Flying in the Vietnam Nightclub Scene | Drugs & PR Girls

Laser lights at 212 Club

Saigon has some nightclubs – 212 and DC – which are like a mix between a G club and a regular disco.

Like a gentleman’s club because you can hire beautiful hostesses (PR girls) to sit with you, dance and party the night away for 500k dong (~$20).

PR Girls

Then people mostly stick to their groups at a table, not much mingling. People mostly go there to take drugs – ‘fly’ the Viets call it – rather than pick up girls.

Service staff are assigned to your table and wait on you hand and foot, lighting your cigarette, filling your glass, helping with the drugs, anything you need.

Table at 212 Club

Drugs are taken completely openly, a stark contrast to Thailand and the Philippines, really anywhere in SE Asia except maybe the Jakarta ecstasy clubs.

I’m not a huge fan of MDMA but when in Rome…

In love

My stunning PR girl at 212 Club had me snort lines of Ketamine off her wrist, and was constantly paying attention to me to make sure I was having fun.

She’d point to the ceiling and ask ‘you up?’, then smile and playfully bump her forehead into mine. Then ask if I needed any more ecstasy.

Dancers at 212

We spent most of the night sitting smoking shisha or dancing around our table – complete with fruit platter and bottles of water to stay hydrated.

Then when the drugs kicked in guys would hug their PR girls and take selfies together.

Making me miss Vietnam

I felt like it wouldn’t go down well if I tried to walk around and hit on girls. It’s mostly close-knit groups of Viet guys and their girlfriends. I was the only foreigner I saw.

Most tourists go to Lush club (reopened), Apocalypse Now (hookers), or skybars like Chill, One Plus rooftop bar and The Penthouse.

DC Club

So in that sense 212 and DC don’t feel like a normal disco, like Lush, or Route 66 in Bangkok. But they’re huge venues with sick EDM music played by very talented DJs.

You could just dance with one beer if you don’t want to get a table or PR girls. It’s optional. Just be careful not to crash some mafia crew’s gathering trying to get numbers.

Could tip a waiter to slip one your number though…

The waiters came with me even when I went to the bathrooms. I didn’t try to bang a PR girl as one Vietnamese friend I was with said they don’t bang, you gotta get their number and go on a few dates.

But then another friend said they’ll bang if the price is right. If so I’d assume at least 1.5 million dong and expect them to be shy of foreigners.

This guy got in with flip flops

But even two Viet Kieu guys (Viets that grew up overseas) had conflicting opinions. In Vietnam the high end hookers expect you to ball out on them and aren’t just going to go home with anyone. More like escorts.

I took a video to give you an idea, sorry about the shaky camera. As you can see it’s bigger than many nightclubs in Asia and has some dancers on stage.

My night flying at 212 club

I need to investigate further next trip! Overall it was a unique and fun insight into the Asian culture. You’re mostly there to be ‘seen’ and look flashy with bottles of Chivas, get high and bond with friends.

Everyone is dressed pretty sharp in these Vietnam drug clubs, no shorts. Don’t go dressed in Bui Vien backpacker style. The music was excellent. ‘Vietnam number 1’ for clubbing the waiters would tell me.

Set from ‘DJ Tits’

I got teeth clenching from the ecstasy and the Viet guys informed me a lot of pills there are cut with meth. We also had a problem with fake alcohol in Napoli club.

Drugs are illegal in Vietnam – small ‘fine’ for possession – but at 212 and DC Club they’re done openly. My group had E, K and coke delivered to the disco. If you’re on your own or without Viet friends for social proof it’s more difficult, but some waiters can hook you up.

Trippy ceiling lights at DC Club

Vietnamese guys are quite friendly and chatty, more so than Thai guys. Similar to Filipino guys. Often they strike up a conversation first and are keen to know about you. So you could try that route.

For weed you can walk around District 1 and expect to be offered marijuana every 10 minutes. Like Thailand you get ripped off a bit but not too much, weed prices are around $3-5 a gram.

Another good vid, DJ Candy Ha

For a couple bottles of Chivas, beers, fruit platter, the table, tons of bottled water, shisha, etc. the total bill at 212 Club was 6 million ($260) for 5 people, not including 500k tips for PR girls and drugs.

As Dante posted Ho Chi Minh City has a unique vibe to it. The same can be said of the clubbing scene.

Vietnam Nightclubs Location

Near Bui Vien in District 1

Some more pics from going out in Saigon:

212 club PR girls

DC Club

Coyote dancers at DC Club

33 Responses

  1. BangkokBaller23 says:

    Crazy….didn’t even know such a scene existed in HCMC?

    If you come to find out where these girls “hang out” pre-work (assuming they show up 9pm or so), please share! IMHO if you’re a “customer” already, no PR girls are doing anything w/you for free. But, meet them on the street, restaurant, wherever, and they are just normal girls.

  2. dace says:

    Rly wanna go to vietnam haha

  3. Akog says:

    As a person who doesn’t even drink a beer this is not my kind place haha. But i would go i love to dance and make a fool of myself. Many times in China i would get numbers by looking like a silly foreigner dancing in chengdu

  4. thibault says:

    not my kind, but once in a while its good to be pampered.. typically a thing for the gys who like to show off more than to fuck. when you see whats available to them in the west… i mean, a lot of guys see nightlife like that but what they end up doing is ten levels under that. pr girls are our western bargirls, make you drink, dont fuck you. g club it is. now go to g club in bkk to compare… dont think dante will propose himself haha

    • jspill says:

      Right, it’s all about showing off. Actually forgot to say one of the Viet Kieu guys grew up in the US and said he regretted the decision to move to HCM because he found it such a tacky, materialistic culture of flashing money and trying to look hiso. Said he wished he’d chosen the Philippines.

  5. kick2dante says:

    $60 each and no sex where do i sign up

  6. Storytime says:

    The club seems to be on Cong Quynh road ( just before or on the roundabout) nearest Hotel: Mayfair suites, an even nearer guest house is the Budget Hostel.

  7. Nick says:

    Damn, looks sick. And only $60 extra to bang at the end?

  8. harley says:

    I agree the drug scene is more open in Vietnam, a lot more than in Indonesia for example. I kinda regret not going to any XTC clubs while in Saigon… definitely going to do that on my next trip. I only went to some bars where they smoked weed. I’d be really careful with those whores in these Vietnamese clubs though…

    You can do the exact same thing in Jakarta as you know already… but actually all around Indonesia however more conservative than this. Especially Bali or Surabaya for example, however they just offer XTC only. You get girls as well to join but they’re more like freelance hookers waiting for a guy to bring them to one of the rooms upstairs if it’s one of the big clubs… there’s also some after clubs in Jakarta and Bali where many hookers and regular people go at around 3.00 am just to get high and space away in a corner, but definitely not as cool as the stuff you showed us here.

    Then at Narz club in Bangkok you can get XTC from the waiters as well… however you have to be careful in Bangkok because i’ve been stopped in a taxi by the police once while my XTC pill was just kicking in and they checked everything except my urine (good they didn’t). One of my friends in the taxi had an XTC pill in his pocket and he quickly threw it in his mouth and tried to swallow it when the cops waived us to the side, but it was stuck in his throat because he didn’t flush it with water… the police agent noticed that and asked him to open his mouth and was shining his flashlight in his throat to check. It was scary but funny as fuck… at the end they just checked our pockets and told us to go.

  9. dikfore says:

    When I was in HCMC at a club like this in 2012 the music was so badly tuned to midrange it made my ears almost bleed. I had to put napkins in my ears.

    The groups hanging at tables seem to all just drink shot after shot until somebody inevitably puked and the whole group was thrown out. I’m surprised you didn’t see the ridiculous binge drinking in those clubs.

  10. Mmps says:

    Have you visited phu quoc? How’s the night life there if you have visited it? Thanks

  11. Dumbdumb says:

    Hey is going alone to 212 is common? You got any friends that xan bring me there?

    • jspill says:

      It isn’t common but there are small tables in the middle on the dancefloor where you could be solo, and people there are friendly they’ll prob say hi. Or hire one of the PR girls to party with you. Ask the waiter guys

      • Dumbdumb says:

        Do you know in other club like Lush do they have xtc openly as well? Or mainly only these 2 clubs that openly offer xtc?

        • jspill says:

          Well I wouldn’t say it’s openly offered without being Viet and knowing someone. I was with a Viet friend who handled it

          have to ask the waiters then hope one is ok with selling to foreigners, or calls a dealer to turn up.

          Not sure on Lush but I’d guess it’s harder there

          Other option is to try the touts that offer drugs to tourists on Bui Vien the backpacker street, take it then head to the club

  12. Jellybean says:

    Anyone have experience with going to Shenzen China? I talked to a monger at a Queens Castle one night and he said there’s lots of European girls there, he banged lots of hot Russian and Spanish girls.

  13. zcstik28 says:

    damn i’m so glad i found your blog. Keep up the great work! Do you remember if it was a weekend or weekday when you went to club 212? I went to lush around 12 on a weekday and surprisingly it was pretty much dead with only a few ugly hookers. I definitely want to try either 212 club or DC club but because of my schedule, I will need to go on a weekday. Also, do you know around how much it costs to get a small table by myself?

    • jspill says:

      It was a weekday, a Thursday, and was still busy. It should be busy every day, especially 212. Sometimes locally famous DJs will be playing at a certain club, if you check Facebook for events like that, it’ll definitely be busy

      Like this event Thursday 31st May –

      In our group of 4 people the total bill was 6 million dong, so $65 per person, and we had Hennessy bottles, fruit platter, beers, mixers etc. I don’t think you have to pay for the table itself if you’re ordering a bottle, not sure. But I’d guess something like 1.5 million dong ($65) for a good night out if you’re alone. The fruit platters are expensive, cheaper if you don’t bother with that.

      There’s also ‘Canalis’ club, went there recently, same format

      • zcstik28 says:

        Thanks man. I never knew people do E in Vietnam until I recently hooked up with this random 21 year old bar girl who provided some e and k for a fun night out. Spending 1.5 – 2 million for a good night is not a problem at all. What I’m scared is the waiters not willing to give pills out to random foreigners but hopefully tipping them will work? We will see. After reading your blog , I must try these PR girls lol

        • Neo says:

          All the expats in my apartment do E. One of the Viet Kieu has a hookup and charges 50k to arrange the meeting with the courier who works at one of the bars. Courier will meet anywhere in D1.

          Total cost is 500k for enough for one night.

          Not too sure on the measurements because I don’t do E, but apparently it’s a good price and super high quality.

          Anyway, talk to Viet Kieu expats. They can hook you up.

          • zcstik28 says:

            Hey thanks for the good info. What would be the best way to contact/talk to Viet Kieu expats? 500K for enough for one night sounds about right because I remember giving my Viet girl 500k for 2 pills. I say the quality was slightly below compared to the ones I get back in the states but they were still legit pills for sure. Maybe these Viet Kieu expats have higher quality E.

            • Neo says:

              Go to TNR Saigon (expat dive bar) on 57 Do Quang Dau (near Bui Vien) and chat up some expats/VK.

              Everyone is super friendly and easy to talk to so it shouldn’t be too hard unless you’re a total sperg.

  14. Neo says:

    100s of VN police raided a few hotels/bars on Nguyen Trai last night and arrested 70+ people for drugs and prostitution. They targeted a hotel and a restaurant/bar place, so I’m sure this was because someone didn’t pay their protection money.

    Point being that busts do happen here. Just remember that you’re in SEA and not Western Europe.

  15. Sinjin Le says:

    Just saw a video of 212 Club getting raided by the police in Feb 2018…hesitate to go there now!

  16. Valentino says:

    Really ¿ then is there any other club to intro . I am going with 10buddies , need some info on KTV with PR Girls too

    • jspill says:

      I also went Dmax ktv and it was ok, some decent looking girls party with you in a room and you can arrange to take them out for sex

      But on Google maps it says permanently closed and it was in the news for being raided by police, not sure if it’s still open or moved elsewhere

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