Thai & Filipina Women Cut off Guys’ Penises?

Filipina actress Erich Gonzales

Normally Thai girls are famous for this but in the news this week a Pinay cut off her husband’s penis with a pair of scissors.

It happened in Ilo Ilo City a place I want to check out – similar to Davao, quiet city with not many foreigners and both have beach islands nearby (Boracay, Samal).

She was jealous of his alleged infidelity. In the Philippines it’s legal to murder your spouse for cheating as a crime of passion if you catch them in the act. But rather than go for that she cut off his cock instead.

“I don’t regret cutting off his penis. I’m tired of his womanizing. He got a new girlfriend lately. It’s his punishment. I am ready to face the consequences of my action”. What a psycho!

The Pinoy husband, a local construction worker, was rushed to hospital but doctors couldn’t reattach his severed manhood. Thailand hospitals are better.

At the time of the dick decapitation he was asleep drunk at a friend’s house.

The wife Liezel Betita, 32, was arrested and faces legal charges. They’d been married over a decade.

Thai Women Cutting off Guys Penises

Thai knifework

From this article:

‘Thailand has become the world center of penis reattachment surgery. They have been boiled, fed to ducks, even attached to balloons and cast into the night sky — when it comes to permanently depriving a cheating lover of a recently severed penis, the imagination of the wronged Thai woman knows few bounds.’

I also read about them being fed to dogs. Thai doctors are so skilled at attaching dicks – get lot of practice with ladyboys – that Thai girls have to go the extra mile.

Major and Minor Wives

‘Doctors and psychologists blame the shocking attacks on a cultural mix of Thailand’s tradition of polygamy, which was banned about 100 years ago but still persists, and the fact that the phallus is revered as a symbol of power.’

Wooden amulet shaped like a penis

Many Asian guys have both a minor wife / mistress (mia noi เมียน้อย) and a primary wife (เมียหลวง), or a fuckbuddy (gik กิ๊ก). That’s one of the reasons Asian girls like foreigners. They think we’re more faithful.

They may be right or wrong to think that, but use that to you advantage going in.

‘Before a man could have many wives but later we followed the Western law of one man one wife, but men still act the same and have many wives so the only revenge open to the wife is to cut off his penis. Very few of these men have sex with their main wife and this leaves her feeling sexually unimportant’. – Thai psychologist.

Asian Girls Cutting off Cocks Common?

Asian girls cutting off guys’ penises is still quite rare but make sure you give your Asian girl a good dicking.

In the comments on the original Facebook post a lot of Filipina women are critical of the crazy wife.

More of Erich Gonzales

This chick is arguably a rare 10/10 Filipina. At least a 9.

She’s training for a new movie role at the moment and posting some cool clips.

8 Responses

  1. expat333 says:

    Rare? Dude, I’ve been living here in the Philippines for over a year now, and while there are lots of 3s, 4s, 5s, and 6s, I honestly see 9s on a regular basis–at least where I live. (I’m living in Laguna with my awesome chick and our baby.) I know Dante says otherwise on his posts, but I’m telling you: I see chicks comparable to Erich Gonzalez (and better, IMO) pretty regularly.

    • jspill says:

      I guess I’m heading to Laguna then! 🙂

      • expat333 says:

        I almost shat myself because of how hot a few of the girls were at Enchanted Kingdom (theme park) the other day. There were a lot of 5s and 6s, though…but the hotter girls were really hot.

  2. Spirit maze says:

    this is why it is so important to treat Asian women with respect at all times…..heh

  3. I met this Phils girl a few years ago that was an arguable 9. Waaay hotter than this Enrich chick, but I think she was mixed with something. Idk.

    She was pretty pleasant too.

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