Thaifriendly vs ThaiCupid

thaifriendly-vs-thaicupid-reviewThe two main Thai dating sites are ThaiCupid and Thaifriendly.

Most girls will use one of those and/or mobile dating apps like Tinder, Skout and Badoo. Online dating in Thailand doesn’t have quite the same stigma that it does in the West.

Thai girls are curious about meeting foreign guys but shy to approach in public, so dating sites are the perfect solution.

They also need to share their selfies with the world in as many places as possible.

Thaifriendly Review

Thaifriendly is the run by the same company as Pinalove, so the exact same design if you’re familiar with that site from living in the Philippines – it’s free to read messages, and guys are limited to sending 1 message / 10 mins.

A paid account lets you message popular girls that receive too many messages, bumps your messages higher up in girls’ inboxes so they don’t get buried, and prioritizes you in search – so you receive more views.

Other benefits are being able to use the site in invisible mode if you’re looking for a ‘gik’ (fuckbuddy) without a friend of your girlfriend noticing that you’re on the site, more search filters (e.g. weight, newness of profile) and being able to see every girl that’s visited your profile.



It’s still possible to reach girls and get laid without spending a cent on a free account though, so that would be the main pro of Thaifriendly. That and the number of girls on there – TF invests heavily in Google Adsense advertising on Thai language websites.

The software is smooth, feeling like a second Facebook to girls. Some upload tons of pictures, there’s no limit. On average it’s a younger demographic.


Being a free site, it’s overrun by guys who send the girls dick pics right off the bat, offer to pay for sex or other overly forward messages, so a lot of girls get jaded. You’ll notice almost all of them put in their profile ‘no sex chat please‘, ‘no games’, ‘I only want to learn English‘, or mention certain races they don’t like.

thaifriendly-sign-up-registerThey say that then post tons of bikini pics

They will still usually bang on the first or second date when they work out you’re reasonably nice, and give all races a chance if they’re polite, but bear in mind they might have their defences up at first.

A lot of girls don’t last very long on TF, they delete their accounts or just never log back on, overloaded from 50 messages / day. The ones that do last and are always online on page 1 might not exactly be girlfriend material.

Membership Cost

At the time of writing it’s around $25/month, or $100/year.

thaifriendly-cost-membershipAffiliate Program

If you’re a sexpat digital nomad blogger too, the Thaifriendly affiliate program pays $a 25 CPA for each sign up you refer. They approve anyone instantly and let you spam links anywhere.

ThaiCupid Review

ThaiCupid (formerly ThaiLoveLinks) is run by the same company as FilipinoCupid (and AsianDating) so again you’ll be used to it if you’ve been dating in the Philippines.

Same software and format where it’s free to view profiles but guys need to pay to read any messages from girls. Like Thaifriendly it’s only 100% free for girls.


Almost everyone I know says ThaiCupid is better in terms of getting through to a girl and meeting up, as girls obviously receive much fewer messages since guys need to pay. The average quality of girl seems a bit higher too if you’re looking for a long term relationship – probably because they don’t delete their accounts.


Not many fat chicks in Thailand

The site makes people fill out more info in their profile, unlike TF where some girls just leave everything blank.

ThaiCupid is probably better if you’re looking for an older woman or Thai wife, although there are still a lot of younger girls too.


Not many cons other than the fact it’s not free, however it’s only the price of one date if that.

The software is a bit fiddly at first to create a profile and get started, and keeps prompting you to enter more profile info like if you smoke, and how you rate your appearance. I guess that could be a pro if their ‘advanced matching algorithm’ really works.

Membership Cost

1000 THB = $28, so it’s around $30/month or $120/year for Platinum, a bit cheaper for Gold. Platinum just bumps you a bit higher in search and allows you to put more on your profile. Gold still lets you read messages.

thaicupid membership costs

Affiliate Program

The ThaiCupid affiliate program pays 75% revenue share on whatever membership rate your referred signups purchase, rather than a fixed CPA. They take a bit longer to approve affiliates (but even this adult blog got approved) and have a few more rules than Thaifriendly about not linking on social media / within email etc.

So which Thai Dating Site is Best?

I use a bit of both. Not many girls use both sites, and each have thousands of members.

You can hook up for one night stands on either one, but for a serious girlfriend I’d lean towards ThaiCupid so she hasn’t seen a million dick pics. Also if you’re an older guy.

thaifriendly hookersThaifriendly is a bit more user friendly, and easier if you’re in a hurry. More girls on there seem to put their Line ID or Facebook in their profile, there are no restrictions on doing that.

There are some hookers, as with any dating site or app, but they’re usually pretty easy to spot from their pics. Or they’ll use code words like ‘we can meet for short time or long‘.

Or they’re working girls who are happy to bang guys for free that they genuinely like, I know some soapy girls who are on Thaifriendly, but won’t surprise you by asking for money in the morning.

Pro Tips

Use a good clear pics (or girls will be scared to reply) that make you stand out from the crowd, not just bathroom selfies but action shots that shows you out and about doing something interesting. I used a pic in army face paint and grass on my head as camouflage.


Not many other guys had interesting pics and it gave them a reason to start a conversation. It helps Thai girls if they have an excuse to message you, so they can ‘save face’ i.e. not appear too forward or confrontational. Pics with animals work well too.


For example if you have a funny pic or are eating some som tam, they can then message to tell you your pic made them laugh or ask you a question like ‘oh you like spicy food lor? 555′

(555 is the sound of laughing in Thai,  5 = ‘ha’).

Write a decent bit of info in your profile and keep it light hearted (as with with Filipina girls).

Maybe a Thai phrase or two e.g. ‘I moved to Thailand because it’s too cold in my country, but now I use air con maak maak 555‘.

ThaiCupid.comSimilarly if you message them make reference to something in their profile to show you read it, don’t open with ‘hi you’re cute‘ or ‘I want you to ride my long hard cock‘ (a girl showed me that message from a guy once).

If you’re polite and use smileys you can get away with pretty much anything, even asking for ‘friends with benefits‘ (many know this term or ‘fwb’, especially on Thaifriendly).

There are some Pinays on these sites too, quite a few move to Thailand to teach English.

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  1. kick2dante says:

    my nose and boobs real too!

  2. jspill says:

    A lot of girls getting nose jobs and stuff like that, some old white dude staged a protest to stop Thai girls ‘trying to be western girls’

  3. -Cam says:

    Yeah dating sights are the best. Me and buddy took a trip to Thailand this January. I spent half as much as him and got twice the poon all because he was too stupid/lazy to spend a few bucks and hours piplining haha. Work smart not hard boys!

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