First Night Out On Walking Street, Angeles

Some newbies might be a bit intimidated by the sketchiness of Angeles City. There are some dark alleyways, beggars, touts, chicks with dicks grabbing you on the street, etc. The Philippines is a bit underdeveloped compared to e.g. Thailand so it can be a culture shock at first.


Child beggars on Fields Avenue

In no time at all you’ll get used to it, but for the first night it can be easier to stick to Walking Street (aka Fields Avenue). Then venture out to bars on the perimeter later. I recently took my first trip to Angeles and that’s what I did. Walking Street is one straight well-lit strip of road, similar to Pattaya.


McDonald’s at the East end of Walking Street

Where To Stay

Fields Walking Street Hotel is on the left shortly after you walk onto Fields Avenue, from the West entrance (you’ll be dropped off at this entrance coming from the airport). The hotel door is opposite Lollipop Gogo bar, look for that on the right side. This is where I stayed.


Since it’s right on Walking Street it’s pretty much impossible to get mugged or anything like that, as you stumble drunkenly from a bar to your hotel in a few steps.


It’s around $45 on Agoda after tax. Has the nicest beds I’ve seen on walking street, large and comfortable. Strong air con, big showers, mirrors on the walls, and a cheap minibar.


Free Drinks

Another reason to stay there is the hotel gives you 3 vouchers for free drinks at a choice of five gogo bars with the same owners as the hotel – Red Bar, Qbar, Lollipop, Kings Landing, and Shipwrecked. So you know where to go to start the night.


Sure you could stay in a place $10 cheaper and buy 3 drinks for that but it was a nice touch and I felt safe leaving my suitcase in a reputable hotel.

Angeles Bars

I went into about a dozen bars, covering most of Walking street over the night. Maybe it was because my plane landed at 1am so I got there late and the best pinays had been snapped up, but I only saw one hot girl.


Had a chat and she told me she makes 118 pesos a day salary, plus 60 pesos from each lady drink (of 200 pesos), and 1300 from the barfine (of 3000 pesos). Then 500 is a good tip on top. That was in Salambo bar.


There were some freelancers on the street who looked better than the bargirls in the gogos. Quite a few ladyboys mixed in though and I was taking it easy on my first night so I passed.


HiSo Disco

Since I was doing everything opposite to Dante – staying in a $40+ hotel and going into bars – I decided to stick to that and go into High Society disco as well.


It’s a 200 pesos cover charge then beers are 100. Quite a lot of hot girls, definitely worth going in. The freelancers in here will lock eyes with you, it’s pretty easy to tell which girls are looking for a customer. Goes until about 5am.


Taxi to Manila

I found the Filipina bargirls hotter in Manila (more on that in another post) so I took a taxi back there the next day which the hotel reception lady booked for me. Door to door service to Burgos Street for 2900, took a little over an hour.


If I’d followed Dante’s ebook advice I’d have taken the bus, but for a beginner on your first time in Angeles I think it’s worth it to avoid the hassle of going to the bus station.

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  1. kick2dante says:

    how hard is sitting in a trike and saying bus station? saves you like $60

    angeles feels rough but its not, ive roamed those streets alone at 4 am hundreds of times

  2. Soinana says:

    Don’t you find the bargirls in Manila a bit pricey Jspill? I am surprised you would rush to Manila so quickly the next day. For me, i would be rushing the other way but perhaps i missed some things in Manila?

  3. jspill says:

    Yeah very expensive, 6500 pesos all in after barfine, tip, and 2 lady drinks (could probably get away with not buying those though). So almost twice the price of Soi Nana. It was a holiday though, was spending more than usual. There was one bar in Manila that had tons of hot girls though (Kojax) way better than Angeles.

  4. Rum and Coke Man says:

    Have you ever heard where in Latin America and Europe the best p4p cities are in terms of best looking girls in quantity (…and reasonable prices)?

  5. jspill says:

    I hear good things about Colombia. Lot of poker players living in Medellin.

    A friend’s in Budapest at the moment and found some sites and where apparently you can find escorts for 50+ Euro, some former playmates for 150 Euro.

    ISG forum is a good resource for more up to date info, I mostly only know about South East Asia

    Dante’s been researching a lot of places though, maybe he can chime in.

  6. kick2dante says:

    oh no your the man here now…….. the people are calling for you so go ahead and take over

    latin america = medellin, rio, sousa

    europe = kiev, st petersburg

  7. Rum and Coke Man says:

    Found this site out of Buenos Aires. I doubt talent anywhere gets much better than this (if the pics are not fake)-

  8. kick2dante says:

    so hard to know just by looking at a page like that, i forgot to mention tijuana earlier but that is a really underrated spot

    one place i recently thought sounded really good was lima, prices are super cheap and there seems to be a lot of options around

  9. Rum and Coke Man says:

    Found this coverage of Medellin-

  10. Brockstar says:

    I can vouch that Tijuana is fucking awesome. If you love getting drunk, street tacos and cheap whores then it’s the best weekend of your life. The street girls run at 200 pesos + $5 for a fuck den. The strippers will cost a bit more about $60-70, just depends, really.

    The knock on TJ is that there isn’t much to do outside of those three things, BUT you can always hop across the border and hit a Padres game in SD! 🙂

  11. kick2dante says:

    i always love the ‘there isn’t anything else to do there’ line guys love to use……… as if we ever want to do anything other then sit around watching sports or get our dick sucked

  12. Guy from Duma says:

    I spent few days in Angeles in last May. Just wanted to check that place because heard a lot about that magic city. Well I was at Manila because of my business and decided to spend few days is Angeles. In my opinion – if you are under 40 or maybe even 50, and have a chance pick up a nice not pay for sex girl, better do that and don’t go to Angeles. There you can find only professional hookers. Ordinary pinays just ignore foreigners there, they just trying to live like there is no foreigners around. And for me – I am not enjoying have sex with profi so I was disappointed.

  13. Skins says:

    Honestly Angeles sounds like a dump. Beggars, whores and ladyboys everywhere. Hey I love fucking whores as much as the next man but you can get that done in other cities too right? Think I’ll give it a miss.

    • jspill says:

      Yeah, I have mixed feelings, on the one hand it’s definitely a bit of a dump. On the other hand there are child beggars, ladyboys and ugly whores in Bangkok too right outside Terminal 21. And I saw a boy who looked about 13 freelancing on Burgos street, Manila. Depressing. Some people apply your logic to avoiding the entirety of the Philippines and just staying in e.g. Thailand…

      Like many people call Sihanoukville a dump, but I remember you said you still had a good time there. One upside is Angeles has an airport so you if you need a change of scene from hookers you can quickly fly somewhere and do online dating girls instead.

  14. kick2dante says:

    angeles is cool because its small, easy to maneuver, has lots of good western food, and u can have lots of girls in your phone that will come over for 500p or 1000p any time and new girls show up to the city daily

  15. Tyler Durden says:

    I just spent the last two nights in Angeles and it was my first trip to the city. My first night I went to High Society as everyone local told me to go there. They said there were many girls and they were def right. It was a 5 to 1 ratio in favor of girls. I had my pick and found a Pinay that I took home for free. Girls were ample and it was a man’s paradise. In some instances, girls were cock-blocking each other to get my attention, like physically getting between me and a girl I was talking to.

    Night two was a bit different. The first two girls I attempted small talk with gave me the stone face and seemed disgusted with my mere presence. It was almost more awkward for them than me as they were so blatantly not interested and uncomfortable with me approaching them. I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life. If girls aren’t interested, they will politely tell you they have a bf or whatever excuse. About ten minutes after rejecting me, they were escorted by one of the bouncers to a VIP table of Koreans. Now that made more sense. After an hour with the Koreans, and being turned down by them, they completely changed their attitude and were much more approachable, even smiling at me.

    I guess on the john food chain, a white guy is in the middle, above a Filipino but below the high flying Korean. Also notable was on the first night there were no Koreans that I remembered. Either way it was an interesting dynamic, and if you’re young, handsome and well put together, you can score in Angeles at no cost. Just be prepared for some resistance if there’s Koreans or guys willing to spend some real coin on pussy.

    • kick2dante says:

      just cuz a pinay doesn’t ask you to pay doesn’t mean she doesn’t want/expect

      when girls go to hooker discos on hooker streets in hooker cities they are probably…..

  16. Tyler Durden says:

    Oh she was def a hooker. She was in there the next night talking to other guys. Oddly she still wanted to go home with me even after not paying on night 1. I’m thinking she was playing the long shot of getting a bf out of the whole ordeal… which invariably pays much more than being a hooker lol.

  17. Chris says:

    How quiet or noisy are the rooms in the Fields Walking Street Hotel?

    • jspill says:

      Silent, even though it’s on walking street the walls are thick and the rooms don’t have windows, if you want a window avoid it but other than that the furnishings are really nice, comfy bed, nice shower, the nicest ~$50 range rooms in Angeles apart from no windows

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