Thermae Bar Bangkok – Best Spot to Meet Freelance Thai Prostitutes

One of my favorite nightlife spots in Bangkok is a freelancer pickup bar / coffee house called Thermae.


Entrance to Thermae bar & coffee house, Sukhumvit Road

Aka ‘the Thermae‘, there’s no barfine, and no need to buy lady drinks… you just walk in and walk out with one of the waiting prostitutes if she agrees. They line up in normal clothes (many of them are ‘girl next door’ types who work day jobs).

So you save money and the whole process is quick and easy. This bar and escort app are probably the two fastest ways to pick up a prostitute in Bangkok.

No cover charge as with Bangkok discos, no pushy mamasans, no thug bouncers, no need to wait for the girl to get changed. Drinks are cheaper than gogo bars, you can sit and take your time to pick a girl if you want. Girls don’t come up to you, they stand in a line until you go talk to them.

It’s similar to hooker bar LA Cafe in Manila, just hotter Thai girls and it gets busy a bit earlier.

Thermae Bar Bangkok FAQ

As you walk down the steps to enter Thermae at basement level (it’s under the Ruamchitt hotel on the corner before Sukhumvit Soi 15), you’ll see Thai girls lined up across the left, right, and the back of the room, three sides of a rectangle. These are all freelance prostitutes.

How does it work?

It’s a bit intimidating at first, but how it works is guys get a drink, walk around the room clockwise, pick a girl they like then leave with her. Taking a seat in the middle if they need more time. No need to talk to a pimp or mama.

There’s not much mingling with the girls inside the venue – no buying them drinks and chatting, no lap dances like in a Gogo, no board games like in a beer bar, no dirty dancing like in a club.

You just walk up to a girl you like, and if she agrees to go with you, then you leave right away to your condo or hotel. A more business-like, Asian way of doing things.


Thermae girls lining up

Do you have to take a girl?

No, you can just take a seat in the middle and enjoy the eye candy. Nurse one beer as long as you want.

There’s not much interaction with the girls though unless you’re about to leave with one – they stay in line and just wait to be picked, they don’t approach you like in other bars. Only smile and make eye contact.

Can you get their number?

I sometimes like to visit Thermae with mates just to pre-drink before hitting some Gogo bars, because the drinks are so cheap and it’s an interesting place to start the night.

Often I’ll see a hot Thai girl but not want to take her there and then, so I’ll ask for her Line. In my experience most are fine with giving it out, if you make it clear you’re going to be a customer later.

Some will say no though because this is their double life – in the daytime they’re regular girls working in an office and no one has any idea they moonlight at Thermae. They might only be there once a month, or hardly ever – and they’d rather no one found out.


What an average Thai freelancer in Thermae might look like

Do the girls have to go with you?

No, since they aren’t employed there the girls at Thermae can turn down customers all night if they want.

Some will prefer Asian guys. In the past most of the girls there only went with Koreans / Japanese etc., but since the economy and tourism has dropped a bit I notice they’re more receptive to farang nowadays.

Some Thai girls who like farang and usually work at places like Climax disco, might start the night off at Thermae hoping to get 2500 baht there and then 2000 Baht at the end of the night. I’ve even seen some street walkers trying their luck early there, then after Thermae closes they stand outside and go for ~1500.

How much are the girls at Thermae?

Usually the hotter 20something girls there ask for 2500 baht short time, some 3000. If they do at first say 3000, they will usually come down to 2500. Usually with Thai prostitutes you can cut 500 off what they quote the first time and they’ll say ok (then another 500 every subsequent time you go with them).

There’s no barfine (~700 baht in a Gogo bar), no cover charge, no need to buy them a lady drink (~170 baht), and your drinks are cheaper, so you can end up saving a bit of money.

So an all-in cost of around $70 short time. Usually short time lasts 1-2 hours, sex one time, but it depends on the girl, some will be ok with two times.


Took this with a potato a few years ago

For long time (overnight, sex 2-3 times) if you ask up front they might double the short time rate and say 5000, you can usually negotiate down to 4000 though.

After the first time, all bets are off as far as the prices. It totally depends on how much the girl likes you. Now she knows you’re safe, she might be happy to come directly to your place for 1000 in her free time, or 20000 a month, etc.

Most Thai hookers would rather have a small group of regular customers (luk kaa bpra jam) and/or ‘sponsors’ (kon liang) instead of going with a new guy every time, especially freelancers. Thermae girls aren’t chained to the bar for long hours, have no employment contract etc.

Drink prices?

As you walk in the front door there’s a bar on the left with 100 baht beers ($2.85), 80 baht whiskey soda, 60 baht soda water. So about half the price of Gogo bars / hooker discos in Bangkok. They serve coffee too.

Video inside Thermae via King Epic

Unlike other venues there’s no pressure to keep buying drinks, you might be ushered towards the bar to buy the first one but after that you can take your time and enjoy the view.

The waiters (old guys in blue shirts) are polite and not pushy. They look a bit like the Butler in Tomb Raider.

[su_pullquote]The Thermae is probably one of the strangest bars in the known world; it’s a freelancer’s hang out. The original Thermae coffee shop began life during the Vietnam War, closed in ’96 but the current Thermae was built a little bit further up Sukhumvit at the same time and it twice as big as the first one. The overall oddity remains same-same. Unlike Cowboy, Nana, most of the bars in Pattaya or Chiang Mai, you didn’t have to get hired to “work” at the Thermae. You simply just showed up and trolled for a customer. 

– From novel Genuine Thai Copies[/su_pullquote]

Back entrance?

If you just want to quickly get in and out taking one of the girls home you can go in via the back door, which you’ll find if you head to the Ruamchitt hotel lobby then go down the steps by the toilet.

Apparently going in via the toilets used to be norm back in the day when Thermae first started up, around the time of the Vietnam war. The Thermae has a long history.

Short time hotel nearby?

If you don’t want to take the girls back to your condo the Ruamchitt hotel above Thermae does short time rates, if I recall about 600 baht for 2 hours. Or Soi 4 has some for 300 for 1 hour.

It’s a pretty nice 3 star hotel with a rooftop pool, about $35 on Agoda.

Thermae opening hours?

Officially as the sign says on the door Thermae is open from 8pm – 1am but often you’ll see it staying open a bit later.

But not crazy late like LA Cafe in Manila, usually it’s closed by 3am or so. And you need to get there fairly early to find the hottest girls. Around 9-10pm is good.

Can you take the girls out partying?

Once you’re out the door and have confirmed you’re paying them X amount for their time, you don’t have to rush straight to bed.

Thermae girls don’t need to get back to the bar at a certain time, they’re freelancers, so you can go anywhere and do anything if you have the right connection with a girl. I ended up dating one Thermae girl for years, and just giving her money every now and then, I became some blurred mix between a John and a boyfriend, very common in Thailand.

You don’t even need to have sex, if you just want some paid company with a hot Thai girl they won’t complain.


There are large numbers of ladyboys standing outside Thermae, because they’re not allowed in. So bear that in mind. They hang out there because they know tons of horny guys will be walking in and out.

Ladyboys sitting outside on the left via Bangkok 112

Some of the guys go there specifically for the katoeys, but don’t make that mistake if you’re not into that. Mostly it’s girls inside, ladyboys outside on the steps by the Buddhist shrine / by the road. There’ll be some girls outside Thermae too though, waiting for a friend – True SIM cards can’t get signal inside.

Other bars nearby?

To the left up the steps next to Thermae is Bush Bar, just a normal non hooker bar with Pool tables. And above Thermae is another pool bar, Sports Academy.

Around the corner on Sukhumvit Soi 15 is Hooters. Across the street and slightly to the left is ‘Insanity’ afterhours nightclub, which is full of freelance prostitutes as well.

Thermae vs cheaper prostitute options?

A streetwalker on Soi 4 outside the Nana Hotel, or really anywhere up and down Sukhumvit Road between Soi 3/1 and Soi 23, will usually be happy to go with you for 1500 if you look clean and safe, or 1000 if it’s late at night. Many stand around on Soi 11.


African hookers stand around by Soi 5 – 7 and go for around 1000 baht 

Or if they’re working at a small massage parlor you can bang them there in the shop for that price, plus sometimes 300 for the room. Or if they’re working at a street bar, anywhere from 1500-2000 plus a 500 barfine to the bar. Sadly at the time of writing the Army have cleared away most of the streetside bars 🙁

Similar prices go for a sleazy disco like Climax near closing time (girls in fancier clubs like Mixx, Levels and Sugar want more).

Or the Soi 7 beergarden has some older Bangkok freelancers. Or blowjob bars are 700-800 baht.

The advantage of Thermae though is the Thai girls there are more beautiful / China doll style and haven’t seen 1000 dicks already.

Girls think of Thermae as a safe place to earn money from time to time with a travelling businessman. The kind of girl that goes to Thermae isn’t going to stand on the street or want to be hit on in a smoky nightclub at 3am. Some are even university students that just need money for tuition costs as a one off thing.


Many of them look like they just got off work at the office

Taxi scams?

The drivers who park out front of Thermae won’t want to use the meter, instead they’ll ask for flat rates about twice the price or offer a free ride to Insanity / Climax / Spicy / Mixx discos where they get a commission of 100-200 baht per head.

Just walk past them and flag a cab down yourself, it’s a busy road so one should be along shortly (look for the red light in the windscreen that means available).

Even if you do want to go to one of those free ride discos, flag down your own cab to stop these dishonest taxi cartels from getting the commission, let a more honest driver get it instead (they’ll find out when they arrive, if they don’t know already, that the journey is free).


Me and a buddy took these two back to our condo

Thermae Review

Overall the Thermae coffee shop / bar is one of the best and most unique places to meet Thai prostitutes in Bangkok, a must-see even if you’re not a sex tourist. I took a “I would never pay for sex” friend from England there, by the end of the second day of his Thailand holiday he had taken one of the girls home long time.

Expect to pay around 2500 baht ($70) the first time at Thermae and then get discounts over time, as freelancers work random hours and want to encourage repeat business.

I find freelance prostitutes seem a bit more ‘human’, closer to the type of girl you might date on ThaiCupid, because they spend more time talking to their customers instead of just dancing on a pole in a bikini in a noisy Gogo bar. Often they work two jobs or are pursuing a university degree.


Click for the Google maps location of Thermae bar, between Asok & Nana BTS. The Thai spelling is เทอร์เม่.

If you’re telling a Thai they pronounce it ‘tur-mair’ instead of ‘fur-mai’. Thai’s don’t understand ‘Th’, when Thor was out in the movies Thai chicks all pronounced it ‘Tor’ 😀

Thermae is Greek for heat.

74 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    Took Dante here and he stayed an hour without buying a single drink, and handed out his number to a bunch of chicks

    • -Cam says:

      Dante is a very resourceful man. I bet if he spent as much time trying to get paid as he did avoiding spending, he’d be a rich man!

  2. Squid says:

    That looks like a great bar.
    Nice and relaxed style.
    Who wants pushy Mamasans trying to force you to buy overpriced drinks?
    Why didn’t Dante buy a drink or barfine any of the girls Jspill?

    • jspill says:

      Haha if you’re new to the blog Dante hates spending money on unnecessary stuff, even a few dollars on a drink, when a recycled water machine can fill up a litre water bottle for 1 cent and he can drink that before going out.

      He aims for $20 – $30 girls, at most $40.

      • Squid says:

        Ahh. A cheap Charlie.
        Well that’s ok. The main thing is he is living abroad and getting his wick wet.
        Still. It must make for some funny stories if he goes to such extreme lengths to save a Dime.

  3. -Cam says:

    Sounds like heaven on earth! I have my vasectomy consultation next week. I hope to be making my first trip to Thailand and/or PH once I get snipped!

  4. kick2dante says:

    definitely can find some cute girls here, but too many of the hot ones only seem to have interest for korean and japanese guys from my limited sample size

  5. guy says:

    African girl got ass yo

  6. SouthernAdventurer says:

    So how is Thailand for weed? Is it as bad as the Phils or closer to Cambodia. I plan on going to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat (My moms been and says its awesome) and to break up the drought and smoke alittle (or Happy Pizza) but I might go Thai first. Suggestions?

    • jspill says:

      Way better than the Philippines (no prison sentences for possession, just fines), and a bit worse than Cambodia (not sold openly, need to know someone). If you do go let me know

      • SouthernAdventurer says:

        Oh I’m going I just might wait until after Cambodia. I want to do both just prioritizing which one first. Any other gems in SEA? I hear Laos is nice. BTW not big on the P4P game (not against it or anything). Im even cheaper then Dante.

        • kick2dante says:

          nobody is big on the p4p game until they get here :p

        • jspill says:

          I didn’t use P4P for the first 2-3 years in Thailand, i just did normal dating. Getting laid is a lot less hard here though and whereas in the UK I’d bang maybe one or two girls a year, here it was one or two a month (could be one or two a week, I’m picky / don’t try that hard though).

          Then eventually I hit a point (100 or so non P4P girls?) where I didn’t really feel the need to challenge myself anymore. I have a theory that we have a finite amount of patience / interest for talking to / chasing girls, and at some point we don’t need to prove anything anymore. Then we invest that time and effort in ourselves instead, other hobbies or whatever.

          I think that’s why globally it’s usually relatively older men that are more keen on P4P, they’ve reached that point where they can’t be bothered anymore / have proved enough to themselves.

          But when you move to SE Asia where it’s easier to get laid you hit that point earlier, and that’s why you see relatively younger guys using P4P (I moved here at 23 and started P4P around 26).

          And then of course another factor is how good the P4P is here, the girls actually are into you and see you as a potential boyfriend, so they let themselves go and the lines get totally blurred between hooker and non hooker. Whereas P4P in our home countries would be a totally cold, lifeless business transaction.

          There is even a bit of challenge sometimes with P4P. Maybe it’s a freelancer that has a job, and only goes with guys she really likes, very rarely, and by looking at her you’d have zero idea if she was a hooker or not.

          That type of P4P doesn’t even exist in the West, we’d call it a gold digger not a hooker. How many times back home do we get to be a sugar daddy to a super hot 20yo chick? That can be a challenge in itself – getting the max value of out of her for the least amount of money, getting her off, long time, trips away together, bareback / creampie, etc. all the things that you’d never get with P4P back home unless you were a millionaire.

          Not that I only do 100% P4P now, I mix the two together. Maybe about 2/3rds P4P in Thailand. If I moved to the Philippines full time I think I’d do more dating though as a new culture would bring back the challenge again. Plus non P4P is better over there.

          I think it’s good for mental health to mix in some P4P up as well, you can go crazy talking to non P4P girls too much with their emotional swings and dramas. Then after banging them you think was it even worth it.

          • SouthernAdventurer says:

            I doubt I do much p4p but I would never say never. If its a dry spell or just a ridiculously hot girl then probably. Either way I’m stoked and next week can’t get here soon enough. Cebu first then maybe Thai or Cambodia. BTW have any of you stayed at Caylx Center as thats where Im staying week 1? The pictures look awesome

            • jspill says:

              dante went to see it and it was all awesome until the room itself which was quite small and claustrophobic, that’s philippines condos for you though. Maybe some units are bigger.

              I’m there 22nd – 24th, I’ll hit you up in email nearer the time

              • SouthernAdventurer says:

                Aren’t they all that size? La Guardia’s are even smaller. If you guys want I’ll take some pics and do a write up on it.

                See you then.

                • kick2dante says:

                  let us know, i remember the room i saw (30k studio) being very small, but maybe i was expecting too much for 30k and it wasnt really that small

                  from a location/amenitiies standpoint it cant be beat in cebu

                  i thought the room i was in in laguardia 2 was reasonably sized

              • jspill says:

                Pics / write up would be awesome. Yeah rooms are small everywhere.

                Personally I’d want to live on Mango so I’d stay at Ramos Tower (both a condo and hotel) or similar, and get a membership at Club Ultima next door for great amenities.

                But you don’t want P4P, in which case Calyx is perfect.

                • kick2dante says:

                  living in it park and 100 peso taxi to mango > living near mango

                  pretty sure if you were there for awhile and not just a couple days at a time u would eventually agree

                  • jspill says:

                    You pay for taxis? Would’ve thought you’d walk / ride jeepney.

                    I doubt you’re right, you know I live right next to Nana.

                    And like to work out, and Club Ultima is the best gym imo.

                    And I actually like to go into bars, pay barfines and lady drinks, and go into discos… quite different tastes.

  7. SouthernAdventurer says:

    Yeah La Guardia 2’s rooms are 22-25 spm where as Calyx have 26 sqm (not much more really). The downside is no balcony but the main reason Calyx looks so sweet is the killer gym and pool. I found one listing for 20k a month but thats with a long term lease, but most are in 25k-30k range. I would go 20k but otherwise I’ll probably end up in LG 2.

    I like to walk so I would like to be close enough to walk everywhere and its within easy walking distance of Ayala. I even found a place within half a km to take up muay thai which is something I’ve wanted to do for years. Might end up in thai for that reason alone.

  8. kick2dante says:

    @SA where are you finding those listings?

  9. kick2dante says:


    its under 100 pesos to mango, think maybe 70, jeepney from it park goes to mango for 7 and at night its very quick

    probably better to live close to restaurants/ayala so when you go out for dinner during rush hour you dont deal with traffic, and take 5 to 10 min taxi rides to mango at night

    plus the area around mango is dirty and kinda gross, cant see any reason to live there

    your near nana, but your also near term 21, restaurants, bts, a good central location, staying near mango is just being near mango but no other reason to be there

    • jspill says:

      There’s room service restaurant delivery at the condo (Ramos Tower) best food I’ve had in the Philippines so far, I’d just order that. Huge menu, ok prices

      I don’t need to go out to do anything except gym/pool which is next door (Club Ultima)

      And supermarket which is in between room and gym (Robinson’s Fuente)

      Lol at you going out to restaurants for dinner (me buying you dinner in Ilaputi restaurant that one time at IT park doesn’t count), and caring if an area is kinda dirty /gross

      If you mean me, there’s actually plenty of nice restaurants on Mango you must’ve never been. Filipino, Italian, Western. No need to go Ayala at Rush hour. For a date there is a restaurant on 36th floor of Crown Regency, next door

      No BTS in Cebu last I checked

      This blog has thoroughly put me off the idea of handing out numbers in Ayala / SM and trying to get them to come round. I’d rather use online dating and cruise the mango bars regularly for new talent, for which I’d need to live close

  10. kick2dante says:

    every meal i get is from a restaurant, didnt say you had to eat there, you have 10x the options in ayala and it park as you do around mango, room service is nice for a few days but will get old quickly

    the area around mango is pretty depressing, say hi to the 2 year old kids sleeping on cardboard boxes under the stairs from the underpass from the robinsons side to the mango side up by fuente circle for me

    seems far more plus ev to live in a nice clean area (wont say safe cuz u should be fine around mango) with lots of restaurants and take a 50 peso 5 minute motorbike or 7 peso 10 minute jeepney ride to mango when there is zero traffic after 11pm over living in a gross area with a handful of places to eat to be a 3 minute walk away

    • jspill says:

      All of Cebu is a bit gross/depressing with beggars, I saw plenty of those living at La Guardia too, and had kids come up to me. Same in Manila and BKK, never bothered me or you

      Yeah mentioning safety and getting jeepneys/bikes in the same sentence would look weird glad you dodged a bullet there

      At least you’re not pretending you’d take cabs anymore

      Lol variety of restaurants, you eat the same things all the time. Room service menu is more varied than your diet

      • kick2dante says:

        i never said i would take a cab, we were talking where people could live

        and ya the vast majority of cebu city is rough looking…….. except for in it park or inside a mall, which is why…………

        • jspill says:

          IT Park is pretty small and nothing special, just my opinion. Ayala mall is nice but you can’t live inside a mall, I wouldn’t spend much time there.

          For you malls are a priority, I’d rather have a nice high balcony view (Ramos Tower one of the tallest buildings in Cebu) and a nice gym/pool/sports center (free membership at Club Ultima next door). Street beggars are a non-issue.

          I mean if you like a cleaner, more developed style of living when are you moving to Thailand? 🙂

  11. arm003 says:

    why dont u guys just order from foodpanda? they have dozens of restaurants for all budgets and u dont need to waste time going to these places. cheers.

    • jspill says:

      Yeah sometimes I do. But you still have to go downstairs and meet the delivery guy at reception so at that point you might as well just walk 5 seconds more to a restaurant.

      Plus eating in my room attracts bugs, or at least it’s an extra effort to make sure you quickly throw everything away / don’t make a mess. Then add in $2-$3 for delivery fees every time and it’s not that appealing of an option

  12. -Cam says:

    How often do you guys have sex (or in Dante’s case get blown a week). Is there an frequency that you think is ideal? Everyday, 3 times a week, once a week but with a 10 hour fuckfest?

    • jspill says:

      I like sleeping alone to get good sleep at least half the time, so every other day. If they’re not sleeping over and it’s a regular girl that I don’t have to pay much attention to then every day is fine, if it’s new girls and takes more attention then every other day to give some rest time. If banging several times then 2 days apart is ok

      • kick2dante says:

        when i first got over here i was doing 2 pops like 5 days a week, definitely less now and most times i just do 1 pop now

        i’d say i probably average 3 or 4 a week, but that is only because there is nothing else to do, the longer u wait before nuts the more pleasurable it feels so i think 2 or 3 days off in between is optimal as far as maximizing enjoyment, but wtf are you gonna do for 3 days if not trying to score?

        also it depends on if hookering or going with normal girls, when hookering its a lot easier to schedule things….. every once in a while you get a chance with a girl that you can’t pass up even if youve been with girls 3 days in a row cuz she is so hot and you need to take the chance while you have it

        when going with non pros you gotta take any opportunity when it comes along, but if ive had a busy week i will only send out flyer texts to the hottest girls in my phone….. if i havent had a visitor in a week then the whole phonebook is getting spammed

      • -Cam says:

        Yeah I hate when chicks spend the night because it is so uncomfortable. On the other hand morning sex is very enjoyable and primal. Overall I think afternoon sex might be the best. You can fuck them take a short nap and then easily dispose of them and enjoy the rest of your day with a clear and relaxed mind.

      • -Cam says:


        Time would be my biggest fear if I were in SEA. If I had lots of freetime I’d get myself into all kinds of trouble. As a guy in my 20s, sex demand is nearly infinite. The only thing that holds me back is time and supply.

  13. thibault says:


    if men were able to fuck allday like women can, we would never have invented the wheel.

  14. SouthernAdventurer says:

    Hey guys made it to Cebu. Still recovering from a lousy flight (long story short didn’t get but maybe 6 hours sleep in close to 48 hours but I love it here so far. I can’t make fun of girls liking Jolibee as I like it as well, I’m from the south and I know good fried chicken when I eat it (albeit its still fast food chicken). Hit me up when you guys get in.

  15. kick2dante says:

    cool dude enjoy your stay

  16. abcdeffff says:

    As far as choices of lodging in cebu I have been inside the units (and walked all three areas around ) at calyx , laguardia 1 and 2 , and ramos towers . Food and view at ramos is good (1 restaurant in building) . Thai restaurant next door. Location is an absolute shitty walk to mango area and robinsons mall (street kids , smelly , dirty ) No gym. Youll end up spending 45-50 pesos each way on cab if you wanna avoid the walk to robinsons mall or mango or gym (ultima at crown regency 2000 pesos a month price for gym)…. Laguardia flats (cant remember but i think no gym or not much of one) better area and just around the corner from first world looking and feeling it park . Better walking area then ramos by far and close to nicer area of retaurants and surroundings… Calyx makes you feel like your in first world with no walk needed . Very few beggars and clean with newer buildings and surroundings . Lots of restaurants (20+choices) right out your front door . Trees and clean and even a few degrees cooler temperture with no smelly air(or little) . Gym (free) and pool is nice with good view . At ramos youll have to pay 2000 pesos a month if you wanna go to gym at crown regency-ultima (and cabride or walk through shitty ramos street) . And you have to take 2 elevators and a walk through complex just to get to gym at the building . At calyx your one minute out your front door to gym in your same building and restaurants . If hanging out at mango is your thing its 100 peso cab ride or 8 peso jeepnie from calyx ……. There is also an unknown (relatively) facility called asia premier directly inside i.t. park . 20000 pesos per studio monthly (theyll go down in price in person like everywhere here) Its located directly across from jolibees (or krispy cream cant remember) slightly off main street , great vibe , very clean inside building . I dont think they have gym ………… Asia premier and calyx gets my vote for best places to live of the ones mentioned here . Location is as good as youll get ,so many food choices , cleaner air and surroundings , and to walk out your front door and feel like your in the first world (close as youll get here) is too good to pass up . Also the women walking around i.t park are mostly call center workers (20-30 years old , dressed nice , better english) Depending on what your looking for this might be another added draw .

    • kick2dante says:

      agree 100%…. by the way i asked about that asia premier place when i was first in cebu and got quoted something ridiculous like 50k by the front desk lady, guess i should have spent a bit more time asking around for a unit owner and contacting them directly

      did you happen to see the studios? were they tiny or liveable?

  17. abcdeffff says:

    ya i liked the studio ( i think average size or better ) and the 1 bedroom was the best ive seen in the city . Nice furniture , large , and if i remember even a washer and dryer ( unheard of here and great for the electric bill ) in the 1 berdoom unit . Building very new looking insde . It was 45g for the 1 bedroom but studio only 25000 . Several units vacant ( 9 months ago ) . The guy that showed me is on site and a carekeeper for several of the condos . He also said they might come down in price . I probably got lucky catching him and you got the standard reply from another front desk employee ….. ive had very good luck tipping guys that work on site (even normal guards ) at condos in cebu 200 pesos up front (when were alone and hes showing me unit ) . I then tell them if they can have owner call me or give me owners phone numbers ill tip them 1000 pesos IF i move in the building . They always search and give me phone numbers of the actual owners within several days . I explain OWNERS numbers only so i dont get the phony craigslist salespeople or their friends looking for a commision …… Maybe too much detail but i hope it helps

  18. Cobol Ong says:

    Hey guys why changed topic to Cebu. I’m supposed to get to know more about Bangkok! Anyway I’m a old solo traveller and have been to Cebu twice hoping to meet some nice pinays there but to no avail. You were the guy who introduced me the gogo bars at mango then I visited the planet. There I met some girls who were single mom and unsuccessfully to negotiate with a girl for 2000 pesos to bring her back to hotel. It was a good experience though, will go again to Cebu.

  19. Bill Brady says:

    Waste of time for Western guys. Most want Japanese men for one of two reasons. First they are quick and on a good night a girl can turn 3 tricks. Second is they are looking for Japanese husbands. It us strictly business. If you want some TLC this is not the place to find it.

  20. Eric says:

    Jspill, I really enjoy reading your articles. I’ll be making my first trip to Bangkok in June, and while I won’t be loaded with cash, I’ll have enough resources to sample the various flavors of the red light district. However, I have the traditional concerns. I wouldn’t mind a bit of a tour guide to help me avoid common pitfalls.

    Would you mind meeting me one or more of the days? I’m a relatively decent looking, clean, polite attorney from the midwest. From time to time I can even be clever.

    • jspill says:

      Thanks for reading! Usually I’ll only meet guys that comment a lot as there’s some crazy expats out there and blogging about this kinda topic is in a legal grey area. But maybe we can work something out. How about I send you a ThaiCupid or AsianDating link and you buy a ~$30 membership, win win situation you can line up some dates, and I’ll be able to tell you bought it and are serious.

      • Eric says:

        I’m already on Thai Friendly. I’m serious. I also understand your concern. My Thai Friendly profile name is […]. Contact me there and perhaps we can chat on Line or something.

        I assure you I’m a pretty normal guy. Well, as normal as lawyers get. 🙂

        • Eric says:

          I wanted to add that I practice criminal defense. So I’m very very aware of dysfunctional human beings. It doesn’t surprise me that some of them are expats. Egads!

        • jspill says:

          I’ll send you an email on the email you entered in your comments, if that’s not correct comment again. Can’t see your TF as it’s set to not let males view your profile (smart move lol)

          • Eric says:

            Hey, Jspill

            I tried Thai Cupid as well. I’ve made a few connections, but nothing I’m going to seriously pursue just yet. Perhaps it’s just me but I’m hesitant to ‘fool’ normal Thai girls that (claim at least) to be after something long term. I would be after something long term too, but only with the right girl.

          • jspill says:

            Don’t worry about that too much they’re usually only saying they want a LTR / BF to save face, if they’re on a dating site they’re mostly DTF. Even if not then as a compromise just treat them to a nice dinner and cover all their taxi expenses, then if you sleep with them and it doesn’t lead to anything they won’t get angry.

            And you’re not fooling them if you’re looking for a LTR too.

            Sent you an email accidentally edited your Line ID out of your post before I added it, lol. But at the moment I’m in Philippines for a few months.

            • Eric says:

              Just wanted to say I had a great time in Thailand. Your articles and insight were valuable and very much appreciated. Tinder was amazing in Thailand, so yes between that and TF I was able to meet many local girls who spent some time with me for free.

              I’ll definitely return.

  21. Nick says:

    My girl had (bad) fake tits and brang lube with her, pussy wasn’t that tight for a Thai either, doubt she is just a ‘normal’ girl. Is probably try it once again, 2500 seems like a waste to me for just 30 minutes of action. Amazing ass though.

    • jspill says:

      All that says is there’s no barfine, drinks are cheap, girls charge 2500, and some only go with Asians. Any article about Thermae would say those 4 things 🙂

      I’ve never read that article before. I’ve chatted with the owner of hookerlooker over PMs a bit though, nice guy.

      Oh and it’s 239 words, this page is 2141 😀 Pretty sure I can write my own content.

  22. Zac says:

    Hi guys… will be in town (bkk) for business 08.-12.12.17 and hate go having a good drink alone in the evenings… also not mind having girls around or occasionally take some food home when it hits the eye…
    anyone up for a drink or two and some easy hangout? I am German, 46yo… just in case that matters… lol
    Maybe see you…

  23. James Dean says:

    Is Thermae open during Songkran festival?

  24. James Dean says:

    Here is my impression of Thermae: Lot’s of pretty freelancers, some old, but i would say 70% young under 26 years old and skinny/hot. I picked up a super hot freelancer for 2500. She was so nice and amazing however she said that had she known what my “size was” she would have said no. Now i am not John Holmes Or anything. She told me most girls in there prefer Japanese men because usually smaller size. She left saying, “Oh, Western men… so big!!” I will be back there soon

  25. China Klay says:

    I’m heading to BKK next week, 7.4-7.8 for business from the US. Anyone want to stop by this place and/or Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, etc.?

  26. Ricardo Nyaks says:

    Wow definitely i will be heading to this place in september thanks to Jspill

  27. Lorenzo says:

    You don’t pay women for sex. You pay them to go away after you blow your load.

  28. Brisman33 says:

    You go there for one thing only. Walk in, choose who you like and leave with her, no need to hang around. You could have a drink if you like but there’s no point. The place is jammed full of girls with plenty waiting outside as well. The standard is quite good and a circuit of the room will give you a few decent options. The girls aren’t pushy, they will smile at you or brush their hand on you as you walk past at most.

    There is no entertainment and very little atmosphere, if you want a bar to relax in, have a few drinks, watch some sports TV and chat to a few bar girls you need to look elsewhere.

    Getting a girl from there is a similar process to getting a Coke from a 7/11, except that it wouldn’t take as long and you pay the girl instead the till operator.

    I can’t comment on prices as I simply popped in for a quick look.

  29. Bvito says:

    I love my thermae. Is it back open yet ??

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