Taking a Break from Pinays – Thailand Sex Trip

Recently I was getting frustrated with the flakyness of Pinays, I had basically went all of 2015 without picking up any hookers, only going for girls on dating sites or at the mall, and it was quite taxing on me.

Don’t get me wrong it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot, but honestly I miss freelancers and bargirls. If you miss hookers where better to go than…


Did You Miss Me Pattaya?

Sure I could have just gone back to Angeles City but after three years of nothing but Filipina girls some variety sounded just like what I needed. The plan was to ‘detox’ with some hookers for a month and then try my approaching every girl I see strat on Bangkok and other Asian cities in the near future.

Biggest problem with this is I hate traveling. This may seem like an odd thing for a digital nomad to say but its the truth. There is a reason why I only go to destinations I plan on staying for at least a month. Any less and its not worth it.

Well like always the traveling kicked my ass and even on the short flight I ended up throwing up. The hour taxi ride (that should have taken fifteen minutes if not for traffic) and other factors played a part in me not being to handle it, but still it was only a 3 hour flight.

Quick side note: Always book your flights online. The airlines desk at the airport will try to rip you off even if the flight you want to book is 2 months away. Travel agencies will try and charge you triple.

My flight was arriving in BKK pretty late at night so the plan was to just settle in and do some work for a few hours, watch some sports I had downloaded, and take the first bus to Pattaya.

But after throwing up and feeling like complete shit the plan quickly turned to finding the first open seats I could find anywhere in the airport and laying down for some shut eye.

After an hour or two I got up and went down to the food court on the first floor. Rice, some chicken dish, and a fried egg for 40 baht. Eating a meal at an airport for just over a dollar? Huge victory imo.

It took a lot longer than expected to find an electrical outlet for my laptop (my battery sucks) but once I did I got some work done. The bus for Pattaya was leaving at 7am and I was told to get in line at 6.

I headed down at 5:45 and the line was thirty deep. I really needed to get on that bus and out of the airport….. and I somehow luckily got the last seat.

Never Pass up An Opportunity

As I am waiting in the ‘line’ or what they called a line (basically imagine a bunch of pigs fighting over the slop bucket) for the bus this attractive girl gets in a few places behind me.

This same thing happened on my last trip to Pattaya 3 years ago, but at that time I wasn’t the approaching machine I have become and I regretted not getting her number.

I didn’t have a sim yet so I couldn’t just hand her my number and had to actually chat her up. Considering I felt like complete shit it wasn’t wise… but neither am I so I went for it anyway. Somehow it went well and I got a nice little mental pick me up from it. I asked her if she was going to be staying in Patts she said yes, I said me too but I don’t know anyone there so would she be my friend?

Some nice silly jokes, some arm pokes (why do girls love when you poke them in the arm so much? I am telling you this is my number 1 move) and I had her number. Got on the bus, and 2 hrs later I was in Pattaya.

Short Term Pattaya Apartment


I stayed at View Talay 1, which does short term stays. It’s a large apartment building in a great location, normally has lots of open rooms. The last time I stayed my room was 10k Baht per month with a 5k deposit that I got refunded (minus water and electric.)

This time the building was nearly full and it took a few hours to find an owner with an open room, eventually I did and it was 13k this time, plus a 500 Baht cleaning fee.

Luckily the exchange rate was better for this trip, 35 Baht per $1 instead of 30, so it worked out about the same as my last trip (13000 Baht = $370).

I couldn’t get into the room until the afternoon but the lady was kind enough to let me sleep in another room until it was ready (other room was taken starting the next day). But it was hot and there was no fan and I couldn’t use the aircon… so no sleep.


I am now on way to many hours of no sleep and am just lying in bed wondering WTF to do. On one of those weird life coincidences this is all basically exactly what happened last time I went to Pattaya.

The only real difference being that last time I was trying to sleep in some noisy disgusting short time motel above a bar and decided to go get a girl to join me since I wasn’t going to get any sleep.

This time I wanted to try a massage. Maybe my biggest regret from last time in Pattaya was not going to the massage shop near by that had a great rep from guys on different forums like Pattaya Addicts.

While I prefer to have my first few days in a new city be slow so I have more of my hooker budget left over for the end……. I wasn’t going to lay in bed alone for 3 hours being miserable.

I head over to the massage shop and there are a few cute girls working. I end up with maybe the 3rd hottest of the 4, better than a girl you will find in a Phils massage shop and I was in no mood to ask for a change so off we went. The room was quite nice and I was the only customer. The girl I was with wasn’t very talkative which was fine cuz I was to mentally exhausted to have a conversation anyway.

Three minutes into the conversation she says hold on a minute and leaves the room. Few minutes go by and the curtain opens and in pops a different girl who wasn’t out front when I came up but I barely saw peeking at me through a door.

She hops on behind me and is way more lively and playful than the other girl. She is joking and keeps touching my butt. I point this out to her and she says oh you don’t like? I say I was just kidding and she says maybe you prefer here….. and gives my balls a gentle squeeze.

Then the other one comes back :(. I try to talk the new one into staying but she says she wants to go eat and back I go to a normal massage.

This girl has her hands around ‘the area’ quite a bit but I can’t tell if this is a sexual thing or just part of her massage technique. She finishes up and says she is done and stands up.

From what I had heard there was way more to offer here so I asked if she could do any more. She feigned ignorance and then asks if I meant ‘there’ and pointed….. I said yes and she asked how much I would tip. I asked if she would do a BJ and she said no.

I tried again, HJ only. I checked later on Pattaya Addicts and there was a thread on this place. Apparently in three years it really had gone down hill and was mostly just handjobs now though a few girls may do more.

A HJ in Pattaya is lolbad so that was the end of that. That was the type of massage you get in the Philippines, I never expected it in Pattaya.

Then I went back to my condo and waited for an hour before finally getting to a bed. But since I am crazy I barely got any sleep… you know who I am jealous of?

It’s not the athletes, the rappers, the billionaires (ok sure any of that would be nice) that get all the girls. Its you bastards that can sit in front of a TV in a room with people talking and fall asleep like its nothing!

What I wouldn’t do to just close my eyes and fall asleep five minutes later.

Initial Pattaya/Thailand Thoughts On First Day Back

Thai girls are looking hot. When I first moved to Asia and went to a few countries I really wasn’t a fan of the Thais. But after 3 years of only seeing Pinays I am loving the new look so far.


I think I can have really good success being a dorky corny silly joker with them. They haven’t seen nothing like me before and don’t know whats coming.

On the other hand I have no idea what people say here like 90% of the time. I am kind of linguistically retarded (good trait for a blogger, thanks for reading!) and sometimes struggle with Europeans accents.

Buit its clear that I have really taken the good English in the Philippines for granted all these years. Simple conversations with people here are much more difficult than I remembered.

For instance at that food court at the airport I asked a guy if it was open all night and he said no? I asked what time it closed and he said no….. I said so its 24 hours and he said no.

I was asking the girl going to Pattaya for her number and she said her name was Bella but I had no clue what she said. I ask her to spell it out for me cuz she couldn’t figure out my phone and I put in Berra instead.

The people are also not nearly as friendly or helpful as Filipinos. If you go to someone working in the Philippines and ask them a question they either tell you the answer or stress out over not being able to. They may go ask 7 people to try and find out for you.

Here you walk up to someone and ask and they just go: no. That’s the end of it. I was waiting to try and get into one of the condos and asked the guard if he knew where the lady was or could contact her for me.

He just kept saying no and looked like I was the biggest nuisance he had ever come across. Fuck you dude, I haven’t slept in forever, I threw up not long ago, I feel like complete shit and I am not sorry for disturbing you from doing absolutely nothing but sit in a chair.

9 Responses

  1. thibault says:

    Ahhh… Another * which one have the biggest dick” post: Thailand or phils.
    And to be honest, there s never too much of it. It goes in the same directuon of other similar comparison i seen, but the subjective part in this matter is so important that the more guinea pig we have, the better.
    Dont hesitate to update it with mid and long term evaluations During your stay. Some things you get accustomed, others not. And your views when you come back to the home base.
    Generally speaking, people accustomed to a country feel the other is mew. And its always the same complaint. The mercenary attitude of thai girl, and the bland look and feel of pinay. Who cares about anything else.
    Ps: my first stay ever in a hotel as a single man in oversea holiday was in galaxy suites pattaya, which you can only describe as a short time hotel over a prostitution den. And i had a blast. Would have stayed year long. The reception lady was even scowling at me if i got back alone. Unthinkable. You re here to participate in the country s gdp.

    • Halpmeh says:

      Why is everything about dick size? Women say my 5.8 inches is small and it kills me knowing i feel less sensation and friction

      please halp meh

  2. kick2dante says:

    haha ya wherever your first time in SEA is you will certainly remember it fondly 🙂

  3. Capt6729 says:

    As one wise man said, if you eat chicken all the time, try beef. Lol.

  4. thibault says:

    Interestingly, you published 3 pics of condo and 1 pic of girl. What if the real value in thailand is the real estate?
    As its the main line on the budget, aint this the main criterion too?
    Perhaps you take it the wrong way, ie it could be interest8ng to have dates in thailand with slutty girls, and a p4p sex spree in PI where girlfriend experience is still alive and kickin?
    Of course its the reverse natural order, natural strenghts are immense p4p scene in los, and sweet girls in pi. Maximising strength, or minimising weaknesses. God. We all know its the cost of life, ie real estate as its the main cost, which will be decisive in the end, for a long term stay.

  5. kick2dante says:

    actually yes one of thailands biggest strengths is the condos hehe

  6. frank says:

    On my way to Angeles currently, never been usually go to Thailand. After reading the blog past 6 months, decided to check out PI. I do miss Pattaya though such a fun place.

    • kick2dante says:

      have a great time man, ask any questions here if you need some help, best pad thai i’ve ever had is at patch’s place in angeles if you are missing thailand 🙂

  7. Brockstar says:

    If you want pure mongering there is no place better in the WORLD (IMO) than Pattaya. OK, so I haven’t been to DR or Colombia, but I still can’t manage it being better than Pattaya. If you like drinking/partying there’s a shit ton of bars, if you want cheap blow jobs you have soi six and you if you want freelancers go to Beach Road. Love it!

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