Vietnam Girl Friendly Hotels | Laws on Taking a Girl Back

Boss Palace Hotel, Saigon

It is possible to take girls back to your hotel in Vietnam in the majority of cases. However it’s best to stick to girl friendly hotels and make sure girls carry ID.

Even better, get your own short stay apartment on AirBnb to avoid awkwardness.

Is it Illegal to take a Vietnam Girl to your Hotel?

No. There is no official law against it today.

The misunderstanding stems from it being illegal prior to 2000. Under the 1986 marriage and family code it was against the law for a foreigner and Vietnamese girl to cohabitate outside of marriage.

Under 2000 reforms living with a Vietnamese girl when unmarried was no longer considered a criminal act.

Lazy night in at Vien Dong Hotel

Police May Still Enforce It

Some Vietnam police are corrupt and there are reports of them extorting bribes from foreigners unaware of Vietnam laws. It’s a conservative country and some men don’t like to see their women with foreigners.

There are also laws on reporting your address at a long term place of residence to the police within the first 7 days. The property owner must attend and sign paperwork.

Enforcement is minimal, but there have been reports of police arriving at expats’ houses that didn’t report their address. That adds to the misconception that it’s illegal to live with a Vietnamese girlfriend.

Deluxe room at Vien Dong Hotel

Prostitution is Illegal

Some hotels may still refuse overnight guests that didn’t check in with you on the grounds of preventing prostitution. Some will have ‘no prostitutes’ signs up.

In rare cases hotels will not even allow a guest you check in with (unless married) to avoid having to guess who is or isn’t a prostitute. I’ve seen signs stating:

‘Required at check in: Proof of marriage required for a guest who is not a Vietnamese citizen to share a room with a Vietnamese citizen’.

So in those hotels it’s defacto illegal to bring a Viet girl back – the hotel creates its own law to be on the safe side, taking advantage of the urban myth.

Garden inside Vien Dong Hotel

Police occasionally raid hotels to crack down on prostitution, and hotels don’t want to face charges.

Budget Hotels Lock the Doors

Some cheap Vietnam hotels lock the doors after about midnight. Similar to Laos.

Then you have to bang on the door for the guard to let you in who may or may not wake up, and if he does will be pissed off when he sees you with the third girl that week.

All this should let you know to stick to girl friendly hotels in Vietnam even though the law is on your side. At the hotels below all you have to do is show the girls ID as you walk in with her then it’s fine.

Sometimes unmanned reception

Saigon Girl Friendly Hotels

There are many girl friendly hotels in Saigon but these are my top 3 because they all have their own special massage parlors in the building 🙂

You can just get in the lift and minutes later a cute Vietnamese girl has her hands (and mouth in one of them) around your cock.

All are in centrally located in District 1 with double beds, wifi, aircon, hot showers and doors open all hours.

Boss Palace Hotel

Nothing in the T&Cs preventing guests – zoomed pic

This is the one with blowjobs. I’ll write more about that in a separate post but Boss Palace hotel is certainly girl friendly because you can request in-room massages if you’re staying there, instead of using the massage rooms. A girl gets sent to your hotel suite.

As for freelancers or dating site girls you bring home they don’t care about that either.

They might not even say anything if they’re feeling lazy or the reception staff aren’t at the desk. The whole hotel is basically a front for the dodgy massages.

It’s also a reasonably nice hotel, a 3 star, about $35/night. Don’t go to Boss Hotel 1 or 2, it’s Boss Palace or ‘Khách sạn Boss’ is the Viet name.

  • Boss Palace Hotel on
  • Google Maps Location
  • 306-308 Nguyễn Thiện Thuật, Phường 1, Hồ Chí Minh

Vien Dong Hotel

Aerobics in the park across from Vien Dong Hotel

Nicer than Boss Palace and better located, Vien Dong is a 4 star, about $45/night. You can walk to Bui Vien backpacker street just 300m around the corner and it’s opposite central park where chicks hang out.

The massage parlor inside this hotel (2nd floor) only does handjobs. You can’t request one to your hotel room but there are much more girls and hotter.

There’s also a fitness centre.

Bed at Vien Dong

The lifts up to the rooms are positioned before reception, one time I walked in with a girl unnoticed with my VietnamCupid girl, the next time they saw me but it just took a second to hand over her ID then it was fine. So Vien Dong is girl friendly.

  • Vien Dong Hotel on
  • Google Maps Location
  • 275A Phạm Ngũ Lão, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh

Dai Nam Hotel

Room at Dai Nam

A bit older hotel but quite large rooms with balcony. Again girl friendly and has a massage parlor inside. You can’t request one to your hotel room. Dai Nam is a 3 star, about $30/night.

I got a wechat freelancer here, I didn’t have to go down and show her ID she came right up and knocked on my door. Then walked past reception unmolested once, then another time I had to show the girls ID then it was fine.

View from Dai Nam balcony

Sometimes in the daytime a side door is open to go straight past reception.

Like Vien Dong it has more girls than Boss Palace and nicer decor. But only Boss Palace does blowjobs and decor might not matter to you.

  • Dai Nam Hotel on
  • Google Maps Location
  • 79 Trần Hưng Đạo, Cầu Ông Lãnh, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh

Best Girl Friendly Hotel in Saigon

Coffee shop attached to Dai Nam lobby

Overall my favorite girl friendly hotel in Saigon is Vien Dong because it’s the most luxurious and best located with the nicest sauna/steam/massage and hot girls, although the lack of blowjobs is a shame. But Boss Palace is not far away to visit.

In fact Vien Dong is in the middle between Boss Palace and Dai Nam so use that as a base and visit all three.

If you’re not into hookers and only meeting dating site girls who’ll be shy of hotels, rent a short stay apartment on Airbnb.

I wrote about a Saigon Airbnb apartment I stayed in here.

Vietnam Hotels That Aren’t Girl Friendly

A reader recently email in to say Novotel Saigon told him ‘no visitors after 10pm by Vietnam law’. WTF?

You can only have guests, male or female, before 10pm (and leave their ID with the desk).

13 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    Upskirt pics of that first girl coming soon

    • Jan says:

      I hope to see the post of list of girl u with
      And how it look

      -How much it cost
      -What she did with u
      -How u mee
      -Experience with those girl

      Im more on the girl than for travel

    • jspill says:

      massage 100k-400k depends if a small shop or big spa, standard or vip room, etc.

      then 200-500k tip depends if hj or bj, and where it is

      one massage girl i picked 3 times agreed to come to my hotel banged twice, refused money just told me to come back to pick her again (i tip her 500k for bj and to let me lick her bum)

      vietnam cupid girl, cost few dates, decent bang

      wechat freelancer 900k, awful full service

      bui vien bargirl wanted 1.5 million plus 300k barfine, i didn’t take her

  2. BangkokBaller23 says:

    Great, updated, breakdown again! You really haven’t had the Saigon Experience until the hotel staff buzzes your room to kick out XYZ Viet Hottie mid-F. That’s all part of the price of doing business in the land of the hottest women in SEA😎

  3. nightlifeguy says:

    Seems like most $15-$20 hotels are girl friendly here

  4. BKK45 says:

    Was planning on staying at Vien Dong hotel next month but after emailing them, I was informed today that I can only bring a girl back if she has her marriage certificate. So I am not going to take a chance and stay here. What a shame it looked a great location.

    Email reply
    We’d like to inform you that as the hotel policy, we just accept the foreigner guest can share room with the Vietnamese lady if they have the Marriage Certificate.

    If you need further information, please feel free to contact with us

    • jspill says:

      They probably would say that over email to be on the safe side legally. Perhaps book one night to get a handjob on the 2nd floor massage parlor then test it out with a wechat freelancer, mine was able to get in and up to my room door without me even going downstairs. That was Dai Nam hotel though.

  5. apocalypse says:

    I strongly discourage anyone to take up wechat girls based on my experiences. They are a total rip-off! What you see is not what you get. You can see a gorgeous girl pics but when you open the door its a totally different person. This ring is operated by some f**king pimps, they will post all the hot girl’s pics and hoping you will just accept the girl at your doorstep regardless how ugly they are.
    And not just this! Their service really sux! The girl will give you a rush job, no kissing, no suckling tits, no licking, she will ask you to cum and finish the job within 10mins!

    • jspill says:

      Yeah I’d agree, only problem is Vietnam doesn’t have any good alternatives for full service freelancers, apart from maybe going to Apocalypse now club? So you have to roll the dice and hope your wechat girl is one of the 10% that isn’t terrible

      Of course in general I’d recommend just not going to Vietnam if that’s what you want, go to Thailand / Philippines. Go to Vietnam to date normal girls

  6. Robert says:

    My experience with Vien Dong is they are not so guestfriendly anymore.
    Took a vietnamese lady to my room last night but got stopped by the reception.
    Had to book a separate room for her (500kVND)
    We obviously did not use the second room which felt like a total waste.

    • Neo says:

      Just stay at an AirBNB that doesn’t have a security guard. The one listed on this site isn’t available, but there are plenty of options. I see one right now for 582k that is walking distance from Ben Thanh.

      • jspill says:

        +1 Yeah that’s best

        Shame that Airbnb listing I used got taken down, maybe I sent too many sex tourists their way hehe

        At least Vien Dong let the girl in, but that sucks having to waste 500k

  7. Mike L says:

    I would think you could bring a photo copy of the law changes (in their language of course) to wave in their faces. When I was in China, the laws had changed dramatically for Chinese women (this was circa 2002). My Chinese girlfriend–who lived with–said “let’s go test this out!”

    At the time, or before rather, on the books, it was illegal for an unmarried Chinese woman to be with a foreigner in a hotel room, period. She took the new law book with us, and we checked into a hotel. The front desk girl said the usual thing “you have to have separate rooms.” My girlfriend then casually said in Mandarin that the laws had changed nearly two months before, and she wasn’t going to get a separate room–want to speak to the manager.

    Manager shows up, and it was then that she pulled out the new law book, complete with bookmarks! She shoved it under the manager’s nose and told him “read it, and then if you insist on making us purchase a second room, I am calling the police in off the street.”

    The manager hated losing face, so he stood around a bit, trying to look important, flipping from page to page near the law she had pointed out. Then turned around and whispered to the check in girl behind the counter, and handed her the book, walked off without making any eye contact what so ever. The check in girl said, “yes, ok. We will give you one room, together.”

    We laughed so hard when we got to the room, and boinked like crazy!

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