Special Massage in Thailand Prices & Pro Tips

The best value for sex in Thailand is arguably in the smaller massage shops.  They’re all over every city you visit, there are thousands and thousands of women working in them, and most get very few customers.


So when they do get a customer they will be willing to go that extra mile and give a special massage to get a tip because it is one of their few chances to earn.  That tip always doesn’t need to be a huge one.

Thailand Sex Massage Tips

Don’t Expect a Good Massage From a Younger Girl

If you are hoping to get a good massage as well as extras then pick one of the older ladies.  Ya I know your main goal is to get that good happy ending, but if you also expect a good massage then the younger girls probably won’t be a wise choice.

This is not a set in stone rule, and the best massage I’ve ever got was from a 19 year old in the Phil’s, but for the most part at these shops the younger girls are just going to go through the motions during the massage.

So how do you get that combination of hot 20 year old girl giving you a good massage and a great happy ending?  Cross your fingers.  And if you find her please PM me her contact info.

Does this sound like the worst ‘pro tip’ ever?  Well it very well may be.  But the truth of the matter is if you want a good massage go for a massage.  If you want a good bang go for a bang.  If you somehow are lucky enough to combine the two go as often as you can before the girl disappears.

Don’t Ask For A Thai Massage Girl’s Line ID

I am 0/3 on this one so I would highly advice you not to do it.  When I first got to Bangkok I had the genius idea of getting the cute massage girls that lived by my place off AirBnb’s Line ID’s and asking them how much for a quick massage + BJ in my room.

sexy-thai-slut-bangkokFirst girl said 3k tip for BJ.  Next one said 2500.  Third one said 2500.  In the shop after asking me to roll over and us coming to that ‘do you want extras?’ moment there is no way they would have said those prices.

500-1000 would easily have gotten a yes from all 3 in the erotic massage parlor.  But since we aren’t in that situation they just throw out some ridiculous number on Line, and then won’t want to ‘lose face’ by going from 3k to 500 or 1000.

So if you see that cute girl do the first time in her shop, get a fair price, and then try and get the next time in your place.

I much prefer to get one in my own bed right before I go to sleep, but at least the first time that doesn’t seem to work.

Asking after you get one from her in the massage parlor is fine, but don’t do it on the street.

Negotiate What You Want Before You Go Upstairs

I hate this rule and it even contradicts the rule I just said.  My last advice is wait until that ‘do you want extras moment.’  I mean I literally just said that and now I am telling you not to do that.

Why should you not do that?  Because if you choose the hot younger Thai girl for your sex massage (which you will) she may only do a handjob at the end.  Begging for more is never a fun place to be.

One of the best parts about a sex massage is the anticipation of what may be to come.  Her hands sure are up high on my thighs, I think she brushed against my balls, these are the thoughts that go through my head.

Not being sure and getting what you want at the end is really good.  But not being sure and not getting what you want is devastating.  Now you have just paid to get blueballed during a crappy massage.

I don’t really like having the ‘do you do BJ’ conversation in front of all the other girls, so try to get the girl to step inside with you before you start.

Special Massage Prices

The most you should tip for a handjob is 500 baht, without any negotiating. That’s the going rate in BKK. In Pattaya and Patong (where it’s hard to get a massage without getting tossed off) it can be cheaper.

Full sex shouldn’t be more than a 2000 tip, or whatever amount makes the tip + massage fee come to about 2000. It should be cheaper than short time from a Gogo bar (600 – 700 barfine plus 2000 – 3000 tip).

On the cheaper end you can negotiate 1000 for full sex in the alleyway of massage parlors that joins Sukhumvit Soi 13 to Soi 11, by Villa market. As a repeat customer it could be even lower.


jspill’s all time record, being quoted 400 baht for full service (paid 1k the first visit)

The cost of a blowjob should fall somewhere in the middle, but bear in mind some girls don’t like to give them or aren’t that good at them. Blowjob bars are better value for that (700 – 800 all in).

Then some places set their own fixed prices for services like ‘four hands massage’ (two girls), prostate massage, body to body massage, etc. – in that case it’ll be listed on the menu.

That might be something like 1500 all in for a good oil massage + blowjob or naked body to body massage + handjob. Sometimes you get to shower with the girl too.

How to tell a Sex Massage Place from a Legit Massage Parlor

Most of the massage joints near red light districts will give handjobs, blowjobs, or full sex – so around Soi Cowboy or Soi Nana in Bangkok, Walking Street in Pattaya, Bangla Road in Phuket, etc.

They’re also everywhere else though. If you’re not near a sexpat area, you can usually get a sense of how dirty the girls are based on how much they’re calling out to you and grabbing you.


Massage parlor next door to a Gogo – safe bet they’ll suck your cock here

If everything’s professional and clean looking with shy, quiet girls in uniform that don’t drag you inside… it might not be a sex massage place (but still could be). Some places in Thonglor, Bangkok are a mixture of the two – they give a professional massage followed by a handjob but nothing more, no BJ or sex.

The Health Land chain is a good example of a normal, traditional massage spa with definitely no extras. Somewhere you’d take your parents on their holiday.

Sex on The Menu

On the other side of the spectrum are some massage parlors that openly list nuru massage and ‘full service’ on the menu. This place on Sukhumvit Soi 22 even advertises kinky stuff like bondage, orgasm control, ‘ass worship’, and ‘mouth gagging’.

Many places won’t put extras on the menu though. In that case just politely ask what kind of massage a place has, let them quickly run through the options and prices for you to break the ice – one hour oil massage 300 baht, Thai massage 200, etc.

Even though you can see the prices written on the wall from a mile away this gives you a few seconds to make eye contact with the girls and get a feel for the place. Then smile and ask if it’s a private room (not just behind some curtain next to another dude). Finally politely ask if they have any ‘special massage’.

These girls know the score and what single guys are looking for. ‘Have‘ should be the reply or they’ll point you in the direction of a place that does.

14 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    One time I recognized a massage girl on Thaifriendly by the uniform, her profile pics were from at work.
    Messaged her and got her to come over to my place for short time. Thai massage girls sit around all day on their phones and quite a few can be found on the dating sites.

  2. kick2dante says:

    god that ass in green shirt was so fantastic, to bad pattaya whores give such a low textback rate

  3. niceblog says:

    I definitely banged JSpill’s massage shop girl

  4. Rum and Coke Man says:

    Dante- What do you do that you were writing is very easy web surfing work that pays basic money?

  5. kick2dante says:

    ebook on that coming soon dont worry

  6. Rum and Coke Man says:

    What Nationality would you and JSpill say the girl in the red bra and panties in the pics above mostly resembles?

    • jspill says:

      She’s Thai, pic is from a teakdoor forum post – http://i.imgur.com/zwIQkmj.png
      See how it’s perfect lighting / make up though and in the other pic she doesn’t look that hot.
      Even without knowing that though I’d have guessed Thai, plenty of Thai girls look like that in their best pics, and I’d say Japanese / Korean girls will have a bit smaller facial features, a bit whiter skin and more doll-like look. And more often black hair than brown (but obv the hair could be dyed). I’d have said Thai / Laos (same thing basically) and obv doesn’t look Filipina / Cambo. Second guess Viet.

  7. kick2dante says:

    hmmm of the countries i have been to looks most like a very light skinned thai or vietnamese

  8. Rum and Coke Man says:

    I like the locker room pic better actually- tits like that are what I’m about. Wherever in Asia they have more girls with tits like that locker room pic is the spot.

    • jspill says:

      I’d say Vietnam and Philippines then. But then again there’s more P4P in Thailand so you might find what you’re looking for faster anyway

  9. Rum and Coke Man says:

    Dante have you or JSpill done much in Indonesia?

    • jspill says:

      Going at the end of the month. Heard good things from Dante he’s done some time there and likes it, finds it easier to get free hookups than Thailand as there aren’t as many foreigners

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