A Weekend of Flaky Girls

Sometimes I feel like I may write too often about the same or similar subjects.  But this blog is about the things I go through living the life I live, and girls being flaky (cancelling on dates, etc.) is one of the main frustrations.

At this point it’s really not that big of a frustration actually.  I am totally used to it by now, plus after 3 years in Asia my sex drive has calmed down so going a few days without getting any is no big deal.

It’s still annoying though, and if you are moving over here and want to try and be with normal girls you need to be prepared for the things that you are going to need to deal with.

This weekend I just had was a pretty good example, and if you had just arrived and really wanted to get some then a weekend like this would really piss you off.


My Flaky Filipina Girl Weekend

Girl A

I met her at a third tier smaller mall in the poorer area of the city maybe 3 months ago.  She works there selling cell phone accessories.  All of those things are red flags actually.  Girls with jobs are hard to meet because they are busy.

Particularly ones that work in the poorer areas because they will work like 28+ days a month.  On top of that she really isn’t that good with English.

She texts me like 5 days a week but luckily they are never long discussions.  Just a hi and how are you cuz she is bored.

I have been back to the same mall a handful of times and stop by to say hi and she is always to shy to say anything, I think because of her poor English.  She always asks me to visit her, but when I do she says nothing.

I have been asking her to hang out all the time and every time she either replies with ‘maybe’ or ‘next time.’  I know that she is just saying no, but she seems very happy to be my friend and is quite cute so I press on.

Last week I decided to up the pressure and try and get her to commit for Friday.  She said that her aunt is crazy and won’t let her go out but I told her to say it was her workmates birthday and they would go out for a couple hours after work.

She said OK she would try and would let me know.  Come Friday she ignored my texts all day.  This was really no surprise….. and is just one of many.

Girl B

Girl B I met on Tinder earlier in the week, another mistake, why do I even bother with Tinder in the Philippines.  She was in the province but said she would be back in the city for the weekend and wanted to hang out.

I told her I didn’t like to go out to discos or bars and she said she didn’t either so I offered to have a relaxing hang out at my place and she said ok.

Then on Saturday she comes and invites me to go to the disco with her.  I say no thanks but to text me after because I would be up late and we could hang out then.  She says she will.

And she does, but says her friend is really drunk.  I ask if she wants to hop in a taxi and bring her friend home and then come here and she never replies.

Girl C

Another date for Saturday who was out of town but would be back.  I met her the week before when I gave her my number at the mall.

We had talked about chilling at my place Saturday night and then when she got to the city and I asked what time we could hang out she said she couldn’t.  She was going to the disco with her brother.

Later that night I got bored and went up to the area with all the discos… not to go inside, just to roam around outside and meet girls cuz I don’t understand how to meet girls in a disco.

I text her and ask if she is there and she says yes.  I ask which one, or if she would come outside and say hi….. no response.

Girl D

I had met her on Friday at the mall and she texted me Saturday.  She asked what she was wearing when I gave her my number….. doh!  I had given 6 numbers out that day so I went with a vague ‘something dark colors’… she was in white.

But she still texted with me after I lied and said I had got really drunk Friday night and that is why I forgot.  She was also going to a disco and I said she should text me after if she got bored there.

I text her around 12:30 and ask if she is at the disco and she says she was just leaving and it was an awful night.  I say she should stop by and we could hang out so her night wasn’t totally ruined.

She asks what we will do and I say just chat, watch a movie, and try to cheer her up.  She says I am such a layer and that she hates me and to delete her number.

Then the next day when I wake up I have a text from her asking what I am doing.

Girl E

Girl E is a girl I have written about as a ‘gray area girl’ – not sure if she’s a hooker or not.  She has been over 4 times now after we met on PinaLove, the first two times she didn’t want money…. or at least didn’t ask.

The last two times she has wanted to ‘borrow’ 500 pesos which I told her she didn’t need to pay back.

She texted me earlier in the week asking if I would want to hang out on Sunday.  I think this means she needs a place to stay in the city Sunday night which is fine with me.

The other time she needed a place to stay we banged when she first got here then she laid in bed and played on her phone while I worked.  Then later that night I went and joined her in bed again.  And in the morning I woke her up with kisses on the neck that led to more……

But this Sunday she hasn’t responded to my texts yet and it is getting late.

Girl F

I met her at the mall earlier in the week.  She is a college student and she said it was her ‘hell week’ but by Sunday she would be finished and we could hang out.

We texted every day, and she seemed very keen on hanging out today.  Surprise surprise the day comes and this is the one day all week she doesn’t insta respond to my texts.

Girl G

Lives just down the street from me, walked past her a week ago when she was just arriving home with a friend and they smiled at me.  I turned back to check out the booty and she looked back also.

Quickly turned around and said hello and asked for her number.  We texted a lot, pretty sure she is a virgin, definitely hasn’t had a foreigner friend before.

Is shy to go to my place so I say we can meet at the mall near our homes first and then go my place if she is comfortable and she says ok.

When the day arrives she says she is a good girl and can’t go to my place unless I am her boyfriend. I had already explained we were just going to be friends.

Also during the week one time I texted her saying I was about to pass her house and she should come outside to say hi.  She did…… and she brought her mom and her sister.

Girl H

I met her on FilipinoCupid 2 weeks ago.  She lives in the province but told me that on this Sunday she would be coming into the city for a week but didn’t really have any plans when here.

We texted often…… and then on Friday she informed me that she had something to do on Monday so now her visit will be pushed back til later in the week.  I’m not holding my breath.

15 Responses

  1. CitizenDong says:

    I had a girl F from a couple weeks ago with ‘hell week’ ending for college, she was so eager to text constantly but as soon as her exams finish, radio silence, literally havent heard from her since, its been a few weeks now, lol

    they obv intend on standing guys up and just maintain a barrage of dick surrounding them 24/7 for whenever their horny enough?

  2. kick2dante says:

    i think in those cases its not about being horny its about wanting attention and being bored, they never really have any intent on meeting you, they just use you

    • MK says:

      Lessons learned? Just keep casting the net and be happy with what you catch and don’t chase? Has chasing ever worked out for you? I’m reading this from the point of view of a potential tourist. I’m gonna do my pipelining and arrive there expecting to be swarmed (white, young and athletic build), I really don’t want the western BS treatment especially on a limited timeframe (30 days).

      • kick2dante says:

        chasing works out often, i just dont like to come off to braggy, and honestly im a glass half empty kind of person so i mostly think/write about the negatives so people know what to expect

        usually i would recommend anyone on a trip to just go with hookers and not deal with any BS, but as you have 30 days and are a young white guy thats enough time…… however i would just say dont write off pros entirely, the sure thing is always nice and there isnt really any difference between them and the non pros

  3. Streamon says:

    You strike me as someone who is broadcasting needy behavior. This is something you might want to address ASAP. Turn on the alpha traits up a bit. Be terse with the timewasters. Good luck!

    • kick2dante says:

      its a really tough spot at times….. if you rush things too fast the girl wont be comfortable with you and wont put out, if you try and slow play it then u end up wasting a lot of time with girls that are just using you for attention……

      i recently did do what you suggest actually, i got more aggressive about inviting them over quickly……… what it got me was a bunch of nervous girls who were not ready to be sitting on the couch next to me and it led to some awkward and failed first ‘dates’

      and i did write about that already, check back for all the details haha 🙂

  4. iamforeverteen says:

    I thought you’re gonna complete the whole alphabet 😂✌

  5. Tyler Durden says:

    I don’t understand how you don’t understand how to meet girls in discos. If you’re picking up girls in the street or the malls, why is a disco any different? It’s actually easier because they’re intoxicated and let their guard down much easier. I’m a fan of yours but I feel like you’re really limiting yourself staying out of bars. Girls go to bars to meet guys, same as guys go to bars to meet girls. You need to tap into the nightclub scene if you want beautiful, easy and willing women. I’m not hating on your game, but just try it out. Be friendly and drink a little. It has to beat texting or wandering malls all day long.

  6. kick2dante says:

    everyones different, i would much rather roam a mall then be in a disco

    also its so loud you cant talk other than scream in her ear

    they are also always with friends/sisters/cousins and i feel like a decent percentage of the time you will get led on all night and then she wont want to leave without them

    a failed 2 hour mall walk is nothing, a failed 2 hours in a disco is gun in mouth worthy

  7. Smartass says:

    You are doing this all the wrong way. You just want sex. Cuz you are a pig. You dont want any kind of relationship, not even friendship. Dont understand why you just dont pay for it cuz the girls you finally score with are just as much whores as the ones you pay for so your “challenge” is moot. Lots of wasted time for nothing. You might even offer the non pros as im sure lots are willing to play that game if given the op. Sad as that is. So, if you think yourself a good guy, face your fear and learn to dance. Hang out at the disco, a theme youve mentioned every single story. Invite a girl to dance or accept the invitation and go dancing. Girls love it, gives you lots of time to get to know each other and you are pretty much garanteed to get her that night, even if thats all you want. If you want more, you have already got her and probably wont bore the crap of out her and you can keep her. Do you really think they dont know you just trying to get laid by your recent method? Its really lame if you dont get that.

    • thibault says:

      oh god man…
      if you re NOT doing something to get laid, you re useless.
      you must be friends with a lot of girls to say this. what a nice guy.
      enjoy seeing them go to fuck with some bad boy after you ve been such a gentleman entertaining them all night long.

    • kick2dante says:

      but i dont like discos

      i want them to know i am just trying to get laid and don’t want anything serious…. that is why i tell them i dont want anything serious….

  8. Hung Lo says:

    The malls is my favorite hunting grounds too and Dante’s game is good . Filipinas are just the biggest flakes and fukgirls in Asia . Just pump and dump and just maybe one will actually be your loyal , homegirl someday along the way . White Knights need to fuk off this post is for big dik slingers only . Guaranteed your sweet little Short Cake is texting , banging others guys behind your backs . They are professional playgirls . Accept it and become the playboy or get played . Dont get your heart involved and deffo never marry one . Someday divorce rape will be coming for Phils too and all those dumb married blue pillers will be leaving in the masses for the next Asian playground nation if they’re not homeless bums slumming it by then post alimony \ child supports .

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