Picked Up A Thai Uni Girl On The BTS


I am writing this as I wrap up my month in Bangkok. I still have a few days left but for the most part my time here is over. I got a UTI right in the middle of it which slowed me down a bit, but all in all it was an OK month.

As many readers know my style is to hand a girl with a note and my phone number on it and hope that they text me and that I can then use text game to make it lead to more.

This has proven to be a lot more difficult in Thailand than in Phils. This post is about my one success so far, and it will likely be my only success from it, though I have 1 more girl that I have some hopes with.

Meeting Thai Uni Girl

I exit the BTS one day and in front of me is this cute girl walking in front of me. The area is super crowded and even though I would like to slip her my number she isn’t so cute that I have to force it in this spot.

But as we continue to walk toward the exit she goes off to a spot where no one else is and I have a chance to give her my number. I go down, get a haircut, and come back up to the BTS.

As the train takes off I get a tap on my shoulder, I turn around and it is the same girl now heading back to the same spot. She doesn’t say a word she just holds the note up and stares at me and other people on the crammed train are watching.

I’m like uhh ya add my line and she can’t figure it out (even though it is really simple) so I put it in her phone for her. Luckily I was only going 1 stop and got out of this awkward spot immediately after.


Texting With A Robot

OK she isn’t really a robot but she uses a translator app because she speaks almost no English. This led to some hilarious responses but also made it pretty hard to accomplish anything with texts.

It also meant wtf were we gonna do if we hang out. I am not some male model that has girls throwing their panties at me as I walk down the street. I get girls by being kind and attentive and silly. Will that style of text game really work with someone I can’t speak with?

But out of all the girls I gave my number to and the 15-20ish that responded (exact stats coming when I leave Bangkok) she was definitely one of the ones that seemed the most interested, and I texted with her more than the others.


BUT she made it VERY clear that she would not hang out at my condo and we would never have sex. In three weeks I bet she told me no sex close to 50 times. I would invite her to come over and she would say hang out mall not condo.

Considering I don’t even take Filipinas I can converse with to the mall to hang out I don’t really see the point of going on an even worse ‘date’ with a girl that won’t understand a thing I say.

When I am on a ‘date’ with a girl if she is to shy or doesn’t speak English well I just sort of ramble because I find silence awkward. So I will just be sitting there rambling to a Thai girl that doesn’t understand 90% of what I am saying. Fun times.

I was considering getting her to meet me at the park near my place, but even then I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it. There are 700 baht bj bars walking distance also, why not just go to one of them?


Her Boyfriend So Bad Man

About 2 weeks after meeting her she finally mentions she has a boyfriend and sends me a pic with about a quarter of her face in bed with some sleeping white guy. A week later she tells me how she saw him leaving his condo with another girl.

I tell her how she just can’t trust him anymore and she deserves better. But she loves him bla bla bla. We chat for a bit and I ask what she is doing and she says trying to watch ‘How to Train a Dragon’ but her WiFi is too slow.

Hey why don’t you come over here and watch it! After telling me no condo over and over for weeks she agrees to come to my condo. However she says one of my least favorite things in spots like this: ‘I can only stay short time leave 9pm’ meaning we have under 2 hours.

If an Asian girl comes to your room she will probably bang you. Even if they say no sex that is just them trying to trick themselves into not being blamed when they end up having sex.

But when they put a short time limit on it that is a pretty big red flag. Without a doubt that is the last thing I want to hear, because when girls have said it in the past it has meant they weren’t comfortable with me yet and no bang generally happened.

I’ve been here for 3 weeks, spent lots of hours handing out numbers, and finally have a girl willing to come straight to my room so I figure I might as well give it a shot. If I get blueballed those bj bars will still be there.


And The Best Drama Goes To

I go pick her up at the nearest BTS station that is connected to a mall and as I am waiting for her I take a picture of the shop I am standing by so she knows where to come. She starts asking me to come to random places that I don’t know and I am like please just come to me and luckily she does.

We walk to my place which isn’t far and I am carrying the conversation with silly jokes and teasing her in friendly ways. She’s in a great mood, laughing and trying to joke back but I don’t know what she’s saying.

She keeps showing me random pictures on her phone (girls are so obsessed with pics) of her and her friends. All in all it is going well, but we are 10 minutes in and how long can this ‘conversation’ last.

We get to my room and the only place for us to watch a movie is in the bed. How convenient. I put on Borat because I figure he is silly enough that even someone who doesn’t speak English can understand.


Throughout all of this she is texting with her friends and some of the time with her boyfriend. She shows me his pics and goes to the FB page of the girl she saw him cheating with.

We are sitting in bed cuddling and she isn’t paying a bit of attention to the movie. Her boyfriend asks where we are and she says at the mall and sends him the pic I sent her for where we should meet.

Then she sort of lays down and puts her neck right in front of my face. No better time then now to make my move so here we go.

What follows was the most ridiculous ‘no means yes’ I have ever seen. Some Filipinas do the whole no means yes routine at times, but this was like the girl was trying to win an Oscar.

She would rotate between holding me close and then pushing me away saying ‘my boyfriend my boyfriend!’ and reaching for her phone.

We start to undress and I am playing around down low and she texts him ‘he tricked me!’ Then she puts the phone down and cradles my head as I suck on her tits.

We bang in a variety of positions and then after showering she heads back to the bed and pretends to pout. Her boyfriend has asked what I did to trick her and I ask if I can reply. She says yes so I send him: ‘He tried to hug me! I can’t believe he would do that!’

He replies with ‘See I told you not to trust him!’ as if she should trust him………..

Patience Pays Off

This is a good example of why I play the long game with the girls I give my number to. Texting is easy and takes up no time. Asian girls don’t want or expect some deep conversation, just a simple ‘have a nice day’ works for many of them.

If you try and rush things with girls that you just randomly met on the street they are going to be scared and timid. Sure treating them to a real date may relax that, but dates aren’t my style.

1 bang from doing this may not sound like much, but I am pretty happy with the results. I was out of action for 10 days with the UTI, and even when doing this in the Phils the first month is the hardest.

It takes time to build up trust and to flood the streets with your number. But if you give your number to enough girls and be a ‘good friend’ to them then you can find yourself in spots like this.

She gets horny, she gets bored, she wants to get back at her boyfriend etc. The reason doesn’t really matter, the result does.

I am just glad to have got the monkey off my back. If I had left Bangkok without having my strat work I would have felt like a let down to all of my readers. Lets hope that future stops will also have at least 1 success story like this one with the slutty Thai schoolgirl.

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  1. -Cam says:

    Sounds like the average Thai girl does not like farangs as much as Pinay’s do. If that is indeed the case, the number strategy sounds like it would be far less productive then trying to get freebies off dating sites and other foreigner centric pick-up spots

  2. RumandCokeMan says:

    Dante what would estimate the odds are out of 100 girls from cold approach in Thailand, Phils, and Indonesia- what have the odds to bang been?

    In the West and say 2-4 out of 100 is average. In 100 approaches on the street 25-35 will give a number, 10-15 will meet up, and roughly 4 of those will bang.

    • dante says:

      actually those results are about what i get in SEA, but remember that i hand my number dont ask for theirs, so i get about 1 out of 3 texting back

      i also dont take them on dates, so it is about 3% that come straight to my place for first meet up

      if wanted to wine and dine could probably double that or even more

  3. Cannon Mac says:

    Bro you must be super pathetic. I get 20-30 tinder matches a day in Bangkok. 75% are down to meet, probably 20% down to meet at the room. I look alright but I’m 15 years older than the chicks I meet. I set the age seeking at 18-21.

    Are you a fat bald neckbeard or wot?

    • dante says:

      20 to 30 matches a day in bangkok… that sounds legit… dont talk to too many expats in bangkok but know a couple and they also say tinder doesnt work well for them, 1 i would say is quite handsom man

      but hey, stranger on the internet is probably getting 20 to 30 matches a day

  4. thibault says:

    level of bullshit is sky high here.
    30% of girls giving you their number. in america.
    cold approach would be around 0 unless you are really handsome, in which case you might do 10%

    30 match on tinder. in bkk
    last time i tried i had 12, 9 of them being ladyboys.
    it resulted in 3 bangable match, far too less to ensure success.
    i mean, it was workable, much better than in my home country ( anything is infintely better than zero, in proportion). still, not easy.

    by comparison, it was around 40 real women in the phils , and 60! in indonesia.( excellent foreigner value but less open to one night stand)

    so, good luck with your 30 “women”. of thailand. plus, you can double the fun by playing the bottom.

  5. jspill says:

    90% of Thais will give you their Line / number they are usually scared to say no, non confrontational culture. Mates in Vietnam say the same.

    Some will then block you or just not read the message. Some will not read it because it gets pushed down under other notifications from Line groups, friends, the 10 other guys that Line / text them daily, etc.

    Dantes strat of giving his number, not getting theirs, filters out all those girls that arent interested.

  6. Dan Phuc says:

    I think you get 50 right swipes a day without paying for the premium service. I usually match about half of the girls I swipe of the 50 in Bangkok and I try to be selective. Same in Manila and Saigon. Les when I tried in Chiang Mai. In Phnom Penh and Laos it’s mainly fat tattooed backpack chicks.

    How would you match a ladyboy? You’d have to swipe right on them to know they swiped right on you. So you like ladyboys. When I see them I swipe left. Thus I have never matched a chic with a dick. But hey, whatever you’re into.

  7. Masterbate says:

    LOL funny conversation, in funny english, you get a lot of IOIs from Thai girls in BKK, but the language barrier will make you use more body language, but I can feel thai girls really want it, grrr :)))

  8. Masterbate says:

    An off topic thing, since you are into poker, have you ever tried Day trading or anything related to the stock market ? I guess that would be a good way too for living overseas, if you have sufficient capital

    • dante says:

      naw i dont really know much about that, and after brokerage fees and taxes and all they take out of your profits it doesnt seem easy/you need to invest a lot to beat all the vig

  9. guy says:

    Where are the pics of her in your bed?

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