Two Days in the Life

Considering all of this happened in under 24 hours I could definitely call this a part 2 to the other day in the life post, but I ‘slept’ inbetween so I consider it two days.

I had to put ‘slept’ in quotes because I’m a crazy fucker and since my sleep schedule got fucked up by 45 whole minutes I was unable to actually fall asleep.

On top of that when I go no sleep I actually have MORE energy because my body runs on adrenaline, and well I am typing this after the crazy day so bear with me.

The day started off grinding Pinalove, found a pretty funny working girl profile. Always remember to read the profile 🙂


Skipped past that one and found a curvy 30ish year old who looked DTF.

Generally I don’t message girls above 30, but she had her FB linked on her profile with 100s of public pics (seems standard for Asians girls) showing off a banging body so I was more than willing to give it a go.

Of course with how flaky girls are here I didn’t really think we would hang out, actually I already had other plans for today with a different girl, but she never even responded to my texts all day.

But around 6am this morning all of those plans went out the window.  That is about my bed time.  Before I went to sleep I sent out good morning texts to a bunch of girls.  Well one replied.

Girl A

I met this girl a long time ago, lets call her girl A cuz I am to crazy/lazy to come up with a real fake name for her now.  I met her in the disco area of the city but I could tell she wasn’t much of a partier, and certainly not a hooker.

She dressed very conservatively (jeans and tshirts) and mostly just hung around outside with her friends.  I saw her up there a few times and she never looked to be drunk.  But hanging out there on a Saturday night is what girls her age do and so there she was.

I gave her my number the first time I saw her.  She was with some Filipino guys when I noticed her so I tried to forget about her.  But then I saw her wandering away from them and swooped in real quick.  I am dumb like that and risk beatings.

Anyways, she texted me a few days later but she rarely had load so we didn’t chat much.  I would invite her to hang out and she would always want to bring a friend and I would say no.

Eventually I realized that I was only going to have a chance by doing the dreaded hang out with a friend thing.  She was hot enough that it was worth it so I started inviting her and her friend out for a quick dinner near her home.

Well she would reply to this 1 out of 4 times and say yes and then flake.  She would say yes, then when I would text her later she would say they would go soon….. and then I wouldn’t hear from her again.

I would have given up except for the fact that she would also randomly text me saying she missed me (aw how sweet) and also she was hot.  But she was always texting me from different numbers and it was hard to keep up with her.

Then one day she stopped replying.  After texting her for a month the number I was texting replied and said that she was the girl I was trying to texts friend not the actual girl.  At that point I gave up plus I was moving so that was the end of it for then.

Then I got back to her city and found her on FB (she had given me her FB name, I didn’t have to stalk her though I might have if I did) and contacted her and she gave me her new number.

I also bumped into her at the disco area again.  At first she was with some boys but then they left and I went up to say hi.  She had no clue who I was and when I told her she got all shy and hid behind her friend.  I didn’t wanna embarrass her more so I left quickly.

End of Long Rambling Back Story (For Her at least)

As mentioned she replied early this morning and was on her way home from the disco area.  I jokingly invited her over….. and she came.  WTF I have invited this girl to hang out 50 times, the one time she comes its at 6am straight to my place.

But I was an idiot and forgot to confirm she was by herself.  As she is trying to find my apartment she says ‘we.’  Fuck.  I tell her I am sorry but I really don’t wanna skip sleep to hang out with her friends and she says ok she will come alone.  I confirm really? and she says yes.

I go outside to meet her cuz my apartment can be a bit hard to find.  I see the taxi coming and tell her to go right at the next turn but it takes her a little while longer than it should…..

The taxi arrives and the meter isn’t on and she tells me it is 200, I know the real fare should be about 120 but what can I do? Not the time to stand your ground over 2 dollars.  Then comes the ‘sigh’ moment when she starts walking back to the main road.

I say my apartments the other way and she says ‘but my friend’ and then her friend starts walking down the street toward us.  That’s why it took to long…. somehow in her mind dropping the friend off around the corner and making her walk to us was better (????????)

The friend is already saying she is tired and wants to go home, I try and try to get her to go in the taxi but girl A won’t let her go.  I then say OK we go to my apartment and try to get her to go sleep in my bed while me and girl A hang out, but girl A won’t let her go sleep.

This whole outside thing took about 15 minutes, how? I don’t know.  But girl A kept walking further and further away from my apartment, went back and talked to the taxi driver (I watched to see if he handed her a cut of the overcharge, he didn’t…. yet) and was pouting like a baby any time I tried to get her friend to go.

Finally we get back into my room and it is the standard hang out when girl brings friend that I hate so much.  I am being quite cuddly with her as we sit on the couch and she is fine with that, but she almost never looks in my direction and mostly speaks in Tagalog and uses her friend to ask the questions she wants answered.

She speaks OK English just has no confidence in it.  After a boring 30 minutes of translator interrogation she says she wants to go and I call them a taxi and pay their fare home.   She said she wanted to come back over that night without a friend.

I asked her to pinky promise and she did.  We made plans to meet and I would pick her up Jolibee (I offered her any dinner, she wanted Jolibee.)

Total waste of both time and money which it always is when the friend comes.

It Sucks Being Crazy

Since my sleep schedule was fucked with by a whole 45 minutes and something weird happened before bed I obviously laid in bed for the next 8 hours getting maybe an hour of sleep.

I tell myself to be careful when I play poker after ‘waking up’ and only play lower limit games.  I make $450ish in 3 hours.  Funny how that works.  Had huge hand after huge hand.

So I text her a few hours before the time we are supposed to meet and no reply.  I am not really that surprised by this, but still think there is a good chance she will come.

Remember the dating site girl from a thousand+ words ago?  Well she texts me but at this point I am fully focused on girl A.  I tell her that I am busy working and apologize.  She calls me a liar and questions my ‘honor’ (no really, she said I had no honor.)

Well I say maybe if she wanted to stop by for a quick visit I could work later.  I want to make sure she knows what is going to happen if she does….. I say things like ‘I hope you won’t be mad if I am not very gentlemanly and go in for a kiss a bit too early hahaha.’

I never talk about sex with girls in texts, its a dumb thing to do.  But I really only want her stopping by if…… and am fine losing a potential future visit from her at a better time by being a bit forward.

She says she understands I am so busy and if I kiss her so soon maybe thats OK jejeje.  Awesome, head on over.  Takes like 20 minutes to work out the logistics of get in taxi and tell driver go ……. (that is pretty difficult.)  She tells me she is on the way, then out of nowhere she calls me a liar and doesn’t reply to my next 2 texts.  Whatever, not too concerned.

Girl B

Wait what?  Nope, dating site girl isn’t girl B.  Girl B is like my all time favorite fuck buddy.  She is ALMOST perfect in that she comes over, is also not confident about her English so doesn’t talk much, doesn’t want to waste time watching movies, AND leaves right after we bang.

Nothing is more perfect then that, come over, make 2 minutes of small talk, kiss her on the neck and move to the bedroom.  She also has perfect tits, not huge, but just perfect for her body size.

On two of the 7 or 8 times she has come to visit me she has asked me to help her out with something like ‘requirements’ for getting a new job, or for her budget until she got her paycheck.  Both times she only asked for a few hundred pesos and was very happy and thankful that I would help her.

The only reason I say she is an almost perfect fuck buddy is because she is super flaky and LOVES to tease me.  She has come over 7 or 8 times.  She has told me she was coming over 20 or 30.   But what can you do?  The answer is say OK and be happy when she really shows up.

Well now she tells me she wants to come over. WTF do I do! I sat around all month waiting for her to text me to say she wants to come over. I mentioned perfect boobs right? BUT I have a girl I have waited many months for who should be coming over BUT that girl is also super flaky.

Making matters worse, girl B is the type to say she will come over at 7, and by 9:30 when you’ve given up she texts you saying she’s outside. Considering she only stays over for 45 mins at the most when she comes I could easily ‘squeeze her in’ while waiting for the other girl.

But I can’t tell her to come at 7 and then have girl A text me finally and then not know if girl B is gonna show up.  Considering I have never been with girl A and my dick is a huge fan of strange I put girl B on the backburner and tell her I will text her later when I am free and she says OK.

Crazy Mall Roaming

Now I head up to the mall that is near where I am supposed to meet girl A to walk around, get our dinner, and maybe meet some new girls.  But my mind is totally fried after getting no sleep and not knowing what to do and I just walk around like a crazy person.

In over an hour I only approach one girl, didn’t really have many shots.  I am more interested in trying to work out the best possible play here in this girl rubics cube that won’t leave me with nothing after so much promise.

Well things start to work themselves out when I ask girl B what she is doing and she says she can’t come tonight.  That’s odd, she almost never says that, she just says ‘ya I’m coming’ and doesn’t show up.

So now I am all in on girl A which I pretty much was the whole time.  I call her and she says she is at church and I ask if we are going to hang out later and she says yes.  Even though she has a super flaky past the fact that she was actually at my apartment earlier and is answering my calls has me believing……….

As if this Wasn’t Already…….

Remember dating site girl who randomly called me a liar and broke contact with me?  Well 2 hours later she texts me and says she is in taxi near my apartment.  Wait what?

I tell her I’m not home but will go right now and to wait at the mall next to my apartment.  She says OK and I quickly buy some food and rush home (took 2 minute detour to hand number to the before mentioned girl…. she didn’t even let me know she was coming! she can wait 2 minutes longer.)

She starts asking me where I am and I say very near.  I tell her to wait in a certain spot because her phone is almost out of battery and she says OK.  She keeps asking me where I am and I am telling her I will be there in only a few minutes.

I am literally off the jeepney and 30 seconds away from the meeting place when she says she is leaving and quits replying to my texts.  I had told her I was super close, she said OK and leaves.

I wait around for a few mins but she clearly isn’t there and she is also pretty clearly crazy so I just walk home.  Then she texts me and says she went to get a charger and I ask her to meet me at my place. She comes over and we bang quickly and she goes home. Above average looks for a dating site girl, no girl A or girl B though.

The Aftermath

I go back to poker but my internet is quite shoddy for some reason.  It sucks because there are awesome tables going.  Finally after resetting the modem 3 times it starts working OK.

During the resetting of the modem I call girl A.  She is about to go to the province for 2 weeks and I really feel I need to press the issue tonight.  She answers and tells me she is at home.  I ask why and she says something I can’t understand and that’s about as far as it goes.

Go back to poker happy that I got the modem working…. lose $400 of the $450 I won earlier in 2 hours.  Biggest loss comes when I reraise QQ in 1-2 after an aggressive player raised, the button who I didn’t know at all just calls (weird after I reraised quite big) and the aggro guy calls.

Flop K64 we all check. Turn K all check. River 2 aggro guy bets out huge, 86 into 105. I know he has the ability to bluff here, I don’t like it but I call…. I was right! He had the monster A2s.

Too bad the button had slowplayed quad Kings (and just called river cuz its a jackpot table and must be showdown to get jackpot.)

15 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    can’t believe i read all of that

  2. kick2dante says:

    it could be worse if you were vicariously living your life through trolol instead of me

  3. ontheway says:

    Dude ! You are like on an insane adrenaline rush … given what you’ve written about Crack smoking girl in Cambodia i know you’re not tweaking . .. my question is do you ever crash after one of these adrenaline runs ?
    Q 2 — are you now in Cebu or AC ?
    Q 3– i found your AC “under $900 a month ” budget in one of your older posts … what is your Cebu budget ?
    Q 4 — how old are you ?
    I read both your books and will post reviews on Amazon tomorrow (Wednesday PDT USA )

  4. kick2dante says:

    I don’t ever really crash but I am pretty much always tired

    2 = I don’t say where I am at

    3 = cebu is basically the same, apartment a little more expensive, spend less money on girls

    4 = 30ish

  5. Normal Nomad says:

    This is exactly the type of behavior Spirit and I were discussing earlier….

    Honestly, the more guys put up with this bullshit the higher the egos of Pinays becomes…

    Yes, it will ALWAYS be “easy” to get laid here, but why the fuck are you putting up with all this crap? Let them know their place. Value your time. “Time is money”. Yeah, this was two years ago, so hopefully you’ve learned your lesson, but after 5 years in Asia prior to this I’d think you should have already figured that shit out.

    I just cannot at all wrap my head around putting up with this bullshit in the Philippines as a young white guy. Maybe you’re just ugly as fuck or something, but I’m not very good looking (prob a 6 on a good day) and I get laid like a rockstar without ever paying for it and I don’t deal with this crap. (Girls try to play these games but I just delete and block them).

    Seriously, what’s the reasoning behind dealing with it?

    Also, Girl “A” was either a virgin or experienced game player, either of which I don’t want anything to do with. I don’t see why anyone would.

    • jspill says:

      Hmm in another comment you said pinays are ‘wonderful, highly intelligent’ and the dating isn’t boring, then you say don’t wait more than one date, I’m confused. Maybe Dante found this girl wonderful and didn’t mind putting up with this

      • Normal Nomad says:


        Both statements are true.

        I always lead them back to my room and there have been only a handful (literally I can count on one hand) the number of girls I haven’t banged on the first date.

        Those I didn’t bang on the first date I rarely ever banged. There was one virgin girl and she stayed overnight 3 nights (two of them twice in a row) before I got into her panties, but that’s a different scenario. She was 26 and still a virgin, so clearly some work is going to have to be put in. Still, could I go back I wouldn’t do it again. Fucking a virgin you don’t plan to marry is just messed up. I regret doing it.

      • Normal Nomad says:

        And from the writing he only wanted to fuck her because she was hot. lol. Did you read your buddies post? 🙂

        • jspill says:

          He doesn’t even date, 99% of girls are directed to his room alone he either hasn’t met them yet off a dating site or it was a 2 second interaction handing them his number before running away

          Considering he’s still banged as many as he has he is a rockstar in my eyes and obv he come across more BS with his method

          • Normal Nomad says:

            I do the same thing (minus the # handout method). I do come across it fairly often, I just learned not to put up with it. My first 2 months here I was just dealing with the crap until I realized there’s no point. Now I tell a girl “I’m deleting your # now. You’re wasting my time. Bye.” and then delete their #. I’ve gotten 4 bangs from this tactic. Most of the girls don’t give a shit, they don’t text back or they say “Ok.” or they try to waste more time, but 4 of them have basically said “I’m really sorry can we meet on xxx?” and when I said yes they showed up and we banged promptly.

            Even the girls who I didn’t meet or fuck at least know that not every guy is going to put up with it. It’s a tiny dent. It’s not meant to destroy their ego, but enough dents will cause them to re-think their behavior.

    • kick2dante says:

      everyone on the internet claims to be getting laid like a rockstar

      • Normal Nomad says:

        Let me clarify:

        I’m banging slews of 6’s and 7’s in the Philippines with minimal effort, investment, energy and money spent.

        Rockstars get 8’s and 9s and white girls, so I’d say they’re better.

        But the point remains the same.

        There’s no reason to pay for sex or put up with this amount of bullshit in the Philippines if you’re a youngish white guy. Seriously. Try it. Try going a month here without paying for more than an Uber for a girl and buying her a meal or cup of coffee and not dealing with bullshit. I think you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised with how good your results are.

        • jspill says:

          He doesn’t even pay that, 60 peso cinnamon bun ‘gift’ is his absolute limit

          I feel like you haven’t read much of this blog yet lol

          • Normal Nomad says:

            I have read about half of all the posts (I’m on page 13 of the archives currently).

            I also don’t distinguish between the authors—-I didn’t even realize there were two guys running it until I started commenting.

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