Dumb Laws in the Philippines

Every country has lots of stupid laws so this really isn’t anything different than the rest of the world. You can find plenty of idiotic laws in different states and counties all over the US also. Having said that Pinoys have to put up with some strange ones.

Prison for Women Cheating on Husbands

I think many people are aware that cheating on your married partner is illegal in the Philippines, but some may not know that it is basically ‘more illegal’ for a woman to do so than a man.

dumb laws philippines

If a man gets caught he will likely be charged with ‘concubinage’ and it will be a whole lot harder to convict him of it. There will have to be some sort of scandal involved, and if he gets convicted it will be a lesser sentence.

If a woman gets caught cheating on her husband she will get charged with adultery. No scandal is needed, she just has to have sex with another man. And she will almost assuredly get a 2 to 6 year prison sentence.

There are Times When Murder is Legal?

Related to the the weird law I just mentioned… Filipinos are legally allowed to kill their spouse if they walk in on them cheating. They can murder the mistress/lover too.

Since they look down on cheating so much they will allow you to kill anyone that cheats on you in wedlock. The only punishment is ‘destierro‘ which is banishment. It’s This sounds like a law from the 1400s not the 2000s.

You can kill your daughter and her ‘seducer’ if the daughter is under 18 years old and still lives with you, the parents. Some dads in the west may actually be jealous of this law.

Legal to Rape Your Wife

Being married to the victim absolves you of any penalty for rape.

I guess another anti-cheating, pro-marriage measure? It’s also very hard to get a divorce here, the state has the last say in the matter and without any extreme circumstances they’ll rule in favor of the marriage continuing.

So I guess the husband killing the daughter then raping the wife wouldn’t be enough for her to get rid of him? Not sure.

One Law that I Wish Would Have Passed

While looking around online one of the proposed laws that someone laughed at really caught my eye – a 5000 Peso fine for cutting in line.

When I first read them LOL’ing at this I assumed they must have been someone from the western world that had never lived here. Instead it appears to be by a Filipino.

This shocks me. One of the most annoying things about living here is how rude some people are, and cutting in line is the main way that they show it.

Granted it would be very hard to implement this rule since no police are ever around, but if it even kept 10% of the asshole line cutters from doing it in the future it would be well worth it.

Maybe they think the 5,000 peso fine is to much? Anyways, back to an actual dumb law proposal…….

planking illegal philippines

Remember Planking?

There was a congresswoman that actually put a bill in motion to seek to make planking illegal in the Philippines.

No more words need to be said.

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  1. kick2dante says:

    had some lady try to cut in front of me today when i was just about to pay at the cashier, she came up behind me and said something to the cashier in tagalog and put her items and the stuff she wanted to buy in front of mine….. luckily the cashier ignored her

    • Skins says:

      I can’t wait to hear your impression on Vietnam… Cutting lines makes me mental too. I actually pushed a guy the other day haha. I was clearly next in line and this dude comes out of nowhere and storms the counter shouting at the lady at the register.

      Of course she starts grabbing the five packs of cigarettes this asshole asked for and I said KHONG (NO) and pushed him behind me with my arm lol. Fuckers need to learn some manners! The lady at the register ignores the line and serves whoever shouts at her the loudest.

      Ohhh and the shouting, hawking, spitting, pissing in public, throwing trash on the street and into the sea, horn honking, driving on the wrong side of the road at night with your lights off while talking on the phone. It wears on you after a while.

  2. Guy says:

    I remember reading not long ago that it was illegal for foreigners to criticize Filipino politics. It was part of the libel provision of the 2012 cybercrime prevention act, which was later suspended. You’re probably fine now, but I’d watch that space in case that were to change. Be safe out there

  3. kick2dante says:

    ok thanks for the heads up

  4. Brockstar says:

    The Chinks are the absolute worst! No manners to speak of! I think the one thing that surprises me most about the Chinese is that they actually have a word for “Thank You” (Xie-Xie), they are about as unsophisticated as you can get……their one saving grace is they DO have a word for “Thank You”, which they do use.

  5. kick2dante says:

    #notracist? are we sure?

  6. Brockstar says:

    Yeah, I’d say filipinos are messier for sure, and they’re cities are dirtier, but PRCs have noooo manners. The Chinese in HK, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore are completely different. About the only thing they have in common with PRCs is their love of gambling 😀

  7. kick2dante says:

    i find asians to be super weird like that…… they seem like very kind, caring, friendly people in many ways, but in other ways (like cutting in lines, or when driving as a couple examples) they are incredibly rude

    they dont seem to think about how their actions affect anyone else but themselves

    • genuine_inquisitor says:

      “very kind, caring, friendly people in many ways, but in other ways (like cutting in lines, or when driving as a couple examples) they are incredibly rude”

      THIS! this asian culture is the perfect storm of raw hardcore ruthless shit and super nice delicate caring asian culture, the wild wild west of the third world, and refined and sustainable asian simple natural and family values

  8. Goyer says:

    Dante, as for why it seems confusing why asians seems so nice, friendly and caring on one hand yet very rude like cutting in line..is because they have no regards for strangers and only care about themselves. ONLY if they know you then wouldnt pull that shit off. Another thing too is, as I mentioned before…is the ‘save face’ culture.

    Alot of times when they are friendly to you is because its part of the culture to be polite, smiling and friendly. Many times its genuine. Other times its part genuine and part fake. And other times its purely fake.

    You see most of this contrast in Thailand where i think this country is on top of the list of the ‘save face.’ In China people are kinda rude and cut in line. No surprise. But in Thailand the same person that gave a bunch of fake smiles an hour ago to some kid running around like a chicken with their head cut off, is the same person that will cut in front of you and THEY know what they are doing. But because they are so ethnocentric and a bit arrogant, they tend to dismiss others hence why you see the line cutting

  9. kick2dante says:

    i definitely agree that overall thais are the rudest i have been around

    filipinos are far more genuine with their kindness and smiles

  10. Anonymous says:


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