Trike Patrol

Before I moved to Asia I used to watch porn a few days a week but very little of it was Filipina porn. If I saw a hot Pinay I’d watch, but I didn’t actively search it out.

Then once I started reading up on the Philippines in preparation for the move, as part of my research I started to watch more and more Filipina porn, and came across Trike Patrol.

trike patrol

Cruising down La Guardia street, Cebu

I wasn’t looking for American porn stars, I wanted to see the real amateur action that I may have started to take part in after the move.

Trike Patrol usually had the best videos when it came to Filipina porn actually filmed in PI.

Why Trikes?

For those that don’t know the main method of transportation in Angeles City is trikes.  You almost never see taxis (except for the ripoff ones waiting outside the mall or airport) and instead see these little trikes.

Basically they build a side car on motorcycles and you can sit in them.  A perfect little death trap.  And every day these trikes usher hundreds (if not thousands) of sexpats and their bar girls back to their rooms.

So these guys decided to start a porn site with all the bar girls they are banging and aptly name it Trike Patrol.  If you are going to be taking a trip to Angeles City in the near future you can watch these and see what you are in for.

reenacting trike patrol

Re-enacting Trike Patrol with a FilipinoCupid date


One night I am heading out to walking street when I walk past Phillies and notice a hot girl across the street.  Any Angeles vet knows this is not a great pick up spot.

It is mostly filled with ladyboys and undesirable freelancers, but this girl had a great body with some nice sized tits for her small frame.  She didn’t have an ID so I had to pass.

trike-patrol-tshirtBut the next night she brought her ID and I instantly brought her back to my place without searching around any more.  She became a regular for the next few months.

She not only had a very nice body she also was a really funny girl and was fun to chat with.  Eventually she told me that someone had made a sex tape with her and put it on the internet.

He gave her like 8000 pesos but told her he would never share the video with anyone.  If you watch it Google ‘Trike Patrol Yumi’. Or sign up to get all the vids at Trike Patrol for $29.95.

Use Chrome extension Zenmate if you can’t open porn on Asia IP address. It’s a free VPN that works in your browser.

17 Responses

  1. kick2dante says:

    miss yumi so much na

  2. iamforeverteen says:

    Oh my god with the “NA” word lol

    • iamforeverteen says:

      Unfortunately there’s a min. Comment lenght. Lol BTW love the heseinberg’s blue stuff humor on the other entry ‘not allowed to post a comment 👏

  3. kick2dante says:

    hehe thanks, breaking bad shall live forever

  4. Guy says:

    Ever know what happened to MayMay from filipinasexdiary or Merilyn from Trike Patrol? Seems like a lot of girls do a couple movies then drop off the planet. I bet a lot of them are still in AC

  5. -Cam says:

    is trike patrol still the best amateur site?

    • jspill says:

      Yeah that and asiansexdiary (needs vpn) are the top amateur ones

      • -Cam says:

        trike patrol is great lol. Is it really that easy?

        • jspill says:

          They know they’re getting paid, most of the girls are freelancers. So if you mean is it that easy to find a hot freelancer take her home there and then and have a great time, yes it is pretty much that easy in places like Angeles.

          A little bit harder to find one that’d let you film it, even if you offer more cash. But still doable.

          And a little bit harder to do it with a non-hooker but that’s doable too. You can just get girls from pinalove or filipinocupid to come over directly to your place and bang on the first date. Easiest country in the world for that, alongside Thailand & Indonesia.

          A first date is probably going to freak out if you suddenly pull out a video camera though…

  6. Alex says:

    Most/all vids free at Few blind links too.

  7. Pearl says:

    I have been wanting to be picked up trike patrol. No charge just want the thrill of the ride. get in touch at

  8. Pearl says:

    I left a comment last march that I would like to take a ride at the trike patrol. No payment required simply the fun and thrill of the thing is what I am after. I even left my contact email Its almost the end of April and still no contact. Is trike Patrol really scared? Still waiting.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Pls contact me 09487101760.iwant to experiece

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