your ignored by 98% of women in the West lol and then you suddenly get attention your mind could start playing “tricks” on you

              • thibault says:

                i m ignored by pretty much 100% of women, at first this made me weak, but after a moment your heart becomes cold as stone, and you want to get back at the world, you re stronger than steel. if you read the manoqphere, they all say the same thing. you gotta hate women to be successful, you gotta be a strong willed asshole. each year passing empowers you, but women become less desirable with time. times works in your favor, and is cruel to women. thats the ultimate revenge. only the weak minded respect the directives of society, interest themselves in older women, want to pair bond in others term. be a fucktard. people will hate you, but they ll be forced to respect your will. and dont think you can stay a part of this society and be free. you ve got to be a misfit, a predator, a … nomad.

                • kick2dante says:


                  or you can just be a nice guy that doesn’t want a wife

                  the great thing about the phils is you can still get laid all the time without ‘taking revenge’ or being a ‘predator’

                • Skins says:

                  This is where the “manosphere” loses me. “You gotta hate women to be successful.” How’s that approach working out for you?

                • thibault says:

                  “How’s that approach working out for you?”

                  1 it works for YOU. skins, your blog… what would a woman think about it…
                  2 for me? much better. at the very least i can have prostitutes.you realize a good guy doesnt go to see prostitutes?

                  guys. you… live… not… in the real world. do you even read western press? do you watch US TV? what are men if not carpets?

                  what you dont understand is.. you either win or lose. if you dont submit to women, if you re not gay… you re a fuckin monster.

                  mere fact of fucking a woman without marrying is not acceptable in society. guess what is feminism here? the simple comeback of old fashioned morale, just in favor of women this time. instead of restricting freedom of women, which makes sense as they bear children, it restricts men.

                  bad boys are the guys who dont abide to the rules and still fuck women nevertheless. oh… it s you.

                  you dont need manosphere boys, because you’re deep down in it. you live by its rules without knowing. just look at the life of your peers back in your homeland.

                  “smoking weed all day being unemployed. ” dante. boy. that is the best you can wish in the US. at least you dont drown in debts. having zero dollar to your name is more than 90% of citizens. married men are slaves. you just cant envy their lives.

                  so… hating is a big word. not wanting to be a slave would seem to suffice. but you don’t choose how your enemies call you, chauvinist pigs.
                  plus , you’re white it seems. you’ve lost by advance in the rhetorical context of the US.

                  • NormalNomad says:

                    You need to get out of that cesspool bud. The USA is not the whole world. It’s 330 million in a population of 7 BILLION. Very little in the scheme of things…..

                • Skins says:

                  “Skins, your blog… what would a woman think about it…”

                  I have several female members on my forum. You can sign up and ask them what they think about it. 😉

                  Dude, you sound miserable. How about moving out of the west if you hate it so much?

  5. kick2dante says:

    especially since the majority of hookers here arent the type of hookers you would imagine, they are just normal girls without much opportunity and in their mind they arent hooking they are going to hang out at a bar and go with a man if he is nice

    there are some cut throat ones for sure, but with many of them its just like you are hanging out with a regular girl, a regular girl that is really nice and happy and fun to be with…….. if i wasnt so cold i coulda fell in love with 50-100 by now

    • Has says:

      Philippines and Asia in general just seems like an escape to me……iv kinda excepted most women in the west aint interested because of my petite height (still kinda bitter lol) and I know I still will be regarded as small even in Asia (yes I’m a very small man but in height only :D) but when I see overweight men in their 60s 70s being able to get laid with decent to good looking women in asia it gives me hope…….as long as I have money of course but £30-50 per night is cheap to me compared £50-150 for an hour with a women in UK

      I guess I’ll just walk around with a smile and be very chatty and see what fun I have there.

  6. LarsS says:

    Reg.: “sexyness of Thai girls’ stomachs and how much better the bodies were overall compared to Pinays.”
    Hmm, you must be into more chubby girls then 😉
    There is a relatively high percentage of slim women in Phil, compared to many other countries, great if one (as I) is into slim/ thin women 🙂
    I saw some statistics with the percentage of women having a BMI lower than 18,5 (=slim)
    1. Philippines 14%
    2. Japan 11%
    3. Thailand 10%
    4. China 9%
    5. Korea 7%

  7. LarsS says:

    Sorry to say but you are quite wrong, according to the OECD statistics via the image link below
    Personally I’m into very skinny women meaning BMI lower than 16 and there are plenty of those in Phil, so I looked there 😉
    Some of the girls in your video are slim, but none thin/ skinny, far from 😉
    Here ss the OECD statics, and as you see the percentage of women BMI lower than 18,5 (gray bar) are highest in Phil
    Women BMI lower than 18,5 (slim)
    Phil: 14%
    Thai: 10%

    Women BMI over 25 (overweight)
    Phil: 27%
    Thai 34%

    The OECD statistics

  8. kick2dante says:

    well if the stats say so………..

    anyone who has been to thailand and phils knows the girls in thailand are in much better shape, its not even close

    unless provincial thai girls are all fat and provincial phils girls are all sticks

  9. LarsS says:

    You must have a quite “selective” vision 😉
    I do have friends who often go to Bangkok, as well as Manila and Cebu, they do say the same as the statistics
    Meaning that there is a visible higher percentage of thin women in the Philippines, according to the statistics, the difference is also remarkable as 14% vs 10% of all, as you can se

    On page 2 in this pdf, there is statistics about obesity where urban vs rural areas in Thailand are compared, with only a little difference

    Personally I’m into super-thin women, BMI < 16, with visible ribs, hips and flat, even concave stomach hence super small waist
    There are quite some of them in Manila 🙂
    We might have different views on when a girl is thin, those on your video is chubby in my point of video, to many burgers I guess

    However my main reason for looking into Philippines, was for a wife/ life partner, not younger than 28 years, and here is the interesting thing
    The most stable women, by that I mean low divorce rates is women from Vietnam and Philippines
    Where a marriage to a Thai or russian women, is quite a gamble

    Here is the graph from the interesting statistic from Norway reg. divorce rate of cross-national marriages, between a Norwegian man (mann) and a foreign woman (kvinne)
    Skilsmisse = divorce
    ekteskap = marriage
    The graphs (time until divorce)
    orange = 6 years or more
    Purple = 3-5 years
    dark blue = less than 3 years
    The numbers 0 – 10 below are percentage

  10. kick2dante says:

    according to this link 55% of the philippines population is overweight where as 31% of the thai population is


    that took all of 30 seconds to find

    sure there are some super skinny girls in phils, but the general population of women there clearly has an extra layer around the stomach

    girls in thailand on average are in much better shape

  11. LarsS says:

    Uhh wow, and the US only 33,9% overweight ha ha 😉
    According to your fictional “source”, then better look for skinny girls in the states 😉
    Also better if the statistics show the amount of women with low BMI, like less than 18,5 as my statistics from OECD and WHO
    Anyway, I see that you try very hard to change facts …
    Next time look at the source, check the source and it’s references
    If you are into skinny girls, they are way more abundant in Phil than in Thai, as documented before, not like the chubby ones in your video
    The source I used is OECD and WHO, if you don’t know who they are:

  12. kick2dante says:

    i didnt try hard to change facts lol, i took the first google link and saw that it said 55% of people in phils are overweight and 31% of thais are…… that seems to mesh with what ive seen

    im sorry but anyone who has walked around phils and thailand recently knows that there are more overweight girls in phils, i dont care about the stats, ive lived it

  13. LarsS says:

    Doesn’t matter about your personal selective view
    For readers of this group, interested in slim, skinny women, then the message is very clear about to go to Phil, who wins hands down, easily!
    In short, out of 100 random women in both countries, 14 Pinay’s do have a BMI below 18,5 (slim), and only 10 Thai women in comparison
    The same OECD/ WHO stat, show that the obesity rate (BMI >25) among women are way higher in Thailand than in Phil
    I noticed that for males, the stats for both countries are much closer, almost equal, but certainly not for women where the difference is big, with Phil as the clear winner, when it comes to slim/ skinny women

    A little tip, another time you look for statistics, use much more than 30 sec, ensure that the statistics are isolated for genders, since there is a difference between men and women 🙂
    At last: Check the source!

  14. kick2dante says:

    ok but you are talking about girls so skinny you can see bones

    there are not many stomachs that most guys would consider ‘sexy’ in the phils and i am not just talking from my own personal experience i am talking about opinions of many other people i know, i dont care what some random site says……. do u really think they have looked at a bunch of girls stomachs? they took some small sample size and extrapolated a bunch of stats

    anyways, you can claim your victory if you like

  15. LarsS says:

    kick2dante: “ok but you are talking about girls so skinny you can see bones”

    Yes, that’s a personal preference, and usually requires a BMI quite lower than 18,5, which is just slim

    kick2dante: “there are not many stomachs that most guys would consider ‘sexy’ in the phils”

    If guys are into chubby girls, then go to Thailand, if guys are into slim/ skinny girls, then Phil (lower BMI)

    kick2dante: “i dont care what some random site says”

    Fair enough that you want to be ignorant to facts, but OECD isn’t some “random site”
    Have you ever seen some news? since it seems that you don’t know what OECD is?



    kick2dante: “do u really think they have looked at a bunch of girls stomachs?”

    BMI isn’t about guys definition of a sexy stomach (by looks), which is individual anyway
    But if guys are looking for skinny girls, BMI is a very good indicator
    The BMI number gives a good approximate number of body size, when height are counterbalanced
    So in this way, you can conclude that a lower BMI leads to a thinner woman, incl. her waist
    Another fact: With lower BMI, the WHR (Waist Hip Ratio), usually also get lower, leading to a very small waist, compared to the hips

    kick2dante: “they took some small sample size and extrapolated a bunch of stats”

    With reference to OECD, how the f… did you conclude that??
    The purpose of such statistics is about people’s health in countries, whether it’s about obesity or underweight for that matter
    With such information at hand, the politicians and the health care system in the country are helped with this information, which is collected countrywide, like when people go to the doctor for regular health-check, then it’s easy to measure height and weight, hence BMI and report that back to OECD

    kick2dante: “anyways, you can claim your victory if you like”

    It’s not about victory, just about setting the facts straight

  16. kick2dante says:

    i will ask again since you ducked it last time, have you ever been?

    i dont think anyone that has ever been could say there are more chubby girls in thailand then phils

  17. LarsS says:

    First, about being there or not is irrelevant, since the OECD stats clearly show a significant higher percentage of slim women in Phil, compared to Thailand

    But I can answer your question, again, pasted below:
    I do have friends who often go to Bangkok, as well as Manila and Cebu, they do say the same as the statistics
    Meaning that there is a visible higher percentage of thin women in the Philippines, according to the statistics, the difference is also remarkable as 14% vs 10% of all, as you can se
    No I haven’t been to Thailand, to be clear

    I have looked at your Pattaya nightlife video’s here on the site, and I’m wondering about that the amount of skinny girls is ZERO. Since it’s nightlife and many young girls, I would expect some at least

  18. kick2dante says:

    ok you have never been there, glad to clear that up

    second question, how many times in your life has anyone ever looked at how skinny you were for statistical purposes?

    i can tell you that in 4 years in asia i have never once seen anyone checking peoples stomachs

    please dont argue things you are ignorant to based on some stats, i dont trust stats like those in the us, and i certainly don’t trust them in third world countries

  19. Tyler Durden says:

    Dante is right. I lived in the Philippines for a couple years, and while they’re more thin than a western woman, they are still chubbier than a Thai or even Vietnamese (of which I visited also). It’s their diet full of sugar, salt and fat. Plus they don’t exercise.

  20. LarsS says:

    Tyler Durden: “I lived in the Philippines for a couple years, and while they’re more thin than a western woman, they are still chubbier than a Thai”

    Your observation, must have been quite selective, since the statistical fact’s tell otherwise
    The updated statistics below from WHO, show the country comparison with the percentage of women having a BMI lower than 18,5 (=slim) in ranking order
    1. Philippines 14,2%
    2. Japan 10,4%
    3. Thailand 9,6%
    4. China 8,5%
    5. Korea 6,5%
    World Health Organization – Country comparison – BMI females % underweight (<18.5)

  21. kick2dante says:

    ya someone has quoted stats like that before, yet my eyes and everyone else ive ever met who has spent time in both places agree that you find far more bellies in phils than thailand

    an in shape stomach makes you do a double take in phils, in thailand its pretty standard

    • kick2dante says:

      oh i just noticed this was the same guy arguing from before…. the same guy who has never been

      maybe girls in the middle of thai provinces are fat and girls in the middle of phils provinces are tiny……… that really doesnt matter

      without a doubt the girls that ive had in my bed have been far chunkier in phils then thailand, and the ones you see walking the streets clearly are also

  22. LarsS says:

    kick2dante you are sort of resistant to facts
    If you would pick 100 random women in Manila vs Bangkok, the arerage BMI would be lower in Manila, since there is such significant difference

    Just to test my own argument, I went to loveme. com since profiles there are public and can be seen without membership
    I did the following search criterie
    Women from 25 – 35 years of age and no other criteria than their native country
    I took the first 20 Thai’s vs the first 20 Pinay’s, so 100% random and if my claim is right, basically any random selection, would show a lower average BMI for Pinay’s due to the significant difference according to WHO stats
    The results was
    Average height 161,6 cm
    Average BMI 19,46

    Average height 157,6 cm
    Average BMI 19,07

    This random sample confirmed my statement about more skinny Pinay’s
    I do have the spreadsheet available with each random selected woman, with height, weight, BMI as well as link to their profile for reference. Just ask!

    • jspill says:

      BMI depends on muscle density too though, bodybuilders show up as obese on BMI scales when they’re ripped with six packs. He was saying Thais have more in shape stomachs, pert butts, tight bodies, that’s a sign of more muscle. A Pinay could have more blubber, more of a belly, but still weigh less and have a lower BMI cos her fat:muscle ratio is worse. Muscle weighs more than fat.

  23. LarsS says:

    jspill: “BMI depends on muscle density too though, bodybuilders show up as obese on BMI scales when they’re ripped with six packs”

    First of all BMI don’t tell anything about being obese or not, it’s only about size
    So lower BMI => smaller size (waist etc.), so yes the Pinay’s with lower BMI will also be thinner with smaller waist, hence lower WHR (Waist Hip Ratio)

    Copied a lot below from another debate for explanation

    If a girl looses weight, eventually a lot, then her waist will decrease more in size than her hips, simply because the width over hip-bones can’t shrink

    I found some statistics here, showing that female BMI & WHR (Waist Hip Ratio) correlates very close, so lower BMI leads to lower WHR

    Pakistan Journal of Nutrition
    Relationship of Waist Circumference, Waist Hip Ratio and Body Mass Index as Predictors of Obesity in Adult Nigerians
    In women, significant correlation exist between BMI and WC (p<0.001), BMI and WHR (p<0.01), WC and WHR (p<0.01)
    See pdf page 3
    "Table 4 also shows a significantly relationship (p<0.01) between WHR and BMI in female subjects"

    The BMI number gives a good approximate number of average body size, when height are counterbalanced
    If anyone tries to interpret the BMI number into something more, this is only on their behalf!
    The BMI formula can't say by itself

    There is a close correlation between body weight and volume, the reasons are following:
    1. Mass density between fat (0,9 gr/ cm^3) and muscle tissue (1,06 gr/ cm^3) are relatively close
    2. 60% of the body consists of water, which leads to that the overall average mass density of the body always are quite close to water 1 gr/ cm^3, which is why we can swim and (almost) float in water
    3. Persons with a BMI less than 18, do only have a minor amount of fat as well as muscle tissue to do any significant difference. This is why BMI describes the average body-size so well

    If you compare a bodybuilder to a fat person, both do have bigger BMI and both do have a bigger body relative to the height
    So again the BMI describes the average body-size very well, also in this case
    For the majority of people, I would assume that the bodybuilder is more attractive, but this is another story and has nothing to do with the BMI count!

    So back to the formula, seen from a mathematical point of view:
    BMI = weight,kg / height,cm ^2

    The conclusion is then that weight correlates close to volume (as described)

    Just for fun I made a little calculation of average overall mass-density of a female body in the two following extremes, from the link below:
    Body Fat Pictures and Percentages

    Female A (bodybuilder):
    Fat: 8%
    Muscle: 40%
    Average body mass-density: 1,016 gr/cm^3

    Female B: (obese):
    Fat: 25%
    Muscle: 25%
    Average body mass-density: 0,99 gr/cm^3

    Even in that extreme case, the difference of mass-density is only 2,6%
    As you see in both cases, the mass-density are near 1 gr/cm^3 as water, which is why we can swim !!!

    In other words: My former argument:
    "There is a close correlation between body weight and volume"
    , are hereby validated and this is why the BMI formula gives a good approximate number of average body size, when height are counterbalanced

    In other words a girl with a BMI at 16 would at all time be skinnier in terms of size, than a girl with BMI at 17 even if she is an elite fitness contender

    • jspill says:

      BMI is just the ratio of weight to height, a girl can have a bit of a belly and still have a lower BMI than a girl with abs

      Anyway I’m not saying there aren’t tons of skinny girls in the Philippines, there definitely are

      Earlier you posted you like visible ribs, concave stomachs, almost malnourished look. You’d probably get that more in the Philippines because it’s poorer / the diet sucks… so Philippines is best for your taste, and that’s cool

      In Thailand though what Dante is saying is you can get in shape stomachs, pert bum, tight bodies, on a slim chick who doesn’t look malnourished, the diet is better. That’s what he finds sexier, just a matter of opinion

      This girl I met in Manila is prob your style, can see the bones in her back, small ass, a bit bony – https://www.nomadphilippines.com/the-beacon-roces-tower/

  24. kick2dante says:

    lol @ took 20 dating site profiles because girls never lie in them

    seriously, why are you arguing with people who actually have boots on the ground in the places that you have never been?

  25. LarsS says:

    jspill: “BMI is just the ratio of weight to height, a girl can have a bit of a belly and still have a lower BMI than a girl with abs”

    If you are referring to slim/ skinny girls with BMI lower than 18, or 17, your statement would be a quite seldom case
    In those cases the fat percentage would be low, usually due to high metabolism and small body frame

    jspill: “Earlier you posted you like visible ribs, concave stomachs, almost malnourished look. You’d probably get that more in the Philippines because it’s poorer / the diet sucks”

    The reason for those very skinny, is again either due to high metabolism and small body frame

    jspill: “In Thailand though what Dante is saying is you can get in shape stomachs, pert bum, tight bodies”

    Again all that follow the BMI count quite well, with the exception of those training to fitness contests, they might be quite few out of the population, right ? 😉

    BMI strongly correlate with BF % estimated by bioelectrical impedance, in this sub population of South Asian adults. This relationship was curvilinear in nature and was significantly influenced by age and gender. Our findings support the importance of taking age and gender in to consideration when using BMI to predict body fat percentage/obesity, in a population.”

    Relationship between Body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage, estimated by bioelectrical impedance

    kick2dante: “took 20 dating site profiles because girls never lie in them”

    If girls lie in the profile, that would presumably be the same no matter what country they are from
    Next, there are also pictures, so if you know quite well how a female body would look at various BMI counts in the lower range, it is possible to determine if it’s realistic or not

    kick2dante: “seriously, why are you arguing with people who actually have boots on the ground in the places that you have never been”

    Because, you continue to claim that women in Thailand are generally slimmer, than in the Philippines, on the contrary to documented fact’s from WHO, showing that there is a significant difference, but just the other way around
    To me this is almost a joke by now

    In fact it’s the first time I have seen such claims as yours in recent years
    1. Friends of mine who travel in Asia, both Thailand and Philippines, do confirm that there are a significant bigger amount of slim/ thin women in Phil compared to Thailand
    2. WHO confirms the same, if anyone knows for sure, it’s them
    3. I’m a member of a web based, closed group of men, with preference to thin/ skinny women (BMI < 16), surely Philippines do have the highs core in that area, and we aren't talking about women in the "jungle" suffering from starvation

    • Akog says:

      Women fat and skinny every country who cares enjoy the women and stop being that guy

    • jspill says:

      That ‘web based, closed group of men’ needs to spend more time flying over here to get laid instead of reading bioelectrical impedance studies

    • NormalNomad says:

      Hey dispshit, maybe that’s true in some BFE provinces, but we’re talking about women in the major metropolitan areas, and as a man who’s been to both countries, Thai women are generally thinner and hotter (although hotter is subjective, most men would agree that thinner is more attractive generally speaking an Thais have better facial structure)

  26. kick2dante says:

    why did you bring this argument up again lars? it died months ago…..

    cool, you think (without ever being here) that thailand has fatter girls than phils…. thanks for sharing your (ignorant) opinion

  27. CJS says:

    “I considered breaking my no sex in hooker cities rule but decided to pass.” Why don’t you fuck?

  28. Linda says:

    is that you in the picture with the glasses?! UGHHHH those poor girls

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