Date with a Jakarta Girl on Tinder – Trip Report

Hot Jakarta girl on Tinder

Some readers of this blog may have noticed that I basically never mention Tinder on here. Some may think that it is because there is no affiliate for Tinder so I have no reason to ‘pimp it out’ but that really isn’t the case. It’s because Tinder sucks in the Philippines.

Sure you can get laid using it, but too many girls are on there just to chat and amuse themselves (‘Tinder timewasters’). The dating sites are a much more efficient way to go about things.

I don’t know if it is just that Filipinas are more chatty and that’s why Tinder is so much worse there, but in Jakarta Tinder is great. As one commenter here put it ‘that piece of shit app actually works well there’.

Don’t get me wrong you should still sign up for Indonesian Cupid too (hehe) but Tinder isn’t a huge time waster in Jakarta like Phils, it works and works well.

About half of the girls I met in Jakarta were off Tinder, the other half were off Cupid. Quality was the same in both places, maybe saw some hotter girls on Tinder but the elite ones never swiped right for me :(.

Yesterday I had a pretty interesting Tinder date here and thought I should share it so here we go.

Tinder Date at 4 PM

I ‘met’ this girl on Tinder about a week ago and we chatted a bit. She wasn’t the needy texting type and also seemed to not be very good at English, probably one reason Tinder is better here, they have less to say.

I invited her to hang out a few times and she told me we could on Wednesday and she stuck to it. I went out to buy her some food before she arrived and she said she would be at my place at 4 before rush hour.

Our last texts were exchanged at 3:15 and then I never heard from her. 4 rolls around and no text, 5 rolls around and no text, then finally at 6 she texts me saying ‘I am on the way.’

This is another annoying girl trait, they just hop in a car and head over and tell you they are coming over 2 hours late, what if I had made other plans? I had not and was just working at home so it was OK, but still.

Overall girls here are less flaky then Pinays and while they are often late it is more because of the traffic and that they see no problem ordering a car during rush hour and sitting in it for 2 hours when a motorbike would get them here in 30 minutes.

She is 7 miles away, in Jakarta rush hour this takes her 2 hours. To top it off she thought we were meeting at the mall so put that in her ‘Grab’ settings, even though I had clearly said meet at my place and had already gone to the mall earlier to get her dinner.

So by the time she gets here it is 9pm. Only 5 hours late :p. She told me that she had to meet with a ‘client’ at 5:30 and that is why she hadn’t come at 4. Also in our last text, when she was waiting for me in the lobby, she mentions to me she wants to ‘talk about business.’ I shake my head as I get in the elevator.

Oh Cool, Another Forex Chick

My first introduction to the world of Forex girls came in Cebu a couple years ago. I was (not surprisingly) up at Ayala handing out numbers when I saw this smoking hot girl. She was walking with her friends towards the bathroom, horrible approach spot but so hot I did it anyways.

She is still one of the hottest textbacks I have ever got. We texted some, not a ton, but she declined my ‘come over to watch a movie’ date. Then one day when we were texting and both at Ayala I stopped by as she ate with her friends at McDonald’s.

And I got my first sales pitch. She didn’t do it, but one of her friends was quite aggressive about getting me to start trading in foreign exchange. They worked nearby and would go to Ayala and walk around, then tell their boss they were looking for clients.

I signed some piece of paper (with a fake name obv) so that they could show their boss they had a potential new client. I continued to invite the smoking hot one over even though I knew she was only interested in one thing and it wasn’t my movie date.

Over the years I’ve run into about 10 of these girls. Some at least tell you before the meet that they want to talk business, others are sneakier and make you waste time to meet them under false pretenses.

I’ve never banged one but always wanted to cuz I don’t like their trickery. So now I’m sitting in my room with this girl and she won’t even sit on the bed next to me. She sits on the chair at the desk about 5 feet away.

I ask her to sit next to me and she won’t. She speaks very little English and we have one of those awful first meet conversations where the girl asks the same where are you from do you have any brothers or sisters questions super slowly.

She then brings up Forex and I’m like no thanks, she has no real sales pitch other then ‘why not?’ and I am about ready to kick her to the curb. But she is pretty hot and she is in my room so why not make an attempt even if it is going to be a hard one.

I stand up and pour myself a glass of water, take a drink, and then walk up behind her. I start massaging her neck and shoulders. She is like really into vampires (?) and has mentioned them a few times and I see an opening to go in for a neck kiss.

OK a terrible opening, I have to go in front of her and awkwardly bend over out of the blue and do it…… but if she says no and leaves that is fine. As I kiss her neck she starts in on the Forex stuff again.

I try to kiss her lips and she says she is shy so I go turn off the lights and say no reason to be shy in the dark. She kisses back a bit and I get her to move over to the bed, but she is still going on about the Forex.

I am not going to lead her on making her think I am going to start trading with her just to get laid. She can use her trickery, that isn’t my style.

Some freelancers on Jakarta Tinder too

I Can’t Help You With Trading But I Can With Kisses

She keeps saying to help her with trading and eventually I just stop, look her in the eyes and tell her I will never trade so stop asking. I say I can help you with kisses and she says she doesn’t know how to kiss, but can I teach her.

From there it was on. She said she hadn’t kissed a boy in a year and it seemed like she was definitely very horny. I had her get on top and she was OK at riding but she really wanted to do missionary and kept asking for me to be on top.

Overall it was a very satisfying lay. We texted on her way home and in the morning and there was no more talk about foreign exchange and she said she wants to come visit me over the weekend. The neck kiss is a powerful move.

7 Responses

  1. Cam says:

    Your never give up attitude is an inspiration to us all. I’d have given up after her not responding/being two hours late haha. Glad it worked out though

    • kick2dante says:

      i kinda had given up, many times thought it was never going to work out but when she says she is coming might as well say ok and when there might go in for the awkward bend down kiss

      she never came back over though

  2. Jobo says:

    So how is the Forex trading going?

  3. guy says:

    so which one was Amari?

  4. furuchan says:

    aku mau…(^_−)−☆

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