Vietnam Has The Sexiest Girls in South East Asia, But…..

Dancers at 212 Club Saigon

To me it isn’t even close. Granted looks are very subjective and I am sure there will be some guys that don’t like them, but I doubt there are many.

The girls in Vietnam are so much hotter than the girls in any other SEA country I have been to. Maybe I am so used to seeing tan skinned girls their lighter skin does it for me, but even so that is just a small reason.

There are so many girls with great bodies here. Boobs seem bigger, the light skinned legs, cute faces… I want to bang all of them.

It is weird because I (generally) don’t find Thai’s faces attractive. Of the 5 countries I have visited (Phils, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia) I think Thai’s have by far the least attractive faces.

Yet the Thai’s and Viet’s have the most similar looking faces yet I like the Viets and don’t like the Thais. I guess maybe I just like the light skin on that facial structure…. who knows.

PR girls at 212 club that party with you for a tip


I never see these sexy Viet girls with white guys. In district 1 there are white guys everywhere, you can’t walk anywhere without seeing backpackers or older tourists.

So why am I never seeing the hot Vietnamese girls with white guys? Don’t get me wrong I have seen some white guys outkicking their coverage, but every one of the 8’s or potential 9’s I have seen has been only talking to Vietnamese people.

There are coffee shops ALL OVER in Vietnam. It seems like every time that I walk past one of them I see an 8 at a table with other Viets and no white people.

The malls in Vietnam are not good for day game at all. They are small, not that busy, and more like a department store size then a full mall. Day game on the street is hard. Most of the clubs here are supposedly packed with hookers not regular girls.

The level of English spoken here is also very low. Add in the fact that Vietnamese girls are not slutty at all and don’t like casual sex. I have had many girls already tell me they don’t want casual sex whether I met them in person or online.

To get the vast majority of girls in Vietnam into bed you need to make them think that your relationship is going somewhere. With me it’s not going anywhere but I don’t like tricking girls to get laid.

All of this means that hooking up with any of these really hot girls you see all around the city will be quite hard. They don’t speak much English, they seem to stick to themselves, the majority are ‘good girls’ so getting the hottest ones will be quite hard.

Buying banh mi bread roll in District 1

On The Bright Side

You can’t walk for 5 minutes without having a sexy 20ish year old girl asking if you want a massage and extras seem to almost always be on the table. The quality of the massage girls here blows the Philippines and Thailand out of the water.

Getting offered a happy ending in the Philippines is rare to begin with, and since most of the massage girls in Phils aren’t hot you probably wouldn’t want one.

You can get a happy ending massage in Thailand with no problem but 90% (probably higher) of the massage ‘girls’ are either older, fat, or not attractive in other ways. You need to walk past 10 massage parlors in Thailand to find 1 hot girl.

In Vietnam that is not the case at all, at least in district 1. On Bui Vien (the main backpacker street) there are countless in shape 20ish year olds on the street every night offering their services.

The surrounding streets also have lots of options for massage. They are generally all staffed with reasonably attractive girls under 30. So while you will struggle to bang these hot non pros you see around your average hook up will still be from a hotter girl.

Door girl at Fox beer club

Not Sure What To Think

If you can just be happy that you are getting hotter girls that is great. I think over time it would weigh on me that when I take a 10 minute walk to the store I see a couple smoking hot girls I have no chance with.

I am the type that has no shame when it comes to approaching girls. I will put myself farther out there than most guys on the planet, but in Vietnam good approach spots are hard.

Two Vietnamese girls and one Vietnamese guy sitting around a table at a crowded coffee shop. One of the girls is an 8….. Can I really walk up to the table in this situation? Even I have my limits.

I really think the best chance you have is to go online. While blogs can sometimes come off as a sales pitch (maybe even this blog) VietnamCupid truly is your best chance at meeting these girls. That and AsianDating.

You probably will have to ‘date’ her, but if you contact enough there has to be some sluts around right? If girls here were as slutty and into foreigners as Filipinas the place could be paradise.

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  1. jspill says:

    Have too many pics from 212 club so I used some for this post lol, even though you never go clubbing

  2. forteune says:

    Nice report. Has your initial impression that the food was good stayed the same? My two biggest focuses about my coming travels will be the women, and the food. I’ve had some great Vietnamese food in New York City and Pittsburgh, so my hopes are high.

  3. Mikey Johnson says:

    As long as the girls remain better and relatively easier to deal with that American cunts, I’m good lol. I remember during my stay there me and a friend went to Apocalypse, but it turned out to be just a hooker hangout.

    Have you been to Lush or Chill Sky Bar already. I can’t remember.

    • Harley says:

      Lush is closed now, might re-open soon I heard. Chill Sky Bar is a cool place but most Vietnamese girls who go there are quite stuck up (gets close to Western attitudes up there). Most likely because they hang out with too many foreigners…. you’re better off with girls who don’t hang out at too many foreigner clubs, they tend to be nicer.

      • Mikey Johnson says:

        I hooked up with one chick who hung out at these places. She lived in Australia for some time. I was surprised bc I usually don’t get along with chicks from the West at all. But she was nice enough without too much of the bullshit. I like my girls sweet.

        Thanks. They need a new club in that city, but maybe it’s better this way.

  4. Seth says:

    Sounds like a good place in terms of girls to me. Here in the Phils like 90% of girls are either fat or look dumb as a rock to me. Then there are the 10% that look good to stunning that are pretty hard to get and have pretty bad attitudes. I feel if I would find a good looking girl with a good attitude here I would gf her at this point. I´m not staying here for girls, still would be nice to get/date some hotties every once in a while. As a decent looking, young white guy the quality of girls I get in the west is much higher than what I can get here. Sounds like Vietnam is a great option as I´m more for quality over quantity.

    • Henry says:

      Then why stay in Phils at all? Quality of life certainly isnt very high and accomodation tends to be overpriced, if you want some agreeable place to stay.

    • Harley says:

      Those ugly OFW type of Filipinas are not my type either… In Philippines you need to be in Manila to get the hottest chicks. You can get good looking ones there with a stable financial situation (unlike in Cebu or Davao where that is quite difficult to find) and they tend to be a lot smarter than what you’d find elsewhere in the country.

      In Vietnam there is a bigger language and cultural barrier but you will get quality over quantity (opposite of what you’d get in Philippines), the average Vietnamese girl who is interested in marrying a foreigner is indeed a lot hotter than the average Filipina who is looking for a foreigner. However if she isn’t wealthy they might end up costing a lot more because if she’s hot she probably appeals to many other guys as well (especially locals) unlike most Filipinas who date with foreigners who tend to be not as hot as the girlfriends or wives of most wealthy/popular Filipino guys.

      I had many Filipino guys ask me why most foreigners date ugly women who look like maids… I just tell them because that’s what is available to them here.

      In other words, in Vietnam you can get a hot local TV-presenter or actress level of quality chick unlike in the Philippines… what you see on TV there is only destined for the wealthy local guys.

      Then there’s Indonesia where you can get wealthy and good looking chicks as well and isn’t a sexpat tourist trap destination like Thailand has become over the past few decades.

      In Vietnam and Thailand women are very aware of Western foreigners, they kinda know our tricks already… however Indonesia is a lot more innocent 😛

      • jspill says:

        westerners don’t care about status or refined facial features as much as Asians

        they want good in the sack, amenable personality

        having said that my mate’s banging a Thai Maxim model

        • Harley says:

          I banged a few Thai models as well but they were difficult to keep… then banged a few in Indonesia who were a lot nicer.

          then I dated a few Filipinas who called themselves models but I just couldn’t see where the model part was, maybe just because they dressed up nicely and have done a few photoshoots for 50$ in the Philippines they suddenly start telling everyone that they are models and immediately change their Facebook employment status as “Freelance Model” lol… while in fact they are just a low budget photoshop alternative to real models for these photographers.

          • Mika says:

            The situation is the same in usa, the porn stars considers themselves models.. even are transported to the set with a van that advertizes it.

        • Harley says:

          I do care about facial features btw… when I first moved to Asia in 2008 I didn’t care much and was banging every chick that made it to my bedroom but over the years I became a lot more selective

  5. -Cam says:

    What kind of extras are we talking? FS, BJ, or Handjob and how much are they?

  6. Harley says:

    One thing you have to keep in mind is that MANY girls and women in Thailand and Vietnam have had a nose job done. The majority of them are not born with perfect natural noses… a silicone nose job costs just a few hundred dollars and to most foreigners they will either never realize or notice. I dated a few girls who were open about their nose jobs but i’m sure many girls will never tell the guys they date that they had surgery performed on their faces in order to look better.

    You take away the silicone nose job on most of them and suddenly they look totally different. Yes I agree many Vietnamese and Thai-Chinese (not your typical Isaan slut) look similar to Japanese in some way but the difference is that the Japs are usually born with a natural good looking nose. However the majority of those sexy Viet and Thai-Chinese girls all have had a 150$ or 200$ nose job performed which inhances their facial looks by like 200%.

    It took me a while to realize this actually but it’s true. I have so many friends whose girlfriends have had nose jobs done, but they don’t just tell everyone. Vietnam and Thailand are quite extreme with this… I think it are the 2 countries where i’ve seen the most nose jobs on the streets and especially the nightlife.

    Indonesia especially Jakarta and Bali is also quite common to see nose jobs. Most foreigners they either don’t know or don’t realize the chick has had a nose job, but it’s just a fact.

    In Indonesia and Thailand skin whitening is also a big thing now (not too common in Vietnam because they are born with quite white skin, however their noses are not that nice from birth). For 50$ up to 200$ injections you can go from black mambo brown skin to white-Korean within a few weeks or months.
    I know so because I dated many who were open about it and witnessed one going from brown to pale white within a few weeks.

    However I do agree, Vietnam has the hottest chicks but don’t be fooled, facial surgery is quite extreme there as it is in Thailand.

    I have a friend who married and made a baby with an Indonesian chick whose face is almost perfect (like a Latina almost) then his baby popped out with a nose like some Nigerian boxer or something… totally unexpected.

  7. thibault says:

    single man parqdise saysits shitty as hell for p4p , so maybe in this domain too being pretty does not suffice.

  8. RumandCokeMan says:

    In SEA what countries are the easiest to score quality 420?

    • jspill says:

      Thailand, can get imported Cali bud here

      • Harley says:

        It’s not imported… it’s just grown in Thailand because they ordered the seeds online. I had indoor grown White Widow and real Skunk in Indonesia as well which was just simply grown inside someone’s house and then sold at 35$ per gram… big scam if you ask me… better just stick to the outdoor weed or pollen hash.

  9. BangkokBaller23 says:

    Pretty good breakdown in the article, thanks!
    Sorry to hear about Lush being closed….it had a great Lady’s Night. 🙁

    My humble $.02…

    P4P: Good massage parlor options. Not sure if the price? Motorbike freelancers will probably approach you at night if you just “hangout” on a park bench in District 1 (D1). Every night Apocalypse Now is full of freelancers. Price is pretty high; but, decent quality looks and highly varied performance.

    Setting up dates: VietnamCupid and the other sites are $$$ to meet either regular girls or freelancers. Agree that Mall game is basically minimal.

    Meeting Regular Viet Hotties: Here’s where this country excels! Go just be a “stupid tourist”. Take pics, ask directions (from cuties), ask them to take pics of you, then with you, start conversation, ask about good bars/restaurants, tell them you are by yourself and can she join you there to tell you about Vietnam/her life, set a time to meet for the date, exchange Line/phone #/email/whatever. Move to a new venue (coffee shops, outdoor plaza, street, etc). REPEAT that process 10x/day until you are dating and/or having a “conjugal visit” with 1-2 chics/day and working 10 others through their contacts. Make it FUN and enjoy the process. Then when your dance card is full….relax and scale up or down (I’m just a man!) as your mood dictates. Good luck!

  10. G says:

    Well from your article seems only real thing on the table is P4P, but I can get P4P in my own country. Seems like Vietnam is not that great after all.

    • Henry says:

      a lot cheaper in Asia, though and better quality 🙂

      • G says:

        I still think unless it’s free or relatively free, it’s not worth it. If I didn’t have the opportunity to get it free. I wouldn’t bother. Philippines seems easiest . Indonesia sucked the most, and I even learn the language and still the woman so flakey.

        • Mikey Johnson says:

          You know you don’t have to resort to using p4p. You can use Tinder or something.

        • kick2dante says:

          lol if you think indonesian women are flakey then you will be jumping off a building in phils

        • G says:

          IMO Phills girls were flakey, but at least they attractive and horny, but Indonesian girls took it to the next level. They weren’t attractive and they thinking they all hot, don’t want to put out. But I must admit I didn’t set up dates. Just seemed Phils woman were more keen. Must be the Muslim country thing. I hated it. Gonna try Malaysia next, not expecting much.

        • kick2dante says:

          don’t know what to tell you other than our experiences were the complete opposite

      • Harley says:

        yeah me too… Indonesian a lot less flakey than Filipinas… Since I discovered Indonesian chicks I don’t want to date Filipinas anymore… I find Filipinas too fake… however Indo chicks are a bit more pickier than Filipinas though, that’s why maybe Dante and me get more of them 🙂

  11. angus says:

    Good post Dante. My g/f was the first one I dated on VN Cupid. Been together 2 years now. Getting married in a month. Not the prettiest (or tallest) but speaks English well…that is very important. She does have the biggest….smile in VN. When you’re ready to settle down, VN girls are the best, imho….and I’ve been around SEA. She’s 29 I’m 59.

  12. Jonathan says:

    Great write-up Dante. I agree with what you are saying. I have just spent 2 months living in HCMC and having a blow-out in Manila before going to work in Danang. HCMC has so many hotties during the day around the Bitexco Tower and generally around district 1. I tried chatting up one of these hottles during the day and she was sour as. Loads of Viet girls are looking for a foreigner boyfriend it seems as VietCupid and Badoo is heaving with daily messages. Lots of the girls look conservative and boring, but in the mix I have chatted to some stunners. They are usually pretty friendly and need to be imported into Zalo app where you can keep chatting and meet up. The thing is, after a few dates and a few impromptu nights out with 9s, I get the overall impression they take a lot of work and are not interested in going home just for fun. As you say, giving girls the commitment impression to get them into bed is not the way to go (even HCMC can be a small place, and they all talk about foreigners in town). Which leaves a situation of coffee dates, seeing girl ‘friends’ or trying to get p4p in the worst place in South East Asia for casual sex. I’ve seen a number of western guys with average / attractive women, often the women a lot younger, but no real hotties with Western guys in D1. Vung Tau has a number of women with Western guys, but most of them are very average. There is a micro-bar culture in Vung Tau, but the place is a bore. I think with the right level of effort and wanting to find a girlfriend it would be possible to meet a nice girl in Vietnam. They are still quite shy in public and people do look at you as a Westerner with a local Viet girl. People say they are loyal and I’m sure that’s often true, considering their steel panties it’s less likely they will cheat. I find Vietnamese girls (and society) smart, efficient and keen to get ahead. It’s a good place to work for that reason. But, given the choice I think the Philippines would be far more fun. In my experience, I think Thailand has the most devious women that really don’t care about Westerners once the relationship goes sour or they get caught cheating. Thais that can cope living overseas are the ones that can adapt, but most can not adapt and don’t want to. You can learn the language and the culture but you will always be an ‘alien’ in Thailand. Unlike Vietnam and the Philippines, Thailand’s proud history of never being colonised underpins a lot of their attitude.

    • jan ggg says:

      Try to live in the Philippines and you realize you have nothing nothing to say..

      Maybe other SE countries are just more directly. more honest..

      A Pinay just say always yes yes yes so you think hey listen and agree
      but next day she goes with her family or her friends her own way.
      spending all the money you just gave asking again more money..
      I get sick of the changing word, of the sorrie sorrie , of the excuses each time…

      you all forget to mention the age of yourselves..

      I am 61 years old and my pinay is smal slim but 23 year old.
      And only has sex with me (i have her facebook)

      Thats not possible in Thailand. Not in Vietnam too…

      • Neo says:

        >I am 61 years old and my pinay is smal slim but 23 year old.
        And only has sex with me (i have her facebook)

        This is a joke, right?

        • jan ggg says:

          I dont now for sure ofcoarse
          i put her always back on a flight to her village in a no go area on mindenao
          i know her for more than 2 years meeting 5 times a year

          but yes they can sneak away 1 hour and have sex just for more exciting and just to have money for a new shoulderbag. like that are the most pinay i met on DIA…tell they are shy..but just bang in the hotelroom and go back…boaring…

          Annyhow let me tell you that she screams up till 16 times on my dick per day…

          The advantage of (me) being older is that i can fuck her a hour without comming myself..
          So in my view I am better in serving a hot woman than a youn man would do…
          I give good sex..,I please her more…

          I drive 15 kilometer each day on a bike and have no overweight, walk a lot.

          Annyhow i am not fat and not bold…so i look younger for them..
          And stopped drinking beer…for her..

  13. BangkokBaller23 says:

    Totally agree with the Phils girls are waaaaay more flakey than Indo girls!?!?!? Filipinas are just culturally the FLAKIEST you will ever find in SEA. If you are meeting a chic at 7pm for a date….better invite/confirm 3 for that time slot. 🙂

  14. BangkokBaller23 says:

    Another comment on HCMC….musta touched a nerve? (Or ignited my passion for he BEST “secret” in SEA)
    The other little secret about HCMC/Vietnam is that the “performance” level of the girls you meet has been generally 2 levels above everywhere else. You can get a Pro….but if the performance level is -2, what’s the point? IMHO the Viet girls (non-pros) have been head and shoulders above the rest of SEA. Not sure why….? Culturally, it’s super important to please their man? Allowed to be more sensual? Just perfectly fine to be attracted to foreigners? (Despite the history of conflict) I really don’t know why…..BUT it is what it is. If you are an “interesting & exciting” (having NOTHIHG to do with physical looks) foreigner in HCMC, you will have some of the best, most passionate experiences of your life.
    My comment to friends is always, “You can have lots of sex in Bangkok; but, fall in love in HCMC.” Mic drop 🙂

    • jspill says:

      They sure are something

      The first non pro viet I banged told me to cum inside her, said it’s ok I have my period soon, you can cum inside me. Then asked ‘do you love me’ as I nutted.

      Left early for work the next day leaving a present behind for me. It was an iphone case with a note – ‘Take me. Let me be with your phone. I’m behind you’

      • thibault says:

        thats why this weasel smp has,had his bollocks cut.he let them think they may be pregnant and keep him. he can just laugh it off.

  15. Bare Ass Godzilla says:

    HCMC roasties take too long to put out and dating pace is too slow. Too many asexual prudes in this city holding out for god knows what. Too many annoying coffee dates and ambiguous motives. Too many stealth hookers posing as normal girls. Girls too high maintenance. Other than that fantastic city. Good food. Nice enough people. Cheap.

    Everywhere else in SEA is better.

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