Texting Filipina Girls

Filipina women LOVE to text. At one point the Philippines was dubbed the ‘texting capital of the world’. They always want to feel connected with other people and get bored or lonely very quick.  There are days where I wake up to 20 texts.

texting filipina girls

The mobile 3g isn’t that good here so you don’t see many girls with on chat apps like Line and Whatsapp, like in Thailand. Instead they get unlimited SMS text bundles.

Text Game

You can really make a lot of progress with Pinays that you want to hang out with by just being kind and responsive in texts.

Filipina girls generally don’t want to have in depth conversations in text.  Usually a “Hi! How are you?” is enough.  They will say they are ok and ask how you are and often that is the end of it.

They also like to ask “did you take your dinner yet?” as a conversation starter.  At first this seems really odd, but you will get used to it.

I like to send out texts to Filipina girls a few times a week just so they keep me in their mind.  Some of them have told me how much they appreciate the fact that I want to keep communication open with them.

Lots of times they won’t have load (what they call phone credit) and can’t respond, but they still see them.

Silly corny jokes work great.  A few times over the years I have lost some contacts because they didn’t like my joke, but if they were that stuck up and boring then we wouldn’t have got along well anyways.

Overall making them smile and laugh is a big positive.  You should also put lots of smileys in your texts 🙂 😀 etc.

How to Text Filipina Girls

The best way to enter Pinays’ numbers into your phone is to add the +63 Philippines country code. That makes sure your texts go through if you’re out of the country, change carrier, change sim card, and make sure it works with Whatsapp / Viber.

There are 11 digits in a Philippines mobile number and they start with 09. So an example number would be 0912 345 6789.

When you add the +63 it replaces the first 0. So the number above becomes +63 912 345 6789.

Network Battles

One annoying thing about texting in the Philippines is that the networks don’t always work together.  Let’s say a girl has the SUN network and buys unlimited texts for one day for 10 pesos.

She will only be able to text other SUN customers.  So if you have Smart or Globe she can’t text you.  That makes it difficult to get ahold of Filipina girls at times.

If you will be living in the Philippines long term you should probably get a sim for each network.  Even if you buy unlimited texts to all networks that is not enough because the girls on other networks won’t be able to reply to you.

It’s really cheap to send texts in the Philippines.  With SUN you can get unlimited texts for one month to other SUN users plus 1000 texts to other networks for under $5.

With Smart you can get unlimited texts to all networks plus 150 minutes of call to all networks (except you can’t call globe) for $5.50.

Definitely Text, Don’t Call

If you are the type of person that always calls and never texts you are going to need to improve your texting game.

Trying to have a phone conversation with Filipina women works about 10% of the time.

Even if she is really good at English the success rate is quite low.  It got to the point where I never even answer if they call, just tell them it’s noisy where I am so let’s text.

I’ve had enough failed conversations on the phone to know it’s not even worth trying anymore. Texting Filipina girls is the way forward.

My Filipina Girl Isn’t Replying To Texts?

There are a lot of ‘snatchers’ in the Philippines who target girls, so they get their mobile phones stolen quite often. Or just lose it.

You can try typing a Pinay’s mobile number into Facebook and her profile might pop up. Or try typing in her name(s) and city.

You can also use Coins.ph Bitcoin wallet to top up mobile phones. So if you think a girl doesn’t have load and that’s why she’s not responding send her 50 pesos load using that.

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  1. PJ says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a couple of weeks now, and it’s by far best one I’ve found on the Philippines, but that’s probably because I can relate. I also work online and will be moving to the Philippines in a couple of weeks living on about a grand a month, so this is great info on how to get laid without spending a whole lot of money. Keep up the good work.

    By the way, I know you don’t do girlfriends, but the girl in the pic above seems to be your main squeeze, and man, she’s hot.

  2. kick2dante says:

    thanks for the kind words and good luck, don’t hesitate to ask any questions here if you have them

    she aint my main squeeze but she sure is someones :p

  3. Bender says:

    lbtm = little brown texting machine

  4. thread486 says:

    What network do you recommend? I’ll be in Cebu in a few days for 1 week. thx.

  5. kick2dante says:

    SMART sim from 7/11

  6. kagulona says:

    09395601658 text me girls only

  7. frank says:

    This is complete BS. 20 texts per morning? Filapinas just aren’t that into foreigners anymore. Stop spreading disinformation just to further your website.

  8. kick2dante says:

    naw, i meant there are days where i wake up and have 20 texts waiting for me, i didnt say it happens every day, but there are definitely times it does

    heck it happens in other cities too, but girls are far more text happy in PI….

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Flosser69 says:

    Absolutely, another way they make you feel special and wanted.

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