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I’m hoping to meet Elly Tran

I’m a big fan of Skins’ blog and saw he’s planning a trip to the Philippines.

Since it’s his first time, and I’m thinking of making my first trip to some countries he’s lived in, I thought it’d be good for us to pick each other’s brains about the countries we haven’t banged in yet.

For me that’s Vietnam, and I didn’t see much of Thailand my first time there. Read my answers to his Philippines questions on his site.

I’ll link some of Skins’ blogs and location reviews in his answers below.

SingleMansParadise Interview

You’ve read how I like to cold approach girls and hand them my number, do you think this will work well in Vietnam / Thailand?

single-mans-paradise-blog-skinsIt’s worked for me in Thailand many times. In Vietnam it’s a bit more tricky but it can work anywhere. Keep in mind there’s often a language barrier here in Vietnam. They might not know what the hell is going on so I always try to chat them up a bit before going for the number.

Maybe if you write the note in Vietnamese it’d work but if she doesn’t speak english you won’t get far. I wouldn’t just hand a chick a note cold… but that’s just me. You should interact with her a bit so she knows you. I think the number would end up in the trash if you don’t build some comfort with her first. Just my advice. Please try it and report back.

I’ve seen your posts about style game –  I don’t like to dress up and have heard Thais are quite materialistic, will this hurt my game more in Thailand or Vietnam? Or will it be about the same?

single-mans-paradise-blog-skinsYou don’t have to ‘dress up’ but I suggest wearing long pants and proper shoes (not sandals). Unless you’re hanging out by the beach then do whatever you want. I think big city centers are less casual. Especially on a date. Of course, many foreign guys get girls while dressing down but why put yourself at a disadvantage? If you want to dress down just live by the beach.

What’s your favorite city to live? If you visa run hassles out of the equation would that change it?

single-mans-paradise-blog-skinsFavorite place in the world? Man that is tough… Money and visa issues aside I’d probably live in Ko Samui, Thailand. It really does have it all… beautiful beaches, decent nightlife, enough good girls to keep me happy, good mongering. It’s safe, it’s laid back but still has enough action to keep me busy. The expensive flights in / out plus the visa issues puts me off living there long term. Thailand is just for holidays for me now.

I like Vietnam at the moment. It’s a good balance and I’m happy here. The longer I stay here I realize that the language barrier is a real issue. I think you must learn Vietnamese to stay here long term or your quality of life would suffer. For this reason I am looking forward to trying the Philippines.

Now that you have been to Snooky how does it compare to Vung Tau?

single-mans-paradise-blog-skinsThey’re both small cities on the beach. That’s about all they have in common. Vung Tau is cleaner and more developed. Snooky is far more ‘wild west.’ Yes they both have girly bars but Snooky has a much more gritty outlaw vibe. The beach in Snooky is better, in Vung Tau it isn’t anything special really… but it’s still nice to be close to the water.

The mongering in Snooky is far better. There are freelancers, brothels and several beer bar areas. Vung Tau only has one small street where there are maybe a dozen little beer bars… nothing that impressive. But this is unique for Vietnam which doesn’t have much to offer the western monger.

It depends on what you want to do. If you want to drink cheap booze and party on the beach with a bunch of hookers I’d say Snooky is the spot. Vung Tau is a nice little city but it’s boring. The saving grace is that it’s an hour boat ride from Saigon which has everything you could ever want.

I like that Vung Tau isn’t crawling with drugged out back packers. It’s pretty much a Vietnamese city with random oil workers and retired expats hanging around some places. I prefer Vietnamese food and coffee so that’s a factor too. Very few options for western food in VT.

You have read my blog, where do you think I would enjoy living the most?

single-mans-paradise-blog-skinsHere’s what I know about you… You enjoy peace and quiet, decent mongering and you want to dress casual. I recommend trying Ko Samui in Thailand or Vung Tau in Vietnam. I also like Nha Trang and Da Nang but they are bigger cities and the mongering is awful. Saigon is the best for dating and nightlife but it’s intense living there long term. You will either love it or hate it so check it out for yourself!


Skins recently start an online messageboard for readers to discuss the minutia of travel, women, and lifestyle in Vietnam and across the world. Check it out here:

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  1. jspill says:

    Oh man this makes me finally wanna check out Vietnam too.

  2. kick2dante says:

    see ya there soon

  3. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t the word tran at the end of her name raise a red flag

  4. Anonymous says:

    What’s up with the single mans paradise website and forum ? Has it been down for long

    • jspill says:

      It’s been down for a few days yeah, hope he’s ok

      No one’s been able to contact him so far, people only had his email address on the site which gives a ‘can’t be delivered’ error message when we try to email

      No one met him in real life, knew his name or had any other way to contact him / his family, not me or a few other guys I’m in touch with and met from the forum… scary stuff, but it’s still early

      • Anonymous says:

        @jspill – Do you know if he was active in the forum leading up to the shutdown? Was he still living in the Philippines at this time? Anyone seen any news in PI?

        • jspill says:

          Yeah he was active, not sure where he was living

          He wrote a couple times about how it was a lot of work, not profitable and if he could do it all over again he’d have set up a different type of business, not a blog

          So it’s most likely he just got tired of it and deleted it himself rather than being dead, the domain isn’t due to expire for months

          Weird he wouldn’t just sell it to someone else though

      • Dennis Habern says:

        I had heard that he had to depart Vietnam, but for what reason, I

        am not certain. He should have informed his decision, by posting

        it on his site, instead of leaving everyone hanging .

  5. Dennis Habern says:

    What’s the latest word on the opening of Thaland to foreigners, especially,

    Bangkok, Soi 4, Thermae Bar, and Sukhumvit Road?

  6. GuidoSexMachine says:

    @jspill – Yea Skins recent posts said he was still living in the Phillipines. He said the shut down was bad out there due to the pandemic and he was beginning to rethink what his priorities were. He hadn’t been back to visit friends or family in the U.S. since he left in 2012.

    I agree with what you said about him likely pulling the plug on his SingleMan’s Paradise website. His site has been down for almost 3 weeks now so doubt it’s just a glitch. He likely shut it down. Skins had been subtlety hinting to it for weeks. He said he was no longer making money on the ads or affiliate links. He also complained about all the leftwing libtard snowflakes invading his site and said he should just shut it all down. We all thought he was joking but now see that he wasn’t. Skins also stopped writing about sex and got more into politics and preferred to post about his support for Trump etc.

    But I just wish he would have given us some warning to allow someone to take over his site or buy it from him. He had built up the site and had a lot of good content. He started the SMP site in 2012 or 2013. It’s sad to see all the content and monger and travel advice disappear.

    As you know, I had been a regular on there for years even before he started the forum. I remember you being on there too from years back. It’s just too bad he pulled the plug without warning.
    But my guess is that he decided to reinvent himself sort of like Roosh V did. He commented recently how ” there has to he more to life than chasing Asian snapper” and he said he missed the U.S.A. My guess is that he ended up moving to Miami or Las Vegas and started a business online or a political site, or maybe a religious site like Roosh V. Hopefully Skins reveals it to us one day. Either way, I really wish him the best and hope he succeeds with whatever he chooses to do. We all enjoyed SMP while it lasted. I guess nothing lasts forever.
    I believe a lot of SMP members will be migrating to your site now since you have similar content and similar platform. So hope you don’t mind. haha. 😉

    • jspill says:


      Yeah google has done something so sex blogs don’t rank as well, same thing happened to me but yeah i’ll keep the site up and comments are always welcome

      I also slowed down with chasing the asian snapper a lot but it’s still nice to have it as an option and is still fun to live in Asia

      Yeah a friend in the Philippines said they really went full retard with the lockdown, closed all the gogo bars like Kojax and there’s much less of a freelance / internet scene there, and the girls there are more scared of getting the virus than Thai girls

      • GuidoSexMachine says:

        @Jspill – It sucks that Google is ranking sex blogs so low so it’s harder to make money on ads and affiliates. Google are assholes. We should boycott them and use Bing instead. Google has become too powerful and not they want to censor everything!

        I guess I see what you guys mean. Once you live in Asia, many expats get burnt out on chasing Asian poon all the time. I don’t live there right now and visit 2 or 3 times per year for few weeks at a time. But when I’m there I shag about 4 or 5 bitches per day. But if I lived there I doubt I’d do that cos the novelty wears off after awhile. It’s also easy to become a sex addict so ya have to be careful or you can end up like those homeless expats sleeping on the beach in Pattaya.

        I also heard that Thailand (Bangkok, Pattaya, etc.) have been locked down really hard like Phillipines has been. People I know who live there say it’s miserable right now. No wonder Skins got disillusioned and likely decided to call it quits and go back to USA. Maybe he’ll tell us one day. But I’m still shocked that he took down his SMP site. So much good content was on there.

    • Bvito says:

      Yo guido buddy !! Vito here from SMP. I was wondering what the hell happened to the SMP site

  7. GuidoSexMachine says:

    @Vitob – Hey Vito B. Good to hear from ya Paisan. Glad ya found this site. I almost thought I was gonna lose touch with everyone on the SMP site. But I realized that many members of SMP site are also on here too.
    I’ve been a lurker on this site as well but haven’t been commenting much.

    Yea it looks like Skins pulled the plug on his SMP site cos he got disillusioned or bored with it. Remember when he was commenting that he felt like shutting down his site cos he wasn’t making money and he was sick of it? We all thought he was joking but guess he was serious cos his site is gone. Ah well. It was fun while it lasted. Hopefully he puts his site back up one day.

    Hopefully we can fly back to Asia again in early 2021 so we can drain our balls again in some hot wet Asian poon. Life sucks right now in Midwest USA. Most girls here are afraid to date cos of virus and even the hoes want to over charge you. Right now they want $300-$400 USD per hour so it’s not really worth it. So Forget about it!!! I’d rather save my money for Pattaya and Soi Cowboy. Also want to go to Angeles City again. In the meantime I’ll just whack off too anal porn 😆

    Well keep in touch buddy and keep commenting on this site. There is a lot of good advice and content on here as well. I wonder if we are now going to see Hook and Johnny B, TokyoSpoiler and the other guys too. Guess we’ll have to see.
    Hope you’re still keeping in touch with your Filipinas and Thai girl in Pattaya. Hope they’re behaving while you’re away. 😁

    • Bvito says:

      Everything is ok bro. Places are pretty much opened here now fortunately. Yeah I can’t believe what happened with the site and what’s up with Skins. I think that even if SMP is not working out financially for him it’s still a great site and an established one where we can all talk about our favorite subject and keep in touch with our friends. Maybe Skins found the right girl now and decided to throw in the towel haha. But I don’t ever get tired of the social life in these countries. I could live there forever and never be bored. That’s how we Italians are.

      Everything is ok with my thai now and that Filipina is so full of drama still I told her I couldn’t put up with her anymore 🙄🙄🙄

  8. GuidoSexMachine says:

    @Bvito – Glad you’re doin alright. I think you said you’re in southern California now so it’s good they’re starting to open up again. It doesn’t look like any country will be letting Americans in anytime soon and that includes Southeast Asia. The virus numbers are going up but that’s largely due to a lot of testing. But everyone is too paranoid about opening up to tourists, especially the popular monger destinations like Thailand and Phillipines.

    Yea not sure what happened to Skins and his SMP site but clearly he got tired of it and pulled the plug. It’s a shame to see all the good stories, forum comments, advice, and all the content just disappear. Seems like such a waste after over 7 years of building site up. Maybe he’ll put SMP back up one day but who knows. Or maybe he found religion like Roosh V but at least Roosh V still kept his site up. He just changed the content. Oh well maybe Skins will tell us all one day.
    But like you say, we wouldn’t likely ever get bored of Asia and chasing hot Asian puss.

    Good to hear everything is still OK with your Thai girl. She must still be stuck in her province in Isaan.
    What happened with your Filipina? The lockdown must be driving her mad and she’s probably desperate to see you…She misses her Italian Stallion. 😉

    • Bvito says:

      Yeah well Larry Flynt found religion too and said once he would change Hustler into a Christian magazine. That never happened as far as I know. I feel I’m Christian myself but my biggest weakness is women. And women can always lead you astray. Even good girls want loving. So what’s a guy to do ??? A lot of guys want to get married at some point and if you been with your girl two years or so and youve never touched her no matter how religious you are I’d say that’s rare.

      I knew girls from church who would say they would never do naughty things and then after you started dating them they would throw you on the coach or bed. If you resisted them they would get mad too. Haha. I’ve been to countless Bible studies and I know the Bible backwards and forwards and I know about the things that guy talked about on SMP like Bible prophecy and the end times and the mark of the beast which is some scary stuff. But at the end of the day I still love women and asian women and European women and Latin women and African beauties but I still consider myself Christian so here I am and I have a taste for the exotic. Oh poor me 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I got no problem marrying a Buddhist girl or whatever if she accepts my beliefs because I might want my kids to believe what I do. Could be complex though but I won’t worry about it now. Just salivating and waiting for next trip back to Asia 😁😁😁 😌😌😌😌😌

      • GuidoSexMachine says:

        @Bvito – Yea I hear ya. I consider myself a Christian too but it’s hard to resist that tight poon and ass most of the time. 😋😋😋 I might end up in hell…but like you say many of us would marry a hot babe if we had the opportunity. As long as she wasn’t some rabid fem-nazi bitch.

        It’s not that Skins decided to take the SMP site down. The issue is he did it without warning us (his loyal forum members). Even Roosh V. warned everyone so that they could download all the content.

        Yea me too….I can’t wait to return to Asia. I had to cut my trip short few months ago due to this CoronaVirus shit. I can’t wait to be balls deep again in those tight Asian snappers and bungholes. I probably have a gallon of jizz in my nuts right now that needs to be released. I wouldn’t mind cremepieing an Asian booty hole and shooting a huge load on her tongue and face. Give her that “money shot.” haha 😆😆😆

        • Bvito says:

          Yeah bro. I can’t believe skins just took the site down and disappeared without warning. After all the hard work he must have put into that site and the books he’s written. That’s how i discovered SMP through one of his books I read. Too many people relied on that site and he did a great job of setting it up and its structure. Very user friendly and we all developed a camaraderie whether people agreed on things or not haha. Hopefully he gets it up and running again one day. In the meantime I’m glad we are able to chat here and learn about new places etc.

          Yeah it’s not easy being human and loving the ladies. Temptation is everywhere especially in Asia. I say God created woman for the man and whatever happens….happens and what will happen will happen. Some guys might marry the bar girl or go go dancer that escaped from Issan to get away from poverty and live happily ever after. Those women aren’t usually feminazi beeches and they go out of their way to please a man. Just watch your wallet. Thailand is cheap but Thai girls aren’t in the long run and God forbid you have to pay the family a dowry and buy a new cow for them haha.

          • GuidoSexMachine says:

            @Bvito – I just went to SMP site again and it looks like someone hacked into the web address to try to install malware on your computer if you click on it. So I used an old link to site and it’s still down. Looks like SMP is gone for good. Shouldnt be surprising since Skins always seemed to deal with things in unusual ways so pulling plug on SMP site without warning was a given. But I must admit that I’ll miss some of the forum guys like Lockmaster, Tokyo, Johhny B., NurseRon, hitophitop, etc. For some reason I forgot the other forum member names. Do you remember the other names ??

            But yea I agree, it’s hard for men to resist a hot sexy lady, especially in Asia where they’re so plentiful. But like you say, ya better watch your wallet. But I prefer the middle class Asians like Thai girls who have parents with some money or a Thai or Filipino girl with a decent job who has her own money so doesn’t need to drain a white man’s wallet to survive. Those ladies are harder to meet and tougher to get into a relationship with cos they have more options. But if you have a little game, dress well, have at least average looks, and make decent wages or have a savings, there is no reason why we can’t date more of those women. I usually try to avoid the girls from poor villages (unless it’s a one night stand or monger session) cos it will always come down to money and you helping her family financially. As time goes on I see that it’s best to date middle to upper class women who are somewhat independent and have something going for them, even if they’re just a college student.

            Anyway, hope all is well with you and hopefully we can get back to Asia to chase that tight poon again by the end of the year. Let’s cross our fingers.

            • joe true says:

              maybe he got aids from barebackn

            • Bvito says:

              That’s a pity. RIP SMP. I tried going to the website and saw the same thing. I remember hook also. But anyways i hope things will open up soon but it’s worked out for good in some ways for me because it’s given me sometime to get some things done here. So hopefully when things get back to normal I’ll be ready. There’s no way the economy or global economy can go on forever like this and hopefully November will work out for us. I don’t see Biden standing a chance and now that he chose Kamala Harris for his running mate omg !!! What a bore. Not to get political here. I hope things are opening where you are because some of these governors don’t want to open up their states.

              A Thai friend of mine told me most people in the country are suffering now with the economy and lack of tourism. At least they seem to have this virus under control there even though in some ways especially in USA I think it’s a scamdemic and these democrat governors are trying to hurt trump by keeping the economies locked down. While most of the rest of the world seems to be moving on. I’d rather be stuck in SE Asia during a pandemic than in USA. If there is a virus we should be united in fighting it not blaming each other 🙄🙄🙄 Seems the economy is recovering though and unemployment claims are at the lowest so far since crazy covid began

              • joe true says:

                yea man they shut down laos because of democrat liberals in chicago lol got damn

              • GuidoSexMachine says:

                @Bvito – Yea bro. Let’s hope this scam-demic pandemic ends soon so we can all get back to Asia Pussy Paradise Land. Like you say it’s better to be locked down in SE Asia than in America right now. There is mostly entitled cunts and fem-nazi bitches in my City who are mostly fat over-weight beached whales. I really want nothin to do with them at all. I rather jack off to Jap porn…

                But I’ve been visiting the Chinese and Korean happy ending massage shops in my City. But it’s mostly hit and miss. Oftentimes you get stuck with a 45 or 50 year old lady giving you a handjob. But sometimes I end up with a hot young one who also gives a good BJ and boom boom every so often. It’s just not cheap. Typically $200- USD a pop.

                Yea if Sleepy Joe Biden and the Democraps are elected in November, suddenly the CoronaVirus will no longer be a big deal and all schools will reopen and all sports arenas will reopen etc and Biden will try to take the credit for all of it. The lockdowns are to keep the U.S. economy bad and keep it from becoming good again so Trump loses the election in November. The Democraps want the pandemic to drag on so they can blame it all on Trump so he’ll lose the election. They’re not even trying to hide this fact anymore.
                To top it off they also want mail-in ballots to make voter fraud easier so all the illegal immigrants can vote and then mysteriously dead people will be casting votes too. 😲

                But whatever happens, let’s hope we can all get back to Asia this winter. We have a lot of hot sexy ladies waiting for us to drain our balls. My nuts are so heavy right now that I feel sorry for the first girl who takes me for a short-time once I’m back in the Land of Sluts and Smiles or the naughty Phil’s. I’m ready to give a tight snapper a good pounding and a massive creme pie with a money shot right in her face and on her tongue. 💦💦 …I’ve got a couple girls I’m chatting with on Asian Dating right now saying they have all three holes open and waiting for me as soon as I set foot in Asia. I told them I’m a big fan of Rocco Siffredi so they better get that anal sphincter muscle ready to be stretched and gaped by my guido salami. 😋😋😋

                • Bvito says:

                  Wow they told you that ?? Haha

                  • GuidoSexMachine says:

                    @Bvito – Yea these girls on Asian Dating are excited to see me. We video chat several times a week and then they put on a show for me with dildos and say they’re gonna let me have all 3 holes and gape their bunghole just like Rocco Siffredi. I tell them to put on Rocco Siffredi videos while they play with themselves. Hope this Corona shit is over soon so we can go back to Asia and go balls deep in all 3 holes. I feel sorry for the first Asian lady who has to sexxx me up. I’m gonna end up Jack hammering that snapper and the jizz will be flying. 😋

                    • Anonymous says:

                      Mostly filipinas?? Be careful of some of them haha. They will say they will give you a show and then after you pay them they won’t do it and instead of talking to them you will be talking to their grandma instead haha

              • Dennis Habern says:

                I liked your political comments.
                Have you ever noticed that those
                Americans running for POTUS, and
                choosing a female VP, always
                lose. Biden is a criminal, exactly
                like Hillary Rotten Clinton, and
                Black 44. The only reason why
                Biden was selected to be Black
                44’s VP, is because Biden was
                just as crooked as Black 44 and
                Hillary Rotten Clinton. Just think,
                if George “NAZI” Soros, Hillary
                Rotten Clinton, Black 44, CAIR,
                BLM, ANTIFA, and the entire,
                worthless, treasonous Com-
                munist/Democrats and the
                radical Blacks and Musilms,
                currently resding in the United
                States, could be made to vanish,
                how a utopia planet Earth would
                be. Therefore, it is imperative
                that Biden bites the bullet,
                similar to the trash trailer Harris.
                Harris is really trailer trash, and
                she really showed her true colors,
                when she and Black Booker, raked Brett Kavanaugh, over the
                coals, when they were attempting to accuse Kavanaugh
                of raping a young girl, when they
                were teenagers at a party. When these 2 Blacks were
                grilling Kavanaugh, it was if they
                were attempting to ressurect
                the Spanish Inquisition, that was
                how bad it was. It was so bad,
                that I maintained the position
                that they were the Black masters on the plantation and
                Kavanaugh was the slave. Neither of these 2 turds, must
                never be permitted to step into
                the White House as POTUS and
                VP. Harris is much worse than
                Hillary Rotten Clinton could ever
                hope to. We patriotic, disciplined, and nationalistic
                Americans have to maintain that
                all across our nation in our blue
                cities, under the ravage of Black
                mayors, and similarly, for 8 effn
                years under the dictatorship of
                Black 44, that whenever a Black
                is given political powers, every-
                thing that they touch, resembles
                Detroit, Michigan, and that is a

                “STAR SPANGLED GIVEN.”

                • GuidoSexMachine says:

                  @Dennis Habern – Thanks for liking my political comments. I’m a full on Trump supporter and hate commies…. you sound like Military Warrior who was on SMP…..and “That’s a Star Spangled Given”….😉

            • spark_plug says:

              lionrock, bankockbeats, tcpattaya, axegash, tokyo oh and the handsome spark plug guy….

              spark plug

              • GuidoSexMachine says:

                LIKED 😁👍

                • GuidoSexMachine says:

                  @spark_plug – Tell all the guys to migrate over here. There is plenty of Asian poon discussion over here. Ol’ Hook will have a hard-on. 😁

              • GuidoSexMachine says:

                @spark_plug – Right on! You remember all the popular posters on the SMP forum. I tried to Google their names and couldn’t find anything on them. But they’re probably deeper in the web. Maybe on the 100th page? But I’m sure they’re all on other sites and forums. I used to see some of them on Farang Abroad and LivingThai. org
                But anyway. Good to see ya on here Spark_Plug

                • spark plug says:

                  I was just checking if any guys were on here and found you also just found maxpower. I dont know how to contact the guys ,thought you might? I was missing the chat forum and the laughs, looking for something similar to transfer too. Any ideas?

                  • jspill says:

                    Few other forums I read sometimes are RooshV, 2+2, thaivisa, naughtynomad… all a bit dead though

                    Your comments should show up automatically on here now so feel free to shoot the shit here, it works kinda like a forum

                    I have a few of the guys on Line / IG and a few more comment on here. Never had any contact for skins

                    • spark plug says:

                      Hi j. shame the smp site closed as it was good fun and informative. I seem to remember i enjoyed what you wrote about cebu at one time as my fav honey hole.

                  • Bvito says:

                    Ja pretty darned similar my SMP name has vito in it

              • Bvito says:

                Good to see you spark. You probably not as handsome as me but it don’t matter too much in falangland haha.

                • spark plug says:

                  oy for 1000 peso more I’m handsome man..ha ha
                  were you on smp?

                  • Bvito says:

                    Yeah bro. Quite a bit I was on there

                  • GuidoSexMachine says:

                    @spark plug – Bvito was on the SMP site a lot. He was a regular. His screen name was Vitob…. so it’s basically same name but the “b” is in front instead of at the end.

                    • spark plug says:

                      gotya now i remember him. had some good posts

                    • Bvito says:

                      Yeah buddies. Nice to see you all here. I missed my bros haha. I guess jey hasn’t made it here yet or maybe he has.
                      We are all gathered here now and I guess either skins closed down the site because he either 1) got tired of all the excess in asia 2) got married or has serious gf 3) joined a monastery. If he starts writing books dealing with religion I wonder if his name would still be skins haha. Check your kindles.

  9. CJ says:

    You know I sent a few requests earlier this year to finally join SMP. I was a lurker for a long time and wanted to contribute. I am not a tech guy but how much does it cost to maintain a website? I will miss SMP. The Roosh forums were amazing but I like the smaller community of this site and SMP.

  10. Wade B Wallace says:

    Skins Did you shut down Single Mans Paradise site? I have tried several browsers and all of them will NOT let me into your site

    • jspill says:

      yeah it looks like he shut it down himself, we’ve been discussing it in the comments above, no one knows for sure though what happened

    • GuidoSexMachine says:

      @Wade B Wallace – Is this Wade39 from SMP forum? The guy who wrote the excellent field reports on the FKK’s in Germany?
      If you read all of our comments above unfortunately it looks like the SMP site might be gone for good. All that good content and advice gone to the wind.

  11. CJ says:

    Ok this is weird. Out romping during Covid and this site is now hard to find on search engines. SMP is gone for good and airports are just empty but I did save a ton on my car insurance… stay safe people.

  12. Maxpower says:

    I saw his last a few postings and he was having similar crisis ole rooshv. He was planning to close the SMP chapter of his life and moving back to US. He was looking to settle down and start a family and also get religious. I hope that he is doing good. And yes. You’re correct. Rawdogging.

    • joe true says:

      “Prayer; the last refuge of a scoundrel” – Lisa Simpson

    • spark plug says:

      hiya max. greetings from down under. Thought id say hi as an X smp member. Have you seen any other members lately? regards spark

      • Maxpower says:

        Hi, senor spark –

        I had lunch with one of the guys from smp then he flew to Indonesia. That was right before the lockdown started. But nothing after that. Haven’t heard from skins but I think he might have been in VN before he shutdown smp based on his comments.

        • GuidoSexMachine says:

          @Maxpower – Hi Maxpower, good to see you on this site now. It looks like SMP site is down for good. It’s a shame but guess nothing lasts forever.

          • Maxpower says:

            Hi GSM. Good to see you also. Yes. It’s a shame that skins shutdown the site but it was his so oh well…..hopefully he will pop up somewhere.

      • jspill says:

        drifter is still in thailand and doing well, had lunch with him just before the lockdown

        hear from james master, brockstar and the guy with the aristocratic gentleman avatar occasionally too.

        More news that thailand will open Oct 1st, starting in Phuket https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1178822-thailand-to-allow-long-stay-tourists-in-island-of-phuket-from-october/

        • GuidoSexMachine says:

          @Jspill – Glad to hear you still keep in touch with Drifter, James Master, and Brockstar. They were all regulars on the SMP site and cool to chat with. They always had a lot of good input and insight.
          I was supposed to meet Drifter in Pattaya for a drink before the virus shutdown but was forced to go back home before we could meet up.

          I believe “the guy with the aristocratic gentleman avatar” goes by Johnny B. Wasn’t he the one on SMP who said he was always sipping wine in his bathtub with an Asian slut or two keeping him company? He was supposed to show all of us photos of his girlfriend with markers stretching her asshole but he never got around to showing us. Haha 😋

          Is Thailand still planning to open up in Phuket on October 1st ??? If they are I doubt they will be allowing any Americans in anytime soon 😲

          • jspill says:

            his name is dan, I met him once for drinks on soi cowboy, johnny b is another one, didnt get to meet him

            yeah it looks like thailand isn’t opening to normal tourism anytime soon, they’ve extended the state of emergency through all of october and announced long winded ways for a few tourists to come when they do finally decide to open

            like needing to come on a chartered flight or private plane, have insurance valued at $100k, a covid negative certificate, and agree to stay in quarantine for 14 days not leaving certain hotels, and only 1200 people per month, something ridiculous like that. they keep flip flopping and changing their mind a lot though so maybe they’ll realise that’s dumb when no one jumps through those hoops

            • GuidoSexMachine says:

              @Jspill – Oh Ok. Was Dan a member of the SMP forum? Not sure I remember him. What does his avatar look like? I thought you were talkin about Johnny B.

              The Thai government is out of their minds. I doubt many tourists with a one month holiday will want to spend half of it in quarantine in Thailand. Also I doubt many people would spend the extra money for a charter flight to Phuket and spend money for 100k USD insurance etc. I’d be surprised if even 100 people would agree to do it. The Chinese tour groups are cheap charlies so they won’t do it… It’s totally ridiculous and unreasonable as usual. But guess that’s Thailand for ya. T.I.T.

              • jspill says:

                Dan was the one with the aristocratic gentleman avatar, he’s mates with johnny b though, can’t recall what johnny’s avatar was

                Thailand are saying they’ll give a new type of 9 month tourist visa to people who jump through all those hoops, 90 days on arrival that can be extended twice without needing to leave, hopefully eventually they remove all the requirements and just keep the new visa

                • GuidoSexMachine says:

                  @Jspill – Johnny B’s avatar on the SMP site was a cartoon man with short parted hair, wearing a business suit, standing in front of a book case. Looked like a cartoon lawyer or somethin.

                  Yea this new type of 9 month tourist visa to people who jump through all those hoops sounds good. 90 days on arrival that can be extended twice without needing to leave is enticing even if you would have to quarantine for 2 weeks and buy health insurance. Doesnt sound so bad if you end up with a 9 month Thai Visa. But like you say, hopefully they just keep the Vida and drop all the requirements. That would be ideal. If it was just two week quarantine in a hotel then that would be doable for most people.

                  • jspill says:

                    Thanks yeah that was it. And Dan was the aristocrat avatar

                    Latest news is they offered that new visa to the Chinese first and got 0 applicants, so hopefully they learn their lesson


                    “Not a single Chinese person actually applied for a special visa. The onerous regulations that potential visitors must follow has led to the scheme being ridiculed online.'”

                    • GuidoSexMachine says:

                      Not surprised that no Chinese applied for the special Thai Visa. It’s too costly for the Chinese. 99% of Chinese are Cheap Charlie’s. There is no way they will jump through all the hoops and pay the cost of this special Thai Visa. But Europeans and Americans will likely consider it if u can get a 90 day Visa that u can renew twice. That would be 9 month Visa In Thailand so not bad deal even if u have to quarantine for 2 weeks and buy health insurance. It could be worth it for some wealthier mongers that love Thai girls and love Thai poon. I would consider it but so far this Visa isn’t being offered to Americans. Likely cos USA has the highest rate or CoronaVirus in entire world haha. But even so, I’m ready to return to Asia as soon as possible and willin to jump through a few hoops but not gonna spend $5,000- USD for a Visa. I can almost get an Elite Visa for that price. But have to admit that I do miss all that hot sexxxy Thai snapper. Lol 😋

  13. CJ says:

    You know, it was intriguing reading all the posts about Aplhas vs Beta males. I just wonder if the is just a chapter they have to explore vs closing the book on the part of life which made them who they are today.

    • joe true says:

      Just read any book on bad parenting, boys who hate their moms, and single parent homes. That’s where all these dudes come from. That’s why they’re so anti social and weird that they have to flee to another part of the world to get a date. Me included!

  14. GuidoSexMachine says:

    @joe true – Damn. Guess anything is possible. Skins did admit to bare backing and cremepieing the majority of women he slept with in Asia. He got a vasectomy for this very reason so he could raw dog these Asian sluts and not get them pregnant. It’s possible the barebacking caught up to him and he may have caught a disease. But HIV isn’t the only bad disease you can get. You can also get hepatitis, genital herpes, antibiotic resistant strains of Gonorrhea, etc. But who knows, he may have finally decided that there is more to life than banging little hot horny Asian pussy everyday.
    Skins also mentioned that he his site was no longer making any money so that alone could have made him pull the plug. But maybe he also could have went the religious route of Roosh V. Last I heard Roosh V. was now making a lot of money selling books about how to find a wife and religious topics. Maybe Skins decided to reinvent himself and do that too? Either way, I wish Skins all the best and hope he succeeds in whatever he decided to do. We all enjoyed SMP while it lasted. Guess nothin lasts forever and life goes on.
    But I must admit, I’m enjoying this site right now. 😉

    • joe true says:

      i didnt really enjoy it. it was pretty boring especially after he stopped posting and made everyting ‘click here to join the forum and read the rest’. that paywall shit never works not even for the new york times. most of the shit he wrote was just his own stories. who cares?id rather read don juan in that case. i am looking for the latest on cheap wet cunt. so i could care less if he lives or dies. but 2 each his own!

    • Bvito says:

      Yeah skins was talking in his books where he got VD really bad so bad he was trying to find a doctor in Angeles city once if you ever read his most recent book. Totally crazy. Some guys don’t like protecting themselves but I have no problem with bringing the Trojan army. Not everyone can be John Tron and I’m sure he sees a doctor too haha. There’s no way you can have sex with hundreds of women and not catch something without proper protection. Especially if you go to bars or clubs or go with street girls. If he’s out of commission now then it’s his own fault 😬

  15. CJ says:

    I liked the SMP site and various personalities. I really enjoyed the randomness of the forum topics. I wonder if locking down user access to the forum is the way to go to get more detailed discussions. If anyone has other suggested sites send me a note (can you do they here spill?)

  16. Kokomo says:

    I’m in Vietnam and its super hard to get laid. Anyone else having issues too?

    All the apps are dry. Girls are avoiding eye contact. Commie Naizo police are searching foreigners like gestapo.

    • joe true says:

      its literally 1 of the easiest places on earth 2 get sex. never spent a day without sex in vietnam unless i wanted 2. maybe drop the hostile “commie” idiocy and wash your armpits.

      • Bvito says:

        Yeah same with me. I love viet girls yo 😌😌😌

      • Kokomo says:

        Nope . Its shitty now. All the thots are scared of leaving their house now and foreigners are being targeted. Have you been to Vietnam recently?

        It’s completely infested wuth overseas viets stupid koreans and smelly backpackers. Its 10x as hard as it once was. Maybe u were here in 2013.

        Im not talking paid sex by the way. Free girls only from the apps every week.

        • joe true says:

          yeah, It’s def something wrong with you. I was just in HCMC jan-mar. Just yesterday a chick from quan 8 hit me up on zalo talking about how much she wants to blow me again “when corona finish” lol like its goin away next week. try the philippines tho. those ugly pig nosed bitches will fuck anything. might be a better fit for u

          • Kokomo says:

            Quan 8 has the ugliest trashiest sluts but ok buddy and the keyword is ‘when corona finishes’. Thats not happening anytime soon. And most expats here arent getting laid regularly or stuck in their apartments. Apps and bars are dry or closed. You dont live here now so you dont know

            Youre not here now which is the most important thing. I notice anytime guys complain about this commie shithole, vietnam loving cucks like you always come out of the woodwork.

            • joe true says:

              yea man district 8 has 500,000 ppl and they’re all ugly cause they dont want ur politically confused american weirdness. LOL thx 4 the laff my nig. tell us more about how ur too wack to get laid in southeast asia. u mustve had a hard time back in the real world. is that y ur such a hateful reactionary lunatic? LOL go back 2 america bro the orange man needz u and no one over here wantz u, as u can see

              • Kokomo says:

                You sound like a weird confused ethnic retard ‘my nig’ . Are you on drugs??

                Before Coronahoax – Vietnam kinda sorta okay

                After Coronahoax – Vietnam bad

                What’s there not to understand? Even in my current stable girls are afraid to still come out. And forced masks everywhere. And visa crackdowns. Maybe being on SMP too long fucked ur braincells.

                • joe true says:

                  u used the word thot do u kno which racial group invented the words in your mouth my nog? LOL

                  imagine not bein able 2 get laid in 3rd world Asia holy fuck i would kill myself

                  • Kokomo says:

                    Its not hard to get laid because i just hit up your sister in a dryspell. And she sucks me off kraaaazzzy guuud nigggaaa since she’s got Downs and all.

          • jspill says:

            i found it hard to get hot girls there even a few years ago, did a post about it on here

            if i wanted to bang fuglies though i’m sure it would’ve been easy

            • joe true says:

              lol i feel bad 4 u cats. did u learn any vietnamese? did u get girls before u came here? nam is crazy easy. all of SEA is except malaysia & myanmar. PS: i have never fucked an ugly bitch in my life except when i first lost my virginity 2 the neighbor

            • Kokomo says:

              Yeah its a shithole. Theres nothing there. And all the guys bragging about getting hot girls are secretly dating uggos and fatties along with single moms and bragging about it.

          • Lockmaster says:

            Kokomo is right. Things have slowed down in Nam quite a bit. Jan-Mar was the period before shit really hit the fan. So you obviously don’t know what you are talking about. I’ve been here 5 years now. So I have seen the changes. In April there was a full lockdown. Streets were a ghost town. Everything was closed. Then it opened back up for 2 months and another outbreak in DaNang started. Caused another softer lockdown for end of July and most of August here.

            Dudes aren’t just rolling off the plane and firing up Tinder dates anymore…..in fact NO ONE is rolling off a plane. Borders are closed. And anyone who gets special permission to enter goes to a mandatory 14 day quarantine. You can still get laid if you live here. But it is tougher. Of course if you live here you have past bangs to dial up.

            Another note. District 8 is one of the poorest districts in the city. A lot of bar girls live there. As well as a lot of the whorish nail salon type girls. Not to say some of them aren’t hot. But many of them aren’t higher status type citizens. It also has a big mafia presence when much of the mafia from 30 years ago got driven out of the lower parts of District 1 and 4………………..I guess my point is……D8 isn’t exactly a highly sought out district.

            Yet another note. I keep in contact with a handful of the SMP guys. General consensus is that Skins basically busted out and just let the site expire or pulled the plug. From the guys I talk to…..we all think he left Asia awhile ago and just kept up the charade on the site for it’s last remaining days. But nobody knows for sure. Nobody ever met him.

            I’m quite busy myself these days and rarely check these types of sites anymore. I was clued in to these comments by another SMP guy. So decided to browse around a bit. Don’t plan on checking in often. I think a lot of us have kinda moved on. SMP had a long run.

            Good luck everyone.

            • GuidoSexMachine says:

              @Lockmaster – LIKED your comment.
              Glad ya found this site. A lot of SMP forum members migrated to this site. Skins pulled the plug on his SMP site for sure. It was good while it lasted but guess nothin lasts forever. But it’s a shame he didn’t warn anyone. All the good comments and advice and content are gone with the wind. But who knows maybe he’ll resurrect SMP someday. Until then the monger beat goes on.

              • kamdeva says:

                But this isn’t exactly a forum. Is it? If it is, I don’t know where to register.

                Wish Skins had given people notice. I’m sure some people would’ve tried to archive the site.

  17. CJ says:

    Just being a degenerate on IG. This quarantine crud will be a long one fellas. Outside of pipelining, what else are you folks doing?

    Guido- Any issues on the Chinese parlors for non-native speakers?

    • GuidoSexMachine says:

      @CJ – No issues at all at the Chinese or Korean rub and tug massage parlors. As long as you have the cash money they don’t care who you are. Most of the Chinese ladies only speak Mandarin Chinese. Some of the Korean girls speak some English though. The Chinese ladies usually have a translation app they use. But those rub and tug happy ending massage parlors have been keeping me going during this Covid shut down. Decent way to drain your balls until Asia opens up its borders again to the west.

  18. Piper says:

    Hey guys, came across your forum and have to say WOW! What an amazing source of information. I’ve been to BKK a number of times, but planning on visiting a few of your recommendations elsewhere. I have to ask… how do you manage to grab such great pictures inside some of these clubs. I’d appreciate some info on your camera setup. Thanks and please continue the great work.



    • jspill says:

      When the staff aren’t looking I take a bunch of pics with the phone behind my drink or make it look like I’m answering my phone and hope some of the pics come out in focus

      It’s pretty hard, got caught a few times but they don’t mind that much if you’re buying lots of drinks and barfining girls, and act like you didn’t know the rules

      Lots of practice basically. Using iphone 7. Just keep tapping dozens of times and a few of the pics will catch the right lighting and angle

      • Piper says:

        Thanks for the reply. I’ve managed a few using the same method. Thought you might be using a “spy” cam.

      • JK. says:

        I guess you better make sure the auto flash is off as well, and find a way to hide that dumb light that some phones have next to the lens that light up when you’re taking a pic or video and give the game away

  19. Kokomo says:

    Any guys still in Vietnam? How are you guys finding the sex / girl situation?

    • Jeytheripper says:

      I’m near Saigon. Pretty decent here for the most part. Girls are begging for customer at the moment. Good girls are still the same. Lifes pretty much as normal in Vietnam apart from not being able to travel internationally and come back.

      • Kokomo says:

        Tinder and other apps are completely dead still and I dont bang hookers. Nightlife just opened this month so I might check that out

  20. Jeytheripper says:

    Hey gang. Jey here, alive and well in Vietnam. Glad some of you original SMPers have made it. I’ve been out of the online-sex-forum game for a bit.

    At first I thought Vietnam had blocked it till I realised you were all here saying Skins had pulled the plug. A shame. There was such good content on there, and I had written so many stories/posted pics on there that weren’t on any other sites so they are lost in the abyss.

    What have I been up to since the SMP days? I’ve got a Vietnamese girlfriend here but still doing mongering and having a few side chicks the main bird doesn’t know about (she lives in Saigon proper).

    Streetwalkers here are going crazy for customers. Currently around 500k a go. What they’ll do is once I get to the hotel room with them, I’ll be mid-bang when theres a knock at the door which turns out to be their friend who also wants to join in. Sometimes I’ll say yes (3some ey) but last time, I ended up with 4 chicks different chicks turning up at different times. I had to say no to them, I just couldn’t be bothered.

    Thailand is also crying out for it. Birds there have started Paypalling live at the bars to get money. Plenty of my old Pattaya fuckpiece friends are hitting me up to send them money in exchange for nudes.

    Still working here, things are great. Vietnam has smashed it controlling the pandemic but crying out of some international tourism. Pattaya is so close but so far away.

    Hope you’re all well!

    • jspill says:

      Hey Jey welcome, good to hear you’re still living the SMP lifestyle

    • GuidoSexMachine says:

      @Jeytheripper – Good to hear you found this site. A lot of the old SMP forum members have migrated here…. Glad to hear you’re still scoring poon in Vietnam. Everyon says Vietnam is harder than ever. But due to CoronaVirus there should be a lot more desperate horny Viet whores lookin for foreign cock. I’d take advantage of that and go balls deep in their Viet bungholes and shoot a big creamy load of hot jizz in their faces…. But that’s just me. Haha 😋

  21. Darkskinduck says:

    Rip smp

    • GuidoSexMachine says:

      @Darkskinduck – Good to see ya here too. We all migrated here from SMP. …. R.I.P. SMP. It was good while it lasted. Guess nothin lasts forever.

  22. Jeytheripper says:

    Vietnams treating me well. Me key pointer for good value and experiences with mongering here is avoiding Bui Vien and other overrated tourist traps and sticking to the outskirts of Saigon.
    Reading blogs about people being asked 2 million VND short time, mercenary attitudes or struggling to even find a happy ending makes me wonder.

    I’ve found a good few of my favourite pink-neon sleaze spots but in discreet, industrial areas outside the centre. I’m probably the only foreigner to frequent these joints but the girls are hotties and give great GFE and they’re only 300k (£9) a go!
    I’ve now managed to get these girls on Zalo so I can hit them up any time I’m bored and in need of my balls draining.

    Happy mongering all

    • VOC fuk bwai says:

      Are you getting freebies aka non-paid sex in Vietnam? Doesn’t make sense to pay hookers all the time.

      • GuidoSexMachine says:

        @VOC fuk bwai- There is plenty of free pussy in Vietnam but sometimes ya just want to bust a nut without all the games… Just lay back and just let the bitch suck ya off and ride your cock. Is paying $15- USD really paying for it? All it really amounts to is the cost of an average meal. In essence you’re not paying them for sexxx, you’re just paying them to leave after.

        • Jeytheripper says:

          Totally agree. Mongering takes away all the effort, drama, BS and potential blue balls at the end of the date. And for the price of it here, it’s literally cheaper than most dates.

      • Jeytheripper says:

        Sure am. My best way for meeting regular women here is on Facebook rather than Tinder and Badoo which I found disappointing (either full of snobby flakes or traditional AF virgin husband hunters).

        I have a primary girlfriend here who works in a normal job and lives in another district, a side chick in my area and another side chick in another district.

        Free skirt is as easy as adding random sgn chicks on fb and offering to take them on a coffee date or “language exchange”.

    • GuidoSexMachine says:

      @JeytheRjpper – Good post! I’ll keep all this in mind next time I’m in Vietnam and want to drain my jizz gun. 😋💦

  23. Mark C Brooks says:

    Tokyospoiler here. How do I post pictures on this site. Have some really nice stuff from the Philippines and South Beach.

    • jspill says:

      Hey mate perhaps use https://imgur.com/upload and paste the link it gives you here in the comments

    • GuidoSexMachine says:

      Hey Tokyospoiler (aka Mark Brooks)…Good to see ya found this site. Skins shut his SMP site down last summer so several of the old SMP forum members migrated here. Feel free to upload those pics from Phillipines and Miami. We’d love to see them. Plenty of T&A to see no doubt. 😉👍

  24. Tom says:

    Could you give us a quick guide to how you monger in Miami? Is it as simple as strolling around South Beach with your eyes open? Are there specific pro bars and clubs? Are strippers open for business? Do you use the internet to find them?

    And what are the prices like for hot college aged girls?

    Any common stings or scams to look out for? Do the cops even try to stop it unless it just falls in their lap?

    If you don’t feel like typing all of that up but know of a good link with reliable info that’ll work

  25. GuidoSexMachine says:

    @Tom – I was in Miami Beach last month and did a bit of mongering while there. I’ve stayed there several times and even banged several locals and tourists for free or for cost of a dinner date. But I wouldn’t exactly call Miami, Florida a monger destination (It’s no Bangkok or Costa Rica) but it does have it’s fair share of monger P4P action. @Tokyospoiler would probably be the better man to answer your question since he lives there part-time. But I’ve also been around there enough to know a thing or two.

    In my opinion, the best places to monger in Miami (and Ft. Lauderdale and hour drive north of Miami) are the happy ending massage shops. These massage shops are all over the city. There are even more in Ft. Lauderdale. Most of the shops are staffed by latina and black girls and a few Asians here and there. Most of the shops give HJ and covered BJ’s for about $160-$200- USD all in. Full service can also be had at some of these massage shops as well, for the average price of $250- It’s definitely not cheap but still worth it if you’re in Miami and want to bust a nut. The girls are typically attractive in late 20s or early 30s. Most are 7s and 8s. Maybe a 9 here and there.

    There are also the famous Miami strip clubs downtown and Southbeach. But those strip clubs are super expensive. Some of the girls will offer hand jobs and blow jobs in the private VIP rooms. But if it costs $500- to get into VIP room it’s not really worth it. I’ve also been asked by some of the hot latina strippers (mostly Venezuelan or Colombian and a few Haitian immigrants) if I wanted an after hours session at my hotel room for $1,000- USD. I always passed on it cos it’s way too expensive and there are other options in Miami. But I’ve had a few moneyed up friends take up their offers and said they had a great time. If you have the money to spend, then by all means go for it.

    There are also some roof top bars and sky bars in Miami and downtown Miami area who have high end escorts hanging out in the bars waiting to be picked up by sugar daddies. The pool bar at The One Hotel on Collins Avenue in South Beach is an example. There are others downtown as well. But the escorts there aren’t cheap and will probably cost you $500-$600- for short-time at your room.

    There are also plenty of escort sites for you to choose from in Miami. Just google Miami escorts and several will pop up. The typical prices range from $250-$350- an hour on average. You might be able to find some who will go for $150-$200- an hour if you are willing to drive to their place (for an incall).

    There is also plenty of free pussy in Miami. You can get laid in Miami fairly easily if you’re halfway decent looking and have a little game. There are hot girls all over Miami, particularly on Miami Beach. Tons of hot latina girls who have immigrated there from Venezuela, Colombia, Cuba, etc. Also hundreds of tourists from other Latin American countries like Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Chile, etc. Also plenty of sexxxy black girls from Haiti and Dominica Dominica Republic too. There are also plenty of horny black ladies from all over the U.S. who flock to Miami to party and let their slut side hang out.
    Many of these ladies whether tourists, immigrants, or locals are fairly easy to talk to and hook up with if you’re willing to put in some effort. I’ve scored some free poon several times and my friend who lives there rarely even pays for sex.

    My friend Pat introduced me to a sexy solid 7.5 black girl from San Francisco who is staying in a cheap hostel for 6 months out of the year. She is kind of a semi-pro horny slut who kind of sells poon on the side. I called her up and she agreed to come to my hotel for $70- We had wild sexxx all day and I even got to bust a nut inside her pooper. The sex was good and she has a great body. Sweet girl in her late 20s. She wasn’t too clingy and went home not to long after we got done. I still keep in touch with her and met up with her again last month.

    But Miami is expensive. My hotel rooms on Miami Beach were still $150-$200- per night during this pandemic. Normally the hotel rooms on Miami Beach are $250-$300- per night. But guess you can still stay in a hotel in North Miami for much cheaper but you’d be away from the action. You can also stay in a hostel for $50- a night but then you have no privacy. But some mongers do that and just visit the massage shops all day.

    Even though Miami isn’t technically a monger destination, it almost should be cos there are many options there. Especially during this pandemic when travel options for Americans are limited, Miami might be the only option for some men to get laid. Also as far as I can see, the police in Miami normally look the other way. But once in awhile they do set up police stings to bust SW’s and mongers (since prostitution in the U.S. is still technically illegal) but I hear that it’s rare.

    This isn’t a complete list of all mongering options in Miami. Just wanted to share my knowledge. @TokyoSpoiler likely has more advice to offer on Miami (he’s written field reports on Miami on other blogs) so maybe he’ll chime in on it. But I do highly recommend Miami for hot chicks and sex. The only downside is that it’s expensive.

    • Vito bravo says:

      Hey paesano. So that means if Miami has a lot of options then Vegas has got to have even more 🙂. I spent some time in Miami as well but I used to take my ex-Latin girlfriend with me since she lived about 30 minutes away

      • GuidoSexMachine says:

        @Vito bravo – Hey paesano bro, I love Las Vegas cos I’m a gambler. Winning $10,000- on Black Jack is almost as good as cummin on a hot babes face. I used to go to Vegas every year in Spring. But I wish I could say Vegas had a lot of options for hooking up with hot women. Don’t get me wrong, there are hot bitches at all the bars and clubs in Vegas. But you have to be decent looking and have some game to score with them.

        Also the mongering kind of sucks in my opinion. The escorts are way over-priced in Vegas. They typical want $400-$500- an hour. Also the Vegas stripclubs are a rip off too and most of the girls don’t even want to give you any extras. If they do give extras, you have to pay $300- for the VIP room and tip them another $300-and it’s usually only a little handy joystick shifting. Some of my friends say they got blowjobs in the VIP room before (they could be lying). I’ve never had much luck at Vegas stripclubs.

        Also keep in mind that prostitution is still technically illegal in Clark County where Vegas is located and the cops do have some sting operations sometimes to catch mongers hooking up with escorts.
        They’ll arrest you and fine you if you’re caught. They used to also publish your name in the local newspaper when they caught you buying sex (Hopefully they still dont do this in this day and age but not sure).

        If you want to monger without worrying about getting busted, you have to leave Clark County and drive about 45 min. or an hour away from Vegas to the legal whore houses and brothels like the Bunny Ranch or the Cat House, etc. where it’s legal. There are about 10 or 15 of them out there. I’ve been to these brothels and there are some hot chicks there and some not so hot. They give you a line-up of whores and also give you a menu. They’re way over priced and cost anywhere from $400-$800- an hour. And all the sexual services are a la carte (ie: anal or cum in face could cost you $300- more). It wasn’t really worth it to me.

        There are also a few Asian happy ending massage parlors around town but they’re mostly expensive and not a good deal.

        Las Vegas aint a good monger destination in my opinion, unless you have a lot of money to spend. And many people do if they’re winning at the casinos. I just dont find it exciting to pay an escort $800- USD for a couple of hours of mechanical sex. Some people might disagree but that’s my experience with Vegas. I really dont go there for pussy, I go there to gamble at the casinos. But like da saying goes, “Your mileage may vary.”

        • Tom says:

          This is pretty spot on, most of the prostitution in Vegas is just a tourist trap. The flyers on the street certainly are, and the brothels are expensive and far away. Also, never trust a Vegas stripper who says she will blow or fuck you in VIP unless you enjoy being disappointed and arguing with her in an argument you have no chance of winning.

          Only thing I wouldn’t agree with is the massage parlors, there are way more than a few and they are priced about the same as what you said for Miami.

          They are the most reliable and cheapest option, other then that you need to try to talk strippers into meeting you outside the club or going to casino bars and lounges and looking for freelancers.

          • GuidoSexMachine says:

            @Tom – I’m sure you’re right about the massage parlors in Las Vegas. I really haven’t been to that many in Vegas. Glad you had better luck with them than I did.

            The few massage shops that I went to wanted $150-$200- (on top of the $60- massage fee) for a happy ending handjob. I think I got a BJ one time for that same price. Also most of the women I encountered were in their 30s and 40s. But like they always say, “Your mileage may vary.”

            But next time I’m in Vegas, I’ll be sure to check out a few more massage parlors. Which ones would you recommend with hot ladies, BJ’s, and full service? I’d like to give them another shot (pun intended) 😆😋

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