The Walk Of Shame Past Hotel Reception with Asian Girls

The walk of shame refers to walking back to your hotel or apartment past the same people you see everyday once again bringing a different girl back.


Maybe the sun is just coming up and people are going to work, and there’s you looking ragged after a heavy night with another sexy Pinay on your arm. Some guys will seek out special hotels that have back doors so they can avoid this.

For me it’s not a big deal, I have no shame. I feel it a little, and of course try to get through it as quick as possible. But I am sure the girl feels it far more than I do.

filipino-cupid-one-night-standIt was a bit worse in Cambodia because I was friends with the staff at the hotel. I still didn’t care though. By the time I’ve stayed anywhere a while it becomes quite obvious….

I try to get out of the walk of shame part II when the girl leaves, and I think my logic makes sense.

I explain to the girl that if we walk out together again and I show her to the taxi then everyone who sees us will know what just happened. However if she walks out alone no one will know what just went down.

Some girls agree, most aren’t very happy about it though 😀 If a girl gets upset then I will cave in and go with her, but I can usually get out of it. I really do think it’s better that way.

I wish I could have Filmed This

I had one amazing walk of shame moment, and it actually came with a girl I didn’t even hook up with.

A girl from Filipino Cupid was on her way over to my place but she got in a motorcycle accident. It wasn’t that bad but she did hurt her foot and had to get it bandaged up.

I would have totally understood if she canceled, but instead she just came over 2 hours late. At this point I had been staying at my current place for 3.5 months and had at least 60 Filipina women come visit me.

This was right in the middle of me going balls to the wall on finding dating site girls that wanted to experiment with a foreigner. So this girl comes over and is unable to put any weight on her foot. She has 1 sandal on the other foot, and puts an arm around me and we start walking to my room.

The place I was staying at had a big open area in the middle. Every room could see the door of every other room. The front office could see my room and the walk to it. Security could. The maids and staff were all sitting out in front of the office because it was around 5pm and their shift had ended.


And here I come bringing in like the 61st girl. She is hopping along on one foot and her sandal is making hella noise on every hop. All eyes are on us. I am doing my best not to crack up, and she doesn’t even have a clue what is going through my mind at the time.

As mentioned in the end I never even hooked up with her. It was really awkward with her having her foot propped up on a table. She’s probably the smartest person I’ve met in Asia and we had a nice long chat.

And then we did the whole hop with her arm around my shoulder thing an hour or two later and all eyes were back on us.

The walk of shame is really not anything you need to worry about. You won’t be the first foreigner to bring a sexy Pinay to his room, and you certainly won’t be the last either. It’s all in your head.

Think of it as the ‘stride of pride’.

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  1. Guy says:

    A girl is saying it will be PHP450 to get from QC to Makati each way and wants me to cover her fare. Does that sound legit, or is that semi-pro territory?

  2. Guy says:

    Nevermind, that was a retarded question.

  3. kick2dante says:

    hard to say with manila traffic but here is a great link:

    that link does say 441 when you just put in ‘quezon city’ to ‘makati’ with no direct addresses

    not a retarded question 🙂

    whenever i am bringing a girl in and im not sure about the fare i always check that site, you will be amazed how close it gets to being spot on

    thats one of the things that sucks about manila, in cebu general taxi fare is 120ish pesos and most i paid was 300 (and i knew going in she lived real far and it would be that much)

    in manila i have only had a few girls over and one had a 400 fare

  4. Guy says:

    Thanks kick2dante and iamforeverteen. You guys are both helpful, another thing you two have in common.

  5. Guy says:

    Yep, she was a scammer. She admitted it and said no sex without money or condom. And also said she had 2 different IDs. Any idea what that’s about?

    • Sounds shady, ever heard of ID spoofing? A friend once told me to use legit driver’s license with different name so if ever I got caught up due to traffic violation I dont have to worry about penalties and thats how you can get away with it. (But im not a terrible driver so i dont need one)

      Srsly speaking there’s a pinay who forged an id and used a commercial model’s name and pics to scam a western guy.

      Lets not assume that she’s using those IDs for scam 😂 maybe she just want some id cards in her wallet.

      • kick2dante says:

        giving a cop a fake id to get out of a traffic ticket sounds like a terrible idea…….. but in asia it would probably work lol

        • Yeah 100% and untraceable. Just a comment related to your article above lol maybe they feel its “ungentlemanlike” to let them do the walk of shame alone. But I doubt since women are crazy you cannot read our minds lol

  6. Brockstar says:

    There’s no walk of shame for me. I’ll gladly take a decent looking hooker back to my room than a fat and/or old chick I decided to hook up with.

    For a period of time when I lived in L.A. I had two female roommates, both were cute bartenders, Well one night I was really hurtin’ for some poon (remember those days? gotta love ‘Merica!) and I brought back this fatty and I could see through the window the girls were in the front room watching TV.

    Oh, what to do? What to do?

    So I came up with the idea of giving the girls a gesture we were gonna smoke out (my room had a balcony) knowing both would roll their eyes cos they hated weed (they loved the yay) and I knew they wouldn’t bother me. So I walked the mammoth in and discretely gestured smoking a blunt to the girls.

    I nailed the fatty, making sure she didn’t make noise, got her out while the girls were asleep and denied fucking her when questioned about it the next day 🙂

  7. Brockstar says:

    350?!?!? Nah, I’d say well over 2 bills though. She was about 5’5/5’6 so if you held a gun to my head I’d guess 245.

  8. kick2dante says:

    probably a soft booty tho

  9. Clit Eastwood says:

    245 is still a whole lot of loving! But someone has to do it.

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