Manila Pad for RooshV Day Gamers | Greenbelt Excelsior

Greenbelt Excelsior check in

The RooshV forum guys love to day game and ‘mall game’ and never do P4P (pay for play sex), this Manila condo I recently stayed in reminded me of them.

It’s a short walk from Greenbelt mall, on Don Carlos Palanca street, take a right as you come out then a left, cross the road and you’re at the mall in a few mins.

Studio apartment

Makati Day Game

Lots of nice coffee shops en route to the mall, by the condo and by the North West corner entrance to Greenbelt 1, and fancy restaurants around.

So it would be easy to cold approach a girl and take her to a few spots that end up being next to your apartment. The streets are pretty clean and safe / not a sketchy vibe.

Office workers on Don Carlos Palanca St

It’s only 1.5km to the P Burgos gogo bars but the freelance hookers, child beggars and mothers walking around with babies don’t venture down to this area.

Around Greenbelt Excelsior it’s a nicer ambience and mostly just office worker girls, many get lunch on Don Carlos Palanca because there are two food vans.

Street food

The Greenbelt area of Makati is a bit more walkable, bigger sidewalks, no ladyboys to dodge like the ones that sometimes hang around outside Gramercy condo.

Greenbelt Excelsior condo is also opposite the Belle & Dragon gastropub for picking up chicks at night, or taking a date you’re already with. Has a hidden whisky and cigar bar ‘Mandalay’. More on that here.

Belle & Dragon bar

RooshV forum guys talk about game tactics like touch escalation or taking a girl to half a dozen or so different locations, so she feels she’s known you for longer and is ready to bang.

Living in Greenbelt Excelsior would be good for that – mall, cafe, restaurant, bar, hidden bar, then say ‘oh my apartments just there want to come and see the view?’.

Greenbelt Excelsior sauna

Or suggest coming over to try out the pool and sauna open 6am – 10pm.

Or the ‘I need to charge my phone’ excuse our Indian guest poster had success with when out on dates.

Condo entrance seen from Mandalay bar

Girl Friendly

I don’t like the entrance it’s small and the security see you every time, and have you sign the girl in on the guestbook. But other than that it’s guest friendly, if the girl forgets her ID they’ll still let them in.

And they don’t make you go down to pick up a girl, they just call your room. And call when they leave.

Overnight guests allowed

Gym & Pool

The fitness and swimming pool are small too but usually empty. Has changing rooms, sauna, massage room, and separate kids pool.

Swimming pool

The gym has two barbells, rack, bench press, 100kg in plates and dumbbells up to 25kg so maybe not enough for serious lifters.

I much prefer The Beacon condo for working out, it’s also walkable to Greenbelt mall. Many more weight plates and a gym and pool both five times the size.

Bench press

I’d rather live there but this condo is still ok and reminded me of RooshV forum with the little day gaming route to and from the mall. The streets around the Beacon are a bit more frantic.

Also the ceiling is too low at Greenbelt Excelsior gym so if you’re over 5 foot 9 you can’t overhead press without hitting it.


There’s a cable crossover and pull up bar but again I was hitting my head doing the full range of motion.

Three running machines, two cycle machines and a couple benches, Zumba ball, TV and air conditioning. Open 6am – 10pm like the pool.

TV & Zumba

Greenbelt Excelsior Rentals

There are 35 floors of studios, one bedroom and two bedroom units, from 36 – 82 sqm. Floor plan here.

$48 Daily rental

Daily rentals are about $40 – $60 a month on Airbnb which is a bit much considering somewhere like Knightsbridge is about that and way better facilities.

I can’t find many ads for long term rentals on Manila Craigslist or but the ones I see start at about 27k pesos / month which again is a bit high.

Kitchen, desk, sofa

This was the unit I stayed in, if you’re new to Airbnb sign up here for $35 off your first booking.

That one has a washing machine which is a nice touch, and decent PLDT wifi line in the room. Microwave, kitchen, fridge, hot water, air con, kettle, etc.

Pinay not included

Things to Do in Makati

Greenbelt Excelsior is also near the Ayala Triangle park another good day game spot for picking up girls, lots of cute Pinays jogging or sitting outside the many cafes.

Then there’s Cafe Havana and the similar restaurants in Greenbelt 3.

Cycle machines

That’s a freelancer pickup area but I see a lot of RooshV forum guys go to blatant hooker spots in SE Asia, pretend a freelancer isn’t one then say ‘oh I don’t pay for sex‘ 😀

My buddy got a 3 day ban on that forum for joking ‘get your wallet out’ when a guy asked how to pick up Thai girls. Yet they go ‘shoring’ in hooker discos.


While they are a bit weird there are some cool posters too and lots of good info, there’s a Roosh V Philippines thread. I’m jspill on that forum.

There’s a sky bar a short walk away slightly past P Burgos, at the City Garden Grand Hotel on Makati Avenue. Ok spot for a date.

Massage room

Also the Legazpi Sunday market is nearby, fun place to take a dating site girl, hang out and try different Filipino food. Then Glorietta mall and SM are just past Greenbelt.


Greenbelt Excelsior condo is also near the Makati Enterprise Centre which has a HSBC branch, the ATMs there let you take out 40k pesos at a time.

Couple more pics on Instagram

Most Philippines ATMs only allow 10k withdrawals or BPI ones allow 20k. They all ding you with a 200 pesos fee so it’s best to withdraw the max.

Overall I enjoyed living at Greenbelt Excelsior short term but I like the other Manila condos I reviewed more.


  • Greenbelt Excelsior on Google maps
  • Address – 105 Don Carlos Palanca St, Legazpi Village, Makati

19 Responses

  1. RealGuy says:

    I wonder how many rooshv forum bangs are really hookers/semi pros that theyre supposed to pay but dont realize it. Dropping hints they need money to get home, pay for tuition, etc. SEA girls are really indirect when it comes to asking for things like getting paid.

    Even if you screen for it, youll still have grey areas like girls asking for transportation money. Then whats a fair price? Maybe 500 max but if they pocket half of that, does it mean you just banged a pro and should be banned?

    • jspill says:

      Ya a ton I reckon. Seems most old members are banned and the forum’s a bit dead now.

      • BangkokBaller23 says:

        Can’t speak to RooshV Forum (read over some of his content, but I’m not active there); but, think it’s funny the way guys talk about “Game” ironically?

        True, in SEA you can do P4P without Game. As you can basically anywhere. It’s just more available in SEA (and cost effective ;)); for better or for worse.

        IMHO what “Game” does is give the AFC (Average Frustrated Chump….who I used to be) a chance to improve his social skills and techniques at picking up the ladies. I think folks who learn Game are awesome, because at least they are taking action and seeking to better themselves and dare I say it….many women’s lives….and the world around them.😎

  2. RealGuy says:

    So many other great aspects about living near greenbelt. Makati square has bowling, shooting range (guns and bows), lots of ultra cheap shopping options for DVDs clothes cologne. Nearby little tokyo for best Japanese food in the country. Can find daily rentals for as low as $25/night if you look hard enough

    • thibault says:

      i sw only two things: shooting range and 25$/night.
      1 i thought shooting ranges were outside the city? they have a real firearms shooting range in the middle of makati? maybe its interesting to go in an area thats not too sketchy, after all…
      2 more precisions on the cheap rental because all of manila is so expensive,if you can divide price by two without ending in the slum i want to know wherecit was. are there midfle class condos in makati? they said it was only luxurious shit or hovels, nothing in between.
      that was the theme on this precise blog, they always push condo with shit i wont use like gym pool.. i just want to fuck ya know.

      • RealGuy says:

        Basement of Makati square has ranges and firearms dealers. Good place to buy pepper spray too.

        For $25/night, theres a specific airbnb listing I use but it gets sold out often. Its in either greenbelt parkplace or perla mansion, though 80% sure greenbelt parkplace. Set your airbnb filters to under $30/night and check in time to well in advance, and it might pop up.

        Alternatively theres a place in the columns (pne closest to waltermart) thats really nicely furnished for $36/night.

        • thibault says:

          ok thanks. but one place… probably unavailable when you need it and soon more expensive once the owner realizes he can obtain more. 36 is already alot more, and probably the real bottom.
          boy, in bangkok you can have anything for 20 per night. the same things you need 40 in manila. angele or cebu s it may be.

        • jspill says:

          Makati Apartelle $22, San Agustin Residences $24 I reviewed that here, but forget those I found a great place for $28/night next to the best gogo bar, check back soon for a review. 10% off if you book a week and $35 free if you just make a new Airbnb account here so it works out to $20/night for a week in the prime location for banging. Fast PLDT internet too. Pics of it on IG here and here

          • thibault says:

            oh yeah i remember, the time when ypu did NOT fuck the neighboir s daughter (for once)
            will fuck her for you when i go. just she waits.

      • RealGuy says:

        Yea BKK has better deals for sure, but I dont rent anything over $40/day in Manila. Theyre further out than Makati and BGC, but can get better deals in Mandaluyong (SM light residences, soho central, flare) and QC. QC is really far but would be a good place for a young guy, less foreigners. Mandaluyong doesnt have much nightlife but theres lots of call center girls working there, and its near Ortigas which is a nice area.

        My friend stays in jazz residences makati on buendia. Not really in the thick of things, but cheaper and still Makati.

        If you dont need to be in Manila, I liked Dumaguete a lot.

  3. RumandCokeMan says:

    They ban everything at RVF-it’s ridiculous, never seen anything like them before. I think they’re a bunch of frustrated Arabs, blacks, and Indians. It’s like a ethnic man ran PUA Caliphate.

  4. -Cam says:

    RooshV and friends hate p4p because it hurts the bottom line. Not only will their readers not have money for protein powder if they p4p, they also won’t need to buy any haha.

    I respect the guy though. He may be a product pusher, but he has still done a lot of good work for the men. Though, obviously not as good as Dante and JSPILL ;p

    • thibault says:

      nomadphils push the pkan b: escapexfrom the west, to asia, and from dating, with p4p/goldiggers/greyarea/shoring etc whatever allows you to fall back to the natural stage of women chasing men , which is the only wayvit can really works in the end.

  5. Guy says:

    Some of those guys are delusional. I got banned forever because I told some loser to just pay the girl her $50 when he was talking about going to Havana and trying to get a freebie from a working girl.

    Bunch of bullshit artists for sure.

  6. Herpes4life says:

    Man, youve must have banged thousands of girls!!

  7. JustAGuy says:

    I’m one of those “RooshV Daygamers” you wrote about haha, [although not the weird arrogant ones lol]. I’m just not into pros at all.

    Will be heading to Manila next month for about a week. Been to Cebu before and also a reader of the blog so I know all about pinay games, lies and BS semi pros, etc, but not familiar with the area.

    I’m looking for recommendations for a place/area to stay in that’s similar to IT Park, i.e. is easy to get to from anywhere in the city, plenty of nice places to eat within walking distance, easy landmark to tell women from online to meet you, not sketchy, etc.

    I’m not looking to spend a ton, but I’m not a cheapskate either. Main priorities are a place where I can easily book multiple dates per day and have women come to my area [i.e. a coffee shop or mall near my location]. I might dabble in a little daygame, but since I’ll be there such a short time, really only planning on doing online with 1 date bangs. Logistics are important obviously.

    Also, I have standards, I’m not one of the guys who goes to PH and bangs 5s and thinks they’re 7s….so ideally I want a place where the girls who will be willing to come are at least cute, 6.5ish. I’m mid-twenties, white, decent looking.

    Any feedback/advice would be great. Thanks!

    • jspill says:

      The IT Park of Manila would be the BGC (Bonifacio Global City), aka ‘the Fort’ some people call it.

      Like a mini city for the richer locals, plenty of nice cafes and restaurants, easy to walk around, clean streets, not sketchy – no hooker locations at all, have to take a taxi 10 mins to Makati for that – and they seem to keep beggars out of the area somehow. Girls like going there, can tell them to meet at one of the several malls there, or on Bonifacio High Street.

      Try and find an Airbnb that discounts for a one week stay, e.g. Trion Tower or Two Serendra in the links above are nice locations.

      Thx for reading

      • JustAGuy says:

        Thanks a lot for the info!

        One other thing: I don’t want girls to assume I’m rich or throwing money around [I don’t/am not]. Staying in that area, will girls assume/expect me to treat them like a princess? i.e. taking them out for expensive dates, dinners, trips, etc, you know, acting like a Korean or a dumb old Aussie. Sorry if its a dumb question, I’ve just heard Manila has some actually wealthy people, so theres some princess type behavior, at least that’s what I’ve been told, don’t want to shoot myself in the foot by giving the wrong impression from the start.

        I’ve also read a lot of people mention Makati. Seems like there and BGC are the places to be, what makes BGC better than Makati? Obv you mention no hookers, which is a plus, I’m not afraid of them, lol, for me the main thing is a clean safe area that’s easy for women to get to, logistics are #1, just want to squeeze in a lot of online bangs.

        • jspill says:

          It’s not something I’d worry about, no. It’s rare and that kinda girl will do that with any foreigner anyway regardless of where he lives

          BGC is better if as you say you don’t want hookers, it has no red light district and is ‘fancy’

          Makati has the P Burgos street gogo bars, and street walkers offering ‘massage’, ladyboys, beggars, etc. I prefer Makati though, feels more real and gritty

          BGC and Makati are only 10 min apart in a taxi at night anyway, no huge deal

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