Vietnam Girls Working ‘Massage’ on WeChat – Pics & Stories

Talking to a Wechat pimp in HCM

The free WeChat app is full of freelance ‘massage girls’ (most offer full service sex) in most Southeast Asia cities. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam is no exception.

Especially in the tourist or red light areas, so District 1 in Saigon, the Sukhumvit or Silom area of Bangkok, Makati or Malate area of Manila, North Jakarta, etc.

Saigon wechat massage girl

App for Hookers

Compared to dating sites, hooker profiles rarely get banned. And the app is perfect for working girls because it works by scanning around your GPS location.

Easy for freelancers to find a guy 200 metres away who needs a ‘massage’ right now. So it tends to be the app prostitutes and johns use a lot.

This was probably a pimp too

Wechat Dating?

Girls that aren’t hookers don’t last long on the app because they get hit up for sex so often although there are some normal girls that still use it. Outside of the tourist areas it gets a lot more normal.

Worth a quick scan if you go to a disco or mall or somewhere with a bunch of people, you might meet someone interesting 100m from you.

Some normal girls, mostly happy massage

Zalo app is the same thing, the Vietnam version of Wechat / Line. In Thailand some Line users can scan around themselves too, but only certain phones seem to get that feature.

For P4P, wechat can occasionally be useful in Thailand or Philippines for finding a bargirl to come over after work at a discount.

Another cute Vietnam wechat freelancer

They’ll make it obvious in their profile by talking about ‘massage’, using naked pics, dollar sign emojis, code words like ‘can meet for short time or long time’, ‘good service’, or just straight up writing ‘i’m working girl’.

If you’re on a budget mongering trip you can stay near a red light district like Soi Nana or P. Burgos and just do a wechat scan from your hotel around Gogo bar closing time (2 – 3am).

Expertly dodging a bakla in Manila

There are a lot of transgender profiles though so be careful if you’re not looking for that.

Vietnam Wechat girls

Whereas in Thailand or the Philippines you are usually talking to the actual girl in the pics, in Vietnam there’s a lot of bait and switch.

Asked for new pics she sends more old selfies

It might be an old female pimp chatting to you, or a guy, or a working girl but not the one in the pics. In Vietnam the scam factor is a bit higher.

On the plus side, the girl that turns up is usually still very bangable as Vietnamese girls are pretty hot. And it’s cheap (~$40 range), and there’s less ladyboys and baklas to worry about.

Yes please

The disadvantage is the level of service can be rushed and mercenary. One of the worst hooker experiences I’ve ever had was off Saigon wechat, more on that below. Others get lucky and have a decent time.

Also in Vietnam hookers are sometimes escorted by some thug guy on meth who waits downstairs in the bushes in case anything goes wrong.

‘My boss gonna get you’

That’s almost unheard of in Thailand, it’s usually just a cute freelancer who needs money and doesn’t have a boss, pimp or chaperone. In Manila the Burgos street massage girls have an ‘agent’ or shop they have to give 500 pesos to, but it’s not a safety risk.

And Thailand now has the Smooci app for escort girls which is getting bigger over time.

Pics of Vietnam Hookers

Vietnamese girls are quite pale

So all the pics on this page are ones that were offering sex massage, or pics that female pimp boss ent me – I asked to video call with a girl to prove it was her and she admitted it wasn’t her, then sent me a bunch of pics of her stable of ‘massage girls’.

Of course when I said ok send me X girl she’d reply ‘oh that girl isn’t available today but I’ll send you one similar very beautiful’ lol 😀 . So probably about 80% are fake.

1.5 million dong one shot off Tinder

So most of Vietnam wechat is fake pics, with some real and some fairly similar to the actual girl that turns up. My friend luckboxed a hot one on Tinder that was the same as in the pics… but a bit more pricey than average, 1.5 million dong ($65).

My Vietnam Hooker Experience

So I was talking to this girl who you may recognise from earlier posts. I knew Vietnam wechat is mostly all scams / bait and switch from reading ISG forum but wanted to try it anyway. For the blog!

Lots of boob jobs in Vietnam

I already saw how hot massage girls are in real life at hotel massage parlors and wanted to bang one. At the hotel spas they only do handjobs or blowjobs.

I managed to negotiate down from $50 to $40 for one pop short time by saying I hadn’t exchanged dollars to VND yet, and didn’t want the massage part only sex. She asked my name, hotel and room number and there was a knock on my door in 15 mins.

I open the door and it’s not her, but actually a girl I found pretty cute, in one of those sexy traditional Vietnamese dresses. She asked for the money upfront which I had read is standard in Vietnam.

The girl that turned up

Obviously a bad idea because now they have no incentive to give good service but Vietnam hookers insist. Maybe you can get away with just showing the money, then putting it back in your wallet.

I shower, she showers, 20 mins go by. She unwraps a condom and tries to put it on my dick when I’m not even hard yet. The whole mood is rushed, she doesn’t want to kiss, let me touch her or do oral.

So when we bang obviously she’s dry because she didn’t let me do go down on her or finger her, and didn’t bring lube. Maybe that was deliberate because after a few mins of complaining about the pain, she used that as an excuse to go to the bathroom.

Then she comes back in saying ‘Ok I go, I call boss, one hour finished’. I haven’t cum yet, only had sex for 5 mins in one position (refused to do doggy).

‘I call boss’

I start filming a video while holding my phone up pretending to text. I figure if I can get her boobs and butt on video at least I can jack off. Fair trade for $40. Then I put the phone on the bedside cabinet, that’s where the first screenshot is from.

I think she knew because as she was leaving she held up her phone up and said something in Viet, I asked a friend who thinks she’s complaining about being filmed. Well if you’d banged me I wouldn’t have got my phone out….

Then she said ‘I kill you, f**k you!’ and slammed the door.

Other Vietnam ‘Massage’ Girl Pics

So be careful of bait and switch and don’t expect Thailand or Philippines level of service and GFE, but these pics are still fairly representative of how hot Viet girls are:

One of the pimps’ profile pic

A bit above average looks for Vietnam

About average for Vietnam

Petite look


Vietnamese university student look

Cute but possible undercover fatty

Another cute red dress

Beach body

Lots of plastic surgery in Vietnam too

Not bad for $40-65


Innocent look

China doll look

Young look

Duck face selfie

My buddy talking to one

Cheapest Sex in Vietnam?

Even though the Saigon hooker rates – $40 to $65 – seem ok for outcall service they aren’t that cheap for SE Asia considering the bad service. On an earlier post a commenter left this video of $11 hookers.

Apparently this is in a Vietnamese town called ĐỒ SƠN which is on the sea, East of Hanoi. $11 for 30 mins of full service, a chaperone brings them to your door.

I guess I know where I’m going on my next Vietnam trip!

Vietnam Hookers are the Worst?

Some are nice, I wouldn’t tar them all with the same brush. It’s all relative, they still beat western girls and Vietnam is not a terrible choice for sex tourism.

Some of them are complete divas though, it’s more like East Asia. Things happen there that’d never happen in the rest of SE Asia. This one blocked my friend when he said he didn’t stay in a fancy hotel.

Blocked on the first reply

Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines are much better, go to those first for P4P. Vietnam is good for finding a girlfriend or wife (non hooker).

Use Tinder, Zalo, VietnamCupid or AsianDating for that, give Wechat a miss.

If you actually want a decent massage I wouldn’t expect much from these Wechat girls either. Go to Vien Dong hotel, Dai Nam or Boss Palace instead. I’ll do a post on those later.

30 Responses

  1. Jan says:

    Hello im type of guy who like freelance
    So i use lit like wechat n tinder on thailand

    This post seem u get scam lot
    How many girl from wechat u get a good bang n value of money.

    Let say 10 girl how many are scam in vietnam?
    Kindly advise
    If lot scam going around i rather just go bj bar,saloon

    • jspill says:

      I only did one, I had a bad time my friend had a good time… 50/50 from that sample size

      But I’d guess like 80% bad / scam

      After her I stuck to my VietnamCupid girl from the other post, and blowjob places, and I banged a hotel massage girl by being a regular customer and inviting her on a date

      Good luck!

    • Jan says:

      Seem like being a regular customer for hot bj might have better chance to invite her..Girl on massage seem lot better

  2. Spirit maze says:

    When I was living in Dubai WeChat was the go-to for viet hookers. They fly out to Dubai on a 1 month visa and make as much money as they can before going home. Only problem is their fannies have been broken by giant angry STD-riddled Arab cock. I met a few Vietnamese and 1 Thai off of WeChat there and it was easy to negotiate a price + they came straight to my condo. I did find them a bit dirty tho (bad teeth, tattoos etc) and they are very clinical about the whole thing. It almost felt like going to the doctors for a check-up instead of a sexy experience.

  3. BangkokBaller23 says:

    Never, ever, ever, EVER….pay the $$$ upfront. Otherwise, you give her total frame control and incentivize poor performance. Have we not ALL learned this the hard way? 🙂

    • jspill says:

      Pretty much have to for these girls or they don’t bang. So what you’re really saying is don’t use these wechat girls in that case I agree 🙂

      There are some spots in Asia where you have to pay upfront and it’s ok – soapies, sex clubs, escort girls, some massage shops. They still perform well as they have a contract, if they really screw up with a customer they get fired and lose pay.

      Basically it’s freelancers that you don’t want to pay upfront.

      • BangkokBaller23 says:

        I’ve obv done P4P in Vietnam (amongst others in SEA) and have paid upfront….99% of the time leading to an awful sexual experience. Finally, I wised up and now will NEVER pay upfront in any situation whatsoever. I’m willing to walk….and have before. Usually, that changes the girl’s mind, and if it doesn’t oh well. A man has to have a code….you know? 🙂

      • thibault says:

        heard that some pattaya gogo make you oay upfront and then service is rushed… as it was awaited for

  4. Storytime says:

    Wow in the video clip she actually checked how big he was, the girls doing a runner as soon as they saw him made me laugh.

  5. I’m not hiso. I’m not even white. I’m just some random ass dude trying to get my rocks off. 🙁

    On a serious note, I didn’t even try it with hookers over there. Tons of them on WeChat.

  6. travelt says:

    You actually go down on hookers? What does it taste like?

  7. thibault says:

    good thing you did not publish the video.
    this said, if you had done it, i guess a certain number of observations would have been possible. like, for example:
    -you re fat.
    – she s cute but have that saggy look like most asian girls.
    – she s cute up until the bitter end, she even says that she ll kill you with a cute small voice, without any passion.
    makes you want to bang her even more, adds to the frustration.

  8. V.T. says:

    I’ve had 2 experiences with WeChat girls. The first girl was good. The 2nd girl turned out to be a bitch. Most girls I’ve encountered in Saigon demand the money up front. I usually pay half first and the rest when they finish. Prices are already high and most girls have the nerve to ask for a tip. I’ve had good experiences so far with bar girls and girls that motorbike taxi driver calls. Overall mongering in Saigon is a hassle due to the girls mercenary attitudes and dealing with pimps. Saigon is scam central. They will try to rip you off any chance they get. Check out the north of Vietnam for budget mongering where the prices are fixed and cheap and the girls have nicer attitudes.

    • jspill says:

      Nice, North Vietnam mongering is on my bucket list.

      Do you have the name of that hotel you mentioned that sources the chicks?

      • V.T. says:

        There is a pink Thinh Hung bus that runs from Haiphong to Đo Son. You ride that bus until the last stop. When you get off you’ll see a strip of a couple dozen hotels that serve as brothels. You can go to any of them and order girls. The girls shuttle around the strip to whichever hotel they are called to.

  9. Christo says:

    This is so amusing! I’ve been living in Saigon for 7 years. The girl at the end (Katharine) who blocked your friend was one of my WeChat connections for years. Talked about being a model/student. Finally about 2 years ago, I guess she really needed $, she texts me and we set up a meeting at my place in d. 7. She wanted 3 million, but I told her 2.5 max. I know that’s high, but I was intrigued by her ‘model’ pics. She’s not the girl in the pic, but very tall and with darker skin and not quite the pretty face, but a nice body, overall not bad. It could be the profile pic is her but enhanced. The experience was amazing. Started on the sofa, moved to the bedroom, 1 shot, continues and moves to the kitchen on the counter, another shot. I felt it was worth the 2.5, but then she complained and said she wanted 3. I wouldn’t budge. Never heard from her again and she eventually deleted me over a year later. I think she looks for a few high-paying clients. Sometimes you wait around and crazy shit just happens!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful sex

  11. John Cooper says:

    Can you show me a photo of Thi Thu Ngan~,24 05/23/1994

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