Sexy Pinays and the Games They Play

Sexy Pinays (shorthand for ‘Filipina’) are my favorite women on the planet.  They are very fun, like to joke, and are always smiling and having a good time.  Easy to talk to and just great to hang out with overall.  The problem though is actually meeting up with them.


Sometimes they can be so frustrating flaking at the last minute that you just want to scream at them…… but you must keep your cool if you want things to work out.

Sexy Pinay A

I had met this girl on AsianDating and she agreed to hang out with me.  I invited her over to my place in the middle of the afternoon and she said she would come just to talk and meet me.  She rides a jeep for an hour to the mall near my place but when I tell her to get on a moto to my place she says no I have to  come meet her.  I beg and beg for her to go there because it’s hot and I don’t want to go out and get all sweaty before meeting her but she won’t budge.  So I go to the mall to the spot where I am supposed to meet her and she says “sorry my cousin just texted me I have to go home.”

Initially I think that she must have looked at me from a distance and decided she didn’t like what she saw, but that isn’t very likely as I am young and not fat and that is really all it takes here.  Then I think I might have been catfished by some fat loser in the US who signs up to the dating site just to mess with guys.  At this point I do something I basically never do and that is get confrontational and tell her she is a #%^$ and to $%^ off.  I know I just mentioned keep your cool, and that is what I do 90% of the time, but for some reason I just lost it with this one.

After saying that she says “are you mad?”  Hmmm I wonder what ever could have put that thought in her mind?  I say yes and she says ok she will come now and gets on a moto and meets me at my place.  Did her cousin ever really text her?  Was she just testing me? Who knows….. all I know is that the end result worked out fine, but there was definitely some unneeded frustration.

Sexy Pinay B

I was riding on a jeep and there was a very curvy girl sitting across from me.  Jeeps can be quite bumpy and bouncy things can get quite bouncy on them.  She happened to get off at the same mall as me so I waited for a minute then ran up and handed her my number.  She texts me and we decide to hang out the next night.

All day I am texting with the her about what time to hang out.  We settle on around 8pm but by the time 8pm comes around she cancels.  Then around 10pm I get bored and decide to head out and see if I can find something else to do, and as I am going there she texts me and says she wants to come over.  I start to head back home and 10 minutes of texting later she has canceled again.  I turn back around start going out again, I can’t get a jeep to come by and all the taxis are full so I am walking alone at 11pm and it looks like it will be a far walk.

Then she texts me again and says maybe she wants to come over.  Now I am in a tough spot, I am halfway between my destination and my home and I have to decide whether to go home for this girl that has been playing games all night or just forget it and go look for something else.  I say ok get in a taxi and she says maybe.  Finally after 15 more minutes of texts I get her to commit and she shows up at my place after midnight for our 8pm date that she canceled on multiple times.

Sexy Pinay C

I met this girl on the street, gave her my number, and she insta texted me same as the last.  Even though it was only 9pm she said she was going to bed but we could hang out tomorrow.  Once again we text all day and she says she is going to come over to my place around 8pm for dinner.  As usual she is late but keeps saying she is coming, then around 9pm she says she needs to bring her roommate because she can’t leave her roommate home alone.  I say the roommate is a big girl she will be alright and she tells me the roommate is 15.  I LOL and say no you can’t bring a 15 year old and explain why and she says ok she will come alone.

10pm she hasn’t shown up and has stopped answering my texts.  I text her again 10:15…. 10:30……. finally I say I don’t see why you had to play games with me this whole time and ruin my night and she says she is sorry but she is scared to come to my place alone because she doesn’t know me.

Of course this is totally understandable, if I were a girl I would not want to show up at a man’s home I don’t know either.  The difference is I would have just said that in the first place instead of stringing him along all night and having him wait for me.  I had two other girls as backups that were both not doing anything that night that I would have loved to  hang out with.  I chose this chick because her body was banging, and it ended up being the wrong decision.

I tried to do damage control and said ok I understand that lets meet at a pizza place nearby and she said not tonight.  She never replied to my texts again.  I tried and tried to get her to come meet me in a public place but that was the end of it.  This is the lone story from this article that did not end in success, and sadly she was the hottest one.

Sexy Pinay D

This was the most frustrating of all the sexy Pinays in this post.  I truly just don’t understand what was going through this girls head.  I had met her on a dating site, she lived about an hour away and said she would text me if she came into town.  One night she lets me know she was visiting her cousin and would be going home soon.  I invite her over before she goes and she says no but I can meet her at the mall.  I say how about I meet you at the mall and then we go my place.  At first she says no but then says ok.  I try one more time to get her to just hop in a taxi and come over and she says no.

I go to the mall and she is already there.  I ask where she wants to meet and she says in front of McDonalds so I go stand around in front of McD’s waiting for her/  After 5 minutes I text her and 5 minutes later she says she is coming.  This is a small mall and nowhere is more than a 5 minute walk away.  I wait 10 minutes and ask where she is and 10 minutes later she replies “the drug store.”  This is a major pet peeve of mine.  When you are trying to meet with someone why do you need to wait 10 minutes to send out a 3 word text?

So I head to the drug store and she isn’t there.  I say you aren’t here and wait another 10 minutes for her to tell me to go back to McD’s.  I go stand there for another 15 minutes texting her a few times and finally she replies that she is just going home.  So I have just wasted an hour and a half going to this mall and standing around while this girl peeks around corners looking at me and hiding and playing games.

I head back to the jeep and as I am getting on it I see a girl that resembles the one in the pictures standing near the jeep.  At this point I am quite pissed and am not sure if that is the chick I am supposed to meet so I just go home.  5 minutes later she texts me saying I just saw her by the jeep.  I ask her the obvious questions of why she didn’t come to McD’s, why she didn’t wave to me by the jeep, why……. and she said because she was shy to chat with a foreigner in public.  I ask her if she wants to take a taxi to my place and she says ok and an hour later we are in bed.

So I guess the point of this post is letting you know what types of frustrating experiences some of these Pinays will make you put up with.  It usually still works out well in the end, but you need to remain calm and patient and take a serenity now approach to things or they’ll drive you nuts.

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  1. Swiss says:

    There’s some serious next level retardation going on in the Philippines.
    It’s easy to get some but they sure know how to give a gent the shits!
    Their whole country is fucked up to. Imbeciles from the ground up.
    That video the Filos where outraged about ’20 things I hate about the Philippines` really hit the nail on the head. But despite their retardation the Philos makes for a great tropical Rancho Relaxo and a true poosy paradise. If only the fuckers would stop overcharging for hotels and learn how to cook decent food.

  2. Swiss says:

    One time I arranged for a young slut from DIA to come over to my hotel. I waited for her in the lobby for about an hour and she didn’t arrive so I figured I’d go out and do some approaches.
    Anyway after I left she turns up and she didn’t have money to pay the taxi driver and apparently he was causing a huge scene out front of the hotel Eventually they got a hold of my comrade that was staying in the suite next door and he paid the taxi driver. He wasn’t a happy man because even though we checked the girls I.D she was about 4 foot tall and looked 15 years old. hahaha……All the concierge and security guys where making a lot of bad jokes at his expense. He tried to tell them that I was the bad man but they where not buying it. Heavy days.
    Eventually I strolled back to the hotel to find an uncomfortable looking comrade and young brown bomber. He’s had to put up with her for quite some time(she couldn’t hold a conversation to save her life) and didn’t fuck her due to friends code. The girl was quite unattractive and given that she looked about 15 I felt like a bad man for servicing her but it had to be done as the taxi was super expensive as he made my friend pay for all the time he’d been waiting in front of the hotel. One very angry taxi bandit!
    Anyway……if the girl had of been on fucking time or at least sent a message to say she’d be late the whole situation could have been avoided. After coming from a western country it really gives a gent the shits to deal with so much flakey behavior. Not that the great white cum dumpsters don’t flake but Philo girls on another level. Another thing that pisses me off is they don’t have a fucking cent to their name and they automatically expect the happy fun time white ATM guy to pay for everything and they never fucking say thankyou or show any gratitude. I mean if you take them out to a 3 course dinner and buy them a few drinks that’s a luxury they could never ever afford.

  3. kick2dante says:

    lol funny story thanks for sharing

  4. Dan Smyth says:

    Ugh, douchebags going for some of the world’s poorest people because they can’t get any back home. The Philippines is a shit hole and that’s why they go for anyone foreign. They have no money and some manual labour er comes by and drops $100, acting like a king due to no other reason than a strong currency. He wouldn’t be able to get shit in any part of the world where women have enough opportunity and probably do much better than these guys anyway.

    • jspill says:

      The guys that take the time to write this are usually a tad jealous. If you were dating a rich 10/10 stunner right now, and earning tons of cash in a high flying job in the West, chances are you’d be too busy banging her and loving life to type out this comment on a random internet blog. Maybe you should take a trip over and get some of the action too. If you can get laid decently often back home, then when you come here you’ll have the pick of the crop. Everyone gets moved up a level.

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