Not So Happy Ending Philippines Massages

Massages in the Philippines are easy to find for $5 give or take a few bucks.  Even with a 100 peso tip you are still paying 10% of what you might pay in the Western world.

philippines sex massage

Of course Asian massages are also known for their happy endings, but sadly the Philippines is not a good country for that. Maybe you landed on this page from a search for:

  • Erotic massage Philippines
  • Nuru massage Philippines
  • Philippines sex massage
  • Soapy massage Philippines
  • Tantric massage Philippines

Even though there are plenty of prostitutes here, surprisingly you don’t see much naughty stuff going on in Philippines massage parlors. It’s nothing like Thailand or Vietnam.

If you don’t mind overpaying for a handjob then you can probably find a decent massage + hj if you look hard enough.

But if you want more ‘extra services’ then it’s hard to find a good massage with bj or boom boom (full service).  Trust me I have put in the time, effort, and money looking.

Out of all of my attempts I have only ever found 1 girl that was worth it.  She gave an average (at best) bj.  I got her number through a PM on a sexpat message board after I was bitching about not being able to find a sex massage having just flown over from Pattaya.

Update – there is now an escort company that does outcall nuru massage in your hotel, Also in Manila. Jspill wrote a review here.

Philippines Sex Massage by City


Considering Angeles is the number 1 sexpat destination in the Philippines you would assume that there has to be a good massage + extras option available right?  Think again.

When living there I had done some research on massages in Angeles and it didn’t sound promising, but I still wanted to try and find one.

Weirdly I randomly went to one of the few places that offered a hj on my first attempt at a massage in Angeles.  I don’t even know why I chose this place, but 20 minutes into the massage when the girls hands had already touched my balls 3 times I knew extras would be available.

Sadly extras was only an hj, and it was a pretty bad hj at that.  The girl also was not attractive.  Since I instantly got extras at the first place I went I assumed that maybe people on the internet were lying and that all massage places in Angeles would do extras.

Two hours later I headed to one that I knew had some very cute girls working.  This time I didn’t even keep my boxers on and laid down completely naked.  When the therapist moved the towel I could see the shock in her eyes (she snuck a peek hehehe.)

She told me no extras would be available, and at the end when I asked and offered a tip she declined.  I tried two other places in Angeles and neither offered extras so I gave up.

Worst Angeles Massage Experience

On my next stay there were a lot of ‘massage girls’ at the entrance to walking street.  Many of them were quite cute, much cuter than most of the girls that worked in the bars.

They offered an outcall massage service in your hotel for 300 pesos, and considering they worked on walking street you should be able to assume that extras would be available.  Well extras were available, but handjobs only.

They charge 500 for a handjob.  It’s not hard to all to find a bj in Angeles for that price, why pay it for a hand shandy?  95% of girls are terrible at handjobs anyway.

I was able to get one to give head and she did it twice, but the next time that I texted her she said she didn’t want to do them anymore.  There was another girl who I am quite certain I could have had full service with, but at the time I was only interested in bjs with working girls.

angeles ebook guide

My Sex in Angeles Ebook Guide

Not only is the extra service they offer weak, but the massages are just terrible.

Of the 4 or 5 girls I tried only 1 would get a D grade, the rest were all Fs.

One girl actually stopped after 20 minutes trying to say the hour was up.

Angeles massage girls are a total money grab and they don’t even try to hide it.

They put a bunch of cute girls out there knowing suckers (like me) will pay to get a cute girl in their room for 300 pesos.

Especially after looking at below average looking bar girls all night that cost 2kish to barfine.

Don’t fall for the trap.  As much as I would love to tell you that there is a good option for sex massage in Angeles, there just isn’t.

You are much better off going and getting a good massage (Body Bliss near Norma’s is where the girl snuck a peek, very good massage with no extras) and then having your extras after in the Fields Avenue bars.


In Manila there are a few massage places that do extra services that go all the way. You can find the info about specific locations on sexpat forums if you search the massage threads.  Abacca Massage in Makati was one I read of.  The problem is they are pretty expensive.

They are usually over 1000 pesos just for the massage and the extras are 3000+.  I just remember that none of them came in at under $100.  They do sound like a great experience though, and you can get a two girl or even three girl massage…… if you want to pay for it.

Considering I have a buddy who lives in Chiang Mai and goes for a weekly massage that ends with the therapist getting naked, rubbing her body all over him, and giving him a great bj for $15 then spending $100 in Manila is terrible value.

Manila Massage girl at Air Force One

One good spot is Air Force One KTV which is 1200 pesos for the room and massage, then 1500 pesos for the sex. So 2700 pesos ($53) all in. Find that in the Flight 168 Spa inside Air Force One. More info here.

MySexpedition blog did a good post on happy ending massages in Manila.

Prostate Massage in Manila


My Sex in Manila Ebook Guide

There is another option for 800 pesos which is a Lingam massage.  I tried it once because I had heard good reviews.

It was worth trying one time but I haven’t gone back.

Basically you first get a good back and neck massage followed by legs.  After legs they massage your butt and start teasing your hole and balls.

This goes on for awhile before she asks you to arch your butt in the air to give some quick shaft strokes to engage the prostate.

Then you roll over and she kneads your upper thighs, occasionally doing quick touches of your testicles or shaft.

Eventually it turns into a special ‘Lingam’ handjob… problem is after about a minute or two of the interesting Lingam technique they just start yanking on it like a normal hj.

It costs 800 pesos and is the best guaranteed option for a happy ending.  They train the staff well so you get a good massage and the Lingam is pretty good at least at first.  Still, would be so much better with a blowjob at the end.

Also the girls are fully clothed and there is no touching allowed.

You’ll know you’re in a Lingam massage place because they’ll have displays up on the front desk.  On the display it will mention your ‘special place.’  If you see that wording and it costs 800 pesos you are in the right spot. (Bacolod may have been 700).

There are also a lot of massage girls on Burgos Street that are in full uniform.  They seem to be like the ones on walking street in Angeles, but don’t get the bad reviews.  I have heard some of them will do extras and it’s pretty easy to pull them away from their workmates and ask if they will.  They have no spa and go to your Manila hotel.

I have never got one of them though.  Reading around on forums I think they probably give much better massages than the awful ones you get in Angeles.

massages in cebu

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘Thai’, you’re not getting an old fashioned Thailand experience


I have heard of another lingam massage place in Cebu City but I haven’t been.  I also saw a sign for in room massage at your hotel and when I texted them they said its 300 pesos or 800 for a special massage.  When I asked what special was they said lingam.  I didn’t try though.

There are a few massage places around Colon that will do some extras but most won’t.  The one I was referred to was your standard awful massage, but at least I got a bj at the end. The first time it was from some chubby 30 year old and the bj was ok.

cebu sex ebook guide

My Sex in Cebu Ebook Guide

The next time the massage was a better but the girl only wanted to do a hj.  I had to ask her for a bj for 5 minutes before she did it but it totally ruined the whole turned on by massage thing.

The other massages I have tried in the area didn’t offer extras and it was pretty obvious I wouldn’t have got if I asked.

A good rule of thumb is if the girl touches your scrotum even a little when doing your upper thigh extras are available.  If not you probably shouldn’t even ask.

I have also read about some expensive full service ones same as Manila.

But you are way overpaying, and sex in Cebu is easy to find so there is no need for that.

Jspill did a review on an outcall Nuru massage in Cebu called Masaji spa.

Just Enjoy the Massage and Bang Later

I don’t even really like massages.  But I do like getting turned on during massage and getting a bj after.  Sadly that is more trouble than it’s worth in the Philippines and you will be much better off not trying to find it.

Unless you are specifically referred to a girl that can handle both you either aren’t going to get what you want, or are going to pay way to much for it.

If you want a Philippines sex massage just go to a nice no extras spa and enjoy the massage with a cute girl. Then set up a date on AsianDating, FilipinoCupid or Pinalove for the body to body part later that night.

60 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    I went to that place in the picture, Nuat Thai means ‘Thai massage’ so I thought I was in business. Was on a visa run from Bangkok.

    Went into the room, started undressing. I’m shocked to see a male masseuse walk in. I said can I have a lady please, bit of awkwardness then ‘yes Sirrrrr’. Finished getting undressed, naked as is standard in Thailand. Girl comes in and gasps, ‘Sirrrrr can you put on the pants please’. I had asked for oil not Thai, always done nude in BKK. Yet they still wanted me in the pyjama trouser things.

    Then was super awkward, all the staff talking to each other loudly through the walls, the gay guy who I was given first giggling about something in Cebuano.

    Bad massage, and no extras obviously. Plus they wouldn’t even massage my chest either, acted shocked when I asked. I posted a trip report on forums and got ‘this isn’t Thailand bro’.

    WTF, there are tons of hookers in the Philippines, I thought every Pinay would be snap be down for a rub n tug for a few hundred pesos.

    Thai > Phils

  2. kick2dante says:

    your last line is certainly true for massage

  3. Pedro says:

    i would be interested to find out where you can get a 500 baht naked blowjob in chiang mai??

    • I88888I says:

      would have to get to know the girl first, that’s not standard (could do for 1000 tho)

      • Pedro says:

        where would that be? are we talking quality here?

        all ive seen is abunch of old hags outside those massage places around night bazaar / loi kroh area

    • You can get them for 600 Baht in Bangkok at blow job bars like Lolita’s and for the same price at blow job bars in Pattaya like Bliss Lounge.

      • jspill says:

        Good point I didn’t think of that, was thinking of the ending to a massage. Yeah if you don’t care about the massage Dr BJ’s blowjob bar on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1, BKK is 700 baht. New place Kasalong on Soi 8 same price. Lolitas and Lollipop I think are 800 baht now. They might want a tip to get naked first time. For a repeat customer though should be fine.

  4. kick2dante says:

    from what i heard the girls not that hot…. errr lady not girl lol

  5. kick2dante says:

    what about spicy?

  6. There are many full service massage places in Manila including Classmates, Air Force 1, and Pegasus. Most cab drivers know them and they’re located right out in the open. Prices range from 45 to 80 USD depending on where you go and which level the lady you select works in.

  7. kick2dante says:

    can you really get a full service massage at air force 1 for 80 after tip?

    • Yes of course. For example you can take an economy room for 30 bucks and give a tip of 2000 Pesos more. That’s less than 80 all in. Of course you can a massage and full service from one of the masseuses working the street on P Burgos for less than half of that. Manila is filled with options bro.

  8. kick2dante says:

    i dont have any experience with the burgos massage girls, are they better than the terribad angeles ones?

  9. Ralph T. Sy Siong Kiao says:

    Thanks for this informative article. I would like to try it out. Hahahaha. Very interesting. Wow. You documented lots of areas. Thanks for the journalistic work on this “delicate” “natural” matter. I’ll just post my real name. There is no point in hiding something as natural and manly.

  10. kick2dante says:

    that is a long real name 🙂

  11. J9 says:

    Woman don’t do blowjob because you’re “kuripot” you get what you pay for. Filipino pays better than foreigners 😜

  12. Has says:

    Do you think the cute girls on walking Street giving the massages might be freelancers in their spare time…. If most are better looking then the bar girls then getting their numbers and meeting up in the night could be an option???

    • kick2dante says:

      they are more of a bait and switch thing then anything, some are freelancers but they generally charge more then other freelancers, one guy on addicts bragged about banging one, all he had to do was get 3 legit massages first, then take her on two dates, then meet her in a different city 20 mins away AND pay her 1500 pesos

      or you could just get a different girl

  13. Patrick Patricio says:

    I have tried nuru massage in bangkok and also here in Manila by Nuru Massage Manila. If I will compare it, there’s no difference, they use real Nuru gel and its really a NUDE body to body massage. Their girls are very well mannered and beautiful.

  14. Mick says:

    I have had amazing massages at 108 Spa. Clean with cool atmosphere. I visited three times over 6 days and both females were under 30 and well-trained. 800 or 900 pesos, well worth it.

  15. kick2dante says:

    where is that mick?

  16. Dexter says:

    An option in Subic (Barretto) is Serenity Nuru Spa. The owner is in the middle of opening a branch in Angeles, though he says some options may have to be removed from the menu.

    Friends who have been give it two thumbs up.

  17. kick2dante says:

    lol dexter………. free m3thie if you want to spam your links here

  18. Chris says: is a bug scam, the massage including the shower and prep took 45 min instead of the 90 advertised. No happy end and the girl 8/10 in the photo 3/10 in real life. STAY AWAY.

    • kick2dante says:

      weird, i heard good things about it

      • Randy Gomez says:

        I have to disagree with you Chris, I’m a regular at ( and it’s by far the best nuru massage in Manila. $60 for a nude nuru massage right in my own condo is a freakin’ great deal! I don’t know what other massage places you have tried, sounds like your kinda cheap, but I’ve tried a lot of them here in Manila. There is no comparison and I honestly don’t know what you are talking about as far as looks go, because I have several regular hotties there. Almost sounds like you’re bashing them because your working for the competition, lol. I tip good and I’m good to the girls and they always treat me great, I always have a good time. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it!

  19. John smith9iii says:

    Youre buddy is lying- no $15 anything in thailand- chiang mai is a waste of time but bkk is good. Soapy massage for 1000 baht. Wont say where cos i want it all to myself…mm

  20. Mark Co says:

    Dexter got kicekd, LOL.
    I have also not had the best experience of places in Angeles. If I go back I’ll check out Serenity Spa to see if what dexters says is true. Much better if their is a spa in angeles as Subic is a bit far from the party places. When in Angeles I normally just go to High Society as their are tons of working girls that you just need to chat up and buy a few drinks.
    When I was in Quezon City last time I check out this place close to Comedy Bar called Shogun spa and had a full body to body massage. Turned out really good and the Masseuse was very accommodating.
    Do any of you have any places you suggest in Cebu City?

  21. Mark Co says:

    Just read the meaning of m3thie. WOW that is funny. Love the commentary

  22. kick2dante says:

    haha ya m3thie :p

    might have something on cebu coming up in the very near future check back

  23. tim says:

    Can anyone tell me about Masajispa in Cebu? I am actually on the plane headed to Cebu now so would love some advice.

  24. kick2dante says:

    cant say i know much about it, but have fun on your trip

  25. kito says:

    try starfleet in parañaque. from what i remember last time i went, massage was 700php and full all out sex after for 1200php. that was 3 years ago so prices could have changed.

  26. Red Lion says:

    the best spa in Philippines is Duke Spa.. “service beyond expectation” that is their slogan. and yes it is really beyond the your imagination. absolute happy ending. i had try it a lot of times already. the cebu branch has the most numbers of pretty ladies. and i think they are the largest branch in cebu.

  27. Mr Sam says:

    I Will visit Manila end this month so any suggestion for massage place with happy ending I will stay in pasay area

    • jspill says:

      Pasay is not a good area for that but if you go to Burgos street there are lots of ‘massage girls’ on the street everywhere, most of them do handjob, and quite a lot do blowjob / full sex, just ask them they get asked all the time so they’re not shy. If you find a cute one (quite hard) just take her home. It’s about 500 per hour for the massage, Pasay is quite far so you’ll probably need 2 hours.

      Really I’d recommend staying near Burgos street the night that you want to get a girl, gives you more time to look and less travelling time.

      Or use manila courtesans escort website and ask which girls are good at massages

      Or get on Pinalove and look for potential freelancers, spam message every cute girl asking if she knows where to get a good massage because you work at home so hard as a stockbroker all day and need to relax, they’ll probably reply offering to give you one themselves so they can make some money. Target the slutty looking ones showing cleavage

      Or fly to Cebu and use masaji spa outcall service

      Even better, fly to Bangkok

  28. kick2dante says:

    not a good city for massage

    all the places we know about are in the post

  29. PTV says:

    What is a Junlipsun? I keep getting given these massage cards that say ‘Junlipsun P500’ on them. I asked one of the girls what it was and she said she couldn’t tell me.

    I googled it and still can’t find an answer. It appears to be (or at least sounds like) it’s a Korean word?

  30. buffet says:

    This was my first time in Manila and I was travelling on a business trip. I stayed in Makati in Pasang Tamo. One evening one girl was distributing some leaflet for massage. I called the number after few days. The girl gave a good massage and I paid her 500 for massage plus 100 for tips. I asked the same girl 4 times. and by this time I learnt that she is single and so I started flirting with her. She gave in in my 5th attempt. But this was not a great sex. But after than I again called her for 3 times but she did not gave in.
    I asked another massage company. the girl was very young may be 14 or 15. she was not doing good massage I asked her to go back. Massage company send me another girl in her 20. She was funny . soon I took her to bed and we had good sex if not great. I tried calling different massage company and I had 40% success rate.

    • kick2dante says:

      thanks for the update, i woulda been uber scared when i found out the girl was that young

    • jspill says:

      Yeah on my last trip the first girl I asked didn’t do any extras, the next would only do handjobs, and the third would do everything, HJ / BJ / or full sex. Asked 3000 for sex, we settled on 2500, then 2000 next time I saw her. All in their 20s standing on Burgos street.

  31. KOJ says:


    • Poonmeister says:

      Shogun is legit for nuru in Malate. Only problem is that they don’t have massage rooms on premises. They bring the girls out, you pick one, then they inform you that the 2500 peso rate (US$50) includes a 90 min room at a short time hotel 5 to 10 min away. They do give you a ride there and back. The girl wanted 5k for full service. Bargained and she took 4k, which is still way too much.

  32. Tom says:

    The comments on this thread are sick. Typical bunch of western guys who can’t get laid in their home countries and think they’re studs when they come to Asia because they pay for it. Grow the fuck up.

  33. Jasper Laguitao says:

    Just an update bro

    Usually for locals girls from SPAkols give 3k for BJ then 5k for all the way . Your really lucky or really handsome If you can get all the way with only 3k . Amazing . Big fan of your work . I know a lot of places you still haven’t discussed , maybe worth your while . Lots of pretty pinays to taste

  34. John Doe says:

    If your looking for a very happy ending massage, lol . I found one online and I tried it. Check out and there are over 30 girls to choose, They offer authentic nuru massage service all over metro manila and Angeles City. I talked to the chat operator their Manila rate is 3000 pesos while their Angeles City rate is half the price promo is 1500.

    The girls are 8/10 some are real gorgeous some are not, (no perfect spa) but this outcall spa has a lot of options.

    Better check their website and inquire with their chat operator. I highly recommend them. My favorite is Andy, shes great!

  35. Enjoy a broad range of adult services from hot escorts in Manila

  36. Sid says:

    I stayed in Pasay, Manila NCR for about a month on a usual business last year (2017). I stayed in a Condo and managed to get some local friends who work as security guards and reception guys. During a conversation, one of the reception guy asked me if I want a door step massage for 300 pesos. The first massage was little awful to me as that was the first massage for me in Philippines and I had to wear my trousers for the massage. The girl who came to the massage was little nervous and in experienced and was looking at the phone every single minute. I was taken aback by the service provided. I informed the guy who recommended me about the awful experience (just stated that I didnt liked the attitude of the girl). I asked the guy to book for a massage that night around 8 PM with a good looking girl and co-operative one. I had pre-planned for this massage session unlike the previous day. Yes, I was just on my towels only without any underwear. As soon as the girl came, she saw me well prepared for the massage and asked to lay down on my stomach. As soon as I laid myself on the bed, the girl took my towel from my waist and just put it over my naked buttocks without wrapping it over. She massaged me in a very professional way and when its time to swap the position, she just saw my penis and had a smile on her face. I was just waiting for this moment and asked if she could perform any extra service. She agreed to it and said she would do only HJ with 500 pesos extra for the HJ. I agreed to her demand and she serviced me with HJ for almost an hour. During the HJ, I was smooching her over her dress and she denied to remove any of her. She also gave me kiss in my mouth. That was the first HJ in manila for me and I loved it. I handed over 900 pesos totally for the HJ and the 1hr massage (two hrs totally).

    After that I had around 5 massage sessions with 3 ending in HJ and no BJ or sex.

    Before returning from Manila, I really wanted to get laid down with a girl and the receptionist guy too asked the same. He arranged it for 4000 pesos only for a full night. The hooker brought around 4 girls near the condo I stayed and asked me to select one. Though the look of the girls were average to good, I thought it was good in the price range. I had a full night stand (4 pops) with around 500 pesos tip for the girl.

    So in my opinion, one must get in touch with the local guys to really get stuffs like these in Manila.

    Also, I had a boob sucking experience with a massage girl who was very new to the massage field and didnt knew English.

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